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    Shin did his best to try and center himself. He took in a deep breath and closed his eyes trying to think of what his brother might do, he was a great Gunpla battler but a better team player. Right as Shin could feel his brothers word come to mind there was a sudden jolt. Warning singles as damage was done to his Gunpla. In the midst of trying to be a better team player Shin had lost his focus and didn't even notice the attack coming. His rage began to swell as all he wanted to do was win but if he did it like last time how could he win. It was a team exercise so how can his two opposing ideas on Gunpla battle work together. It was then he heard the pilot over the coms. It was familiar…. It was knockoff Stratos taunting him. The time for indecision was done, the time for action had begun. He could see the MS readying itself for an all out attack now that he had telegraphed and goaded his enemy this was a terrible strategy. Even with the damage his booster and his Ms were reeling and ready for a fight. As if the Astral AGE had yet to even activate the eyes lit up with a bright red glow and the thrusters on the Arise and the Astral ignited with an intense light. With that the Astral was gone. This was space combat, the Astrals home field. With all the thrusters it was made to move as the blast fired his Ms was long gone. While one of his rifles was basically shot that didn't mean it was useless. As the Astral AGE flew overhead of the enemy MS it set the rifle to overload and tossed it before it fully got in range the Astral's other Arm came up shooting it causing a explosion that acted as both a light wall and an obstruction in the enemies light of sight. Shin figured he would be ready for a shot of even his blade so he smiled as he used his rifle to shoot a few pot shots to keep the enemy in around the same place as he tossed a Armor Schneider though the smoke wasn't sure where it would hit but it didn't matter
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    Risu wandered around GBN’s hub world rather listlessly, for now content to watch the passersby. She’d admit that she was never good at these sorts of games, and often thought about stopping, but Choco said she was going to be around at some point. Even the tutorial for her was difficult. She’d dreaded going into a mission, or especially going up against other players. Still, she at least wanted to get good enough to keep up. Choco was a pretty skilled gamer, and Risu felt… obligated to try and get to that level, especially since she’d dropped 60 000 yen for this. Her experience with other games had told her the best way to get good at something was to jump in! …right? A quest window opened up in front of her, its suddenness causing her to jump. Given her avatar, which she’d made to be some kind of cartoon squirrel, she’d let out an involuntary squeak. - << Gundam Generation >> A randomized, dynamic and innovative campaign which reimagines events of every timeline and mixes them up with each other for a one-of-a-kind experience! Strike foes down on every known battlefield, oppose NPDs or ally with them, and gain exclusive rewards for passing the unmarked side assignments! Warning: Beta Campaign. Stability and playability errors might arise at random. Report any problems with this campaign to the nearest administrator. - Carefully, Risu read through the quest details, scrolling down until the end, which notified her of its beta status. That… was alarming, but then she’d remembered that GBN was in beta right now. She’d hesitate, having her own reservations about jumping into such content so early, though eventually she’d reach out to press the ‘join’ button. There were already six others who were ready to play. << Gundam Generation >> Looking for Divers… (Maximum 8 players) 1. [8TMS Lt.] Aida 2. [ZAPP Agent] Creed 3. [Comet Meister] Kyle 4. [Raging Beast] Shin Hakuren 5. [Blue Lightning] Carter Lee 6. [Adopted Puru] Hikaru 7. [Spider Lily] Risu 8. NPD
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    Carter drew in a breath as he arrived home, he head been out on quite the trip; Visiting someone quite important to him and all that. The male enterred his apartment and look around, it was devoid of any other person right now- which was how he liked it actually, it gave him time to do whatever he wanted and right now what he wanted to do was.. relax, he put his bag down on the couch and passed by the shelf on his way through the kitchen to the bathroom. There was a huge amount of memorabilia from his favourite series: Mobile Suit Gundam, from The original all the way down to Iron Blooded Orphans he had Model kits, Figures, and other assorted pieces of merch as well. He quickly showered and thought hard about what it was he could do. "There's no point in trying to beat the world record in The Psyco Gundam strike" He thought "It's not like I have a new strategy for it or anything" He racked his mind as he stepped out and got dressed, then his eyes locked onto what was currently on his bedroom desk, He approached it and picked it up. It was an old friend so to speak, a Gunpla which he had spent all of his money on back when he first began the hobby. the male smiled softly at it and oriented its Monoeye so it was facing him.. The Zaku 2 High Mobility Type; He called it the "Forerunner". Carter then turned to