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  1. Thanks for the links Drannk13!
  2. Thanks! I'd originally copied the template into Word and then copied it back into the forum without realizing it wouldn't transfer the bold and the underline. I'll go back and add more when I get a chance, and thanks for the history! I'll try and find out more, and use it for my character.
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    Hello, I would like to start off by saying that I have never, ever, not once, done role playing before. Or at least, never forum based. So any and all help would be appreciated. Also, I am only semi-familiar with Gundam- my friends all love it but I've only seen a few episodes of Gundam Wing, so forgive me if I seem a little... unaware of what is going on (on top of how I have no idea how to role play). I am, however, very interested and excited about trying it out. Anyway, I just made a character, and am waiting for approval. If anyone has any advice on what to do after it is approved, if it gets approved, that would be fantastic. Thanks, Leracko
  4. Player Player name: Ryan Leracko Character number: One Faction: Ryan Leracko General Full name: Ryan Leracko Nickname: Ryan Age: 19 Gender: Male Race: Natural Occupation: Job seeking ex-student Birthplace: Ireland Citizenship: Earth Alliance Personality: Ryan has had difficulty adjusting to just about every situation he has been placed in. He is rigid in his belief that he is not where he belongs. The fact that he never knew his mother has had a profound effect on him. Discussions with his father about her tend to lead to heated arguments that escalate quickly and leave both father and son depressed. He is reclusive although very intelligent. Appearance Height: 5’ 9” Weight: 135 Hair Color and Style: Short brown hair. It curls when it gets long. Sometimes he spikes it. Eye Color: Blue eyes, wears red tinted contacts. Identifying Marks: Long scar down his right bicep. Skin Tone: Tanned Caucasian. Build: Long and lanky. Clothing: Ryan wears baggy clothing, especially when it comes to pants. He is also seen wearing a head band on most occasions, although there isn't that much hair to keep back. Handiness: Right-Handed. Background Mother: His mother disappeared shortly after his birth, leaving him along with his father and sister. Ryan’s father has never told him where she went or even what her name was. Father: Gerard Leracko is a mechanic struggling to take care of his two children. He pushes Ryan to find work to help support the family and keep his daughter in school. He is 49 years old. Siblings: Ryan Leracko has one sister whose name is Kelsey Leracko. She is two years younger than him and looks up to him with reverence. Ryan loves her but he has trouble feeling responsible for her. Wife/Girlfriend: Ryan is in an on and off relationship with Laura, a girl he met in high school. At the moment, it is in the ‘off’ part of the relationship. She is 18 years old. Personal History: Raised by a single father in Ireland, Ryan has always been in search of something more than the dullness he sees in every day life. He suffered through high school because his father wanted him to attend and because he had no other choice; the few times he tried to drop out of school, work was to hard to find so he had nothing to do but go back. Ryan barely graduated from high school. He has spent most of his post-school time with his girl friend Laura, but the relationship hasn’t been faring well. Laura wanted Ryan to get a job, but he simply didn’t have the drive to get up and find work, so she left him. Desperate and lonely, he returned to his father’s home to ask for help finding a job. However, his father had stopped speaking to him a few months earlier after yet another heated argument concerning Ryan’s mother. With no other options left for him, he decided to set out on his own in search of a job, and is now roaming the country, trying to find work. He hopes to one day return to his home to face his father and have the courage to apologize for the troubles he caused and the lack of respect he held for the man. He also hopes to get back together with Laura. Until then, he is just another man searching for work and trying to get by.
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