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  1. Leon's Zaku was floating in space, lacking its arms. "Well... I guess I've been... Disarmed." He waited, idle, for a few seconds, before facepalming. "That was terrible. I hope nobody heard that." He then tried to turn towards the Zeonic ship. "Repentance, this is Leon Malroz, of Zero Sky. We've got a pretty bad situation right now and you should tell your pilots to retreat before people start dying for no reason."
  2. "Well... If I don't step in, someone might die. If I step in, they might think I'm the enemy. Eh, screw it." Leon set his Mobile Suit's reactor output to its maximum, and charged the Gaza-C. "You look like you need a hug!" Once in range, Leon's Zaku's arms wrapped around its target's waist area, and he started trying to pull it back towards the Repentance.
  3. Black sheep? Really? Most people I've talked to seem to love it.
  4. Leon saw the Gaza, and decided to move closer, while attempting to contact the ship. "Repentance, this is Leon Malroz, of Zero Sky, I've been sent to assist you, over."
  5. Leon's Zero Sky Zaku was flying in space in search of the Repentance, while muttering to himself. "I swear, they better pay well or the old man is gonna hear about it... Wait, is that..." He saw and then approached the huge, red ship slowly, and witnessed a Gaza launching out. "Guess that's how they greet allies..."
  6. Truegear

    Leon Malroz

    Changed the faction and added a line in the history part to go with it.
  7. "Well, f*ck me", said Leon, as his last ditch effort had been foiled. OOC: That was fun, GG.
  8. The rockets hit Leon's Zaku one after the other, making more and more of it break and fall apart as it closes in on its target. Eventually, only a fragment of its torso, part of its head, and its arm remained. "Worth it." What remained of the machine fell onto its enemy, and Leon shoved the grenade he had prepared earlier as hard as he could near Artemis' cockpit. "... F*ck, I forgot to activate it."
  9. Leon saw the floating leg, and hid behind another wreckage. "That's not what Zaku legs look like. Probably made that move when I threw the grenade." Leon decided to charge towards where the leg came from, while readying a second grenade. "Let's see if you're so rocket-happy when I get up close and personal..."
  10. Leon saw the rockets coming towards him, and tried to dodge them, but two of them hit his Zaku, one in the torso, the other in its leg. He then moved back to take cover behind a large wreckage. "Well, that sucks. But now, I know where you are..." Leon threw a grenade in the direction the rockets came from in order to distract his opponent, and started moving in another direction. "Come on, take the bait... You know you want to!"
  11. As he saw the grenade coming towards him, Leon stopped his Zaku dead in its tracks, in order to avoid taking much damage. "Well damn, I've got a smart one on my hands. That could be a problem." Leon had lost track of his target, and decided to "stand" in one place and rotate his Zaku while firing, in order to maybe hit something. "I don't know where you're hidden, but I'm gonna find out!" This strategy put him at risk, but it was the only one he could think of.
  12. Leon seemed impatient as his own Zaku launched out. "I hope this is over with quick." He tried to find his opponent among the many Mobile Suits, and saw Artemis' Zaku. "Huh, so it's a mirror match. That should be interesting. I doubt I can count on being subtle in a fight like this, so..." Leon's Zaku charged towards the enemy, while firing at it with its machine gun.
  13. Leonardo, from Radiant Dawn. He's terrible, but I like his design.
  14. I don't tend to stay consistent with avatars. As of writing this, my profile pic is an extremely underwhelming Fire Emblem character. I think I'll change it to the profile pic I have on Discord, just to stay consistent. Maybe. I might forget.
  15. Ok, so, if any and all giant robots are fair game, then I feel compelled to mention Super Sentai.
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