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  1. Oof. Equal parts nostalgia and cringe for me lol
  2. Canadian from Alberta but in Quebec. Smuggled Janus into the country!
  3. I hear that. This was before I posted like... anything. Even before I changed Kino's surname, before I posted... anything. Just character profiles haha
  4. [align=center]Ah, that sucks...a six exam period? @____@! Next semester will be far worse for me though...I was allowed to take a grade 12 course and I'm still in grade 11. My English teacher vouched that I was a good English student and that I could handle it....so...next semester, I have a Grade 12 English, as well as my mathematics class (I suck at math...@___@) So I'll be pretty much swamped. [/align]
  5. [align=center]To heck with my health! ...or at least for now! I have to pass Biology! [/align]
  6. [align=center]yeah..so...uh...I'm back! Kino and Ado, the crazy sibling Duo! ... Not sure what else to put here. Currently running on two hours of sleep in two days....The end is nigh. @_____@[/align]
  7. [align=center]Character Full name: Adokenai Sokutenkyoshi Nickname: Ado, Ado-chan, Kenai-kun Age: 10 Gender: Male Race: Coordinator Occupation: None Faction: None Birthplace: Orb Union Main City Personality: Adokenai is practically the oposite of his sister. While Kino is sombre, quiet, and somewhat morbid, Adokenai is like a ray of sunshine. A smile can always be found on his face, and he can always be seen trying to cheer others up. Adokenai is a firm believer in the goodness in people's hearts, and is a naive young boy. He is rather clingy to Kino since they lost their mother, and though Kino is almost his opposite in terms of personality, she does her best to keep him safe. The two siblings love each other and their father, because that's all they have left: Each other. Adokenai gets picked on alot because he is so naive and trusting, and he is always getting into trouble. The kid is a crybaby, but he is never crying for long, because Kino usually does something to cheer him up. Ado doesn't have any friends, mainly because folk are always teasing him for being so happy all the time. Some people see the gift of happiness as a blessing, but Ado has not found these kinds of people yet. He has rather bad luck in terms of running into the wrong people at the absolute wrong time. Kino usually has to get him out of the situation, and it usually ends up in her getting hurt. Ado feels insanely guilty about this, and he sometimes tries to fix things himself, which usually gets him into deeper trouble. The kid is just too darn cute for his own good! When Ado is depressed, his whole body shows it. His eyes become distant, his shoulders droop, and his feet drag. He becomes nearly lifeless. The thing about Ado and emotion is, he usually expresses excess ammounts of it, and usually ends up going overboard. When Ado is happy, his smile can warm even the coldest of hearts. When he's feeling angry, by golly you'll KNOW it. If he's feeling gentle and kind, his hugs are the best in the world, or space for that matter. When he's guilty, his small childish innocents makes many a person want to gather the child into their arms and tell him everything is going to be alright. Adokenai was basically raised by his sister after their mother died. Though his father was around, things were awkward between the family, and Ado began clinging to Kino like a life raft. Consequently, Ado takes after at least SOME characteristics of Kino. Ado believes that helping people is an honourable goal, and that you should protect the ones you love. Though he doesn't look it, Ado is quite capable of fighting. Ado and his sister took martial arts classes when their mother died, their father forcing them to do it. They fight well on their own, but they are like a well oiled machine when they fight together. Ado wishes nothing more for Kino's happiness because she always seems so gloomy. Small things he does in order to cheer her up often end up backfiring, and Kino ends up yelling. Whenever this happens, Ado usually begins to sniffle and runs off. Kino has to chase him and apologize... she usually doesn't mean to yell, and she loves her brother, but sometimes the squirt is a bit much. Not many people have seen Ado get angry, but there are a few things that set him off. Anyone that hurts his family, especially Kino, will get the special treat of seeing this tiny terror angry. His eyes seem to spark with fire, and his small frame becomes a blur of motion. If it's a fight you wan't, Ado is proficient in hand to hand, though he's never used a weapon before. When Ado wants you to know something, you'd best accept the fact that you're going to hear it, whether you like it or not. Almost no one but Kino has seen this scary aspect of her brother. Description ((Yay for photoshop editing! A rather bad edit, but meh. Ado looks alot like Honey-senpai from Ouran High School Host Club, so I used his as a base model. What can I say, I'm lazy today...)) Height: four foot