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  1. [OOC: sorry about that was just a little late but the order is as follows Ryou then Milady good luck and have a fair fight]
  2. let me consult my list again... cause i count by writing the name of the character in a list with faction that he/she belong in and character number (if applicable) and i just count from there..... since i counted people as active as long as they were on the forums in July so I think i might be a little off since RP came back on not so long ago. I'll back out and leave it to you guys to correct me if i got anything wrong and yell at me cause i messed up and all
  3. He listened intently as she explained what the Information and knowledge management was all about. When she reached the point about her being a librarian he noticed that her face screwed up with a pang of unhappiness. You haven't just lost any respect you may have for me, have you? he heard her ask with a joking tone but also with some worry and doubt breaking her voice a little. Nope haven't lost any for you at all. he replied as long as you aren't in the medical field he continued to mutter softly just barely audible as he absent-mindedly stroked the scar on his left forearm softly.
  4. fire just a little bit ahead of ya^^ was just waiting for someone to ask currently active members in each faction (including all second characters) [all numbers are counted from the character library] ZAFT ----- 21 EA ----- 10 NOVA ----- 13 SoF ------ 7 ST ------- 3 [note: by active i meant those that are active in the forum from July onwards so please correct me if i'm wrong on any numbers. n.b.#2: during the counting process, an observation came up in that there are still quite a few people who haven't updated their character with the new template in the character library please check] and I'd like thanks all who helped me with the counting (you know who you are )
  5. I'll ref this match. You may now start a topic for this battle in the battle arena.
  6. "Espionage mainly. Information and knowledge management is a speciality too." HH heard as he saw her shift a little to get comfortable. He taped his fingers together as he listened to her. "err... what exactly is Information and knowledge management. Isn't it just gathering and organisation intel for the missions coming ahead and those that we had..." he asked politely since he too was unsure of what it is. He leaned back in his chair once again as he waited for her answer. It must be something really really difficult since it sounds really formal he thought to himself.
  7. :RC::RC:just like to wish a very happy birthday to Valiant our boss. Your a year older and wiser too have a nice birthday :LC: *sings Happy birthday and opens 3 bottles of champagne* Cheers from our fellows at SoF and AD
  8. "Name's Julia. I take it you specialize in demolitions?" HH heard the lady say suddenly, her tone sounded as though she was at a loss of what to do when the likely path of this conversation would be going downhill. He looked up and looked into her blue eyes. I'd best continue this convo otherwise i'd be looked down upon by all of those the doctors that operate on people again he shudders as he thought of it. He shook his head to clear away the annoying thought that plagued him. He leaned forwards again to make the two front legs of the chair banged softly on the carpeted floor. "yeh, and name's Houston" he said. "and no we don't have a problem... yet" he continued. He paused as he watched the Julia take it all in. "What about you what is your specialisation" he asked with a little interest just not a doctor as your occupation... just not a doctor... or anything medical-wise either he thought to himself as he asked her the question. He kept himself as still as possible so that he won't be noticed to be shuddering as though he is scared of Julia for some unknown reason.
  9. HH looks up from his work as soon as he hears the sound of the door knock. He sees a blond hair lady enter the room. "hello" he says softly and then without waiting for a reply he returns to his work of finishing his reorganization his explosive pack. After he finishes the reorganizing of the pack, he closes it and puts it in to a small hidden pocket in leather jacket. He looks down at his watch and realises that they were more than two hours early for the scheduled meeting so he closes his eyes and leans back in his chair. Absent-mindly straightening his currently wrinkled t-shirt with his left hand as he and the blond lady waits together in utter silence for all of the others to arrive.
  10. HH walks into the new headquarters that he will be calling his home from now on. He places his small luggage down on the floor and glances up towards the ceiling of the building. This place.... is huge he thought to himself as he looked left and right. oh well... time to give myself a "small tour" of the place He first found the dorms and seeing that his name was on one of the doors he opens it and enters. Placing his bags on the bed which was situated on the left hand side and walks out again. "Where to where to" he mutters to himself as he walks around aimlessly. "Ah!" he said in surprise "heres the briefing room which I'm suppose to be at. Touring of the place later I guess..." He knocks on the door and enters. Seeing that the room was still empty he sits in one of the chairs near the back of the room and pulls out his case of minor explosives that he carries around with him and reorganises them into their proper order.
