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  1. Heh. A short grin took over the rather boring expression the pilot of the M1A Astray has been having for several minutes before the match starts. Very little time have passed when the opposing team made their move to attack their team, with a GuAIZ making several shots aimed directly at Sam's Sword Dagger. You're not the only one taking part in this little battle. Using a combination of quick movement, he fired the backpack thrusters, and he proceeds to make the move to the front, immediately drawing the shield to the front. While using the shield to block the beam rifle shots, he immediately blocks the shots aimed at the Dagger. Pulling out the sniper beam rifle, he fired back 3 shots at the GuAIZ, each of them aimed at the hands of the GuAIZ.
  2. And there is a problem aligning the pictures too (Okawars's linearts, knowing the QUALITY proportions associated with it.
  3. Heroic Age? YOU MUST CONSTRUCT ADDITIONAL PYLONS. Look at Silver Tribe and you get the joke.
  4. Gigantic Formula suffers from alien eyes .>" title="" /> .
  5. I do understand the need for a realistic portrayal of characters on this site, however, one of the rules on the site states that: If you really need to convey the words in that manner, you can at least censor them, and you can replace the whole thing about showing 'his manliness' with something that is not worded offensively.
  6. kct

    Brad Strass

    Parts of the history needed greater explaination. The thing between his family and the mobles of Orb needed some elaboration as to what caused it. As you can see, we have an entirely new line-up of nobles in Orb for this board, since having canon members of noble families would definitely contradict with our no-canon characters policy.
  7. And I don't think the Asians on the site would approve of your brand of humour too.
  8. To enjoy the anime, screw the laws of physics. Questioning it = death of catgirls. Also, if an anime intends to have parodies of anything, might as well do it properly, like Lucky Star's Initial D parody and some of the (HOLY S*** AWESOME) parodies in Seto no Hayanome (Nagasumi = Kenshiro was awesome). Messing up them (Hayate no Gotoku, I'm looking at you, the beeps and the censor dude) destroys the flow of the anime, beeps every few seconds would inadvertedly spoil the anime. Of course, being diverse in watching anime does help with judging (I'm the sola freak here, sort of .>" title="" />).
  9. Additional things to note out: 1. Occupation, citizenship, and history (I cut out the part about canon characters, they're not allowed here) seems to be clashing with each other. 2. Define eye colour that *changes according to mood*, because that would be contradictory to the Natural blood that your character is having. 3. I noticed that you have 2 different pairs of parents for the character. Mind to elaborate more on that?
  10. Wing was actually kind of lulz. Seriously.
  11. Like the rest of the military personnel inside the room, Sayaka herself took a seat right near where the map of where they are going to have their exercise today laid out, taped onto the board, in clear so that everyone will have at least a view of what is to be expected in the situation. She then give her attention to the briefing. According to what has been told to her, the type of operation they are going to have today is a counter-terrorist operation at what is to be 'a setting based on an elementary school'. Although they are full-fledged military personnel, and these sort of tasks, that is, the usual types of hostage situation in which is handled by usually elite police squads, these sort of training are required for them 'to learn to operate in a small environment'. Hostage situations are not all too common at all around Orb, at least, since there has been a very low number of such cases, and at most, these cases are quickly resolved as soon as possible not to create a big mess, not only for the figureheads of Orb, also, into a large dent of Orb's supposedly safe reputation. Going back into the briefing, the Lieutenant noted that there are about three locations in which they can enter the school from. Doing that would probably be a piece of cake for most people, however, the problem is to manage to actually enter the school without being seen by the terrorists, even if the are inside the rooms. "You will use paintball guns that are designed to look and feel like our standard issue armaments. The targets will be stationary dummies and will not fire back. Because of this, you will be observed for your speed and accuracy. There will be other numerous dummies located throughout the building that will be designated as hostages. Obviously any civilian injuries or fatalities will count against you," she continued listening to the briefing by the Lieutenant about how they are going to handle the situation, when the focus of the Lieutenant turns to the girl... "This exercise's simple set up doesn't allow the usage of sniper support." The man said, supposedly taking a slight jab of sorts at her. Probably it was the sight of a girl firing a rather large rifle got everyone surprised. Expected...meh. She smirks, and makes a mental note to herself about that, as she continued listening to the briefing. That is when the person who will be leading them, Sergeant Correa, takes the stage from the Lieutenant. He is the one who will be in charge of their team. The Sergeant proceeds to give his own briefing over what they are going to do. "From how I see it we split into 2 teams, one with 3 members and one with two. We enter the facility from the Northern entrance. Upon reaching the junction the squad shall split into two teams of two. One member of the squad shall cover the junction and wait for hostages to arrive from the two teams. This said member shall escort the hostages out of the facility before returning to stand guard at the junction. Each team shall sweep each room that they go by until they reach the or a hostages. Once a room containing a hostage is secured one member must handle a hostage while at the other member shall keep the escape route open. Hostages are to be taken out through the North entrance. Once all rooms are cleared and all hostages are accounted for the squad shall rendezvous at the junction before escorting the hostages to the extraction point." "That's my game plan. Some suggestion guys?" It was then she think something is not that right with the plan, and raises her hand up. "Question," the girl then proceeds to ask in a tone that demands for serious attention from the Sergeant. "If we were to gather the hostages at one point before taking them out, wouldn't this actually take more time, and space? Not to forget that hostages do get restless, you know..."
