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  1. Hello again!! a GREAT resource for manuals is dalong(dot)net. unfortunately i don't speak the language either. i speak mandarin and my roommate speaks japanese. i'll have her translate a few resources related to the overall zaku program! the information released about the minovsky fusion reactor is really fascinating and i'd love to share it with everyone!
  2. Hello. thanks for the reply! the gundam wiki is terrible, i agree. its why i went out of my way to buy the source books and translate manuals. (why does it say the megella top cannon is RECOILESS??) but the fluid pulse system is not new! I believe the first time its referenced is in zeta, but its much more elaborated on in the books mentioned before, another great reference is manuals! the fluid pulse system is first mentioned in the 1995 zaku-ii master grade kit. and more thoroughly talked about in the 1999 perfect grade tech manual that comes with it. I believe the first time the AMBAC syste
  3. Hello! So I'm a big gundam fan, and I've been doing lots of reading about the mechanics of the gundam universe. I've mostly been reading the gundam century renewal series, and the early MS encyclopedia books. (though only the 1991 first release, and i'm trying to piece together the 2002 re-release the best i can without actually owning it yet) And I'm really curious as to how the zaku-I page on your guys' wiki, the "mechabay" ended up the way it did? I initially wanted to note all the errors individually, but after countless times re-writing this post, I've found that to be a nearly impo
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