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  1. 3 people of different sizes and stature sat side by side aboard a large Atlantic Federation cargo plane, each of them trying to pass the time in their own way as the aircraft began its descent towards the Moscow Kremlin; the Eurasian Federation's current military headquarters. The eldest, and only male of the group, watched from outside a window as the flew over Saint Basil's Cathedral, its distinctive onion shaped domes having made it all but synonymous with Russia. He was a tall man, easily over six feet tall, and his husky frame and dark blue facial hair made him stand out as a man in his
  2. Okay, so I came up with the idea of trying to create a logo for the 87th Special Forces squadron, so I'm posting up some ideas that I came up with. They don't have any text on them, but depending on the feedback I get, I might add some later. To make the images I combined various dingbat symbols I found on the internet, and came up with some pretty interesting things. Any 87ths can share their opinions on the designs, and then we will have a vote at a later date. So critique away!! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 Tell me what you think!
  3. [OOC: @Roromi: If you don't mind, I'll be assuming that Locke will be right behind me for this part.] As ChengHu entered the refurbished and state-of-the-art Simulator Center, he quickly V-ed his right hand at the officer on duty before sticking his index finger and thumb out. The officer, who was used to the Lt.Commander's methods, nodded and quickly fingered back thumbs twice, then a V, to indicate that chamber 22 had free Simulator mechanisms. He nodded his thanks as he gestured for Locke to follow along. As they entered Chamber 22, he grabbed a helmet from the nearby rack and s
  4. Okay, so it's been a little while, and since it's a new school year for me, it means I gotta keep myself busy in one way or another, or I'll have no will to pay attention in class ; that means I'm doing a little spring cleaning in the EA HQ, and I'll be adding some long overdue updates to the Compendium and Colliseum boards. First on my list of things to do, start up the Active Check thread . Here's the new layout for the Active Check, since the addition of nation leaders has given me a reason to edit check-in process: Post your character(s) names, their accompanying ranks within the EA,
  5. Konig and I have started up a new thread in the Eurasian Federation boards, named Action and Reaction. All earth alliance members are welcome, preferably those who have their basic pilot's licenses. This could be a good way for earth alliance members to meet and RP with members from a different squadron, as well as give a good reason to start RP'ing again in general. Also, as always, I encourage people to post in the EA headquarters more often. We don't want the other factions to be plotting too far ahead of us, now do we? .
  6. [align=center]O.M.N.I. Enforcer[/align] [align=center]87th Special Forces Regiment[/align] [move]Your Most Powerful Weapon is Your Mind[/move] Special Forces Soldiers possess boundless ideas and creativity and always thinks of new ways to organize and strategies. The Earth Alliances' Special Forces make up a unique, unconventional, combat arms organization. Highly trained and seasoned professionals— they are the most versatile Special Operations soldiers in the world. Warfare has new rules and calls for a different type of Soldier—a new warrior. Their missions often require rapid a
  7. BLAM! BLAM! BLAM! Gunshots blared and echoed throughout the nearly vacant shooting range. After several more shots rang out, a calm silence followed. ChengHu adjusted his glasses and narrowed his eyes as he focused on the distant paper target. He ejected the magazines from his two handguns before pressing a button that then brought the paper target to him. As it closed in, he nodded to himself as tight clusters of holes were concentrated at the target's heart and head. He noticed that two of his shots were slightly off and made note of them. There was always room for improvement.
  8. winders

