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Found 3 results

  1. This is the OOC thread for Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeta Detiny. Cast AEUG On board Firefly Captain Benjamin Alan Grimsdottir - Captain & leader of mission Unnamed - XO Nicky - Pilot (reprimanded) Ryder - Pilot (reprimanded) Ed Shiro - Pilot (KIA) Unnamed - Helmsman Alistar Dashwood - Comm officer Unnamed female - CIC officer Nelston Astley - engineer Unnamed - Pilot Draconis Fury of the Galleon Combine Firefly crew Hiro “Apollo” Kusanagi - leader & pilot Kamea “Starbuck” Thrace - second pilot
  2. Year 20XX. People around the world have taken to building and customizing their very own Gunpla (Gundam Plastic Models) as the world's #1 hobby. In Gunpla Battle Nexus Online, a Virtual Reality MMORPG which is often touted as ''the next-generation hobby attraction'', users from all around the world turn into Mobile Suit pilots (also known as Divers) by scanning their Gunpla and uploading their data to the game, allowing them to pilot their dream machine. As if the content added by the game's administrators wasn't enough, they notice a wealth of very well made custom campaigns, individual
  3. All OOC chatter should be posted here. Reminder that the Firefly is a transport ship with no catapult. I was halfway through writing about launching when I realised that myself. We might need to start a turn sequence once things get up to speed.
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