his console and computer, and that's when it finally hit him. He quickly went over to his console and sat down in front of it, booting it up "Please scan your Gunpla". Those words plastered a small grin on his face, the male looked at his Zaku and pat it on the head "Let's do it" he said, placing the Zaku onto the scanner and logging into the game. Now, he was stood in the lobby of the GBN, looking around the place with a hand on his hip.. the place was empty.. He rolled his eyes and smiled a little bit as he started to walk around, exploring the familiar place.. he had read the patch notes sometime ago already so he knew exactly what he wanted to do. He entered the hangar and then looked up at his machine, standing before it and fixing his hair.. The Zaku's blue was matched by the pilots outfit, he was wearing a replica of Char Aznable's clothing, except in his own colours, blue instead of red and silver replacing gold. The diver looked down and nodded to himself before getting into the cockpit and going straight to the catapult. "Free roam without need to refuel? It's almost like they wanted me back" he said quietly as he prepared to launch "Blue Lightning launching in the Zaku Forerunner!" he called out as he launched, flying through the skies with a small smile on his face, and while he bolted through the skies.. he saw something new pop up on the mission screen - << Gundam Generation >> A randomized, dynamic and innovative campaign which reimagines events of every timeline and mixes them up with each other for a one-of-a-kind experience! Strike foes down on every known battlefield, oppose NPDs or ally with them, and gain exclusive rewards for passing the unmarked side assignments! Warning: Beta Campaign. Stability and playability errors might arise at random. Report any problems with this campaign to the nearest administrator. - "All timelines?" he said, before nodding.. This would be the start of something great, and he could feel it he clicked the [Join Party] Button and then noticed a flare shoot up "Nice timing.." He then did a quick flip in his Mobile Suit to reorient himself, blasting off in the direction of the flare, as he got closer he marveled at everyone's customized Mobile suits, he looked at his own Zaku and chuckled a bit; he felt a bit under-dressed. When he arrived, his MS Slid across the ground slightly, the blue afterglow of his thrusters slowly dissipating. He leaned back in the cockpit and crossed his arms.. Waiting. << Gundam Generation >> Looking for Divers… (Maximum 8 players) 1. [8TMS Lt.] Aida 2. [ZAPP Agent] Creed 3. [Comet Meister] Kyle 4. [Raging Beast] Shin Hakuren 5. [Blue Lightning] Carter Lee 6. NPD 7. NPD 8. NPD
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    Pitch black darkness. It had been that way for long, but out of the blue, one of the four Gunpla Battle Nexus cabinets sprung to action and bathed the room in light. Somebody had turned it on by flipping one of the switches in the service room, while forgoing the other three cabinets and the micro-injection machine used to "print" out parts and weapons that were given to the players as rewards for clearing certain missions. A figure entered the room, having just treated himself to a grilled cheddar sandwich and some juice, ready for the rumble. A voice reached out to him after he put on his headset and visor. "Please, scan your Gunpla" It sounded human, but it was probably a recording. He still remembered the good old times, when the voice was jarringly robotic and spoke in a very butchered English. He took a 1/144 figure out of a holster in his pants, and put it over the scanner. It was a black and blue kitbash based in the GM III, crafted, painted and even slightly weathered in fine detail. Two rings of light emerged under the GM's feet and at the top of its head. One ascended, the other descended, and when they met halfway through to read the information chip, the name of the machine suddenly appeared in screen. Airbatel GM. Like Dan, the builder, he was pretty proud of the thing. "Are you proud of us too?" The Airbatel simply activated its main camera, more in response to the laser rings than his question. Logging in, which was a pretty straightforward process for such a secretive thing, he dismissed the coincidence and put on his visor, diving into a new world, the world of GBN's Community Update, full of new content to discover… and unsurprisingly devoid of people. The lobby inside the central skyscraper was empty save for an administrator, trying out new test NPDs meant to bolster the number of guides in areas too populated for volunteers to show all beginners around. Uninterested, the Diver by the nickname of Aida checked his context menu and used it to teleport to one of the hangar bays. Airbatel was there, standing tall and mighty above him. The administrator had also logged in with a personal Gunpla, which seemed to be that colorful Mobile Suit a few spaces away. Hobby Marasai. An interesting machine, but its owner was occupied. After a routine check-up of his machine, which was way easier when one was smaller than it and not the other way around, he turned it on and headed for the catapult. Being that he wasn't on a mission, and nobody could hear him anyways, he skipped out on the part where he shouted his name and his machine's out loud, to silently catapult away from the building, and fly away to cruise the game