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    "Dammit-" Carter said before getting on comms "Kira move! I need a clear shot!" He shouted before noticing a beam cut In through the space behind him.. someone had gotten close enough to shoot at the ship "Gah- hold that thought, the ships under direct attack!" Carter called out for his team. He changed sides, going from the tail end of the archangel over to the middle to protect it, he was looking for where the shots came from, frantically so. "You know what? How about this?" H switched over to the Anti armor shotgun and started blasting the direction the beams were coming from, he had to get them away from the ship before Something worse happens
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    Streaks of amber light filled Risu's vision, no doubt the enemy returning fire. With widened eyes, and andrenaline coursing through her veins, she scanned her surroundings. Debris dominated her vision after the shots, though in the heat of the moment, she elected to continue shooting instead of changing position, as any experienced pilot should. However, the Higanbana would stop shooting as soon as its pilot spotted a humanoid shape. There was no doubt in her mind that this was the one shooting at her earlier. Her heart begun to pound, and even though the reality that this was just a game was very present in her mind, it did nothing to dull the sense of danger she'd created in her mind. As if by instinct, Risu begun to steer her gunpla towards the Comet Dagger, and for a single, almost-imperceptible moment, the normally-green sensor lights of the Higanbana turned to purple. Higanbana charged forward at full throttle, rushing towards the Archangel at incredible speed. If there was any doubt surrounding the quality of its construction, all of that would be swept away at the sudden burst of movement. Violently, it fired its comprehensive suite of maneuvering thrusters, shoving itself downwards below the Comet Dagger's field of view before resurfacing just a few short meters in front of it. The singular Long Beam Rifle it carried begun to glow with a powerful heat, turning the weapon into an elongated heat sword. The gunpla raised its weapon to strike, at first aiming directly at the Dagger's chest to strike directly at its pilot with a single thrust, but instead used the movement as a feint, surging past the Beta Team machine to instead strike at the Archangel itself up close. Almost immediately, the Earth Alliance vessel's array of point defense turrets raised from their hardpoints, coming alive with unending volleys of machine gun fire towards the Higanbana, which in an uncharacteristic display of skill considering its pilot, weaved between the turrets' arcs of fire with ease and grace as it slashed across various points of the vessel's hull with its Long Heat Claw.
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    Hikaru's machine kept moving in its Mobile Armor mode, managing not to get caught in the resulting blast from the Salamis. Grumbling, Hikaru sent out over his comm link with his team. "Hikaru to Alpha Team, I lured Beta's leader away only for us both to be ambushed by some sniper. We're both stuck on an adjacent map dealing with a secondary hostile Federation objective." All the while, the sensors normally dedicated to Long Smart Rifle's use scanned for the source of the shot while he kept up his evasive maneuvers. If he could keep the enemy from getting a bead on him, they could make this work. He established a laser comm link with Aida, though he didn't dare maintain the link longer than he could say "Still thinking I planned this junk? Switching to channel 195." The Diver still needed to prioritize evasion over the comm link. Once he switched channels again away from laser and waited a moment, he sent a communication. "We both have high speed machines suitable for evasion and recon. We should probably put aside our fight for later, triangulate the source of the shots, and take this one out as quickly as possible. Are you up for that?"
