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  1. [OOC: roger that i'll slow down with the MA modes from now on... dont think i'll be using it anymore soon though...] As LL watched from above at the moving Astray, he pressed the trigger and fired the 2 missiles at the Astray and locking the beam cannon on a spot that was just before the entrance of the dune in the direction that the Astray was trying to get to. Fun's over time for the real fight to begin he thought to himself as he thrustered the MA into a rolling dive with the sun behind him targeting the Astray.
  2. Chance! the thought popped into his head as he saw the opponent lowered her thrust forward well within the beam rifle range and queried through the public comm channel. Moving the MS out from behind the dune towards the Astray's right hand side ( OOC: the rifle hand hand side) he locked onto the opponent's MS head and fired 3 shots in succession. Pushing his thrusters to 80% he launches up from the ground, turns into MA form and he squints his eyes as the rays of the sun hits his eyes and pulls the stich up and left and does a steep barrel roll climb to a point above the Astray just inside the beam rifle range. Turning around with the sun behind him, he does another lock at the MS head with the cannon and prepares to fire it as well as two missiles. Ahh the joys of a close range ambush he muttered to himself
  3. LL was 3/4 of his way through his terrain following and required to check the approximate location of his opponent before going in for an attack. As he passed between two big dunes, he pushed his thrusters up to max for a second to create a big dust cloud trail as though he had crashed before almost instantly pushing it to 10% just enough for him to keep in the air but at the same time slow the Murasame into the dust cloud as he pulled his stick up and a little to the right so that his Murasame rises with the sand screen going up and stays to the right as much as possible so that the radar can do the work in tracking where his opponent is but the MA would be behind a screen where it wont be able to be spotted as easily. Hope the pilot thought i did crashed so she would move the MS this way. It'd be hard to see through the dust cloud... but i got to be careful with my own thrusters... doing that too many times would kill the thrusters in the long run since sand does get into the engines... although not much now... in the long run it will clog up. he thought to himself as the radar completed its work and he pushed the stick back down so that he could continue his terrain following but with his thrusters at 30% instead of 50% so that the amount of sand in the dust trail would decrease. Looking down at his screen his radar had picked up that Janus was located behind a massive sand dune and a few smaller dunes dotted around it. He changed it back to MS mode and landed near the zone where the massive dust cloud is beginning to settle and waited for his prey to show up. "The trap is set and the terrain here is perfect." he muttered to himself as he watched the screen
  4. Due to the time limit timeout with Milady not replying within the time limit of 7 days. She is hereby disqualified fro this contest. The winner by default is Ryou Misaki
  5. [OOC: its fine its fine... and it was starting to get interesting... sad to see it end.] The ref opened the channel again after receiving the message of forfeit from Kevin. Due to the forfeit of registered fighter Kevin Gilbert. I now proclaim the winner of this duel is registered fighter Samuel Arkan. Another day completed the ref thought to himself as he switched off his comm and directed his VTOL back towards the ref HQ.
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    Hey All!

    Hello and welcome to AD hope to rp with you real soon
  7. and flew like (OOC: yep and that was through all the other sections of the rg)
  8. (OOC: its pointless chatter so it doesnt add to post count^^ join in ryou) Then it went
  9. [OOC: the suspense is building... why does it sound like we're about to get shot or something... hope you've all got weapons on ya lol] HH followed Allan through all the secret doors and passages to an almost hotel-lobby like room "We're here, I've never gone farther than this so I don't know what we do from here," he heard Allan say. Immediately after he had finished speaking a door swung open to his right. HH looked towards the open door as Allan shrugged his shoulders and gestured to the door by directing his arms in the direction of the empty doorway. "I guess I'll go first... if I get shot or anything... don't I repeat don't take me to a hospital whilst I'm still conscious." HH said with a little emphasis on the two Don'ts. Without much movement of his arms or hands he opened his box of explosives and took out 2 pieces of clear explosive and flattened it in 2 spots on his palm before taking his hands out of his jacket pocket. He walked forward and acted as though stretching and lightly brushed the first piece of explosive on to the frame of the door. The explosive instantly showed color of frame. That should get the entire door open if we needed to do it in a rush... might take out 3/4 of the corridor, this lobby as well as the room ahead too... but it'll get the door open. he thought to himself as he walked though the bright light to see another room. This time there was a neatly decorated desk in the center left of the room as well as many filing cabinets in the left and right hand side of the room. Behind the desk was a extremely expensive looking oak-made door that was shut at the moment. Behind the desk sat a pretty girl possibly in her early 20s. The wooden name tag on the table said that her name was Lara. He waited for all of the others to walk through the doorway before speaking to the girl. "Err... we're here to see the commander. We as in Allan, Julia, Houston and Blake."
