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Found 7 results

  1. Asahi

    No Name

    Team Name: No-Name Current Roster: Asahi - Kodess Messer (Team Leader) (Close combat/Midfighter/Interchangeable) Keiji - Janos Thyme (Melee - Agressive and Defensive) Xen - Xen Oso (Defensive Long-Ranged) Jase - Jason Yulling (Long-Ranged)
  2. Team Name: Theta Nu Theta aka TNT Roster: Valiant the Soldier Tsubasa Danse Macabre (F.A.I.T.H) Locke (Roromi)
  3. Unpredictable! Elaborate! Unstandardized! Improvised! This is ABC! ABC's goal is to enjoy and create a fast-paced and exciting battle environment for all players. Needless to say, being over-the-top is acceptable. And in kct's terms, "Ultra cool and manly." Members: 1.) Shirai Kanzaki 2,) Ryota Mitsukuri 3.) Zeru Ayanami 4.) Samuel Arkan Hurray for copypaste! Battle Record: Win: 0 Draw: 0 Loss: 0
  4. Team Name: Red Eclipse Pilot Roster: CB1: Hitomi Matsuko; Jester (Team Leader) fireminerva CB2: Ryan A Kyubos; Kyuubi (Close Combat Specialist) kyuubi CB3: Dimitri Shirokov; HAX (Combat Support Specialist) Dimitri CB4: Train Heartnet; Black Cat (Ranged Specialist) Riku Ishimaru Team Stats: Total Number of Battles: 1 Wins: 1 Loses: 0 Ties: 0 Team Bio As one of the more recently formed teams Cannonball Blitz has been organized by Hitomi Matsuko in order to give inexperienced pilots a springboard to move off of. It is her hope that they will be able to
  5. evo_Sieg

    Team Zoids

    Team Name: Team Zoids Roster: Draco "Der Konigstiger" Doernitz Takumi "The Wanderer" Sawada Bob "Green smoker" Rastah Sinclair Joe "Blue" Bloggs ...and the maniacal Team Zoids is born, hehehe... Names are posted in the order of their enlisting into the team. More updates to come.
  6. Team Name: DrakenBlade Roster: Valiant the Soldier Radon Antila Ray Katsuki Crusnik PS: Please let me know if you prefer to use an alias for the Coliseum.
  7. Team Name: Psycho Soldiers Theme Song: Psycho Solders REMIX '97 Roster: (pictures coming soon!) Fate von Fabre - Ryou Misaki Mignon Beart - Kaizer Kula Diamond - Wilhelm Samantha Winson - DragonDaimyo Record: Wins - 1 Losses - 0 Drawn - 0 Played - 1
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