world, which could now be done even outside missions since the 1.79 update. That day, the GM-Defenser had been re-painted silver for a new balance of colors, which meant he couldn't use it until Saturday, when the paint dried out and the detail could be done again. He was using a Hyaku-Shiki's and backpack tonight, which hardly kept him in a continuous flight like those Aida was accustomed to. But one of the good things of Free Roam mode was that no fuel or energy would be consumed at all, so he could fly around carelessly in autopilot with the fuel efficiency tool disabled, while using the context menu to try and see just how many people were free to play that night. Hopeful, he gasped when he took notice of the current player count. There were more people than usual, just dispersed through the game world. Maybe that could be the day he finally got to try out one of those new campaigns he had been eyeing. Landing Airbatel smoothly on a yard located behind a replica of Alfred Izuruha's school, complete with a vendor of 0080 avatar paraphernalia, Aida coursed through the menu until he could find that one campaign he had been eyeing but couldn't play right until that moment, and when he found it, he picked the "Look for Public" option, even though his Gunpla was incomplete that day. After all, it wasn't like he was in any position to get picky, and probably all of the beta testers were decent enough people to get hold of a code from the administration. Then again, "it's not like the code was mine to begin with...", he sighed. - << Gundam Generation >> A randomized, dynamic and innovative campaign which reimagines events of every timeline and mixes them up with each other for a one-of-a-kind experience! Strike foes down on every known battlefield, oppose NPDs or ally with them, and gain exclusive rewards for passing the unmarked side assignments! Warning: Beta Campaign. Stability and playability errors might arise at random. Report any problems with this campaign to the nearest administrator. - "Let's see, let's see… aha! You've been occupying a space in the carry inventory for long. It was about time you were of any use...", said Aida while equipping a one-time use flare gun on his Mobile Suit's free hand, and promptly having Airbatel fire it. The custom GM III did a full 180 degree turn in a second, lifted its right arm, and pointed the flare gun at the sky to strike that famous 'Last Shot' pose from Mobile Suit Gundam, before firing. A golden V promptly appeared in the sky above them. The V-Flare signal would last an entire hour before disappearing. But he planned to leave for the night if nobody joined him before the flare was gone. If that were to happen, he would give up trying to find a group of night owls he could fit into the daily schedule, and come back Saturday afternoon to get started once and for all with a regular force… - << Gundam Generation >> Looking for Divers… (Maximum 8 players) 1. [8TMS Lt.] Aida 2. NPD 3. NPD 4. NPD 5. NPD 6. NPD 7. NPD 8. NPD -
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    "Dammit-" Carter said before getting on comms "Kira move! I need a clear shot!" He shouted before noticing a beam cut In through the space behind him.. someone had gotten close enough to shoot at the ship "Gah- hold that thought, the ships under direct attack!" Carter called out for his team. He changed sides, going from the tail end of the archangel over to the middle to protect it, he was looking for where the shots came from, frantically so. "You know what? How about this?" H switched over to the Anti armor shotgun and started blasting the direction the beams were coming from, he had to get them away from the ship before Something worse happens
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    Shin felt confident in his attack if nothing else it would have done decent damage, but bursting through the smoke came another enemy combatant. As the Titan stopped his dagger Shin gave a foul look at both fighters. A two on one match normally wouldn't be a problem for Shin but he was too distracted. As the Gundam frame charged at him firing, shin fired all thrusters trying to evade but his reaction time was far too slow and a large portion of the blast hit his unit center mass. Bits of armor flew off his unit and the AGE unit was thrust back into a nearby asteroid. Alarms sounded as Shin sat in his cockpit his hair now draped over his eyes. Was he gonna lose…. How the hell could all those people talk of teamwork but show him none in return. The other seemed to have a plan while they just kept going the same as last time. It was then that Shin noticed something. He extra armor on his chest had come off revealing a faint blue glow from AGE's A sensor. While most of his Gundam had a red glow that was as fierce as fire this light was different kinder, and seemed off from the rest of the Gundam. Shin looked upon this light and a slight smirk crossed his face. As the enemy unit taunted Shin he retorted "Sorry pal, but losing isn't an option." Shin silenced the alarms that had been blaring his using now slowly starting to lurch away from the hunk of rock it had been so kindly plastered to. The Zeong had also started to make a move but none of that mattered Shin was done worrying about the what ifs and if onlys. Now he was focused… on the kill. The blue light ignited from the A Sensor seemed to travel through the