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Found 70 results

  1. Februarius City is made up of Februarius 1 - 10. It is represented by Senator Raimondas Aras who is a National Defense Committee Member in the Supreme Council. Specialties of Februarius City are basic and clinical medicine, biochemistry, molecular biology and applied somatology.
  2. Januarius City is made up of Januarius 5 - 12. It is represented by Senator Hitomi Matsuko who is the Administrative Committee Member as well as Supreme Chairwoman of the Supreme Council. Specialties of Januarius City are basic and applied microengineering.
  3. I remember just before seed shut down there was talk of ground units. Right now we are low on members but in the future we should start a ground force unit. I dout we will me making second characters anytime soon, but when we can I would like to start one.
  4. [align=center]ZAFT's Annual Dinner and Dance[/align] You are hereby invited to ZAFT's Annual Dinner and Dance. Date: Friday, 23 March Location: Main Ballroom, Heping Towers, December City Time: 7pm Dress code: Formal Please note that entry is by invitation only. However, you are welcome to bring a guest along, but he/she must register with the Dinner and Dance committee prior to the event. ((I will start the ball rolling by posting first. Everyone better participate!:P))
  5. Well it doesnt seem like i missed alot? Feel free to add me to your msn ( ishian@mad.scientist.com ) and update me or just for a chat Ill be browsing the forums to see if i missed anything important.
  6. We're leaving Orb, if possible make your way to the Space Port. If you wish to stay you have the decision to do so. Please reply if you are leaving or staying in Orb. Thank you.
  7. Hello people, I know you guys are waiting for some combat, and besides asking you all to be patient and me chasing the people doing the pilot academy to hurry up there is nothing much I can do. XP And yes, war is not likely to happen, so that's a fact too, despite what Val did at the parade. XP So, I am thinking to have a ZAFT only event. I know we talked about like a paintball event kind of thing, but that was just TALKING ABOUT IT. I want to make it happen. So if there's no violent objections, what do you think if we have a event where all ZAFT members are required to participate, like a bonding event? Good chance to officially introduce you all to the ZAFT chairwoman and if possible the supreme commander. I was thinking for it take place between Dec 22 and hopefully end before the new year. It will span through a week, so please let me know when is it okay with you all cause I WANT ALL OF YOU TO ATTEND. So please comment and let me know if it's okay or not. Thanks!
  8. Sorry about the long absence, i'm currently going to finish my last week at work with Toys R Us, and now going into what seems to be my career, which is law enforcement. I have a lot to prepare for so, i'll be gone for a little longer. Just keep everything closely knitted together, and dont let anyone push you around. Also, don't start a war, and just live out a peaceful life. Also, if you want, you can do mock combat using paint rounds in infantry based scenerios for Role Play. I believe that simulators involving mobile suits might be acceptable as well. Hannahkiki, just keep the faction up, and keep morale high. I'll try to get back as soon as I can. I'll pop in after a while, so keep tough, and hold your head high.
  9. Ziggy