  12. Sorry for being away, as you can see, I got exams these days D: .
  13. Try not to bump the thread, there is something called real life for us to worry about too.
  14. kct

    Carlson Saint

    And here I am to point out disrepancies in the history. First of all, there is no way there can be an unregistered mobile weapon or aircraft, at least on board of an Earth Alliance ship, since it is a very normal (and required procedure) for a fleet to keep count of their assets. Also, I do believe that only the Archangel received the Sky Grasper (to support the Strike Gundam), the rest of the Alliance sea fleet continued using their Spearheads (even after Strike Daggers were introduced). Try to explain in detail to what you are trying to convey here. Martha's 'needs being a continous nonsense' can be best reworded into something else. Also, correct the words. With? First thing to note, high school =/= military, and being a site that strives for at least some realism (or something believeable to everyone), there is no way he can score a perfect score in simulation tests, that is practically impossible. The same can be said about his entry into ZAFT, it is practically difficult for someone to obtain a perfect score for military examinations. How he found out about that? And who is the person(s) that told his father about that? I do believe that the Atlantic Alliance is on the extreme side of things, but not the majority share the anti-Coordionator sentiment. Do give a better and a more comprehensible explaination for the scar, like how the fight started and what happened. Like that liubei013 have said, this is nothing personal, but most of the members here would know how someone RPs from looking at the way the character profile is written.
  15. It is good that you got your characters in plans, mine seems to have been messed up real bad (given the lack of time I have these days), although there is a big chance that the guy in the Coliseum is going to be made a permanent RP character, since I already drew up plans for his fraternal twin here (most likely an NPC though). I did have another one for work in the Morgenroete, but it seems to be heavily messed up Here it goes for one of them: General Full name: Touko Mitsukuri Nickname: Touko Age: 17 Gender: Female Race: 1st-generation Coordinator Occupation: Unknown (trainee at the Pilot Academy) Birthplace: Copernicus City Citizenship: Orb Union Personality: Keeping quiet most of the time, because of the way the others perceived her to be a loner of sorts. Basically losing focus of life as a whole, she sometimes longed for companionship, be it anyone familiar with her, or anyone that is deemed unfamiliar. It would be hard to let her feelings be known to the others, as she kept a lot of her feelings to herself. Appearance Height: 155cm Weight: 43kg Hair Colour and Style: Sporting dark brown (more of black-brown) hair, it was not parted in any way, instead, let down to the shoulders most of the time. The front portion's length was kept clear from her eyes. The hairstyle may seem a little simplistic to others. Eye Colour: A shade of dark blue that goes well with her dimmed personality. Identifying Marks: She wears a pair of large-rimmed glasses. Skin Tone: Fair, although they can appear to be pale at numerous times. Build: Lean. Clothing: Keeping it simple is the theme. Other than the military uniform she was expected to wear, she usually dresses in a rather conservative manner. She can be expected to appear in skirts with lengths from the knee, at least. Handiness: Right-handed. Background Mother: Asuna Asou Father: Kaien Mitsukuri Siblings: Ryota Mitsukuri, her fraternal brother (non-identical twin) who is a Natural Wife/Girlfriend: None, and don't count her looking for one Personal History: Touko Mitsukuri is born in a family of Naturals in 8th of April CE 68, under the Mitsukuri household. Strangely, Touko is not being born as one of the Naturals, as expected for a family of Naturals, instead, she was a 1st-generation Coordinator. As the story goes, there are several issues regarding herself from the earliest stage that required her to be genetically altered to 'correct' the problems that cropped up during the earlier stages of development. Although that was the story as being said, there is never a proper explanation as to why her fraternal twin brother, Ryota, remained a Natural, although the truth is later split up when she is at an age deemed old enough to decide that the whole thing wasn't a mistake, and it was never intentional. The couple wanted to tell their daughter the truth when she is about 18, unfortunately, several circumstances (which includes ridicule from friends and relatives, as some of them have deemed her a 'stranger' of her own family, although she is really their flesh and blood) have forced them to tell Touko about what exactly happened when she is about 13, especially when she started questioning their ties as a family, and relatives are telling her that she is 'different' from them. In a quiet family-only gathering (everyone, including her brother), they decided to spill the beans on the circumstances of her birth. One of the issues the doctors become baffled over have regarding Touko herself is that she will suffer from a weak heart from birth, something her brother does not have, as they do not share the same genetic profile (something to be expected among fraternal twins). The heart problem is listed as congenital heart defect (CHD). The steps that can be taken