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  1. Grim kept firing volleys at one Gaza but he refused to be drawn in by it’s maneuvers. The Zeek danced in an weave of dodges, and experience told Grim not to get “buck fever”. He tried to remain close to his comrades and the ship. A flicker of lightning told Grim that the former Titan shot one of the Gazas, presumably taking it out of the fight. Grim shifted his attention to see what the other two tangos were doing. Sure enough they had broken away and were attempting to flank, one in particular seemed focused on ensign Lavie. Grim cursed under his breath and fired his thrusters to intercept. With Ryder reloading he knew he had to respond to help the ailing Ensign. We can’t afford to loose any Nemos, we can’t afford to loose anyone. The distance closed quickly for the three units, although Nicky was doing a commendable job dodged the enemy fire, his luck would run out if the claws of the Gaza reached him. The Zeek fired wildly hoping to land a clean shot on the Nemo, just before the Gaza could grab Nicky it veered off wildly. Grim shield bashed into the Zeek, interrupting its momentum. Knowing that he wouldn’t have time to properly pull his rifle around and aim Grim released the weapon and reached for the beamsaber. The stunned Zeek had transformed into a mobile suit to try and deal with the sideways tackled but it couldn’t keep up when the pink blade came slashing down diagonally across it. Grim kicked away from the unit not wanting to get caught in the explosion. Even as he jetted away his mobile suit shuttered from the shockwave. His heart pounded as he the adrenaline coursed through him and he looked around for more enemies. “Ensign!” He was about to chastise Nicky when an explosion above Firefly made him look upwards. He saw a Gaza fly past the wreckage of one of their GMs, presumably its kill. “Damnit Ensign!” Grim growled at Nicky before flying up after the killer Gaza with just his beam saber and shield. Things were getting so chaotic that Ben didn’t know if the downed GM was a mercenary or another AEUG pilot.
  2. Everyone else made being an ex-Titan look like fun so I decided to take my own spin on it! I really tried to make a black sheep that I could abuse with both factions. Any feedback would be awesome! Biography Full name: Gabriel Choji Winter aka Hunter Faction: Ex-Titan (working as a mercenary and junk dealer, presumably an outlaw) Rank: (formally) Ensign Age: 23 Sex: Male Height: 5’7” Weight: 167lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Skin: Tanned Handiness: Ambidextrous  Personality: Gabriel is driven to the point of obsession. He wants nothing more than revenge against Zeon. He rarely lets his emotional guard down and is often seen as bitter and recluse. Despite nearly being blinded by his rage he is pragmatic and calculating. Gabriel respects military chain of command as long as it serves his interests. Strengths and weaknesses: “Great swordsman” Gabriel is excellent at close combat. He is a critical thinker and is great at improvising. He excels at applying his martial arts training to mobile suit combat. “Zeon Tunnel Vision” He is driven to his goal of exterminating all Zeon forces. This is both an asset and a hindrance. Gabriel will focus exclusively on Zeon type suits to the point of becoming oblivious to other units or objectives. He will go out of his way to attack zeon units and can sometimes become too reckless in certain situations. “Mechanically Adaptable” Gabriel took great care to learn every in and out of his assigned unit and got to the point of knowing just enough to “be dangerous” with the workings of his mobile suit. He’s been able to rig field repairs on his unit and knows what he’s able to fix and what he can’t with what he has. “Spacenoid Fobic” Gabriel is racist towards all spacenoids and only works with them as he needs to. As time has gone on he has realized that “they aren’t all bad” but it takes awhile for him to trust any spacenoid. “Social Outcast” Gabriel has no interest in commanding men or leading others in his cause. To a degree he’s even aware that he’s racist. He has no care for other individuals unless they can aid his cause, and prefers to work alone. That way he doesn’t have to compromise his principles of revenge by appeasing anyone else. Appearance: As a Titan pilot Gabriel was well kept with short cropped hair and clean uniform. As a drifter he let his hair get shaggy and donned a black mask to help hide his identity from potentially being called out as a war criminal. He’s interests in martial arts keep him physically fit and he exercises regularly. History: Gabriel grew up in Sydney, Australia and lived a relatively peaceful childhood. His mother was Japanese and his father was Australian. He was encouraged at an early