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  1. liubei... i had that problem as well... i just restarted my browser and it was fixed when i tried again
  2. yeh it sends me to the wiki page before the main forum page as well.... wonder why it does that Edit: dont worry it was just me when i cant get onto any other page after the first of anytopic..
  3. an all out brawl in the coliseum is fine by me but a voting contest wont work since everyone has their bias towards some characters over others.... like for me example... i hate mia from GSD over anything else...
  4. hello and welcome to AD nice siggie btw^^ and enjoy your stay
  5. Hello and welcome to AD Faction-wise like daimyo above i'm a lil biased as well but do join Soldiers of fire since we're a lil short on numbers compared to the other "major" factions. oh well... what ever your choice is do enjoy your stay here^^
  6. As soon as he finished with the Murasame's diagnostics he heard the encoded comm channel had a message coming through. he pressed the receive button and heard "Better be a man of your word.." He opened the encoded channel once more and said into the mic clearly on my way to your position i should be able to intercept and at least get a shot or two on the lil doggies before they'll be able to react... jump in and help out which one do ya want left doggie or right doggie? damn he still doesn't trust me enough... must have been the damage that i did to him before he thought as he powered up and switched to MA mode. hmm... terrain following mode is best to evade radar evasion here due to the heat from the desert at least it'll work until i get to about firing range i think... a lil risky since the probability of detection is at around 9% but meh no pain no gain... moving out he sets a course to intercept the hounds as well as meet up with the Dinn then pushes the stick a little forward and step on the thrusters to begins terrain following mode towards the intercept spot.
  7. mu doesn't need any god in the seed universe since he does all these ridiculously impossible things without one mu got my vote for helping out kira when he was still a lil newbie
  8. Name: Lucifer Lionheart Arena Nickname: Archangel Team: N/A Age: 26 Race: Coordinator Combat style: Any but excels at medium to long range combat Perferred MS: Any but will use Destiny when up against a really tough opponent History: Lucifer signed up for a mercenary organisation as soon as he was of age so that he could revenge the death of his parents. However after the completion of the revenge by assassinating the murders a year later, the missions that he par took thereafter was not enough of an excitement for him thus he gave up and signed up for the coliseum in search of the perfect opponent to make him excited and have his abnormal levels of adrenaline pumping in his veins once again.
  9. umm... for the custom tech not working due to errors in testing... i don't think that might work since the custom tech is sort of needed so that we can blast out of that base alive... so if it doesn't work then how are we able to complete the mission as well as the kidnapping. a point that i just figured when i read through your plan is how are the rest of us going to get out of there lol. its gonna be a lil hard if you and tomomi leave via the ms but the rest of us get stuck there and get wiped out like sitting ducks... an idea for escape might be 2 people who are good with ms go on standby in their ms whilst the rest of us raid the base. then you and tomomi leave via the stolen ms. the rest of us leave via trucks which carry the 3 weapon systems... i'll blow up the front entrance after the trucks pass it to stop the guys chasing us by foot/cars/trucks and the 2 ms on standby comes in and saves us all from destruction by wiping out the pple chasing us from the air. and a question why would tomomi stick with the soldiers for no reason... shes a kidnapped hostage... she should be hating us so she wont change sides that easily... so Dimitri... you'll need to think of a reason for her deflection
  10. umm... the Mirage Colloid system on Blitz and the Girty Lue is your answer to the stealth tech.... its sorta the only system that provides stealth in the entire CE. Advantage: stealth from radar as well as visual spotting but the disadvantage from my observations: it drains power a lot. as for why they don't make more systems with stealth... i wouldn't have a clue...
  11. nice idea Dimitri^^ as for solving who our client will be well how about a npc client hiring us to do the stealing.... (make him a profile in the character section and vola we have our client... or should we make him a long term contact who provides us with missions for us...) umm... as for the custom weapons.... we can just steal it and not use it yet in the rp... just give the ms and weapon system to the client and that'd be the end of our mission ... but of course we make a hard copy of the data from the ms and the weapon system itself before giving it to the client. lets just say its for "research purposes" as for the kidnapping part... thats sorta fine i think... we all just support Dimitri who the commander of the raid and get an extra present in the process... something along the lines of that... well thats just my 2 cents
  12. HH flew around in the Murasame in a wide search pattern looking for his next opponent. If this searching continues... it'd be at a disadvantage to me since i'd just be wasting my own ms's power thus reducing the time that i'd be able to stay active in the air... much easier if i use the long range sensors to detect any heat coming from fighting then ambush both the attackers at the same time he thought as he pressed the button to transform to Ms mode and landed on top of one of the dunes. Now for the patient wait for the next prey... he muttered as he turned on the long range sensors and searched for any heat source. After a short period, he spotted the slight signal of the 2 BuCUE on the sensor but they seem to be not engaging he also spotted the dinn's heat source of taking off. The BuCUE are planning something but i cant put my finger on it... might be good to team up with some one for now... i guess it'd have to be that Dinn... hes the only other one left on the battlefield with the other 2 mses destroyed he wouldn't like that offer much though... since i did mess up his wing... he thought as he opened a private encoded comm channel with the Dinn. Hey pilot you can hear me right... how about we team up for now and get rid of the hounds first before we continue our lil fight from back then... by the way just a lil intel for ya... spotted the BuCUE together at the moment on the long range sensors but they aren't firing at each other yet... be wary pilot for an ambush.. i'll let you think about the offer just speak on this encoded channel when you've come to your conclusion HH out he said clearly into the mic before switching off the mic of the headset. now... its just a waiting game... with too many possible outcomes he thought to himself as he pulled out the keyboard and checked the diagnostics of the current status of the MS
  13. [ooc: ryou... why'd you sac a wing to get out of that mess...] HH watch the Dinn escape in shock and horror. How in the world did he get out of that little scenario he thought as the alarm sounded once again signaling an attack from behind. He turns the ms and raises the murasame's shield and blocks the few rounds of machine gun fire. "More alarms again..." he muttered as the missiles are coming towards the murasame, he preses the button into MA mode and dodges the missile once and then flies behind the missiles again and shoots them down with the CIWS from the wings. He looks around when the smoke clears "where did he go...." he stuttered as he looks down at the close range sensor... no where to be seen... just where in the world did he go he thought to himself as he regained his calm from the sudden missile attack no matter... i might have lost this exchange but i'll find you again in this big battlefield He puts thrusters back on 60% and races ahead to find his next opponent.