to solve that issue is including rewriting the genetic profile she have for the heart, effectively making her a Coordinator, even if the changes are not drastic in any way. Other alternatives (including surgery after birth) would result in possibly more complications, and knowing that this is the only way to at least give their children a chance at life, they took that choice. Of course, things are not as easy at it seems to be, since such an revelation with such an impact is not easy business for a girl at her age. Ryota was more or less shrug the thought of his sister being 'different' from them in a way, off his mind, knowing that she have a very fragile personality. Unfortunately, such is not the case with Touko herself, as she started distancing herself away from her friends, and spoke much less to the rest of her family members after she was told of the fact. Touko becomes somewhat disorientated at the fact, more or less, a 'zombie' of sorts, longing for someone to understand her. Until some people try to take advantage of her 'weak personality'. The problem is the people comes from one of the not-so-good class in the school, at least in the terms of the personality of the students. Trying to get her to do their 'bidding' for exchange of 'understanding her', it was by luck that someone from her own class (another female, who is a friend of hers) sees what is about to happen, before the said classmate shows them not to mess around with 'weak-looking' girls. This event triggered something else...rather, an interest for something that is not morally right when it comes to 'healthy relationships'. Touko hid her feelings for the said classmate, feeling that she finally found someone who she can regard as a companion. Unfortunately, the said classmate more or less know something is going on, and decided for them to meet up after school, to explain everything. The meeting ended on outright rejection be the other girl, and their relationship as friends has been strained. Things got worse as the only person she can depend on, Ryota (who did not know of what happened), joined the FREE Forces, leaving her 'alone', not to mention the addition of the said friend joining the FREE Forces too. Impulsively, she decided to follow the footsteps of the people she have admired very much.
  16. [me=kct]replaces himself with Fuku. BWAHAHAHAHAHA.[/me]
  17. What is awaiting him probably surprised the pilot by more than just mere light years. In fact, it is totally surprising to see that the crowd could swell to numbers that could make the stands themselves explode from the sheer amount of spectators watching what is probably the very first match in the Destiny League. The sounds did little to bring down the excitement anyone around could possibly have; after all, today is their big day, and it is just the tip of the iceberg. Looking left and right did nothing to reveal what could be in store for the team, for that this is the first time they would be battling together, as a team of 3. Against another team of 3, that is. Probably today everything will work out, that he can never be sure, as the team sported mobile suits that would probably never be on the same side more than 10 years ago. That is, a Sword 105 Dagger, a GINN High Maneuver Type, and his own M1A Astray, something he decided to pull in since the other 2 would probably play a more direct role, if their mobile suits are any indication... He is probably asking what gives around here, but that would probably come in the way of the battle later. He takes a deep breath, and could barely remember the time when he first joined them...the only thing they know is that the team have a pretty 'weird' mix of people... "Welcome one and all, to the first match of the highly anticipated Destiny League! These valiant competitors have fought their way here for fame and glory, reminiscent of the roman gladiators of old. Men and women alike, their mobile suits the pinnacle of modern warfare technology. And now, without further ado, let me introduce the brave souls who will be remembered as the ones who began the CE 85 Destiny League; Theta Nu Theta and Armor Break Cadenza!" About time. The time has definitely come for them to start the battle. Or at least, a step nearer to the battle that will span the battlefield, far and wide.
  18. I don't know, maybe not a head start (I can't think of anything feasible), but we should use the Destiny League participants as a gauge in measuring what we need to see in-MS battles.
  19. Well, if it has come to this, at least give the ones in the Academy some kind of head-start, it's tiring having to wait for days only to know that it won't happen the way anyway liked. That, and there is people who RP in the Coliseum more than off-MSes.
  20. Other than that, work is needed in the gramar and spelling department, it's tough to go through it. some of the sentences seems rushed. Also, how can his parents be terrorist targets? Terrorists from where?
  21. [me=kct]replaces eightball with some random eroge character.[/me]
  22. I used to 'assemble' some of these (cars).
  23. http://www.geocities.com/mechanim8or/ This guy got a HUGE Hazel Custom (1/60). From papers.
  24. Barely alive at this moment of time.
  25. Either one of these. http://rapidshare.com/files/23260234/RX-93_Hi-V.rar http://rapidshare.com/files/23260624/RX-93_Hi-V.rar A short note: You must RENAME everything (name of folders and file names) for the .pdfs to open.
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