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  1. [OOC: couldn't sleep so i'll do the intro post now instead of later on in the day. and for the overheating engines bit... thats as long as i stay away from the extreme desert heat which is closer towards the ground compared to the air.] Lucifer looks down at the arid landscape and sees all the dunes. A voice pops up in the comm channel from the pilot of the plane on which the Murasame is being transported. "Two minutes till arrival Lucifer you should start to prep things up." "Yeh roger that Bob starting warm-up and system start up now." he replied before starting up his mobile suit. After his final checks were done and the recalibration of beam refraction and thruster usage for the desert battle completed, he opened up his log to check out his opponent as well as the map of the desert battlefield. Janus is the name of the pilot.... and I'm up against an astray... which cant hover since it doesnt have a shrike pack... so it can only fly up a little before going back to the desert sand again. In this heat in the middle of the day, her engines will blow way due to overheating before mine does since its so much closer to the sand and its supposed to be a old model too so the effect on the engines will be twice even three times as worse... She'll try to use the dunes for protection whilst I use the open air so I guess I'll have to set it up for melee battle fast. Heat detecting scanners are useless in this battle with heat coming from all over the desert so I'll have to pay attention with visuals and use the radar for support... sensors will have minor effects here... missiles will be good here. Sun's going to be a main factor in this battle... as well as the use and control of the thrusters... his thought train was interrupted when the comm beeped again with the voice of Bob telling him that it was 30 seconds till they entered the zone of combat. "System all green over here Bob drop me a little closer to the opponent if you can please" he replied before taking a final look at the notes and then close the file. As soon as they entered the battle zone a different and slightly annoyed voice came out from the public channel. 'a bit late aren't we?' He opens the public channel also to reply to the pilot hesitating a little before speaking a little sarcastically "well... the toilets are a little too far away from the battle zone had to run to the nearest major city to find a toilet before coming out here.... you know how far away that is...." he could hear laughter coming from the comm channel with crew of the transport as he switched off the public comm channel. Bob's voice came through again slightly amused with "heres as close as we can get you" After thanking them, the Murasame jolted a little as the cables that were holding it were released and it fell free fall for 200 meters before Lucifer pressed the button to turned the Murasame into its MA mode and put thrusters on 25% to guide it closer towards the desert sand towards his opponent. To save battery power he transformed again as soon as he was close enough to land and then landed nicely on top of a sand dune just out of both beam rifle's range and opposite his opponent with the sun to a little his left. Its not just an old model... its looks extremely old... more than 10 years at least he thought to himself as the visual for his opponent showed up. He cleared his head of all thoughts and focused his attention and concentration on the battle at hand. He opens the public comm channels again and spoke with more commanding power "Lucifer Lionheart, Murasame, ready for battle"
  2. HH jumped a little but recovered pretty quick when the voice came out behind him from the loudspeaker, which was placed in the top left corner of the ceiling. "Would the all the operatives assigned to... the mission, that are in the Briefing room please proceed to the Commander's Office, that is all..." He looked up at both Julia and Allan and nodded indicating that he also heard the message loud and clear before getting up from his chair and tossed all the empty bottles in the bin on the other side. The newly opened bottle he also drained it and tossed it into the bin. He walked over to the door and half sat half leaned on the corner of the table whilst waiting for the others
  3. We need a ref for this one on one match in the desert please http://www.adventdestiny.com/index.php/topic,1682.0.html
  4. [OOC: really tired today so i'll keep the ref post short and Please remember that the posting time limit is 6 days Battle order from my trusty random order distributor: First move is Darkness followed by liubei013] The ref looks up into the bright sunny sky and let out a little sigh whilst looking back down at the radar and thought to himself such a nice day to enjoy out in the sun.. yet here i am in the machine on top of the mountain looking over the would be battlefield... and here comes the competitors He looks up from the radar towards the sky again as he finished the thought to see two sets of plane arriving with the mobile suits. He opens the comm channel as well as the public speakers to speak once both MS have fully landed and were prepared to go. I want a nice and fair battle please. Let this one on one between registered fighter Samuel Arkan and registered fighter Kevin Gilbert BEGIN!!