age to take up Kendo and Karate and was on his way to becoming a black belt. Such aspirations were cut short when Zeon dropped a colony on Sydney during the One Year War. He had been out of the country on a school trip when the disaster happened. He vowed to take revenge for his family. Gabriel spent the time after the tragedy to train himself and sneak his way into the Federation military. He impressed the right people and was able to serve as a pilot for a GM, fighting on earth. He proved to be a gifted pilot and managed to become an ace before the end of the war. He stayed enlisted afterwards, enjoying the family and support that the military offered. His eager spirit and his hatred for Spacenoids drew him to the newly formed Titans after the events of 0083. He excelled in his career as a mobile suit pilot and proved to be very proficient with the GM Quel. As a habit he would religiously studied every aspect of his machine, and would be seen helping with repairs. When the task came up of gassing colonies or performing other atrocities Gabriel did not flinch in performing the disdainful deeds. He figured that Titan leadership knew best on how to deal with the Spacenoid threat. He was even good at fighting against the terrorist organization known as the Anti-Earth Union Group, getting his share of mobile suit kills from them. As the conflict with the AEUG escalated towards a stalemate, and the Titans began to court the Zeon Remnants for an alliance; Gabriel felt betrayed by his superiors. How could the Titans ally themselves with the Spacenoids who destroyed his life? To Gabriel the AEUG and Axis Zeon were just different sides of the same coin. One group of Spacenoids may be led by the by the Zabis but the other was certainly being led by the son of Zeon Deikun. As the talks got more serious with Axis Zeon Gabriel didn’t waste any time in formulating his own plans. During a sortie with Zeon units he took advantage of the natural distrust and murdered the “friendly” units, before deserting from the Titans. He couldn’t trust anyone anymore. At this point in the war he knew that his loyalty as a Titan would paint him as a war Criminal in the Federation, and he didn’t think the AEUG would share his ideals, much less welcome him. Gabriel took it upon himself to try to fight his own private war against the returning Zeon forces. He took on the Alias of “Hunter” and donned a black mask to hide his identity from anyone he had to deal with. Reluctantly he made contacts within a few colonies to trade supplies with. His new job an as junk dealer proved to be sufficient in maintaining his reclusive lifestyle and supplying his Quel with the munitions it needed to remain functional. Prices were particularly high for new Axis Zeon parts and Hunter was quite adept at obtaining pieces from recently destroyed zeon suits. Reports would trickle in of a phantom mobile suit striking out at Zeon patrols. One space monster at a time, Gabriel Winter would have His war with Zeon. Possessions: Gabriel still has his GM Quel and does his best to maintain the unit. He painted his Quel red to hide the old Titan colors, and fashioned a tarp to function as a cape over the unit. Gabriel has a reliable history with the Quel and has doubled downed on his experience with it to keep him alive, even as he faces newer and newer enemies. The only other modification he’s managed to make was obtaining a second beam saber which he’s stored on the left hip of the unit. This position allows him to mimic certain draws from his Kendo style and to surprise enemies with the backup weapon. (Red GM Quel picture courtesy of Replicator) Kills: N/A Role plays: Zeta Destiny  Coliseum battles: N/A
  3. It was an uneasy feeling “dropping” out of the Firefly. Never in all his piloting experience did he have to deploy in such a bizarre fashion. Grim hardly had the time to admire the precarious circumstances as he quickly got his bearings and used his thrusters to get distance from the ship. They had six mobile suits in total, with two of them having to be strapped to the outside of the ship. Grim took up a firing position in front of the port side of the Firefly, resisting the urge to use the ship as cover itself. He steadied his breath to look out at the stars and ready his shield and beam rifle. He tried to maintain a covering position so the rest of the mobile suits could safely deploy. He checked his com unit and hailed Ryder, Grim figured that the Titan had to have deployed nearly as quickly as he had. “How’s it looking Lieutenant? Do you have eyes on the enemy yet?” Grim knew from experience that if the sniper didn’t already see the enemy that they all would soon enough. Grim kept his eyes peeled on the panoramic screen looking for movement or flashes of light. Before he could hear Ryder’s response a flash