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  1. Seeing the newcomer walking forwards from his seat to tap Julia on the shoulder HH spent some time observing his new comrade whilst paying little attention to the conversation between Julia and the new comer. Deciding that he was just extremely polite after he held his hand out and told them that his name was Allan, he swung the chair back down to the floor to greet the newcomer. Standing up and taking his hand he gives a quick handshake before sitting back down again "names Houston " he hesitated as some random thought about doctors popped into his head before continuing "nice to meet you too"
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    Hello and welcome to AD Hope you enjoy your stay here and hope to rp with you real soon
  3. Hearing Julia get out of her chair with his eyes closed he paid more attention to what was happening. Hearing the cooler door open, he realised that she was out of water he reached down and grabbed his own bottle of water and opened it and took a sip cooling his tongue and throat. Hearing her sit back down again he relaxed attention once again. Hearing that Julia was about to speak again he opened his eyes and faced her whilst still leaning on the chair "Houston, how much longer before anyone who turns up can be deemed late?" he heard her ask "well... "he started to answer whilst looking down on his watch "a little over 20 minutes for commanders well 15 since they're suppose to be here earlier than the rest of us"
  4. Hello and welcome to AD i'm sure you'll do what liu says so i'll just say enjoy your stay^^
  5. HH looks up and when the new comer enters the room. He studied him a little when he passed by. When he sat down and took out a piece of paper that looked like a letter and seeing his eyebrows clench together in deep thought and a little agitation, he thought silently to himself, hes a quiet one... a very very troubled quiet one. He closed his eyes once again and leans back on his chair with his tip of his shoe just hooking onto the underside of a table and then relaxes his body muscles to takes a little nap quietly hoping to himself that all the other members would arrive soon so that he would be able to know the mission that is still in a secret file somewhere locked up.
  6. sad to hear that you are leaving Wilhelm I hope that you will come back soon and rp again and i wish you good luck in all of your future endeavors
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    Hi Y'all

    Hello and welcome to AD I'll stay neutral for now and say join which ever faction you want *prop mode on* join SoF *prop mode off*
  8. "What about you? Do you think meditation will be helpful to continue, and what do you think of the newcomer?" Julia asked. HH hesitated before answering slowly choosing his word carefully to describe his new comrade. "He seems alright... sort of... i guess... however it seems that he's more obsessed with his laptop than all of his other comrades. I guess we'll all get along once we know each other well enough i guess, just a matter of time i guess. I'm sure he'll be able to show us his worth in real missions soon enough." He took a sip of water from his bottle before continuing. As for the session I think I'll be able to use it from now on to calm down before sleep and missions. thanks a lot He stretched in his chair before asking " hmm... where is everyone else... seems like all that is suppose to be here for this mission is missing.." he looks down at his watch "another 25 minutes... guess they should be appearing any time soon"
  9. As far as gundam seed is concerned bandai sort of closed the time line completely through the 4 special series and especially the last one which shows that earth and zaft live happily ever after through their cooperation. so if they do go back to the CE timeline it'd have to be a long time after seed/destiny finished otherwise their special series won't make sense. and as daimyo said above me 00 is coming...
  10. Avatar wise its SF in action so its all good umm... 7.5/10 no siggie so i cant rate it can i
  11. HH opened his eyes a crack to watched the new comer with little interest as he quickly closed up his laptop and ran off out of the room as quickly as he came in. must have been the message he thought to himself. He turned his head to see that Julia had also pulled up a chair next to him and also was studing the new comer until he ran out of the room. "So how was that little session?" he asked her "and how was that new comer?" he added with a little curiosity.
  12. Hello and welcome to AD as daimyo mentioned you can always look up the ms's and cities on wiki or mahq or ask us. we'll gladly answer your questions^^ hope you enjoy your stay and hope to see you rping with us real soon
  13. I'd like to request a ref for this double team battle http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php/topic,1596.0.html extra thing that i request the ref do is that the ref is to sort the players into the two teams. thanks in advance
  14. (OOC: @goku pref not use the prototype since it "technically" isnt a mass produced ms and for the link for ryo's ms its here http://http://www.mahq.net/MECHA/GUNDAM/delta-astray/gat-01a2r+p202qx.htm Pilot: Lucifer Lionheart Mobile Suit: ZGMF-1000/K Slash ZAKU Warrior
  15. HH opens his eyes and shakes his head clear 25 minutes later when he hears someone entering the room. He looks up to see that Julia is deep in her own mediation. He turns his head around to see another fellow mercenary typing really fast on his laptop. Expert on a computer it seems he thought to himself and paid no attention to him thereafter. He stretched his legs and reached up and behind him to pick up his bottle of water, which he drinks the entire bottle in one go. He stands up and goes to the cooler and picks up another 2 bottles of water. He walks over to the new comer and places a bottle of water next to his laptop and starts to turn and walk away when he notices a blinking icon on the corner of his fast moving screen on his laptop. "Hey... you got mail" he said to him in a quiet voice and then walks back to the front of the room and drags a chair with him. He sits down on the chair and close his eyes to sleep for a little to burn the time till Julia to come out of her mediation.
  16. "Okay, now that you're relaxed and have the breathing right... Some people will tell you to clear your mind; that you must think of nothing - All well and good, but it personally doesn't work for me. I usually end up thinking about not thinking, which is rather counter-productive. Another way of doing this is to focus your thoughts on a single thing - an object, a person, a place. So long as it means something to you, and has a calming effect, it's fine. Again, this style doesn't work for me." he heard her say softly. He puts a finger up and slowly motioning to her that he was able to use the first one- one that clears the mind of all thought. what should I do now... the thought floated gently across his thought process. He tried to clear his mind of that thought but wasn't able to for some reason...his breathing quickened for a little the harder he tried to empty his thoughts. so he slowed down his breathing once again and tried to do the second suggestion that Julia suggested. He focused on his foster parents, the one that made him truly happy and alive. He especially focus on the smile of his foster mother since her smile always radiate like the sun and make him unafraid of all surroundings. He began to relax once again with the help of her foster mother's smile so he decided to try and stay in this relaxed state for as long as he could.
