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  1. Lol. Heard of that from you on the IRC, although we need a statistics on faction numbers right now. However, given that we will show the Astray Divers this time (provided that they're legal), we must try to avoid tensing up the others around the region (although I don't think we will be bringing any there...we bring the Divers in paper as a form of proposal?). Given that the Scandinavian are pretty much regal when it comes to stuff (I don't know, I just got that impression), those going must know their stuff about regality/whatever/etc. and so on.
  2. Well, we need to know the exact numbers, because some of the member nations are just too big to be defended by small squads across the place (USSA and Equatorial Union are far larger than the whole of Orb Union), and given that the number of people having pilot's license is only...
  3. Wasn't it was said that the Equatorial Union does not have a military force or something?
  4. While I would not want to go on picking out grammatical errors (someone else would do the job better than me), please credit the image you are using in the profile (like writing down whose work is that etc.). Another thing, clear up this bit, because the definition of 'pilot' in the Cosmic Era-verse is, to say it in a way, diverse.
  5. Games: The ability to jump into any racing games and play it in proper in minutes. Not really .>" title="" /> .
  6. Used to have that kind of mod for the first Homeworld game, albeit it's Macross (lagged my PC to crazy levels though .>" title="" />).
  7. IDAS4, if you count arcade games among the equation D: .
  8. kct

    Mecha Recruit

    Given that I do deal with model kits at one time, let me see what can I help on. kct as usual.
  9. Lol, the last time Gundam copied something from an entirely different thing is that the TR-6 Woundwort from AoZ having Z.O.E.'s 'vital organ' .>" title="" /> .
  10. Erm...I got a feeling that mobile suits take a secondary role in this anime, the director went on and on about character, character, and character. It's not surprising that designs took the gamble.
  11. Also, please kindly fix the formatting of the profile, refer to the format the admins have posted in the pinned threads.
  12. Who needs the more powerful mobile suits when the good ol' Strike Gundam can do a lot more with proper skills from the pilot alone. Remember, he managed to use the Strike to a great effect during the later phase of SEED. Of course, speaking of personality, that is what makes him awesome in his own way. Probably because of his age he doesn't display angst the younger members of the cast have, but because of that too he was seen as a mentor for Kira (and probably some of the others). Piloting skills alone is already something a lot of fans admired in him (I remembered someone said that he alone was the reason a lot of people continued through SEED despite the problems with some of the characters), because as Kaizer have said, he managed to hold his own against more advanced mobile suits (be it in the Moebius Zero against ZAFT mobile suits, or the ones he faced in the Sky Grasper, and later the Strike Gundam).
  13. Streamlined and realistic might be the words for it, although the first 2 (rather, the first one) looks kind of something SRW-ish (which is not surprising, given that one of their mechanical design staff is from SRW J).
  14. God, don't mention that fag of Makoto from School Days. Speaking of CG, I would probably never get to watching it, I just could not stand Lelouch waving that cape of his as Zero .>" title="" /> .
  15. Faction is listed as NOVA, and for the citizenship I think it should be either Orb Union or the United Emirates of Orb. As liubei pointed out, there are grammatical errors here and there (capitalization, especially), and paragraphing (it's a little messy here and there). Try running this through a word processor (Word etc.) so you can find out what is wrong with it.
  16. If there is something I noticed, you mentioned that the uniform he wears is something that is apparently special in terms of status. Care to explain the type of status the Usima family had? Is it some form of trademark, or that it has something more than just a mere decoration (given that you mentioned medals and such)?
  17. Right. The only thing I see is that the 3rd and 4th paragraph isn't spaced correctly, and as as far as you wanted to make this an interesting read, I suggest that you try to lower the OOC undertones in the profile (some of the others would have wanted you to remove the OOC-ish bits), especially the .>" title="" /> at the end of the 4th paragraph, not that it is anything, but some of the others would look at it in a serious manner.
  18. Checked that, and yes, it is for real. Probably still suffering from the effects of the bugs the other day?
  19. Probably the problem with some of the links are not fixed yet.
  20. I never say it is a bad thing, these sort of profiles make an easy read for some of the people that does not have levels of English that sophisticated. Yeah, it's a good thing to talk about his rise to leadership, everyone is probably curious about that too, politics in Singapore is never easy :/ .
  21. Alright, other than the problem with formatting (someone else will definitely point it out), there's something not that right with...I think...tenses (past and present tense).
  22. It does look plain. You're probably missing out on NOVA, since the Equatorial Union is effectively part of it. You can probably discuss on that bit with the other leaders of NOVA though.
  23. My elder brother is going to the NUS on Friday, he got a study visit there for 3rd-year students in the Psychology course from my uni.
  24. I don't really see anything wrong with it (seriously, maybe because you are the one profile critic here). The only thing is that I don't see is what happened in the aftermath of the fall of Junius Seven (since the history covered that particular timeline), since it was very apparent that Beijing was hit hard by it (total wipe out, not some light damage). I don't know how you would pull it off, but the way Premier Liao handle the problem will score PR points from the people if it's handled the right way.
  25. More like the home page automatically redirect to the Cosmic Compendium at this time.
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