  14. [OOC: since Ryo hasn't posted in 24 hrs... so does that mean i continue with the battle... i'll just assume that it is but if it isnt just delete my post but btw ryou murasame's inner belly does have armor its sorta the hip region of the ms ] HH sees the Dinn turn off thrusters and fall behind a sand dune to evade the cannon shot. The sensor alarm flares as HH flies over the dune. "Damn... a trap... i've fallen into it hook line and sinker. don't panic don't panic just remember what anyone else would have done" he muttered as he he put his left hand on to the thruster control and pulls slowly. Slow thrusters by 25%... mobile suit form... now he thought as he presses the button to transform. Instinctively he puts the left arm of the mobile suit with the shield to cover the ms in order to block the shotgun shot. The shield rattles as the shot impact, small sparks flared from the arm. HH looks down at the diagnostics. Left arm mobility down 40% from the shock of the impact... a second longer and it'd have taken out my whole arm... power down 4.25% but its to my advantage for now. I'll sac the mobility of the left arm to heavily damage either you as well or destroy one of your weapons as you are recoiling towards the desert sand he thought as he mobilised the MS's right arm with the beam rifle hmm... heat defraction of the desert about 1 degree which is accounted for he thought as he fired 4 rapid shots in a triangle with the first one centering on the cockpit of the Dinn and one to each side at the point where the cockpit would be if the Dinn thrustered to the left or the right as well as a final shot targeted at a point just above the head of the Dinn to restrict his movement. "This would be even more effective with a spreadshot like a shotgun but even though theres a minor lag in between each of my shots but it'll have to do... with this the Dinn should be damaged or a weapon destroyed. If its the latter i'll just have to keep firing the beam rifle" he muttered as he back thrustered the ms slowly back into the sky with the beam rifle locked onto the Dinn.
  15. hello and welcome to AD we are very active here so i'm sure you'll have lots of fun with us/ enjoy your stay^^
  16. changed the template added the required info
  17. why oh why does this battle have to be so far away!!! i'll just make it on time but barely... HH thought as his Murasame flies over the desert dunes HHL looks at the screen with all the diagnostics as he flies the Murasame in its mobile armour mode. Systems all green with a minute left till destination of the battle. Scanner shows 2 MS below heading towards the same local vicincity hmm... they are late too! lucky for me i wont get penalized then he thought happily. On the only open channel the ref announces the start of the battle as he sees the other mobile suits *Royale...BEGIN!* Alright lets start objective: to nail them all... he thought as he began to concentrate on achieving his objective. The sensor alarm flares as soon as the words of the ref faded into static. damn... gun fire from the dagger already... its not even a minute into the match... he muttered. His mind flared as he thought about the options of escape go left... right... left... right... fine to the right then He pulls stick hard to the right as the Murasame does a hard and fast barrel roll Try all you can mate but you'll need to try harder than that to hit me. now to put some distance between us we'll meet again on this massive battlefield he thought as he comes out of the roll. He pushes the thrusters to max and flies faster towards the flying Dinn hmm... a flyer lets get you first i would like the skies for my self thank you He muttered to himself He then locks onto the Dinn's right arm and fires a quick shot with the Type 72 cannon. [OOC: good luck guys^^ this is going to be fun] [EDIT OOC: fixed it up a lil to make it a lil more clearer]
  18. [ooc: Character: Houston MS:MVF-M11C Murasame have fun and go easy on me plox]
  19. Houston specialises in: demolition with all types of explosives, and snipering bring on the big jobs boss
  20. o boy.... here we go.... lets see i need my MS where did it go... ahh there it is *runs into the hanger and gets into ms* HHLkill3r, ZGMF-X000 Akorma, launching bring it on janet *activates twin satelite cannon and locks onto janet*
  21. bomb disposal at your service kct^^ *sets bombs all over the ground near daimyo and runs away and then presses the detonator* *hears the detonation* mission complete i think
  22. *salutes* i would like to apply for Soldiers of fire boss hope i meet the qualifications
  23. changed it and explained it a lil better and also removed other things as well
  24. he nicked the bombs from me and i get mine from my store room everyone run^^ *press detonators and blows up bombs from everywhere*
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