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  1. You should do some character profiles. It is all just mecha in there right now. Just a suggestion you know. You do mention about the pilots there.
  2. I draw sometimes but I'm bad at it. Anyone here who draws? And perhaps draws well?
  3. Who is the best female character? There's no female lead but are there strong and well-developed female characters in Gundam that you really admire?
  4. Welcome Acidic! I love to write too. I'm too trash to even put my selfie anywhere. 😢
  5. That's a great profile pic 😂
  6. Is this still going on? I'm interested to help... once I start to rewatch the series.
  7. Using tags is a more modern way of organising threads. Keep up the good work!
  8. Hello. I'm Terra aka Tina. I love writing and role playing. I saw a post about this site and decided to come take a look. You guys have stuck around for some time huh? I'm not that familiar with mecha but it's a genre I want to try and explore. Looking forward to making new friends here.
  9. What a story! With the rise and fall of many great sites, it is rather encouraging to see independent sites like this making an attempt to stay true to their identity and preserving the content.
  10. This looks impressive. How many of you are still active though? I only see a few of you.
  11. Is there an equivalent of Terra in any of the Gundam series?

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