  11. (OOC: sieg... i was standing in front of a sand dune... not on top of one.... oh well we'll continue it as though i was standing on top of the dune) HH sees the hound goes into its MA form and circles around the dune that it was standing on top of. He puts the beam saber that the Murasame was holding on its left hand back into its hip holster and draws out the beam rifle instead. As the hound fires a single shot at him. As the alarm flares, he pushes thrusters back to 50% and slides left to evade the shot with ease. tsk tsk you need to do better than that to get rid of me i thought you knew that he muttered as he turns the Murasame around and fires two shots with the beam rifle at the hound. he then goes down the sand dune in a path that goes at a right angle with the path that the hound was going to travel through. You are mine lil doggie you are definitely mine he thought to himself.
  12. (OOC: grats on starting your new job ) As HH's eyes widen in amazment at the hound leaping out of the sand at the Murasame guns exposed. He quickly pushes the MS's side towards the right so that the shield is up facing the hound. As the first shot impacted on the shield he keeps sliding out so that the ms is able to evade the second shot by mere centimeters. That was closer than close... if my torso area was just a little bit bigger and i was gone.... well there goes plan A.... it completely backfired on me absolutely completely backfired on me and damn if the beam saber was any longer i'd have cut the hound's under belly open he thought as he gained back his composure whilst righting the Murasame. He took a quick glance down at the diagnostics to check on the arm as well as the battery power. half an hour of power left... his should be around the same as well he muttered well lets be a gent and let the lil hound make his first move of the ending battle He pushed the thrusters back down to 15% to hover just in front a sand dune and waited for the hound to commence its attack.
  13. (OOC: grats ) HH notices on the sensor that the hound was still following him from a minor distance behind. Damn its behind me HH thought to himself and that move is just a little too risky to use right now... i might have to use it though... may be when the situation turns a little to the worse He puts the thruster forward and speeds towards another sand dune a little ahead and then bank sharply to the left. Slowing the thrusters down once again and then bank even more sharply around the sand dune he faces the hound and fires the cannon 3 times towards the left middle, middle and the right middle and fires the beam rifle to the left and right of sand dune that the hound was traveling upon. HH puts the thrusters back to 65% and races ahead towards the sand dune. As the cannon shots struck the sand, it blew up a large screen of sand obstructing the view of both MS to each other. As the distance closed between the Murasame and the casadeing sand screen he switches the MA to MS form and pulls out both beam sabers with each hand and then puts thrusters to full to speed up towards the sand. it'll definitely hit i'll definitely get hit too but its too close right now for him to use his missiles or his cannons unless he wants to suicide so its a old fashioned beam saber fight to the end he thought as the distance closed rapidly here we go to certain victory or utter defeat!!! he shouted as the MS dashed towards the hound behind screen of sand
  14. dont worry i have the same problem too currently reading: Shadowplay by Tad Williams, The Blood Debt,The Devoured Earth and the Hanging Mountains all by Sean Williams
  15. got the 7th book and finished it in a little over a day (had work in between) but in my opinion: Movie wise havn't seen the 5th one yet i might go see it sometime when i can get some time off
  16. (OOC: thats fine^^ hope your interview went well and hopefully you got yourself a new job) The sensor alarms flares as the shots were approaching the Murasame's flight path. o boy the line of descent was a little too high it seems that he can shoot at me at that range... o well time to correct that error down we go HH thought as he pushed the stick even more forward and steepened the angle of descent from 45 degree to 70 degree. As soon as he passed the top of the sand dune that he was aiming for, he pulled the stick up, slowed the thrusters from 70% to 50% and pushed the Murasame a little to the left so that he was going to circle the hound by going around the sand dune whilst still following the terrain. here little little doggie come get me he muttered as he readied the Type 72 high-energy beam cannon once again as well as the beam rifle for firing.