nine Weight: 89lbs Hair Colour and Style: A sweet blonde colour, Ado's hair is one of his cutest features besides his eyes. It swoops out from his face in a childish way, and falls sweetly into his huge innocent eyes. Eye Colour: The same beautiful green like that of his sister's eyes. Identifying Marks: None as of yet. Skin Tone: Childish peach! Build: Small, cute, and happy! Clothing: Ado loves to wear casual clothes, or clothes that bring out his cuteness. He can often be found wearing cute T-shirts and shorts. Alot of the time, he likes to wear formal clothes. He likes to think that it makes him more like her. Handiness: Ambidexterous, thanks to Kino's teachings. Family Mother: Aiiku Sokutenkyoshi (Coordinator. Presumedly deceased) Father: Ganjou Sokutenkyoshi (Coordinator) Siblings: Kinokiita Sokutenkyoshi (Older Sister, Coordinator Newtype) Background See Kino's background. Since the accident that befell his mother, Adokenai has tried his hardest to remain the happy one in their household. It broke his heart to see his sister become detatched and cold, and he tries his best to make her happy and to make her proud. With the help of the ferret he rescued on the day of the accident, Adokenai remains to be the smile of his family, always happy, all the time. He does this so that his family won't worry about him, so that they themselves may be happy. Now, at the age of 10, Adokenai attends school, and is rather smart. Kino tutours him in subjects he doesn't understand, and he looks up to Kino for being so smart. When he found out that Kino found a job with the famed Morgenroete Inc., Adokenai was not only bursting with pride, but congradulated his sister to no ends. Ado is far too young to have a real job, but he makes a small allowance from delivering documents and newspapers. He's quite the fast little child he is, and Dump, his Ferret, helps him do his daily tasks. Adokenai is the perfect counter to his sisters darkness. Adokenai is dayling, Kino is moonlight, but the two are still siblings and they love eachother more than life itself.[/align]
  8. [align=center]Character Full name: Kinokiita Sokutenkyoshi Nickname: Kino, Kiita Age: 15, going on 16 Gender: Female Race: Coordinator Newtype Occupation: Technical Analyst for Morgenroete Inc. Faction: ORB Birthplace: Onogoro Islands (Weird but true O.o) Personality: Kino is, like her name implies, clever. She likes to observe and analyze situations and pick them apart, bit by tedious bit. While this makes her seem cold, cruel, and emotionless sometimes, it is quite the opposite. Kino is one for Justice, and is a firm believer that Naturals and Coordinators can live together in peace. She was once discriminated against by both a Natural and a coordinator, the Natural telling her that she was a coordinator, nothing more than a tool, while the Coordinator had told her she was a traitor to her kind for asociating herself with Natural scum. That event in her past only strengthened her resolve. If you get to know Kino, you'd find that she is not only clever, but she also is quirky. Who said intelligence and humour couldn't be mixed? She is rather sarcastic, but everyone knows that Kino has a good heart. To those she knows, she is a loyal person that would, if given the chance, put her own life in danger to save the lives of loved ones. Kino can't stand it when others are being bullied, and she will immediately step infront and take the brunt of a verbal abuse if it means sparing someone else the feeling. Her ideals and values are, to others, a bit harsh and self-righteous, but no one can deny that Kino just wants to help people. She's been known to defend others from bullies, stop people from doing something they would regret, and she even pushed another out of the way of falling machinery resulting in her own injury. Many people think that Kino tries to hard, and other people don't like her because they think she's trying to prove something. The thing is, she isn't. Thats just the way Kino is. Of course, Kino has her darker side. Whens he's not cracking a sarcastic comment or diligently analyzing computer data, she can be found in her quarters. Sometimes the littlest thing can set her off, and Kino can be brooding for days, even a week. It takes alot to make her snap, but when she does, you'll regret forcing her into that position. When Kino is angry, she doesn't really act angry. She might frown alot more, but thats all you see on the outside. However, when she returns to her quarters, she can be found letting out her frustration through writing and drawing. Kino is very poetic and gracefull, but not many people see this because she's usually sitting at a computer analyzing data or something to that effect. When you do something to break the trust that Kino has put in you, you'll have to haul your ass to make it up. Kino doesn't trust just anyone, and if she trusts you, it means she deems you worthy of her companionship. Now, she doesn't hate everyone she doesn't trust. But it DOES mean that the people she calls 