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    Shin felt confident in his attack if nothing else it would have done decent damage, but bursting through the smoke came another enemy combatant. As the Titan stopped his dagger Shin gave a foul look at both fighters. A two on one match normally wouldn't be a problem for Shin but he was too distracted. As the Gundam frame charged at him firing, shin fired all thrusters trying to evade but his reaction time was far too slow and a large portion of the blast hit his unit center mass. Bits of armor flew off his unit and the AGE unit was thrust back into a nearby asteroid. Alarms sounded as Shin sat in his cockpit his hair now draped over his eyes. Was he gonna lose…. How the hell could all those people talk of teamwork but show him none in return. The other seemed to have a plan while they just kept going the same as last time. It was then that Shin noticed something. He extra armor on his chest had come off revealing a faint blue glow from AGE's A sensor. While most of his Gundam had a red glow that was as fierce as fire this light was different kinder, and seemed off from the rest of the Gundam. Shin looked upon this light and a slight smirk crossed his face. As the enemy unit taunted Shin he retorted "Sorry pal, but losing isn't an option." Shin silenced the alarms that had been blaring his using now slowly starting to lurch away from the hunk of rock it had been so kindly plastered to. The Zeong had also started to make a move but none of that mattered Shin was done worrying about the what ifs and if onlys. Now he was focused… on the kill. The blue light ignited from the A Sensor seemed to travel through the machine bursting forth. In a blazing flash of his thrusters he was gone. The speed was great but his direction was clear, the Titan. Heading straight for the Gundam the Astral AGE's blades slid down from his left shoulder and onto the wrist forming both a shield and a blade. Using the GN Rifle to fire at the Zeong while still rushing the Titan. As the AGE got close he slashed with his blade toward the barrel of the bazooka but this was a faint, he didn't care for the gun for all he cared he would happily miss. However At some point he had dropped the GN Rifle and also rigged it to explode using the blast to propel him into the Gundam with greater speed. As he collided with the Gundam he smiled and used the head of his Gundam to bash against the titans. Breaking off bits of his crest and the faceplate of the AGE. "Don't worry! You never stood a chance anywho! They don't call me the raging beast for nothing!" With that the AGE pushed the Titan off and tried to kick it into an asteroid. As the AGE stood there it took a grim pose like a wounded animal ready to take everything and everyone with him. The clanking of the gear and groans of the metal could still be heard as of the machine was roaring and ready for action
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    The light and smoke from the rifle’s explosion almost blinded Kyle as the Astral began to counterattack. “Damnit!” He yelled out. “You distracted me, Haro!” The red sphere jumped up, bonking him on his helmet. “Charo! Charo!” The toy exclaimed. The diver looked perplexed. “Charo?” He questioned as the droid bounced up and down. “New name! New name!” It responded. “New name?” He thought. “I never gave you a name, although I should’ve called you that from the start… Oh God! He’s becoming more sentient! These new NPD’s must be rubbing off on him.” Suddenly, shots began to fly toward the legless machine. “Dodge! Dodge!” “I KNOW!” One of the pot shots slid across the right shoulder’s armor, disintegrating part of it. “Oh man! I gotta get out of this area!” Kyle pulled up on the controls, igniting all of his thrusters, but not before another shot pierced the skirt of the unit. “Damage! Damage!” The diver started to get quite annoyed, kicking the series mascot away from him. “Could you please be usefu-“ The sphere ricocheted off the side of the cockpit, smacking him in the head once again. Kyle sighed. “I can’t catch a break. Oh no no no!” An Armor Schneider was heading straight toward him, when suddenly the Titans GP03 appeared, blocking the attack from hitting Kyle. “Beta Four!” He said. “Thanks.” The NPD was already heading to the enemy, firing at and taunting the crazed pilot. “Alright then.” Kyle exclaimed. “It’s time for a beatdown!” The diver launched forward to the others, hoping to also take the Astral Age out. He let the beam hands loose once again, aiming at the sides of the machine. He assumed that his attacks would be a longshot, but felt that the GP03 could distract his opponent.
