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  1. Player Player name: Strike Character number: 01 Faction: ZAFT General Full name: Ryan Nicholas Stenbuck Nickname: N/A Age: 17 Gender: Male Race: 3rd Generation Coordinator Occupation: Mobile Suit Pilot Birthplace: Maius City, PLANTs. Citizenship: Maius City Personality: Not one to question a higher up, Ryan has been known to complete a task no matter how difficult or dangerous it is. Once he has set his mind on doing something, Ryan will not give up till its done. Likes to make sure that he does not get into trouble with his superiors. he does not kill anybody no matter whether they are friend or foe. Out of military, Ryan is usually laid-back and just loves to sit around and watch the sky. If he isn’t sitting down then he’s out with friends or doing some other fun activity. He enjoys having a laugh with friends. Appearance Thanks to Photobucket for hosting the picture. Thanks to Sega Sonic Team for the picture of game character, “Ethan Waber” from their new game, “Phantasy Star Universe: Ambition of the Illuminus” Height: 5’9 Weight: 65kg Hair Colour and Style: Auburn, short and untidy. Somewhat spiky also. Eye Colour: A dark blue colour. Identifying Marks: A scar that runs down the right side of his back. Skin Tone: Caucasian Build: Average build with slight muscles. Clothing: Usually wearing a black coat that splits at the back and continues down to the thighs. Underneath the jacket he wears a dark shirt. Black trousers and black trainers are also the norm for Ryan. Handiness: Right-handed Background Mother: Piper Alexandra Stenbuck, 43. Alive. Father: Matthew Huyga Stenbuck, 45. Alive. Siblings: Thomas Stenbuck, 14. Alive. Wife/Girlfriend: N/A Personal History: Born to Piper and Matthew in the 68th Year of the Cosmic Era, Ryan was raised by his parents on Maius City. Born during a time when peace kept the Coordinators and Naturals together, Ryan’s childhood was happy and full of peace. This however went on only for two years before the First Bloody Valentine War shattered this peaceful time and broke the hearts of many people. Ryan was only little when the first war began and had nothing really to do with the battles although he knew his father was out fighting for him and his mother. He heard little from his father, so little that him and his mother began to wonder if he would ever come back. Althought with his fear surrounding his inner self, Ryan still led a normal and full childhood and he even attended a few concerts held by Lacus Clyne. Just before Operation Spitbreak, Matthew Stenbuck returned to the PLANTs for a short leave. During this time, Ryan spent the day at school and with his father while Matthew and Piper spent the time, while Ryan was asleep.. This lead to Thomas being born after the Second Battle of Jachin Due. As the First Bloody Valentine War was over, Matthew Stenbuck returned once more, to his sons and wife. Ryan continued school and passed with just under prefect marks. Being a Coordinator and taught in a Coordinator School, it was very difficult for Ryan to be the best unlike those Coordinators who went to mixed schools. He moved to the upper school just before the Second Bloody Valentine War. Once more his father left and Ryan was left as the head of the house while his father was gone. He had to protect his mother and brother from the terrors that plagued the PLANTs at the start of the war. He continued his studies and continued to get high marks in his exams. He began to become interested in the working of the Mobile Suit and took courses on Mobile Suits Construction and Development to learn more. While he done this, he also began working in ZAFT Mobile Suithanger and learned the basics of Mobile Suit construction and functions. However he wasn't allowed into a cockpit as he was still underage. He began working in a Mobile Suit hanger and working on multiple types of Mobile Suit however he never got to work on a Gundam or any of the suits given to higher ZAFT soldiers. This was due to the fact that many people supported the ideals of the Clyne Faction/Three Ships Alliance. Ryan read up on their ideals and secretly supported the ideals of the faction. He adopted their no killing idea and decided if he ever did fight in a war that he would take that stance when fighting. At the conclusion of the Second Bloody Valentine War, Matthew returned having been Medical Discharged. He had suffered head injuries and to have him on the battlefield was dangerous. Piper spent most of her time looking after him leaving Ryan to look after Thomas. He helped his sibling through school and taught him many a things that Matthew could no longer teach. After his seventeenth birthday in C.E. 0085, he applied for the job of Mobile Suit testing at a ZAFT base. He was allowed to be a test pilot in Mobile Suit Simulation and began to get a feel of the Mobile Suit and was noted as being an above average pilot. His job made him join the military to help protect his family and home. Some said he would be called straight away for the Mobile Suit forces if another war happened. He brushed off the comment, however little did he know that he would have to someday……….
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    Hey All!

    Hey everyone. I'm Strike, but you call me Strike. I've been roleplaying on a few diffrent boards for just under a year. I've even had my own board which was active and good until school started. I've watched this board for a while and finally joined after hearing quite a bit about it from PhoenixForce, and I've been looking for a Gundam RP that is different from the others. I have saw all of Gundam SEED and I've read all about Destiny and saw a few bits and piece here and there. I've read the rules so I'll began making of my first character quite soon. Strike
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