'friends' must've done something right to earn that title. It also means that, if you shatter the trust Kino has placed in you, it impacts her greatly. No one has really seen Kino truely SAD, but if you want too, thats the way to go about doing it because Kino's freinds mean the world to her. There are signs that warn you if Kino is in a foul mood, thoughg they are somewhat hard to see. Firstly, she stops eating right. Usually she gets three square meals a day, but when angered or severly depressed, she barely eats enough to get by. Secondly, if you've been around her long enough to memorize her face, you could see that her eyes change. They don't hold the quirky humourous glint in them, but instead hold a cold steel emotion. And lastly, Kino's voice changes, of only slightly. It gets quicker, more snappy, though it's almost unnoticable. When she gets this way, usually only friends or her family can pull her out of it. If she's IN that state of mind, you KNOW something bad must have happened, because Kino doesn't get upset over petty things. So if she's in a foul mood...y'might wanna ask her why for your own personal safety. 0.0 Description Height: Five foot two Weight: 100lbs Hair Colour and Style: Blonde, pulled into a bun. When it's not in a bun, it reaches to her mid back. Bangs hang in her eyes slightly, and she has two long strands of bangs that frame her face. Eye Colour: A deep and calculating green. Identifying Marks: Her glasses, which are thin framed and intellectual looking. Skin Tone: Rather pale. Build: Slight and gracefull looking, almost child-like in proportions. She's small for her age, but despite that, she still retains a certain intellectual-looking beauty. Clothing: She likes to wear formal wear alot. She can usually be found in a sleevless white-collared dress shirt with a small black tie, and arm gloves that start at her biceps and end at her hands. She wears black dress pants, and black dress shoes. Sometimes she even wears a long black skirt, though she doesn't like to wear skirts and dresses at all if she can avoid it. Handiness: Being at a computer alot, Kino has learned to be ambidexterous. Picture: (Yes, I modled her off of Saber from FSN... happy.gif;;) Family Mother: Aiiku Sokutenkyoshi (Coordinator. Presumedly deceased) Father: Ganjou Sokutenkyoshi (Coordinator) Siblings: Adokenai Sokutenkyoshi (Kid brother, Coordinator) Background Kinokiita was born and raised in Orb Territory, but it was obvious that she was different from the rest of her family. Though both her parents are Coordinators, Kino was born with more than just her parents coordinator abilities: She was born with a sixth sense for the dangers that lurked nearby. That ability has been both a blessing and a curse as she has grown up. The adults called it being a 'Newtype', and so Kino accepted that term. She was a Coordinator Newtype, and thats all there was too it. Because of this, she was often looked at with distaste for being different, and none of the other children wanted to play with her because they thought she was weird. This upset Kino, and she would often cry in her room, curled up in a ball, her entire child-like frame wracked with sobs. Her mother would always come in and gather her into her arms, stroke her hair, and talk so gently in her ear, telling her it was nothing to be ashamed of, that her power was a blessing to everyone. Her mother always told her that she could use this power to help others, and that was important. This always made Kino feel better. Her mother was like a hero to her and her kid brother Adokenai. She was kind and gentle, every image that a mother should be to their child. They used to play games all the time, and Kino always ended up being the crusader of yore to come and save her little brother from the clutches of the evil witch, who was always played by her mother. When Kino was 9, tragedy struck. She, Ado, and her mother were all walking along the perimeter of the Onogoro Islands when something unexpected happened. Adokenai said that he had seen something that looked like an animal in the water and ran to try and help it. The water wasn't calm that day, and was actually in a foul mood in conjunction with the weather. Adokenai slipped and fell into the water, and Kino and her mother immediately tried coming to his rescue. Their mother reached Adokenai and held him as they were buffeted by the unforgiving waters as Kino desperately tried to reach her mother and kid brother. Ado couldn't swim yet, and so his mother held him tightly. Kino began having trouble staying afloat due to her lithe and slender frame, and her mother saw this. Using the last bit of her strength, her mother swam towards her daughter and grabbed her, hauling her up so she could gather her bearings again. Without another word, Kino's mother shoved Adokenai into Kino's arms and began to push them towards the shore. She believed that Kino had a better chance of getting Ado back to safety than herself, who had been weakened considerably by the water. Kino