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    (1/2) As a precaution, Aida accelerated again, using the Super Airbatel's more mobile mode to escape his hideout at high speeds, figuring it wouldn't be long until the woman's sensors found him anyways. Sneaky bastard… Not long after, a laser communication reached him and instructed him to tune into Channel 195. Once he did, he heard the Beta Gundam's pilot offer him a temporary truce to hunt down the Titans sniper. He just couldn't believe what he was hearing, and accordingly, he responded with quite the sarcastic tone: - "Sure, sure! We'll take her down together, and when we're done, you can shoot me in the back again! That's something I can trust a mafioso with!" Taking things down a notch, Aida had seemed to be growing wary of the others' intentions to make him lose his temper, but still couldn't quite keep his tone down. - "Mafioso?" Hikaru asked, working to keep up his evasion and his distance from Aida, not only to avoid being shot at, but also to try and coax his enemy to shoot at two different targets and get a decent bead on his enemy's location. "What are you talking about? I shot you in the back because you showed your back to an enemy in a team battle. There's a time and place for stuff like that, and it's when we both agree to such terms and don't have teammates to disappoint if we lose!" - "Come on, that doesn't explain what you're doing now! We both know why you're so eager to throw yourself into my works like a wrench! You harass people for a living, in a video game no less! And boy, did they hire the right person..." Aida kept evading the shots, which got more frequent as the sniper started to see the two Mobile Armors still weren't quite concentrating their efforts on finding her, but rather bickering and keeping each other in check. "I do admit I'm still quite amused at the Gunpla Mafia for going the extra mile… hiring a guy that adds insult to injury, and tries to hunt me down with a better version of MY machine. How much are you getting paid? Twenty grand?" - "What the heck is the 'Gunpla Mafia' and why would they pay that much just to mess with a guy? How would they even get someone in Beta for that? I interfered with you because you're the enemy leader and I wanted to lure you away so our IBO machine could wreck the others without you butting in!" He evaded another shot, showing that hitting an evasive Mobile Armor with a sniping weapon was pretty difficult. His keeping an eye on the target probably helped in his task of trying to lull her into making a mistake and exposing her exact position. The man was irritating, however. "Besides, my machine's not a GM-III. Its lore is that it's what happens when the Titans' Refined Barzam gets rebuilt into something more Federation-aligned after their fall for R&D. The G-Defenser is supposed to be a testbed for the Re-GZ's Back Weapons System. It's an obvious development path!" - "I… well, at least you put thought into it." Aida, hearing the boy casually talk about his machine's lore despite the impending danger, was reminded of himself and his crew, the 08th Thespian Mobile Suit Team, the fun they had doing reenactments of canon battles with custom, but plausible UC Mobile Suits, the lore behind them. Matter of fact, Gundam Generation would've been a blast for all the members that weren't there with him. I'm starting to think this kid actually has nothing to do with them… Starting to lose interest in the Super Beta Gundam, he used his improved sensors to take a snapshot of the last beams to fly near it and traced them back to one of the colony wall segments. Unknowingly, he left his microphone open for Hikaru to hear think aloud. "... don't think she's there anymore. Probably changing spots in between shots." - "You're right. Not shooting too many times from the same spot is basic sniper doctrine to avoid being easily pinpointed." Hikaru responded. He had his own sensor systems on and sweeping for anything of note, expanded for the purposes of employing the Long Smart Rifle. "Scanning...hey, is it just me or did her voice sound very familiar? If we can recognize her, we might get an idea of the machine we're facing...or at least its development tree or general type." - "Sadistic lady pilots… not many names come to mind, but hell, she might not even be from the UC, what if they shoehorned some alternate universe character into the Titans? Wouldn't be the craziest thing so far..." Aida's thoughts trailed off again for a moment until an alarm brought a strong glimmer in a portion of the battlefield to his attention. However, it was just a fleeing Gold Frame, disappearing from view after being defeated by Lowe Guele's Red Frame, probably to enter the atmosphere in a support ship or with a ballute. "Get off, Gina! Take that blinding chrome away!" - "Hmmm." Noting this, and recalling Red Frame's alliances, Hikaru decided to send a warning. Firing off a laser communication toward Lowe, he sent the following message. "Hey, Junk Guild. Hostile Federation sniper in immediate area. Be on your guard and keep moving. You're on a battlefield!" Monitoring for a response, he still shifted to his radio and spoke with Aida in