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  1. The ear-splitting crack of gunfire snapped Risu back into virtual reality, breaking her momentary stupor. Even though none of this was real, the stress of being down the barrel of a gun was too much to handle. As Carter dropped to the floor, the beginner Diver felt her knees buckle, and clutching Fa’s wrist, she dropped to the ground herself. This was all her fault. She was the one that made the mistake of being captured, of leaving Higanbana behind. The realization set in that everything that went wrong was her doing was punctuated by the blare of klaxons, and the crackling voice of a ma
  2. A group of pilots sprinted past Fa, one of them giving her a brief pat on the shoulder paired with a thumbs-up gesture. "Good work, kid." One of them spoke, "We'll take it from here!" As the other pilots brushed past, Fa begun to walk faster, figuring it would be better if she was out of sight before they started to ask questions. She approached the outpost, built into an old hospital, and with her helmet visor lowered she entered. Where is she...? Fa thought to herself, trying desperately not to make eye contact. She was aping her posture as well, hoping her poor imitation of a Titan's p
  3. Slowly, Risu's eyes opened, staring up at the ceiling. The room she was in was dark, windowless save for a single small viewport at eye-level on a door to her left, which let through a stream of pale blue-white fluorescent light. She could see smooth plaster walls, though the lower half of them were covered in the same plush padding the floor was covered in. Where was she, again? The last hour and a half had been a blur, a flood of situations she didn't have the context to. There was a war? And a soldier had taken her away in a shuttle? Slowly, she sat up from her spot on the floor, letti
  4. (Mafty + Replicator collab) Risu's vision was quickly dominated by the impressively sculptural silhouette of a spaceship. It appeared as if it were reclining, its long legs bent at the knees up front. She recognized it, the ship she'd attacked during the previous mission. As the Asshimar came closer, an airlock at the side of the ship opened, deploying a small platform in front of it where a man dressed in uniform stood. The machine's massive hand hovered beside the platform, giving her the opportunity to hop off before it flew away. With one last glance over her shoulder, she'd look at t
  5. The sudden gust of wind, and the wash of reverse thrusters from the enemy Asshimar had sent Risu tumbling away from the orange mobile armor even as it made its attempt to catch her. However, it was persistent, and soon, the newbie found herself in the metallic palm of the machine’s hand. She was kind of surprised that it had caught her instead of firing its beam cannon, though what it was going to do next was beyond her. “Are you okay?” She heard over the Asshimar’s loudspeaker. With its other hand, it would shield her from the wind, allowing her to speak properly. “I’m Captain Remy Arb
  6. Risu was late! When she logged in and arrived at the Mission Lobby, she found no trace of her team. Maybe they were already in the mission! Hurriedly, she approached a mission clerk, scrambling through the admittedly complicated menus to try and join the mission in progress. The clock was ticking, and often, the newbie found herself going back a step or two before finally pressing the 'Ready' button. Would her team judge her for being late? In the blink of an eye, her vision was quickly dominated by a bright blue glow, which just as quickly gave way to a pale beige landscape that was gr
  7. Higanbana moved exceptionally quickly, though its mostly-stock loadout was not enough to elude the Comet Dagger’s custom Saturn Engine. Risu watched as the enemy machine surged forward, deftly coming to a stop just a few short meters in front of her, its Anti-Armor Shotgun aimed directly at her own machine’s chest: she was staring down the smoothbore barrel of the weapon for just an instant before it fired. The diminutive white mobile suit shot upwards just in time, though not fast enough to completely evade the withering fire: the shot had managed to blast the leg of the Higanbana clear off,
  8. Streaks of amber light filled Risu's vision, no doubt the enemy returning fire. With widened eyes, and andrenaline coursing through her veins, she scanned her surroundings. Debris dominated her vision after the shots, though in the heat of the moment, she elected to continue shooting instead of changing position, as any experienced pilot should. However, the Higanbana would stop shooting as soon as its pilot spotted a humanoid shape. There was no doubt in her mind that this was the one shooting at her earlier. Her heart begun to pound, and even though the reality that this was just a game was
  9. For a long time, Risu seemed to disappear from the battlefield, even staying quiet on team comms. The HUD marker for her machine on the rest of Team Alpha was way out of position, moving seemingly further and further away from the action. What was she doing? Eventually, though, the Higanbana’s marker stopped moving, and an unfamiliar, young voice would transmit through the team comms. “I’m here.” Her comm window finally opened to show the squirrel pilot, who had somehow changed into a more fitting outfit: a close-fitting red-and-black normal suit possessing a pink rabbit pin on the protective
  10. […] [crimson] says: u sure tho [crimson] says: cuz once u do this nuthins gonna be back to normal again [risuwu] says: yea [risuwu] says: ill do it -- The next phase of this storyline had come far quicker than Risu had anticipated. Unlike her compatriots, she had little thought of actually changing or upgrading her gunpla, reasoning that it was ‘good enough’. She was far too consumed with her chat conversation just minutes before to notice that things were starting; soon enough, she would find herself alone in the Argama’s launch bay. The rest of
  11. Risu’s little ears flattened at the touch to her head, appearing to wince away at Hikaru’s touch. Still, she looked like she appreciated it, judging by the small, nervous smile she’d given him. As the proceedings continued, she remained quiet, trying her best to understand what was going on. By the looks of things, this Rau person seemed quite important. And while she didn’t quite get the finer details of his speech, she understood that the next part of this questline was gated for tomorrow. Her attention quickly shifted to her interface as a red circle marked with a ‘1’ appeared above th
  12. Risu listened quietly, though she'd occasionally fidget with her hands. While the others were talking about their Gunpla, she found herself more occupied with looking at her own. She didn't get an opportunity to look at the machine before, and now that she stood at the foot of it, she couldn't help but admire how it was portrayed. Risu had built Higanbana for Choco, but her friend had refused, instead telling her that she could have it. For a moment, the squirrel reflected on why that was. Maybe Choco had her build it to trick her into playing GBN. While that was fine, she wondered why Choco d
  13. Risu took a brief pause as she was pulled out of the dark cockpit space of her gunpla and deposited into what appeared to be a large atrium, though the way that various other gunpla were placed in rows against the walls seemed to suggest that this was a hangar, not unlike one for aircraft. She was perhaps too engaged with getting her bearings that she’d effectively tuned out the rather terse conversation happening between the other members of her team, though the way she appeared to actively avoid them would no doubt inform the other divers about what kind of person the little squirrel
  14. A long, pregnant pause marked the gap between Risu's thoughts as she stared at the dark-haired boy while he begun to climb the hand of her gunpla. She'd stare for a while, noting just how small he was against her machine. All of this seemed so real, and people enjoyed it? How? Remaining still, she'd look around at her surroundings, watching the combat continue overhead, seemingly without her. Risu wiped her eyes with her sleeves, which were quickly stained with her tears, and eventually, Higanbana begun to move again, rising to its spindle-like feet, clutching Kamille close to its chest. A bri
  15. For a while, Risu’s hand hovered over the button labeled ‘quit’, staring at the glowing blue shape and the almost alien English text written across it. As far as she knew, she’d already failed. There was no point continuing like this. They were going to lose, and it was all her fault. However, as her hand lowered towards the button to press it, she would look up. The face of a young man met hers but only briefly. His eyes betrayed his stoic face, belonging more to a boy who was time and time again scorned by others, forced to carry the weight of expectation: a burden he simply could not bear.
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