  5. err... my reliable source told me to ref this match so I guess I will take this one. you can now start a topic post in the battle arena thread, after both of you have done an intro post i'll post the randomized battle order and the posting time limit
  6. Err... i'd like to apply Pilot: Lucifer Lionheart MS: so many to choose from...... but I'll use MVF-M11C Murasame
  7. [OOC: the randomised battle order will be as follows PhoenixForce will go first followed by Riku Ishimaru. Please remember that the posting time limit is 6 days] Mr Ref never really liked the desert... the sand blowing everywhere in to the eyes... the skin... into the joints between machines. As he watched the two participants entered the field of combat he opened up his diagnostics on the two suits. Slash zaku phantom and a GuAIZ R... in a desert... Should be interesting he thought to himself better start the match otherwise I'll get yelled at He opened up the comm channel to public as well as opened the external speakers of his ref machine before speaking. Ah right then, I want a fair fight please. This one on one match between Train Heartnet and Laike Rinawan will now begin
  8. I'll take this battle, you can now start a thread at the arena thread I'll post the battle order and the posting time limit after both of you have done your intro posts
  9. After he heard Allan's reply he pondered a little on whether the answer was a yes or a no since the answer that Allan replied was a little ambiguous. However after a little thought he decided that the answer to his offer would be an extremely polite no. "Let's hope it's a matter of not getting lost. One of the good things about being an Intel gather I suppose, is that I know how to split my focus without lessening my effectiveness greatly." he heard Julia say after a small silence created by the pause. "Well we won't get lost if the exploration is done with a starting point somewhere... and if I remember correctly there were also signs set up somewhere directing everyone where to go for which." he said whilst thinking back to a sign with arrows that he saw whilst he was wondering around during his first small tour of the place. He took another sip of the newly opened bottle of water before continuing "However we probably would only have about an hour and a half after the dismissal to prepare the gear and as such so we might have to rush the exploration a little so that we can get the gear prepared as well as getting ourselves to the meeting place on time." He stopped on that thought and wondered what types of explosives are available in the gear prep room for him to utilize in this mission.
  10. HHLkill3r


    Hello and welcome to AD hope you enjoy your stay here and hope to rp with you real soon
  11. "That sounds like him. Took off pretty quickly after he recieved an email. Didn't seem to notice the room was occupied either...The first thing I'm doing after we're dismissed is going to be something along the lines of getting more familiar with the base.... It will certainly beat waiting for over half an hour because I'm sure I won't be able to find my way around!" he heard Julia grumble as he stretches both of his arms, he then picks up his bottle again and finishes the rest of the water. Getting up out of his seat he walks over to the cooler and picks up another bottle before returning to his seat before speaking. Well its cause we were here just a little too early...and I'd like to go touring the place as well so I'll go with you after we all get dismissed... It seems to be a pretty big place so if i tag along none or all of us will get lost. Want to come along as well Allan sounds fun to be doing some exploring? he replied as well as question.
  12. Of course, being a Sniper is a waiting game, so I wouldn't notice if an hour passed by like a second... So, whats your specialty Houston? he heard Allan ask. He smiled inwardly to himself as he thought fellow sniper.... thats good hope my skills with the rifle hasn't changed much... He opened his bottle again to take another sip of water. "My primary specialty...["/color] he replied to Allan's question after taking another sip of water "is demolitions, which makes life very interesting... and there was a computer guy too wasn't there Julia"
  13. He chuckled a little at being called "Mr Houston" As he watched him sit down and continuing with a little hesitation to ask whether we had any ideas about what was about to happen. Hearing Julia's answer and then questions HH by "You know anything about the reason for this little get-together Houston?" He looks at Allan first "for me just Houston is fine too formal... is err... too much for me" he reached out for his bottle and opens it and takes a sip before continuing "as for the info about this get together... I have no idea either i guess all we need to do is to wait and it will become clear to all of us in the end." He looks down at his watch before taking another sip of water. "However it might be a little while till they all show up... whats the bet that some one will be late" he asked his companions
  14. Number of Competitors HHLkill3r and one other member Battlefield Asteroid/debris belt Restrictions on MS mass production only Battle Mode One on One Referee will be appointed Edit: forgot to add something Time Allowed Between each of the competitors post: 4 days
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