  17. (OOC: sorry about that sieg was up for too late last night so i changed the post again)
  18. lets do this if it doesn't work it won't make anything any worse than it already is... he thought to himself as he smiles at Julia's comment. Watching her get out of her chair and started to move towards the front of the room he got up from his own chair and followed her. "Okay, first step - make yourself comfortable. Pointless even trying this if you're not able to relax because of your positioning." she said. He took off his jacket and placed it on the table directly behind him then complied with her instruction and sat down on the floor facing the wall cross legged. "The next step is to close your eyes, and slowly relax your body. It's usually best to start at your toes and work your way up. Match your breathing to mine if you're having difficulty - controlled breathing helps, but you don't want to think about it too much." she continued with some amusement after he sat down after her. He complied and closed his eyes shutting the world out from him. He listened intently to the breathing of his comrade and followed suit slowing down his own breathing and after he got the hang of it even slower than Julia's own breathing. He tried to empty his mind of all thoughts which he did after several difficult tries with the expression showing up all over his face. But after he did empty his minds of all his thoughts he felt a little better so he listened intently to the next instructions that will be given.
  19. He watched her as she chuckled at her own comment about getting lost if they went out to do some exploring. "You have difficulty sleeping?" she asked. He looked up from his bottle of water. Must have let it slipped without realizing it... he thought to himself oh well... whats said out loud is stays said out loud i guess He regained his composure and nodded at her question. "Ever tried meditation? It's not as good as sleep, but I've found it can leave you almost as refreshed. I can try and teach you if you haven't tried it before....Emphasis on the word try." she continued and grinned as she got to the last few words."It'd be a way to pass the time, and could turn out to be useful in the future.." "Point taken. It might be a good idea since we do have nothing to do here and it does burn the time so I guess we can try it" He replied. He paused for a moment to take another sip of water "Hopefully it doesn't hurt... and well lets start teacher before people start filing in for the meeting." Would it actually work though... since my case is actually not one of those easy to heal regular sleeplessness syndrome. he thought inwardly to himself after telling her to start teaching him about meditation.
  20. ahh sorry about that Kaizer... never got around to getting the fireworks ready for the after party..... here goes nothing... *sends fireworks up into the sky depicting a massive birthday cake as well as massive explosion in all major cities' admin buildings*
  21. Participants: HHLkill3r and 3 others Number of Competitors: 4 players, team members will be decided by a random number generator by the ref once the entrants are confirmed. Battlefield : asteroid and debris field Restrictions on MS : Mass produced units only Battle Mode : Double team battle Referee : will be appointed. Time allowed between posts: 3 days
  22. HH puts the beam saber and rifle away then transforms the Murasame from MS mode back to MA mode This is getting really really annoying... stop running and lose already you lil hound he thought to himself as he puts the thrusters back to 50% and then pulls the stick back to do a 360 degree wide arc back flip with the MA to go to the back of the hound and then he pushes the thrusters to 90% to get to start chasing it and get to almost point blank range at the same time as he readies the cannon as well as the beam rifle to fire at the same time as the hound was heading towards the end of a sand dune. As the hound reaches the end of the sand dune, HH presses the triggers and fires both at the same time with the cannon shot aimed at the left side of the hound and the rifle shot a little to the right and a little above so that if the hound goes to the right to avoid the cannon, the rifle shot would cover the area where the hound would head to. This has gone on for far enough. Now that your trapped, either you ram yourself into the sand dune and ruin your entire left hand side or get hit by me and get ruined either way he thought angrily to himself as he prepares to bank or pull up along with the turn of the dune.
  23. HH smiled at her as she catches her bottle of water with ease. "No problem we're all part of the same team remember." he said as he opened the bottle and took a sip of water to wet his tongue and his throat. The cool water went straight down to the stomach cooling down all anxiety and fears that he had when he first stepped into the headquarters. That's much better seems i was really thirsty after all he thought to himself. As he listened to her question about what the time was before the meeting he took a quick glance down at his watch. "Still about an hour it seems till the scheduled meeting, we're too early" he quickly counted and added up the minutes and chuckled as he replied "We will definitely need to find something to burn the time to keep ourselves awake, otherwise we'll both be fast asleep when everyone else arrives for the meeting at least I will since peaceful sleep is usually a luxury that I can rarely afford" He took another sip of water from the bottle and decided to dart his eyes quickly to both sides of the room and around in circles before gazing with some boredom at his own bottle of water. "Any ideas?"
  24. He saw her grinned as he replied to her question. That is a nice smile but underneath that smile instinct tells me that something must be wrong... just can't put my finger on it he thought to himself. He watched her as she leant back further on her chair that the chair snapped and she fell on the floor. You alright he asked with a little worry in his voice as he watched her untangle herself out of the broken chair and then getting a new chair to sit closer to him. She shrugged and then said in an accepting tone What do you reckon the likelihood is that the chair's cost is going to come out of my first pay check? he pondered on the question for a short moment before replying Prob none since we'll just say that it was borrowed for an experiment to test a small theory on how a small 1mm piece of plastic explosive would damage a chair. Then I'll pay for it and then get warned not to use explosives within the base. Problem solved. He stood up and walked over to the broken chair and picked it up then placing the ruined chair in the back left hand corner of the room before going to the cooler situated on the right wall and picked up 2 bottle of water. He went back to his seat and tossed Julia one before sitting back down. It's going to be a long wait for everyone else it seems he muttered.
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