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    Hi Y'all

    hey guys i know this is a bit late but I'm new here and wouldn't mind having some friends in this place before i start, reply if you are interested
  2. totally rad battleship sounds like your making an impregnable flying fortress could be dangerous but how would it last against many mobile suits attacking in a fortified flash attack formation
  3. added extra stuff to my history hope y'all like
  4. fixed some kinks out of the script thanks for the hlep
  5. kikyo109

    hi y'all

    [glow=green,2,300]whats sup y'all the names matt an im a newb[/glow]
  6. Player Player Name: Kikyo Hanagawa Character number:1 Faction: ORB General Full name: Kikyo Hanagawa Nickname: Moonlight Age: 19 Gender: Female Race: Coordinator Occupation: Head of Security Birthplace: Space Base Citizenship: ORB Personality: Kikyo is a very chivalric soul and is prone to bouts of violence if the weak are oppressed by the cruel. She sees it as her role in life and service to weed out all oppressions and to destroy the cruel oppressors. She’s a girly girl who goes crazy if someone breaks one of her nails (Usually fake ones but they don’t know that), and is very emotional. To her there is no such thing as a half-done job. Everything has to be done and completed even to the point of going beyond the call of duty. She is also prone to break-downs and rages at the sight of needless slaughter. All in all she is the image of a futuristic perfect Knight. This is when she is on the job; otherwise you would think she was just like any other 19 year old woman. Always has a smile on her face, and tries to see the ‘light at the end of tunnel’. Appearance Height: 5”4 Weight: 125 lbs Hair Colour and Style: Blue hair colour but natural blonde, with a short shoulder length spiky hair Eye Colour: Sparkly Purple Identifying Marks: Moon shaped birthmark in centre of forehead, and a small knife wound scar on the right side of her body she received from another hostile trainee. Skin Tone: light creamy complexion, always appears to looked flushed Build: short and slender but curvy Clothing: prefers clothing that allows freedom of movement in combat (shirt and slacks with specially designed material for slowing bladed blows), but does like to get prettied up when going out. Or wearing her combat ready gear (makes her feel vulnerable being unarmed) Handiness: highly skilled Ambidextrous Background Mother: Hina Hanagawa Father: Daisuke Hanagawa Siblings: Shiko Hanagawa (Brother) Wife/Girlfriend: James Hurst Personal History Moonlight is a coordinator who was part of a breed specially designed for covert ops stealth and strike missions. As such she was strained from an early age to be a dangerous force in and out of a mobile suit. She was known as the smiling assassin to those who didn’t know her well. Even though she was a designed soldier, she was a kind soul who usually tries to find out a peaceful way around a confrontation before action is taken. This is the reason she was trained as the leader for the group. She had the rank of a Major in the forces. The training was harsh but necessary for her line of work. The other team members did not think that a woman should be in the front lines so they constantly nagged and bugged her until they finally started physical abuse as a way to get rid of her. This is the reason why she is so proficient in hand to hand combat. She also became very proficient in sneaking because even though she could beat them if she wanted to, she would still be injured in the process, so she decided to sneak past them. Also her brother Shiko was one of the techs designated to teach them the mechanics behind the Mobile Suits, so with him at home she had constant access to the materials that the others did not have access to. This is the reason she passed top of her class in Mobile Suit combat and Tactics. With the end of the war she was no longer needed, so along with the other team members she was allowed to leave. She was the only one to leave. She left shortly after when she discovered she was being followed and decided to leave and make a fresh start. This prompted her to go to the ORB Union, which was a neutral country. Upon entry she was questioned of her identity by a FREE forces Agent named James Hurst. When he discovered out that she had used a falsified VISA to gain access, the officer thought she was a spy and so he attacked her when she refused to comply. She subdued him quickly and told him to leave her alone because she was running from the ZAFT Forces. She was taken to headquarters and was questioned about her abilities and identity. She told them about her training and her want to live here and defend ORB from those who wish to oppress, and so they allowed her to become a citizen of ORB on the condition that she had to tell of them if she saw any of her old team members in the country. She didn’t have a problem with that because she hated them anyway. Her instructions where to tell ORB if they entered the country, and to detain them if possible, so they could be questioned. ORB knew that ZAFT where using them as spies, assassins, infiltrators and saboteurs. She has lived from that day as a resident of ORB, and head of security for a Mobile suit testing facility. The officer in Charge of her surveillance was James Hurst, the officer she put down upon entry to the country. He didn’t like her at first but he eventually saw that even though she was a specially trained for combat she was also trained and raised as a team leader who sees her team as her family. A mission is not a success unless all of her team members return home safely. They realised her potential so they put her in a job of head of security for a Mobile Suit R&D facility, while they organised a team for her to join. About a month after she started she noticed that one of her friends from when she was working for ZAFT had just entered the country. This person named Lunar was actually her friend and was an officer in the ZAFT Forces. This person was 10 years older than her and was an exceptional pilot, and was awarded with the ‘Order of the Nebula’ Military award for exceptional sacrifice and her exceptional record in the war. She also noticed that this person was being followed so she told Hurst to watch her back (they had become real close), and went to see her fiend and whispered to her that she was being followed. Lunar was surprised that Kikyo was still alive as they had sent military assassins to kill her after she left. Lunar then told Kikyo that she had vital information for ORB and that she needed to see whoever was in charge. Kikyo smiled and said that she was the Boss for now and said into her radio to grab the people who were following her and take them as well. Lunar smiled and said there ok, there with me. That’s when she noticed that the other two people are some of Lunar’s surviving team members, Alexia and Marco. Kikyo asked where the rest are and Lunar said they are dead killed by ZAFT assasins for knowing too much. They were all taken to the HQ nearest to them and Lunar told OR that ZAFT was up to some suspicious activities and that she would like to fight for ORB alongside Kikyo. This was allowed on the condition that they stay with kikyo at all times. They are all now waiting for their orders to go to the frontlines.
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