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About Me

Writing is my first love and it was inevitable for me to dive into worlds created by others. I enjoy world creation, but it is liberating to role play in world created and shaped by others to focus on the characters I play.

I started roleplaying on MUD and MUSH servers as a child. The names of the sites have long faded from memory. Then I started roleplaying on Avalon https://www.avalon-rpg.com. I spent hours fascinated by the text role-play instead of the game aspects of the site. That led me to look for more roleplaying sites and I joined many sites ranging from science fiction to fantasy to superhero themes. My role-play time was vastly devoted to Gundam, Star Wars, Marvel, and original content in order of time spent.
My passion for roleplaying led me to establishing SEED RPG, later rebranded as Advent Destiny. It is a Gundam role-play and saw the most active years from 2004 to 2008. After yet another hacking that crippled the site, coupled with the burden of work life, the site was put on hiatus. The members remained friends and in contact over the decade and the site was put up once more in 2015 to mark the 10th anniversary of the Advent Destiny site.

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