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  1. umm.... dark first could you see the jukebox sign under the stats column? and then if you do see it then click the lil triangle to open it...when you open it... it'll start to load with a logo... it sorta takes a lil to load the songs as well
  2. @ dark np^^ @ faith nah it prob wont since its sorta a new director and all... but it might take a turn and decide that they dont want ratings anymore though at around epi 25 my suggestion: optimistic until the series goes bad
  3. i think i actually know and have that song^^ its called "Quiet Night CE73" she sang it in a concert on Earth when minervia docked with the pink zaku... imma checking with the episodes now EDIT: found it episode 19 and yep the full version of song is called "Quiet Night CE73" its just a rocky remix of shizukanayouni
  4. ahh i just found it it was #21 sorry about that and yeh it seems that river isnt in there...
  5. Sieg was nice enough to do it all for me since he found the first set of fireworks and decided to attach it all to the other force's major facilities @kct yep really scary at times^^ *sets up a small booth with detonators all over on one side and programs on the other* detonator giveaway detonator giveaway come get your detonator for the fireworks as well as programs for the STARE and the colony drop operations !!! ALL for the celebration for the return of the boss!! Come get your detonators whilst they are still here
  6. Thanks boss for the juke box its nice and its running pretty smoothly over here^^ and can i request that vestige be added onto the jukebox as well thanks in advance^^
  7. err..... yeh sure here you go *hands a detonator to darkphoenix and pulls a foorth one out of his pocket* err... just a word of warning dont go pressing it too early though we sorta want thte main character to arrive before we release all the fireworks to celebrate. premature fireworks arent pretty at all^^ (ooc: there you go janet its not only against orb any more... just against the entire world )
  8. err... what does what mean.... if you meant the fan disk itself... its something along the lines of fan made short and lively Seed animations, as well as remade character music and others... it is being released to widen the Seed World after the hits of Seed and Destiny
  9. oh the ones you found well they are the first set but yep there are always secondary and thirtary sets that one would set up in case the first ones fail you know so if i press the button the only ones who'd benefit are the mercenaries^^ and since i dont work for anyone in particular^^ i get the benefit as well as recorded down as single handedly wiping out the 3 major forces on earth as well as space !! you want a detonator as well *hands Sieg a detonator as well, then pulls a third one out from a back pocket*
  10. yep somethings wrong with the jap there.... hey its a celebration what'd you expect... the audience likes fireworks... just need to make it specticular enough to go down in to the history of ORB. its only a button... here you can press it if you want *hands janet the remote detonator and pulls out a second one from back pocket* umm... yeh i sorta need to continue that arguement sometime soon too
  11. 1. State your past experience in MW battles. waa... such a hard question already past experiences... back in SeedRpg i have participated in various batles won few lost few. also fought in simulator battles as part of the training schedule 2. What makes you capable of being a referee? unbiased, knowledgable in most types of ms/ mw in the cosmic era as well as afterwar, uc eras. 3. Name three characteristics you have that makes you a good referee. Please provide at least one example for each. unbiased- my rule is only based on what is happening in the arena as they say there are no friends on the battlefield determined- once i start i'll take it till the end also helps make the forum more active and lively 4. How often can you post if you are officiating a match? i'm on almost everyday... so i can post at least once a day. but if i'm away i'll inform the guys involved as well as finding a substitiue ref in my place to not disrupt the flow of the battle
  12. lol this is turning out to be everyone against orb thread but meh its really fun @neogm... you do know that it might spread to everyone's comps in EA ZAFT if it leaks out of the country... as well as indirectly ruining orb's economy and all of their ways of life (with that much of the stuff there well everyone will get distracted) in the process which is good and orbies have been down for a while with that much threats within outside their border pulls out the remote detonator now who wants to see the fireworks go off at all of Orb's main admin, economic, financial, military, research and development buildings^^ and of course their mass driver as well
  13. (OOC: how in the world did this get to this stage... wow....) who needs colonies/nukes/massive amounts of ms fighting... i sorta have enough explosives planted on the surface to wipe out the entire island itself.... a lil help distracting haxatsuki would be nice as she watches her island go boom but that'd be all remember guys and girls its a celebration for the return of the boss we sorta dont need to push it that far into a full scale war involving all three major forces...
