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  1. Secondary cameras placed either at the chest or shoulders, and indepedent targeting and viewing cameras mounted of the arms or handheld weapons for shooting or defense.
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    Blake let out a breath of relief when he managed to get to his destination without getting lost again. He looked around the large hanger, impressed by the number and variety of ships that are docked here. As he looked around, he spotted Houston, carrying a suitcase, moving towards the Marseille III class transport that currently being loaded with supplies and equiment. "That must be what we're going to be operating from," he thought as he hurried after Houston. As he boarded the ship, he smiled as he fondly remembers some of his missions abroad a Marseille III class transport during his time w
  3. "...pretty simple... go into a lab, steal some MS and tech, get out of there alive and wipe that lab flat. The hard part will prob be that we're out numbered by alot." was Houstons' answer to Blakes' question. He mulled over this, a part of him became slightly giddy over the possibility of getting his hands on some new, unknown MS and technologies. Another part of him worries over the fact they may be outnumbered by the whatever's guarding said MS and technologies. His worry must have showed itself plainly on his face, as Julia gave him a smile and said "Houston's got a point - We'll probably
  4. Nah. It's pretty much easy to simply scroll up/down through the site. But, if you make it that we have to scroll to left/right, THEN it will be a pain in the neck to do so.
  5. As he quickly manuvered himself down the hallway towards the hangar, Blake winced slightly as a sharp jolt of pain radiated out from his hastily bandaged wound on his head. He was passing through the mess hall when suddenly the explosion happened, and the resulting shockwave through the ship threw him headfirst onto a nearby table. When the order to launch came through his headset, he quickly drop by the infimary and grabbed a spare roll of bandage, and made his way towards the hanger while trying to wrap the bandage around his wound. The hangar was in total chaos when he arrived, w
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    Collapsing Land

    Just in case... http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php?topic=1796.new
  7. A part of Blake fliched slightly as the commander scowled at him and demanded to know why he's there. But as he stood at attention and opened his mouth to say something, the commander suddenly said "I remember you now. Blake. Follow after them. They'll tell you what you need to do". Blinking in surprise, he then promptly saluted, then turned around and went to catch up with the rest before they got to far. (OOC EDIT: *winces* Ouch. Sorry about that.) Blake caught up to Houston, Allan, Julia and Dimitri just when Houston said,"... to get ready and leave pretty quick". He raised a
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    Collapsing Land

    EDIT: Intro Rp battle post deleted. Whoops. Sorry about that. I guess I'm a little too eager for this. I'll take the Calamity Gundam.
  9. Blake sighed to himself as he stowed away the datadisk."No use thinking about this now. Maybe later, when I can find a spare computer...", he thought to himself as he waited in the reception area. He was nodding off when the commanders' office door opened and Houston, Alan, Julia and a fourth person he haven't seen before walked out. He nodded back to Houston as he passed him, then turned his attention to the fourth person. The guy seemed to have a rather lanky build, and with his black thin framed glasses and pale skin, he gives an impression of being a 'geek' to Blake.
  10. I'm sorry to hear about that. I was looking forward to it.
  11. Modern day battleships, with the exception of the aircraft carrier, are usually design with the bridge embedded deep within the hull. I think the bridge design in gundam seed is a holdover from previous sci-fi shows like star trek and star wars where they have the bridge overlooking the ship.
  12. Well, on one hand, the mobile suits with PS armour were basically a recent technological leap forward. So is partly the technology haven't filtered down yet. Also, it could be that manufacturing the PS armour and the like is a very difficult and expensive process to begin with. On another hand, the gundam shows is focused on the mobile suits. The producers want to show to the viewers how cool gundams are, and getting blasted out of the sky by a normal capital ship cannons is not considered cool. Even a gundam would have a lot of difficult bringing down a capital ship if said ship is build
  13. Just in case, the thread is in the battle arena, with the title 'Assault on Barge[a569ssgoku VS World]'. Here's the direct link. http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php/topic,1750.0.html
  14. Blake quickly maneuvered himself into his pilot seat and strapped himself in as the cockpit hatch closes. As he preps the Calamitys' OS, part of his mind drifted to the briefing he had attended earlier. Apparently, ZAFT had lost a recon squad nearby an abandoned asteroid military base. Said base is believed to be currently occupied and used by pirates and cutthroats as a base of operations. The base is also expected to be heavily armed with numerous defensive weaponry, such as CIWS systems, missile launchers and laser cannons. The pirates may also have on hand several capital ships, believed t
  15. Blake waited nervously as he sat on one the chairs available for visitors in the reception area. The woman behind the desk had asked him to wait while she shown Houston, Alan and Julia into the commanders' office. Before the door fully shut, he thought he heard a voice, saying,"...accepted a mission?" but no further as the closed door blocked any coherent sound coming out of the office. "Wonder if that's the mission Alan spoke of earlier?", he thought to himself as he sat on the chair. As a way to relieve his nerves while waiting, he dug out the package he received earlier out of hi
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