of light flickered towards the Firefly, a beam glancing a hit across the hull. Grim cursed and sent a volley back near the origin of the beam. Now he could barely make out the specs of enemy mobile suits on the monitor in front of him and he knew it was about to get serious. Grim keyed the general com line, “all mobile suits protect the Firefly at all costs!” He realigned his rifle at the source of the first shot and fired again, this time trying to lead in front of where the Zeek was heading towards. The Gaza wasn’t going to make it easy as it simply avoided his distant shooting. If the could deploy all of their mobile suits then they could boast numbers, something which might make the zeeks second guess this skirmish. This would be test as well to see how much Grim could trust Ryder and all the other pilots on board as well.
  4. If I had the means I totally would lol dang that’s pricey for a watch!
  5. Want me to do some research on titanfall for you?
  6. I always wanted to try it but never had the platform or language skills to give it a shot. Dynasty warriors gundam kinda felt vaguely along the lines but obviously a completely different type of game.
  7. Grim sat in the Captain’s chair nervously. The cargo they had to transport to the Rose was seemingly too important to be transporting on a near piece of junk, but the AEUG had been dealt a severe blow from the battle at Gryps. So many leaders, so many resources plundered, “and for what?” Grim muttered to himself. Neo Zeon was setting up shop like the one year war hadn’t even happened and the Federation was still in its fitful slumber. It was up to him and the AEUG to stop this madness. “To avoid another Winter…” he mused as he stared thoughtfully out at the stars. He smirked as he recalled a long dormant memory before shaking the notion out of his head. The intercom buzzed and the comms officer got on the PA system. Grim eyed the back of the Alistar’s head as he gave a long winded introduction and even cringed as the man mentioned Grim’s status. As Alistar finished up he looked around seemingly pleased with himself and Grim chimed in almost bitterly, “thank you Alister, for the announcement.” Seemingly oblivious Alister flashed a toothy grin and responded, “Any time boss!” Grim did his best to stop himself from sighing out loud. He was used to the rigid discipline that the Federation demanded, not this loose consortium of soldiers working together. At times he was amazed that he was somehow in charge of it all now. Grim cleared his throat, “make all haste to La Vie En Rose!” He stood up and added, “I’ll be on our ‘so called hangar’… contact me at once if there is anything unusual.” He couldn’t explain why he felt the need to goto the mobile suits. Maybe it was because he was feeling uneasy about their deployment from Von Braun. As he entered the makeshift hangar he looked around at the suits and found the bleached hull of his GM, the paint seemingly worn off from extending use. As he hovered towards it he took note of the Nemo assigned to Ryder and could tell someone was inside it. Probably the sniper getting some training in, Grim mused. As a rule he didn’t exactly agree with the Titans, he didn’t disapprove of their original intentions either; ultimately they simply lost sight of their original purpose. Spies on the other hand unnerved him, even if they were friendly. This Ryder fellow seemed like a necessary evil however and what better way to keep an eye on him than right under Grim’s own nose. The pilot in Grim felt the urge to fly out in the trusty GM, inside the suit of armor he could fight giants, he could change the world. He loathed and craved the responsibility of being a leader, he needed to feel in control of his situation; and right now he simply didn’t. “Captain!” Grim furrowed his brow to glare up at the speakers near the ceiling, Alistar’s voice blared from the tiny speakers, “Captain if you can hear me? We got Zeeks coming from port side!” Cursing the Captain jumped into the cockpit of his mobile suit and keyed on the radio to the bridge, “get everyone in their battle stations now! I’ll head out in the GM!” Grim hastily began the process of getting his suit ready to launch while barking into the radio, “how many are you seeing Actual?” As Grim fought to get a space suit on he could hear Alistar say something about 4 contacts. He finally got his suit on and settled down in his seat, pulling the straps across his body, “repeat again, how many tangos?” There was a pause and Alistar’s voice came in clearly now, “4 I repeat 4 identical zeon units, Looks like Gaza-C class.” Grim’s blood turned cold at the revelation and he could feel the adrenaline of pre-battle begin to flow in his veins, he fought the excitement to remain in control. “Get our suits deployed.” He responded as calmly as he could muster. He worked the controls to poise the GM for the deployment, or rather, the dumping from the Firedfly that would get him into the fight. Let’s see how our boys do, he mused silently. (OOC: this was longer than I intended lol.)