response. Juggling comms was a bit dangerous in this situation. "You're right. I don't think Gold Frame there has the opportunity or the armament to shoot at us, either… and should have a male pilot anyway." Hikaru said, regarding the Sniper's general location. He sought landmarks where they could have moved to or the glimmer of an enemy scope. "Want to pull a move out of Amuro's playbook and circle around so the sun's behind our backs?" - "For sure… though, why do you even bother warning them? I don't think this woman's out for even more trouble firing at-" - "Thank you, AEUG! Is this it?" - Before Red Frame and the HOME disappeared into Earth's gravitational pull, their response got all the way back to both of them, with a picture of a dark blue Mobile Suit hiding in one of the nearby ruined agricultural blocks, a large rifle in hand. - "That looks like a GP04… you don't think the Cima Fleet has joined the Titans full time?" Aida felt dumb for not having tried such a thing before. "Well, we know where she's now, if we don't strike fast before she can change locations again, we'd be wasting a golden opportunity..." - "Yep, thanks and good luck!" Unsure if the communication made it out or not, Hikaru still tried to send a farewell message to the Red Frame. "Yeah, let's go. The back to the sun trick will only work if we're already relatively close to that approach vector, but we can still approach while using the local debris. If you want to approach from a different direction and try to pincer her, we can do that as well." Hikaru said, heading off. Once underway and watching for enemy fire, he commented. "You know, this reinforces my headcanon. My belief was that the GP02A had no reason to exist with how spread out or dug into the underground Zeon Remnants were, and being leaked to Zeon at just the right time was too convenient. I think the politicians and officers that made the Titans set up the Delaz Fleet to give themselves a reason to reorganize and consolidate power. And Cima would have been wonderful insurance that Delaz died if he ever got too close to victory. Seen in that light, her popping up as a Titan makes sense." - "You did your homework on your team. My crew could use somebody who even thinks of the politics in this place. And uh, we'll do the pincer thing. Pick a side and I'll get her back." Aida put his thrusters to use, and sped towards the agricultural block too. - "Yeah, I figured. A shame the Blossom probably isn't around. That one was interesting too and would be feasible with the current tech level." Hikaru said as he complied, moving to the right and a bit upward, choosing the best arc in 3D space that would hinder his opponent's visibility. Aida understood the hint, and the Super Airbatel moved to ambush from the left and descended a little, so as to approach from the exact opposite direction as Hikaru’s Beta Gundam. "If i can make her shoot at me, then she'll likely be focused on my machine through her scope. That'll be when she's not monitoring her surroundings as closely, right? If she shoots at you first, I'll do the same." - “Lead the charge, then.” The Airbatel reached a stable speed and predictable course, giving Hikaru a speed to beat. Aida hoped Hikaru would fly into Cima’s view first and that he’d be the one to get the kill. However, at the last moment, he matched his speed with Hikaru’s. Maybe there’s another angle to this. “Ready or not, here it comes!” Just before crossing the threshold, Airbatel undocked from the GM-Defenser, which continued on its way at full speed, and was picked up by Cima's sensors. The Titans Chief of Internal Affairs raised her weapon at the speeding Mobile Armor, and fired at a nearby asteroid, blowing it up into smaller pieces that the GM-Defenser collided with, giving her a stable shot for it. But when she was about to shoot, she noticed the Airbatel was missing. Then, her sensors picked up a much bigger threat: the Airbatel had cut the distance to her unit, and was approaching her with a beam saber drawn. As if this weren't enough, Hikaru's Super Beta Gundam approached and took aim with his Long Smart Rifle. While the Airbatel had her attention in that brief moment but had yet to fully close into a dangerous range, he fired his own rifle with the aim supported by his quasi-psycommu system. Airbatel surprisingly refused to use its beam saber upon getting to melee range, instead preferring to kick the GP04 with its feet. The Long Smart Rifle's beam soon arrived, and did away with the Mobile Suit's head cleanly. Had Aida not done that, the beam would have done away with the entire Mobile Suit in one fiery explosion. As a finishing touch, taking advantage of her confusion and blindness, Aida now used the saber to cut the Gerbera's right arm, which floated away, still clutching its sniper rifle, then the waist. Cima was left with only a torso, a left arm, and a ballute. - "That's what i'm talking about!" Next, Aida used the best of his acting skills to try and intimidate Cima. "Try something funny, i dare you!" - "Armament secured. So...what happens? You left her alive, but she'll just be freed if you bring her back to your vessel. If anything, she'll rat you out and do what she intended