turned around, her child-like green eyes wide with fright as tears spilled from them. The last image she saw of her mother was her mothers weak yet amazingly soft and gentle smile before the water swallowed her up. Kino was torn. She needed to get Ado back to shore, but she also wanted to go save her mother. On impulse, Kino began to swim haphazzardly back to shore. She would drop Ado off there and then go back for her mother. However, upon reaching the shore, Kino had no energy left. Her vision began to haze, and so she made sure Adokenai was safely on shore before she colapsed, her world going black. Adokenai held a small fuzzy something in his hands as he saw his sister pass out: A small baby ferret....tears spilled from him own huge blue eyes as he began draging Kino away from the water that was trying to drag her back from the shore. The only reason Kino was not pulled out to shore was because a passerby had spotted them and came to their aid. The two children were rushed to the hospital. Their father met up with them soon after, and he was told the bad news that his wife had never been found and that his children were in critical condition. They never did find the body of their mother, and Adokenai thought that she was still alive but the water had carried her far away. From that day on, Kino had become detached from society and all it's happiness. She blamed herself for her mother's death, and it obviously weighed heavily on her mind. She had always been into computers and data, but she then became obsessed. She had nothing left to do in her spare time anymore since her mother was gone....no more games, no more laughter, no nothing. She made it her duty to always protect Adokenai from everything and everyone now that Mom was gone. That got her hurt alot because everyone loved to pick on Ado due to his childlike innocence. Since the death of his wife, Kino's father had become rather strict. He still loved his children and he made sure they knew that, but he forced them into taking self-defense lessons and training with weapons in order to protect themselves. He couldn't stand it if he lost his children as well as his wife. From there on, Kino has lived a rather dark life. She is currently 15, but not as morbid as she was after the accident furst happened. She is exceptionally good with computers and hopes to help Orb someday with analyzing data and writing programs to assist others. Though she is good with analyzing data, she is quite the little hacker as well, but keeps this to herself. Ado is now 10 and he is quite good at trafficing information. The ferret that he 'saved' the day of the tragedy has stuck to him like glue, and he named him Dump. Together they are an inseperable duo. Ado loves his sister and tries his best to help her in whatever she is doing, though he can quickly get annoying. Kino sometimes yells at him, and he then sulks away. Kino feels bad immediately after and chases after him. She gives him a great big hug and a kiss on the forehead, and they then go out underneath a huge oak tree to eat their lunch. Hey...at least they still have each other. Notes/Other I've never participated in a Gundam RP before, but I've seen most of Gundam SEED (W00t! Go Cagalli!) I overheard Jerome Mensalien talking about it on another RP forum we both partake in, and I was instantly intrested. I don't know if this is the kind of profile you're looking for, so if there's something that needs changing, lemme know and I'll do it ASAP. happy.gif;; Sorry. Friendly Faces Jerome Mensalien: Jerome was the person that Morgenroete Inc. told her to seek out in terms of employment after she submitted her file to them. Despite Kino's personality, Jerome was amazingly kind to her and, though Kino wasn't expecting it, he even allowed her to run a simulation program in his own Mobile Suit. Jerome is like a teacher figure to Kino, and she looks up to him as such. Alicia Mackwell: Kino met Alicia right after she met Jerome. At first, Kino was positive that Alicia wasn't to keen on her, but Kino actually tried stepping out of her safety zone and tried to make friends. It turns out Alicia didn't hate her like she thought. After talking to the older woman and helping her with some recalibrations, Kino came to respect and look up to Alicia more and more. Kino doesn't usually warm up to people this fast, but Jerome and Alicia were obviously an exception. Kai Zergas: Kino doesn't really know much about the man, but she met him briefly after meeting Jerome and Alicia. His stay was short, but Kino had a chance to talk to him a bit before he left. Ryota Akashi and Ai Saionji: Kino doesn't really 'know' Ryota, but she was introduced to him by Jerome. Kino thinks he is a tad cold, but respects him and his knowledge of Mobile Suits. As for Ai, Kino first met the girl when she was in distress with Ryota. Kino offered her help, but Ai rejected it. Kino wasn't officially introduced to Ai, so she only knows her first name.[/align]
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