  8. Wasn’t X cancelled before it was finished?
  9. I’m ready for this one to be poured on me when it is!
  10. Grim maintained a friendly demeanor despite himself feeling rushed. As Hiro asked about departing the Captain did smirk as he stood at ease, “funny you should ask, we should be launching any -“ as if on cue the Firefly suddenly lurched and the engines could be heard humming through the rusty ship. Grim held his hand open and motion around them all, “well there you go.” He did glance around to study the mercenary crew his eyes taking a precious moment to study each one. The Draconis Fury did have a good reputation which was a large reason why Grim decided to hire them. “Ladies and gentlemen thank you for departing with us. The AEUG will not forget the services which you will be rendering. Now if you will excuse us we have a ship to see to.” Grim offered a stiff salute before turning on his heel. He gave a brief nod to Ryder and Nicky before gliding past them both. As the Captain made his way to the bridge he studied the ship along the way. The freighter seemed barely space worthy much less worthy of being a mobile suit carrier. There was going to be minimal crew for their escape and Grim would be sure to visit with them all when he had the chance; now wasn’t the time though. As he entered the bridge he took in a deep breath before looking around at the viewports and the crew manning the controls. He gave a brief nod of acknowledgement towards the helmsman and then nodded forward. “Get is out of here.” Grim ordered. By his command the ship rose up escaping from the moon. As they rose he could feel the gravity lessen and soon he was holding onto a panel to keep himself from floating away. Tense minutes passed and Grim found himself reluctantly relaxing.
  11. For formality sake... Ensign Nicky Lavie you are assigned to a Nemo onboard the Firefly. Lieutenant Ryder Sarka you are assigned to a Nemo onboard the Firefly.
  12. Welcome to the fight Gyoku. I look forward to reading up on your personnel file to see how you can fit in with the team.
  13. Grim half sprinted, half hopped towards the ship in the port. With the moon’s gravity it was hard to make haste on foot, yet the Captain almost make it seem easy. Ben did manage to steal a glance back at the two pilots he seemingly recruited on the way through the spaceport. “On the double Ryder! Lavie!” He hardly paused to acknowledge their responses, satisfied with them merely following along. All morning Grim dealt with the remaining leaders of the AEUG; to say that the other officers were feeling stressed would be an understatement. Grim knew that this was the time for action.There were reports of Zeon movement heading their way and the AEUG couldn’t afford to be caught on the moon like it was at the moment. As the trio boarded the ship Grim glanced back over his shoulder to make sure his two pilots were still with him. When they caught up to him he did pause to regard them both this time. “Listen I know you both have questions about why I recruited you two for this mission but I don’t have time to explain at the moment.” Grim’s gaze lingered on Nick, “What I do need from you guys is to at least act like competent pilots when we meet our contacts inside.” He glanced at Ryder. “It’s time to show the Zekes what we can do gentlemen. I’ll explain more after we leave port, just stick by my side in here.” Grim gave a stern nod to his two new subordinates and quickly led them on board. The Captain drifted his way through some of the corridors, seemingly much more at ease just being onboard the ship. He looked around to get his bearings and stopped again by a certain passage when he heard the commotion down the corridor. He went towards the discussion being held at a table, his face lit up at the revelation of who was sitting at the table. “Ah excuse me but you must be our hired security!” He offered a wry smile as he approached the four mercenaries. “Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Captain Benjamin Grimsdottir and these are my two pilots who will be accompanying us.” Grim waved a hand to refer to Ryder and Nick. His attention shifted to to the man wedged between two women and a wry smile crossed his face. “You just be Hiro?” He offered his hand to the mercenary. His stern expression showed that he wasn’t in the same jovial mood as the mercs were a few minutes ago.
  14. You know I suppose it could be. There’s really only like 9-11 different mechs? They all have different features. Would require some digging around I suspect.
  15. Roromi