to your team. Is she my prisoner?" Hikaru transformed his machine back into Mobile Suit mode, and had claimed the weapon and the arm of the Gerbera to make sure no other enemies got a hold of it. It wasn't a bad find. - "I have a use for her ballute. And it’s on Ms. Garahau’s best interests to be useful right now..." In that moment, unexpectedly, the Gerbera's torso ejected its remaining arm and fired up its ballute's front and back thrusters, going “upwards”. "I can't believe she's escaping on a stupid torso! Come back!" The flying torso promptly gained an initial lead, but before any of the two doppleganger machines could go after it, a dark, indeterminate, Mobile-Suit sized silhouette took it away and disappeared from view in one swift motion. "What the... Argh, you have to be kidding me! GMs don’t have re-entry measures! I guess i’ll have to rely on being on that hangar before re-entry or i’ll fry up." - "... that’s why I took her big gun. In case she had allies nearby." Hikaru said, keeping his sensors open. He decided not to point out how boned Alpha Team might be by this. He kept his eyes on Aida, deciding not to just… shoot him right off the bat. It just seemed rude to him, after working together and while they weren’t marked as enemies. "What now, back to the battlefield?" He also scanned for energy signatures and the like, in case there were escape pods or other things of note out there. - "I don't think there's much of a choice..." Both of their signatures started flashing back and forth from green to red. A notification also reached them: << MAP MERGE >>
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    Even though Creed was trying to appeal to Kira’s sensitive nature he wasn’t foolish enough to let his guard down. To the contrary he, was poising for another hit against the Strike, and could sense the hesitation with his opponent, when suddenly a blast from behind the Strike made him suck in his breath in anticipation. With hardly a thought he reacted in the only way he could think at the moment and that was to stab in at the Strike. The ducking and lunging motion hid his profile behind Kira’s machine just as Carter’s shotgun shot sprayed around them both. It was the Strike’s silhouette , and the distance of the shot which prevented major damage to Bael. Creed still hissed at the near miss. Sparks flew from his sword thrust and the physics from the shot pushing the Strike into him as well. The duo spun around wildly. Creed tried his best to get behind the Strike once again based on the angle of the previous shot. He hesitated as he contemplated what to do. His ego demanded that he fly right up to the Buster Dagger and teach the pilot a thing or two, but he knew that warranted risk. No, he decided, he needed to stick to the plan and try to neutralize Kira. With the impact of the attacks what did that leave his estimate at now? 70? 60? There was only so much physical contact the Strike could handle before the battery gave way. An idea cropped into his head then and he tried pining the Strike with his twin swords then and unleashed the throttle to maximum, pushing the Strike in front of him as he angled for Carter. “You see what the Titans would resort to Kira?” he grimaced as he tried to gauge the boy’s response and aim them both while maintaining some cover. If he could keep Kira in the dark about his intentions, he might just pull this idea off. “They’re willing to kill you. Just to strike down their enemies! You can help me end this madness!” his tone grew slightly more emotional as he began to believe in his own words. These new NPDs were supposed to be something entirely else, something almost too real. The question nagged at Creed, would he care if he killed Kira during this encounter? ----- Rau’s smirk didn’t evaporate as the counterattack came; in fact, he was counting on the Hawk of Endymion to react so predictably. He sacrificed the barrel of his machine gun and poised his sword in for a stab at the cockpit, however just as he was about to strike that sensation flared and he instinctively pushed away from the MKII just as the identical machine pulled up to his side to fire three shots at him. Those pink blasts were enough to sink a capital ship Rau knew and he grunted as he had to break away and dodge. The barrage didn’t let up as Mu followed up with three missiles as well, an easy enough attack to avoid thanks to Rau’s previous dodges. “you still lack finesse Mu!” Rau taunted as he used his momentum from his dodges to sling his CGUE around for a high-speed swipe at the MKII’s head. Rau had to admit to himself that the black Gundam was making up for any lack of skill Mu had piloting a mobile suit. He began to wonder how its abilities would be amplified by a coordinator pilot. His gaze lingered on Unit 2 for just a moment before he regained his focus on his attack, if unchecked his swipe would likely sever the MKII’s head and saber mounts. He had to keep his encounter closer to Mu in order to avoid the beam rifle and to take advantage of the sluggish responses of the natural pilot, gifted or not. “Are you going to let someone else fight your battles Mu? I expected better from you!” he howled as he swooped in.