  17. As the beams are approaching the Murasame HH thrustered back the Murasame and then pulled the thruster control stick back to 0 and dropped towards the ground to evade the beams. He pushes the control back to 50% as soon as he did a 360 degree flip and stepped on the thruster. Damn that lil hound is annoying... why won't it just collapse and blow up already he muttered as he fires a few more shots from the beam rifle then switches to MA mode and goes on a steep decent towards the sand dune a little behind the hound.
  18. umm... can't do much with graphic or web designs... but i can help out with the gathering on the information on the mechs as well as the different model kits-name:HHLkill3r
  19. (ooc: wow... only us two left.... and i thought that it'd be a long 2 on 1 fight oh well odds are better now i guess....) HH breaks from the climb as soon as he gets out of range of the missiles and switches back to MS mode. hmm... this is going to get very interesting... only way that i can win here would be to wipe out the mobility or the weapons and get close for a strike with a beam saber he muttered he he took aim with his beam rifle at the hound's legs lets try this move again he thought as he fired 5 shots with the beam rifle in a diamond pattern with one dead centre where the hound's missile pack would be. prob of hitting... a little over 15% he thought as the beams sped down towards the desert sand.
  20. Fire power.... then style then the pilot This is so that in the end we can all see the ability of the suit and the pilot being pushed to the limit...
  21. o boy... the new designs are alright.. considering that it is their "first" time doing a Gundam series.... but what in the world happened to all the "old" weapons that signified a Gundam... and the third Gundam has the eye of a zaku/goof (more zaku like though...) @darkphoenix yes i have to agree with it going to kill the franchise... well unless their storyline is absolutely perfect... it might bring the series back to where all of the other gundam series stands in the heart of the fans....
  22. Hello and welcome to AD. sorry to hear about the bunch before but dont worry we're prob 1000 times better than they were. so enjoy your stay here
  23. [ooc: here we go... the 2 on 1 begins.... the difficulty just increased by about tenfold....] As the Murasame flies to the right of one of the sand dunes he spots the hounds dead ahead side by side with a gap in between. hmm... lets use that space to its full potential he thought as he put thrusters on full once again and zoom towards them. and this is how you use air to air missiles to its fullest potential he thought as he slides the murasame a little towards the left hound and fire the 4 air to air missiles in a 15 degree arc aimed at both the hound's back legs and with one missile at the dead center of the gap between the two hounds. The sand created from the explosion of the missile blows up a wall of sand between the two hounds and he flies past them and starts a vertical ascent tilting a little towards the left to get out out of the hound's cannon range. a little greeting gift from lil old me enjoy it he muttered as he moves the stick left to start the Murasame spinning to avoid random fire from the hounds
  24. ewww..... anything but a full on frontal assualt... hate that in wars... it never brings in any result unless we outnumber them 600 to 1.... i was thinking of a back door entrance and blow everything up afterwards after we nick the ms and weapon systems.. since thats what we want isnt it... 1 ms and 3 systems.. the 2 ms that i wanted set up near the area outside the sensor range are there only to cover our escape... not to mess up any plans... as for the ms that we are nicking... it wont be involved in any combat at all... we need that out of that area ASAP in the mission... we cant have it flying around in the area only to get it shot down now can we... so our plans are simple we need... 1 hacker, 1 demolition, 2 marksman, 1 intel gatherer, 2 good pilots... and whoever else we can find along the way... hacker hacks into the back door with the intel gained from the gatherer...take a hostage then proceed to kill everyone in there... you and tomomi get into the suit and i'll blast you a opening for your escape... ms comes in to cover you whilst you get out of there... we blow our way out as well and run off with the 3 trucks of weapon systems as well as wiping the lab off the map... mission accomplished.... and i'll go ask tomomi now to think of a reason for her deflection....
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