  10. [OOC: if i remember correctly... CIWS shouldn't be able to travel that far... but i'll just assume that it does and continue like that] LL's internal alarms flared as the astray fired the CIWS at the suit and the two beam rifle shots at the sand dune. He pushed the thrusters to 80% and the stick forward to dived a little lower and evade the shots by speeding past them. However that move kicked up sand from the desert floor to his right side causing him to lose minor amounts of vision to his right side temporarily. The vision got worse as the beams hit the dunes and kicked up even more sand to obscure his vision. He did a little space-constraining barrel roll to clear away the sand. Seeing out of the corner of the monitors he saw that the Astray was trying to follow him through the dune. Don't burn your own thrusters up by following Janus he thought to himself as he shot through the valley between dunes then pulling his stick to the left to curve around the sand dune disappearing from the view of the Astray. He cut thrusters back to 50% and kept low to the desert floor. Holding the stick tightly to stop it vibrating as much, he started to do a difficult to track and follow terrain following maneuver away and around the Astray. The desert heat radiating out from the desert floor should be able to cover most of my heat signatures since its the middle of the day where the temperature is the hottest. The amount of sand that is being kicked up should be minimal since I've cut thrusters down to 50%. Although its still detectable by the naked eye, by the time they get to the spot where I was I won't be there. I'll this as an advantage to lead the Astray to a spot where I can test out this new move. he muttered to himself as he prepared his cannon as well as his missiles to fire.
  11. actually it however, [OOC: nope... i saved it... i think... somehow]
  12. Seeing as Allan answered Blake's questions, he nodded and followed silently down the hallway. The secretary sounded like she was annoyed at something... it might prob be more than the commander is upset he thought to himself as he followed Allan first down a slightly smaller hallway which was empty. He turned his head to look around as he followed to see that this new hallway was slightly confining... with activated security camera overhead at every intersection. high security... he thought as he silently followed with his hands in his jacket pocket with one playing around with his box of small explosives ready to opening them for use at anytime.
  13. "Combatants' arrival confirmed. This match between Janus Chiaki Matsuo and Lucifer Lionheart will now begin!" shouted the enthusiastic ref through the comm channels. LL looks across to see his opponent already pulling up her beam rifle for a shot. shes really enthusiastic to get it underway too it seems he mumbles to himself as he pushes his thrusters to 60% and flies upwards to evade the shot. He uses his own beam rifle and fires 2 shots aimed at the Astray's shoulders. He turned around and transformed again pushed the thrusters up to 70% and started to accelerate and dived towards the gap in the center of 2 dunes 200m meters in front of the Murasame. He pushes the stick the right a little so that he places a little barrel roll whilst diving so that the chance of getting hit by stray beams would be lower.
  14. [OOC: it was 5am in the morning when i did the post so prob of me missing it is 99% and i did miss it....] hearing that Allan was going to lead the way, he was content and briskly followed him out of the meeting room and out into the corridor. Hearing the sound of approaching steps he became a little more tense and prepared himself for anything. seeing a fellow mercenary almost smash himself into Allan he almost chuckled. He held his laughter in and listened to the mercenary speak. "Er,sorry. Can someone tell me how to get to the head office? I'd just arrived, and I'm been lost in these corridors for a bloody half an hour. My name's Blake, by the way. I'm a mobile suit technician. And you guys are...?" HH spoke first "names Houston... job demolition head office... you mean the commander's office right... we're heading there now... I guess you can follow along" he suggested
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