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    "Don’t get cocky! I'm just warming up!” As expected, Mu La Flaga reacted swiftly, helped by the revolutionary response times of the Mark II, which ascended and struck from above, attempting to cut off the barrels of the gatling gun, and deploying his shield. Soon enough he was helped by Emma: Hikaru had stopped Aida from interfering with others in the battle, but there was no chance either would return soon, so Emma followed her orders not to disperse and went for the ZAFT commander. “If i finish you off, then…!” Unit 02, reloading its beam rifle, managed to get on the side of the CGUE. La Flaga was not amused by the idea: - “Ensign! I can handle him, go help Kira!” - Mu, understandably, was afraid that Kira was all alone with such a strange enemy, which could dispel beams like one of those big Mobile Armors, but moved and reacted with the speed of a Mobile Suit, a very fast one at that. But more than that, he was irritated at the idea of somebody butting into his and his nemesis’ fight. - “Don’t worry about Yamato! Keep that one steady! If we do away with him, the enemy will disarray!” - Ensign Sheen, however, was not convinced of the potential danger, so she kept trying to get the CGUE on her sights, and fired three times at the commander-use machine. - “Ensign Emma! This is my fight!” Now using an authoritarian tone and not doing much to hide his anger, Mu attempted to direct Emma away from the skirmish, onto something else, before aiming his own shield at the CGUE. Below its tip, now that the shield was in its deployed state, a three-port missile launcher was visible. Mu fired, knowing Rau would likely manage to dodge the shots of the rookie test pilot, and not wanting to cut him any slack. It was not his fault somebody interfered, with or against him. This was war. --- Yamato, meanwhile, was understandably shocked. Having brought a knife to a sword fight, the enemy predictably struck him first, with a physical blade. Any possible damage was sucked up by the Phase Shift System, but the battery went down by a percentage, and the impact knocked him back. Strangely, the ivory white Mobile Suit was not attacking him further. As he attempted to recover, from its fingers came standard communication lines, which anchored magnetically onto the Strike, and a calm, paternal voice pleaded with him. “Nobody has to die, Kira. This conflict is greater than either of us, I don’t want to hurt your friends, the hostages, on the Archangel. Please help me rescue the civilians aboard that ship! All we want to do is stop it from going to Earth and killing even more innocent people down there! Please! We could peacefully stop that ship, together!” Kira, while shocked that the enemy was trying to reason with him, did agree that the Titans were likely up to no good. He knew what they usually did. He had heard it from free press back in Heliopolis, neutral territory thanks to Orb. He had heard it from disgruntled personnel in the Archangel, and had even heard it from that enemy Mobile Armor which kept shouting about everyone’s hidden business as it fret around the battlefield, like some sort of armed political loudspeaker. As his Mobile Suit regained balance and he tried to get closer, taken by an impulse that not even he fully understood, it looked like the pilot of the Strike was open to a ceasefire and a conversation with the Bael’s pilot, even under such circumstances. But then, a 350mm projectile flew right over the head module of the Aile Strike, headed for the alabaster machine… --- In the asteroid field, an Armor Schneider came out of the smoke and sped towards Kyle’s Zeong. It looked for a moment as if he’d be hit, but out of the dark, deep blue of space appeared a navy blue Gundam, which deployed a folding shield to catch the knife. Beta Four, which had patiently hid nearby, arrived just in time to abide by the orders of the team’s leader, and defend Kyle. As the knife stuck in the shield, the Titans GP03 aimed a collapsed bazooka, automatically deploying its telescoping barrel to prepare for usage and firing up its sensor to acquire the target. Using an open line, the NPD did what it was already notorious for, and taunted Shin. “You never had a chance anyways.” After this, the GP03 fired its bazooka at the Astral AGE, while speeding to close the distance between it and the AGE, as the rounds flied towards Shin’s machine. However, rather ingeniously, the weapon had been prepared for a highly mobile target beforehand. The