    I'm back

    I'm back from my vacation. so what did i miss?
  10. If there is need for Christoph to do something when i am not around you are all allowed to roleplay him as long as you roleplay him serious and calm and dont freak out with him, ill try to be around though.
  11. Heya guys, Sorry for the delay ill answer your questions so we can finish this shuttle ride first thing AM tomorrow. Im sorry for the delay, but just to let you know I havent forgotten you.
  12. Isis J.a.k. I need some confirmation if you can read the messages here. We need to know you if you all are alive Post here please. Wilhelm, if they have yet to post but this Friday, please send them a pm. Thanks.
  13. Those that do not have a rank yet, please post here. So i have figure out how to rank you.
  14. Don't know if I'm meant to do this but can everyone who wants to go to the orb affair please let me know. lol in rpg Delfina's asked me who is going so I need the names to respond.
  15. Just wondering, what you all have planned for Orb Foundation Week? Sadly I won't be able to make it though, but I am just curious.
  16. I'm thinking of doing a ball room gala affair, ala Final Fantasy 8s graduation celebration. What are your guy's ideas on it, and please list some others you'd like to see.
  17. Please post here if you can read this, I want to make sure all ZAFT members have acess to the board.
  18. Hello all members of ZAFT. Welcome! Please keep yourself updated by checking the ZAFT's boards constantly. This is where we will plan our rp, among other things. If you are going on leave, let us know. Because if you are going to be MIA for an extended period of time without telling us you will lose your rank. In more severe cases, you will get kicked out of the faction. There is a topic just for you to post if you are going on leave. The main people in charge of ZAFT are me, Valentine and Wilhelm. Please: 1. Familiarize yourself with ZAFT's ranking system. 2. Sign in here if you can read the messages on this board. 3. Check here to see if you've been ranked. We try to update as often as possible so please be patient. Any questions, please post them below.
  19. Leaders & Important People 1.Hitomi Matsuko (fireminerva) - PLANT Supreme Council Head / Januarius Chairwoman 2.Ashellia Ferrinas (Wilhelm) - Aprilius Chairwoman(NPC) 3.Joseph Whilhelm (t569ssgoku) - Maius Chairman(NPC) 4.Sandrilene Apfelsine (hannahkiki) - Junius Chairwoman(NPC) ZAFT Officers: 1.Alisha Diederich (Wilhelm) - ZAFT General; Purple Uniform(NPC) Squads: Zenastan Tai 1.Landis Exel Zenastan (F.A.I.T.H) - Squadron Leader; Red/White Uniform 2.1.Janus Trine (t569ssgoku) - Flight Lieutenant; Red/White Uniform 3.Ryou Misaki (Ryou Misaki) - Pilot; Green Uniform 4.Charlotte Clarick (Milady) - Pilot; Green Uniform 5.Makoto Corale (Makoto24) - Pilot; Green Uniform Okina Tai 1.Asahi Okina (Asahi) - Squadron Leader; Red/White Uniform 2. 3.Caine Nightwing (Carpenoctum) - Pilot; Green Uniform 4.Riku Ishimaru(Riku Ishimaru) - Pilot – Green Uniform 5. Wullf Tai 1.Ahrend von Wullf (fireminerva) - Pilot - Squadron Leader; Red/White Uniform 2.Laike Rinawan (PhoenixForce) - Flight Lieutenant; Red Uniform 3.James Zaiku (XxBRICKSTERxX) - Pilot; Green Uniform 4.Kanto Weyth (MobileWeaponAce) - Pilot; Green Uniform 5.Karl Rhine (Sven Cal Bayan) - Pilot; Green Uniform Auxiliary 1.Brian Tsukamoto (DragonDaimyo) - Flight Lieutenant; Red Uniform 2.Christoph von Crailsheim (Christoph Von Crailsheim) - Flight Lieutenant; Red Uniform 3.Cassia Airla (Cassia) - Pilot; Green Uniform
  20. Ranking system provided to me by Hannah. As we get our initial stock of Characters into the faction, ranks will be assigned based on how good the profile is and the initial RP is with the Chairwoman, Supreme Commander and Commander. Here are the ranks, from top to bottom: General: (Purple)* Lieutenant General: (Purple/Black)* Major General: (Black)* Group Captain: (White/Black)* Wing Commander: (White)* Squadron Leader: (Red/White) Flight Lieutenant: (Red/Green) Flight Officer: (Red/Green) Pilot Officer: (Green) Pilot: (Green) Ranks with * means they can only be attained through promotions. The rest are starting ranks which we will assign based on the marks given to your roleplay and profile. Colours in brackets refer to the uniform colours. For ranks that have red or green uniform, the colour of the uniform is determined by how good your profile is. For more info, look at the ZAFT board. Note: FAITH counts as a rank and you can only rp as a FAITH member if we appointed you as one. When ranks have been decided, they will be updated here
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