    Finding Nemos

    As Grim flew at the stunned enemy he knew he had to move quickly. Even as the spy got a shot off in his direction he knew he was committed, luckily it was poorly aimed and only drove through the top of his left leg. The impact jerked him causing him to veer slightly but not enough to stop his tackle. As the two suits collided debris erupted from them both. Grim felt as much as he heard the impact of the enemy’s closed fist digging into the upper right portion of his Nemo’s chest. At the same time his left arm seemingly shattered as it shoved the remains of it’s shield into the right armpit of the enemy suit, wedging the enemy arm from pointing at Grim. The only comfort Grim felt from the impact was how he was able to nestle the barrel of his rifle to point at the enemy cockpit. His right arm curled to hold the weapon close to his body, with the extension of both the entangled limbs buffering him from damaging his weapon. “Yield!” Grim yelled into the radio hoping the enemy pilot got the picture.
  16. Greetings ladies and gentlemen and welcome to the AEUG. Though we may come from many different backgrounds, we all follow the same course of ridding the Earth Sphere of oppression and tyranny. Please take this moment to introduce yourselves to your fellow pilots and crewmates. OOC: Please keep your posts in-character for this board using your AEUG character. Thanks!
  17. Roromi

    Finding Nemos

    Grim hid behind a piece of metal, breathing slowly and deliberately to calm himself down. The tension of the situation had been getting to him and he felt like a little kid hiding from a monster in his hiding spot. Having collected himself he once again felt like he had some measure of control in an otherwise chaotic situation. Nothing had moved in a few moments but Grim wasn’t actively moving either. As if to que him into action he felt a sudden jolt as his hiding space bucked forward. “What is this traitor doing now!?” Grim blustered as he stretched his hands over the controls to get back into action. The movement was deceptively gentle and he wondered if he had been found out. Then movement on another piece of debris next to him made the captain cock his head. Slowly he rolled the mobile suit to face the source of his movement, his beam rifle leading towards the edge of the metal sheet, nothing. Then he looked back towards where the explosion had been and noticed his enemy slinging debris in random directions. “He must be trying to flush me out…” Grim mused as he brought the rifle up to carefully aim. He took his time, he was farther than he would prefer but a well placed shot could be decisive. He fought the instinct to aim at the cockpit and instead aimed at the crown of the Nemo’s head. A shot at the cockpit could be dodged easily at this distance if Grim could correctly predict the direction of a likely dodge he might hit a deadly mark however. Grim squeezed the trigger and the pink blast fired off towards the Nemo. Instead of playing sniper, Grim immediately fired his thrusters to chase the shot towards his enemy.
  18. Roromi

    Finding Nemos

    Flying straight into the flames Grim was expecting to crash into his enemy. He was bewildered to see a foam cloud form from the explosion. “What the?!” Grim muttered. He sailed through the foamy mess like a comet, clean through the cloud. The sensible part of him wanted to stop and look around, but his experience told him that stopping could mean death. “Clever indeed, I recognize a trap…” As he darted past the mess he looked for a place to take cover. The game shifted again, odds were that the enemy already had eyes on him, and he didn’t know where they disappeared to. My best course of action is to get distance, Grim thought to himself. He zig zagged away into the metal maze trying to dive behind random pieces of metal, trying to hide himself. “Back to square one…” he muttered.
  19. Roromi

    Finding Nemos

    As the enemy Nemo fired back,Grim tried to study the reaction for a pattern. He could tell the shots weren’t as panicked as before as the enemy tried to lead shots in the direction he was heading, clever aren’t you? Grim thought as he tried to shift his own aim as well. As the two nemos continued their death dance, a blast rocked Grim’s shield and he knew that meant he was testing his own luck now. “Let’s see you mind your footing traitor!” Grim snarled, he suddenly fired at a piece of debris that the oddly colored suit was flying by, revealing where he had been taking the time to aim towards. The explosion from the debris should serve as an interesting distraction, Grim thought. He took the explosion as his chance to change the direction of his flight. His Nemo shifted to now charge directly at the enemy, his damaged shield leading the way. Grim knew that his gambit would be risky and if it didn’t work he’d be paying for it.
  20. Roromi

    Finding Nemos

    The movement of the enemy Nemo caught Grim’s attention . Human eyesight was largely based on movement so the Captain remained still as he watched what the Nemo was doing. “Is he the spy?” Grim wondered out loud. As if to answer his question the Nemo took cover and opened fire on him. Cursing Grim jerked the controls to take advantage of his mobility. He deftly dodged the incoming beam, the shot was aimed wide and not at his core so it wasn’t a hard task. What was he aiming for? Grim wondered. Now motivated into action Grim worked the controls rocking the Nemo in a waving pattern towards his enemy. It was hard to dodge and aim at the same time but Grim managed to bring his beam rifle to point in the direction he was flying and let loose a volley of pot shots. “Lets see you up close!” Grim hissed. (OOC: didn’t want you taking my rifle too fast!)
  21. (Roromi vs Replicator Nemo vs Nemo) Micro debris lightly danced along the chassis of the green Nemo. Grim slightly cringed at the sound as he manned the controls. The cockpit was seemingly suspended in space and gave him little comfort in its mock sensation of flight. “Then again who wants to be comfortable in a mobile suit?” Grim muttered to himself. As the larger debris came to view Grim spotted a makeshift platform and swung around to “land” on it. He positioned himself so that the edge of the field was behind him and stood on what must have been a piece of ship hull, gazing up at the rest of the field looking for irregular movement. He did a quick weapons check to make sure his rifle and shield were still with him, of course they were. “Let’s see what we got…” the Captain mused, his own head looking up at the field “above” him.
  22. Ooo which fire emblem character?
  23. Zoids was pretty cool! I liked the cheesy arena version.
  24. Anyone else wanna have a go? I’m down for a new opponent!
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