  14. well even though they are trying to create it to be a perfect system... at this rate though it will be like the zero system without the lag, except it puts even more pressure on the mind of the pilot... under all this stress it might lead to one disaster to another eg: mobile suit fight lasted 4 hrs... MS went destroy mode 5 minutes ago... just comes out of destroy mode but pilot too exhausted to continue= one easy still target that any lil pilot can shoot down...
  15. i'll try and answer this using my my past experience with role play battles which was a really really long time ago... depending on your style you'd rush in and try and get the first attack in or you'd stay ranged and try and use the ranged attacks. it usually depends on the ms of the opponent as well as whatever weapons that he/she might have on the ms. it is usually... well for me it usually is... much easier if you let the opponent come to you whilst you set yourself up for a defensive/evasive manuever and at the same time being able to counter attack the opponent when hes close enough. my advise is usually just make sure you plan ahead ... well at least 3 posts thereabouts... by simulating (in your head if necessary... i just use a scrap piece of paper) what would happen if the opponent did this or did that of course taking into account the MS you are piloting (ie: the power output=> relative speed... weapon status power etc...) as well as your opponents, the conditions (surroundings... wind... even the position of the sun) as for the post itself make it as detailed as you possibily can so then the opponent and the ref can actually visually picture in their head just what exactly you are doing eg: bad example: i fired my head vulcans at the enemy better example [dont need to get into that detailed like below... but at least make sure that they can "see" what you are doing with that weapon of yours]: i fired the head vulcans in a 150 degree spray centering at the opponent's ms thats sorta all that i can think of right now from memory of when i was back in seed rpg... i can reply again once i start fighting again though...
  16. umm.... technically thats not destroying orb if i'm clearing it into a habitable landscape since all i'm doing is making orb an even more habitable place... however if i was to make it inhabitable that'd be a different story and you won there for catching me out....
  17. hey i never said anything about dropping an entire colony on orb... only blowing stuff up with fireworks and explosives and @ jap it means: really sorry but i dont understand japanese at all
  18. its a celebration she wont mind... she'll be happy that her citizens are all really happy that they are celebrating the return of the boss. as for paying back well that can happen after we finish the celebrations^^ and @ jap 僕 means ぼく and then you can read the rest of the sentence then it'll make all the sense in the world
  19. err...... janet its ok calm down shes out on a tour of PLANT so yep she's away for a long while so how can she suffer whilst we celebrate ps: with the jap was that directed at me and whilhem or to anyone out there?? ほんとにごめんなさい でも。。。僕はにほんごかぜんぜんわかりません :P
  20. of course that would depend on how fast Plant want to rule the entire world... as for sinking orb in to the pacific we dont need to go that far only clearing it in to a flat habitable landscape with the use of lots of explosives will do as celebration btw you know wilhelm at the rate this type of destruction ideas are going... a lil orb free force private will come hunting us down for mentioning any more about the destruction of orb
  21. it doesnt conflict with it^^ its just that there will be various explosions/fireworks happening at orb for a couple of months and if Sieg can get the fleet in well more explosions for an extended amount of time as celebration
  22. ahh it would be fine he can just say that he got orders from above to let him take command as for going against orb's ideals well lets put it aside whilst we all celebrate
  23. Flavor of Life ~ballad version~ Utada Hikaru
  24. ahh k got it i'll change it right away and just a question Soliders of fire have their own MS dont they... or can they be given one like the other factions
  25. boss i did it in a hurry on the bottom couple of lines describing the aftermath of the gang killing, it was in between assignments after he started to be a rogue where he learnt to pilot a ms. as for which one i do have my own but since i think its a lil too overpowered so you can assign me one.
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