magazine’s rounds in question were filled with shot ammunition. --- In the opposite side of the field, Aida continued his pursuit. The young boy was capable, but Aida’s words confused him, prompting him to take him for someone who had just taken the campaign way too seriously. Aida on the other hand thought the boy was stalling, talking in-character stuff in an act of pure denial, to cover up what he thought were his intentions. Must think i’m an imbecile… “You don’t have the right to call the leadership of my Force anything, i am the leadership!” After piercing through an area full of debris in a violent dance, both G-Defensers got close to a big piece of Junius Seven, being pushed from behind by gray, blue and red GM Customs that were very reminiscent of Strike Daggers, to make it accelerate and push it away from Earth's orbit, or at the very least, stabilize it again within its bounds. Not too far from there, two Gundam-types duked it out: one had red accents and a big Japanese sword, the other had golden accents, and just one arm, which it put to good use firing a bazooka. A spectacular scenario, but neither of them was there for sightseeing. Soon, the white G-Defenser finally got on the offensive, and he noticed the dreaded waist INCOMs were starting to track him, but did not yet light up. Oh, this is gonna be good. You think you’re gonna catch me with my tie undone… to say something completely G-rated. Fine. I’ll play along… Aida, waiting for the moment, kept glued to Hikaru’s tail, and pondered whether to say something more… but then he saw the twin lights. NOW! Two beams of light came out of the Beta Gundam’s hips, one aimed at the machine's current path, the other at what Hikaru deemed to be the most likely point to evade to. However, Aida had a trick up his sleeve from his days in that team from the past, and the Super Airbatel evaded both rays by splitting up in two: quickly separated by little propellant verniers and a swift tip of their main thrusters, the Airbatel flew under the beam directed at their path, while the GM-Defenser flew over it. Soon came the other beam, which did predict Airbatel’s path correctly, however it could not connect with the Mobile Suit, which was forcefully rammed down by the Defenser's underside, knocking both out of the way and docking both machines together again. "Rearward firing… clever, but you did not think you'd catch a Mobile Armor player by surprise with the oldest trick in our book, did you? It'll take more than half-hearted shots!" --- - "Don't do it! Uh, hello?!" - In the Archangel's bridge, the communications officer Kuzzey Buzzkirk quickly pinged Executive Officer Badgiruel. "Miss Natarle! Kacooler is taking off in the Moebius Zero without authorization!" - "The Zero?! That guy has a death wish, only a Newtype wouldn't get themselves killed on a Mobile Armor! Can anybody stop him?" Badgiruel, not in the mood for a loss, tried to have Kacricon stopped. But Jamaican stopped her instead. - "Leave him be! Did you forget, Ensign Badgiruel? Newtypes are a myth. Our good old Kacricon should be able to handle it well. He is not a Titan for nothing." The right catapult hatch opened for Kacricon to take off. "Stupid Hawk of Endymion, thinks he can steal my thunder? I'll snatch his! Moebius Zero, Kacricon Kacooler! Taking off!", he exclaimed, pulling forward the thruster lever. The engines fired up, and the Mobile Armor accelerated at full speed out of the hangar bay… only to be hit, rather unluckily, by the beam of an enemy Mobile Suit that was firing at the ship in a very haphazard manner. Losing two of the Gunbarrel pods and a portion of its fuselage, the Moebius Zero quickly spun out of control, its engines still burning fuel at the maximum rate, but now taking the machine in an uncontrollable spiral Kacricon had no way of stopping. As the orange Mobile Armor kept speeding away and crashed one of its two last Gunbarrels into a glass panel, detaching it from the frame and leaving it behind, only the faint screams of Kacricon Kacooler remained for a moment in their communications panel, before something lit up, far away. - "AMELIAAAAAA-!" Static soon replaced the voice of the Titans test pilot, and Kuzzey cryptically made the announcement. - "Moebius Zero, contact lost..." - "Call back Beta Team and tell Anti-Air to give me a stronger barrage! We've got a hostile above that needs taking care of!" Captain Ramius, competently assessing the situation, told everyone what to do next, as one of the few cool heads that prevailed