    MS Teams

    Will teams be formed to organize the EA?
  9. Okay, for those who were original EA members, this should be pretty standard fare, for those that are new here's the deal; I needs to know just who is still hanging around the site. So just sign in if you're still active, and if you see this, but are planning on leaving the site, then just send me a PM. The better informed I am of our member turn out, the more actively I can go about planning events and team assignments. And for the sake of officiality (I don't think its a word, but I'm making it into one ), Lune Zoldark, aka Kaizer, signing in.
  10. This topic has been moved to Role Play Archives. [iurl]http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php?topic=844.0[/iurl]
  11. This topic has been moved to Role Play Archives. [iurl]http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php?topic=411.0[/iurl]
  12. This topic has been moved to Role Play Archives. [iurl]http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php?topic=742.0[/iurl]
  13. This topic has been moved to Role Play Archives. [iurl]http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php?topic=964.0[/iurl]
  14. Similar to Ash's "Next" topic, I'm wondering where to go from here. However, unlike Ash, I know that being a Mobile Suit pilot isn't on my immediate priority list, as I prefer working on board ships. Not sure if the Squadrons are just the Suits, or if they are attached to ships, or what...
  15. Okay, its about time I get this event started ((I know its bad when I've got Orbies asking me when its gonna start )). I just need to know how many people we have that are still interested in it, as well, I will lay down some guidelines and useful info that I think you'll want to hear. Current team rosters: 13th black squadron: Lune Zoldark Kyle Ashford Asagi Kyoto (NPC) 87th specials: Alexei Woroschzov Yuri Crevecoeur Ernst Gunther Koenig Johnathon McDowell Locke Linite Estral Depending on how well the event is received, we will play between 1-3 games. The first game w
  16. All EA members sign in here to see if you can use the board. State your character name and username (if different from your character name), as well as your rank, which I should have stated when I accepted you into the faction. Kaizer signing in for Lieutenant Lune Zoldark
  17. umm is someone going to post soon or is this topic already dead?
  18. Ash


    So, now that I've been accepted here, what comes next? I wanted my character to become an MW pilot, but I think our academy positions are full at the moment (not sure on this, just my speculation from what I've read). With that said, where do I RP my character then?
  19. The South African Union (SAU) is the smallest faction of the Earth Alliance, but is still seen as an important power. The SAU controls the greater part of Africa, with small tribal groups both neutral and ZAFT aligned control the remainder. While mostly strung along by the other 3 nations, the SAU plays a vital role in the Earth Alliances space operations; as it is in possession of the Victoria Mass Driver.
  20. The third largest faction in the Earth Alliance, the Republic of Eastern Asia is comprised of Japan, the People's Republic of China, Mongolia, Taiwan, and the Korean peninsula (both north and south). Kaoshiung is the location of their major space-port, and like the Eurasian Federation, are generally accepting of Coordinators. After the removal of LOGOS from the Earth Alliance top brass, the Republic of East Asia realigned itself with the Earth Alliance.
  21. Second only to the Atlantic federation in size and power, the Eurasian Federation is a fusion of the former European Union (Minus Great Britain and Ireland), along with Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Strong senses of mistrust still linger between the Atlantic Federation and Eurasian Federation, but they continue to stand united as trade partners and military allies. The space station New Artemis is an Eurasian Federation territory, situated at Lagrange point 3. Compared to the rest of the Earth Alliance, the Eurasian Federation has always been the most accepting of Coordinators.
  22. The Atlantic Federation is the largest member of the Earth Alliance, and thus the most influential. Its territories consist of The United States of America, Central America, Canada, the islands in the Gulf of Mexico, Great Britain, and Ireland. The space territories Deslandres and Riccius, as well as the Earth Alliance headquarters JOSH-A, situated in Alaska, are also considered to be territories of the Atlantic Federation.
  23. Okay, its the moment we've all been waiting for, the pilot academy is OPEN *insert celebratory fireworks display here* Now, before we all go pushing and shoving to get in first, I'll have you know that (as the admins have decreed it) we will only be allowing X number of members in per faction at a time, where X is some constant variable that will change as demand dictates. For the first batch of members, I have decided that Ezekiel, Roromi, and Fuku with Nodachi will be attending. When more member slots open up, I will announce who will get to enter the academy. This will also be a s
  24. Okay, as promised, here's the poll for the EA event. The idea's simple enough, just pick the event that appeals most to you, the one with the most votes by the end of the week wins (and for the sake of keeping things even, Neko-Kyra's runway show is not on the ballot ). My vote shall remain anonymous until the others have voted, namely cause I haven't decided yet
  25. Got a thread up for us Check it out at Republic of East Asia
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