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  1. 1.okay i will make the personality longer but the reason he is "Cold and Evil" is because of the death of his parents and the suposed death of his girlfriend 2.I will change the eye color 3.Okay I will lengthen the history but it wil take maybe 30-60 minutes because i will have to look up a lot of things
  2. umm... well i do not even have a clue what anime the pic is from
  3. Player Player name:Syn Character number:1 Faction: SOF General Full name:Vincent WarLancer Nickname:The Destroyer Age:21 Gender: Male Race:Natural Occupation:Assassin Birthplace:Eurasia Federation Citizenship: Atlantic Federation Personality:Cold and Evil Appearance Height:6' 5" Weight:130 Hair Colour and Style:Black Eye Colour:Red Identifying Marks: Scars on arm, back,and forehead Skin Tone: Tan Build:Slightly Muscular(not ripped) Clothing:Black jacket with red shirt underneath Handiness:Right-handed (here is a pic just in case) Background Mother:Sharon WarLancer *(D) Father: Maze WarLancer *(D) Siblings:Shaun "The Doom Bringer" WarLancer and Zaren "The Demolisher" WarLancer (other characters i am going to make just need to read the multiple character guide) Wife/Girlfriend: Celest Rosenstar(Rose-n-star) **(TTBD) Personal History:Vincent and his two brothers witnessed the death of their parents and were torn from their loved ones now he and his brothers seek vengeance (*=Deceased **=Thought to be deceased)
  4. i am new here just got off another forumn where everyone was pissing me off so i hope you guys are better then those guys
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