on the ship. It's going to be a long day... --- << CHANGE MAP >> Just when Aida finally had the Beta Gundam in his sights for the counterattack, the square in his sight turned yellow, and his minimap's readings changed to that of a different area. He took his hands off the controls briefly to grab his head. "Oh, you slippery bastard, you made me change fields... And why are you yellow, did you just surrender in my face? You got what you wanted, didn't you..." Hikaru's eyes widened as he analyzed this change, his own systems similarly affected. "That... was not me. I'm not sure what's going on, but I don't like the look of this either. Think it's another secondary objective?" The pilot maintained evasion, monitoring his sensors and not wanting his enemy to be able to get a lucky shot even if they were marked as neutral to each other at the moment. Things had changed in the blink of an eye, and it was unlikely to be anything good. Both of them couldn't help but notice how they were now in orbit of Earth, when another voice taunted them through the open line. "Heh. You make it so easy, i'm somewhat disappointed…" Out of nowhere, a potent and speedy beam illuminated the debris floating over Earth, in a trajectory towards the Mobile Armors. Both dodged, and were separated. Damn it! There's a sniper hidden around here. The voice kept speaking on the open line, which lately had been used a lot. "It was not much of a surprise. You two are so alike. It makes a little too much sense you're both double agents and work together. The question is… if you're not with ZAFT nor the Titans… who are your employers?" A new shot buzzed by, narrowly missing the Super Airbatel, which decided to turn into a Mobile Suit and hide inside an abandoned warship, brought there by the inertia of Junius Seven's wreckage. She's good. I don't see her anywhere. Maybe try to reason? I could learn a thing or two about the kid who keeps talking to digital characters. - "Listen- you're firing at the wrong guy. I'm on your side! Why don't you let me come back to the Archangel?" - "Tempting. But I can't. Federation Code 9-0-4, Title 10, Article 1-0-4 states ANYONE… who attempts to aid an enemy of the Earth Federation shall suffer death." - "I don't see how that concerns me." - "It concerns all of your team, because soon, i shall carry out all of your sentences, then take down the Versailles myself. Anyways, how nice of you to drop early. I'll put you two down first… As you don't really have anything new to offer!" Yet another ray coursed through the new field of operations, and this time, it ignited the wreckage of a Salamis that was next to the Beta Gundam… Whatever lurked in the shadows, it was out for the blood of both Aida and Hikaru...
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    For a long time, Risu seemed to disappear from the battlefield, even staying quiet on team comms. The HUD marker for her machine on the rest of Team Alpha was way out of position, moving seemingly further and further away from the action. What was she doing? Eventually, though, the Higanbana’s marker stopped moving, and an unfamiliar, young voice would transmit through the team comms. “I’m here.” Her comm window finally opened to show the squirrel pilot, who had somehow changed into a more fitting outfit: a close-fitting red-and-black normal suit possessing a pink rabbit pin on the protective collar. “I see it. The ship.” Risu had parked her machine inside a field of debris, having managed to sneak her way over towards the Archangel as ordered. She raised the Higanbana’s sole weapon, its Long Beam Rifle, propping the long, flat weapon against a piece of nearby space debris. Thankfully, the ship wasn’t moving at all, and her heads-up display showed a pair of markers over its bridge and its engine cluster, helping her aim at the critical components of the vessel even if she was wholly unfamiliar with it. A brief pause punctuated the pull of the trigger, and with a low whine, the weapon begun to charge up to let loose a large beam of energy towards the bridge of the ship. If Risu could successfully destroy the bridge, she reasoned, then the fight would be over sooner. She fired again, and again, and again, every shot threatening to slam into the large vessel’s hull and pierce right through. No doubt this would attract the attention of everyone on Beta team, but Risu was fine with that. She'd at least done her job: she'd be lucky to come out unscathed after this.
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