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  1. welcome back to AD Ryo and just in time for the celebrations too^^ hope you stay for a long while this time
  2. waaa explosives......... *ducks for cover and sees one... recoginses the design* daimyo..... those were my expensive explosives you're tossing out there... *pulls out my own pack of standard explosives and sets up for a counter attack*
  3. marketing tactic to get the audience to watch the anime... since its a new director they need get the popularity first to get the tv ratings... back on topic: the model looks alright and since all but virtue are coming out in september.... but it seems that they might not put out any master grades as of yet... hope they do though
  4. ahh... i got it so i removed the last bit about the pay and changed it Edit: updated the personality section and changed it to sentences
  5. currently: on ps2 i'm doing a really quick run on FFX, FFXII, FFX-2 on PC CS, Rome total war barbarian invasion and flyff
  6. celebration time *sets up real fireworks* second anniversary already wow cant wait for it^^ definitely going to be a fun day and only 2 more days left
  7. pay attention to the shout box since they post the clues over the shoutbox
  8. hello and welcome to AD sad to hear about the other gundam rp's that you've been to but we're pretty active here so i'm sure you'll fit in just fine^^ hope you enjoy your stay here
  9. that'd be my fault not the boss's... i deleted my post since i thought it was sorta out of topic comparing the unicorn's special mode to the zero system which i did mention in the later post but it was relevant in a way i guess.... so accept my apology please
  10. yatta!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the boss is here the boss is here the boss is here!!!!!!! *runs over and sets up a viewing chair and tosses him a beer* here you go enjoy the fireworks *presses the detonator* pretty fireworks goes off all over the world (use your imaginations guys ) umm... yeh blame the causalities all on me if you want i'll only be wanted for the rest of my life thats all
  11. HHLkill3r


    hello and welcoem to AD read the profile its quite good^^ hope you enjoy your stay here like the rest of us^^
  12. sorry to break it to ya but its the second one.......... *runs and grabs Sieg and runs away ASAP* there you aint confused anymore i guess....
  13. hello and welcome to AD i'mm sure you've already read the rules and all so i'll skip all that so hope to see you in RPing and enjoy your stay^^
  14. hello and welcome to AD^^ enjoy your stay mate^^
  15. Sieg i loved the archangel so yep no fireworks on it dont worry and i thought i only put fireworks on admin buildings.....
  16. well if wilhelm can fight in a hurricane.. .then blizzard is certainly possible i guess.... as for almost zero visibility... theres always the radar/scanner out in play so even though you might not be able to see... you'll still be able to know the location of the opponent's MS but it'll be really silly though why'd you fight in a blizzard... well kira's prob the only exception when he fought impulse...
  17. ahh k thanks for the description as well, but that battle between the Goof and Destiny was more like a normal storm rather than a hurricane though... so the weather conditions would be even worse.... ooo.... this type of batttle would look amazing if one can picture it once again thanks wilhelm
  18. umm..... pushing it beyond its operating limit is sorta out of the question since the MW wont be able to handle it (ie: it'll blow itself out). but however if its pushing the limit of the pilot itself instead of the MW however it should be possible to increase the potential damage of the MW under specific circumstances...
  19. @ wilhelm i know of fighting in weather but how in the world do you fight in a hurricane.........
  20. updated and added words to the back of it to make it more clear on how he gained started gaining his vast fortune
  21. Name: HHLkill3r Time available: everyday 11am-6pm during the holidays, Mon-thurs morning+fri,sat afternoons during uni free-time GMT: +10
  22. @Daimyo it sounds so like stargazer *continues handing out detonators to civilian children*
  23. hello and welcome to AD. enjoy your stay and stay active^^ i look forward to your character as well^^
  24. profile is now up to date... comments welcome
  25. that image was... that image was..... well that image made me fall out of my chair *gets back in to seat then starts handing out detonators to passing civilians*
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