machine bursting forth. In a blazing flash of his thrusters he was gone. The speed was great but his direction was clear, the Titan. Heading straight for the Gundam the Astral AGE's blades slid down from his left shoulder and onto the wrist forming both a shield and a blade. Using the GN Rifle to fire at the Zeong while still rushing the Titan. As the AGE got close he slashed with his blade toward the barrel of the bazooka but this was a faint, he didn't care for the gun for all he cared he would happily miss. However At some point he had dropped the GN Rifle and also rigged it to explode using the blast to propel him into the Gundam with greater speed. As he collided with the Gundam he smiled and used the head of his Gundam to bash against the titans. Breaking off bits of his crest and the faceplate of the AGE. "Don't worry! You never stood a chance anywho! They don't call me the raging beast for nothing!" With that the AGE pushed the Titan off and tried to kick it into an asteroid. As the AGE stood there it took a grim pose like a wounded animal ready to take everything and everyone with him. The clanking of the gear and groans of the metal could still be heard as of the machine was roaring and ready for action
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    For a long time, Risu seemed to disappear from the battlefield, even staying quiet on team comms. The HUD marker for her machine on the rest of Team Alpha was way out of position, moving seemingly further and further away from the action. What was she doing? Eventually, though, the Higanbana’s marker stopped moving, and an unfamiliar, young voice would transmit through the team comms. “I’m here.” Her comm window finally opened to show the squirrel pilot, who had somehow changed into a more fitting outfit: a close-fitting red-and-black normal suit possessing a pink rabbit pin on the protective collar. “I see it. The ship.” Risu had parked her machine inside a field of debris, having managed to sneak her way over towards the Archangel as ordered. She raised the Higanbana’s sole weapon, its Long Beam Rifle, propping the long, flat weapon against a piece of nearby space debris. Thankfully, the ship wasn’t moving at all, and her heads-up display showed a pair of markers over its bridge and its engine cluster, helping her aim at the critical components of the vessel even if she was wholly unfamiliar with it. A brief pause punctuated the pull of the trigger, and with a low whine, the weapon begun to charge up to let loose a large beam of energy towards the bridge of the ship. If Risu could successfully destroy the bridge, she reasoned, then the fight would be over sooner. She fired again, and again, and again, every shot threatening to slam into the large vessel’s hull and pierce right through. No doubt this would attract the attention of everyone on Beta team, but Risu was fine with that. She'd at least done her job: she'd be lucky to come out unscathed after this.
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    "The heck? Am I being ignored?" Carter sighed deeply as he was in position, he was able to see people engage in fights from his spot on top of the Archangels tail, it gave him a mighty fine view indeed. The pilot leaned back and relaxed a bit.. he saw the Zeong engage someone, and he saw the GM Go forward as well "We're spreading thin.. that might not be good" He mumbled to himself, before going on comms to his allies "Yo! Try to stay within range of me, if you're having trouble I can back you guys up with some artillery!" He called out before shutting off his comms. He saw the Bael, flying around space.. and he smirked "IBO, huh? Alright, Bael.." he grabbed the 350mm Gun Launcher from his backpack and readied it, loading it with am armor piercing she'll "Meet the Cosmic Eras Dainsleif!" He fired the launcher and the shell shot out towards the Bael
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    Shockingly, the orange and blue machine did nothing to protect itself from Kyle's beam fingers. "Must've caught him off guard." He thought to himself. The left hand of the Zeong was pointed almost directly down near the back of the opponent's Gunpla, causing damage mostly to the booster attached to it. One of the finger blasts did minor damage to its right thigh as the other hand fired, intended for the waist, but most of the attack ended up hitting the left GN Sword Rifle, with slight damage being taken to what looked to be the Age-2's shoulders. The Zeong floated near the debris as the almost weightless arms did their job. "Come on!" Kyle yelled out. "At least try to fight back, or else I'm gonna have to go for the others!" His arms reconnected with the Zeong as he flew somewhat closer to Astral in order to get a better shot. The diver stopped, once again pointing the ten fingers at the enemy. "I'll just try to end this quick then." He exclaimed, firing not only each finger, but the two waist mega particle guns as well. "Hopefully this'll take care of h-" "HIT HIM! HIT HIM!" Something chirped near the feet of him. Kyle almost fell over from the shock of a familiar voice. "WHAT?!?!" He screamed. "Why are you here?!"
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    Carter had watched the red Gundam fall down into the colony, he let out a breath and shut his eyes "Damn.. I got lucky" He said to himself, though he had no time to relax- His mobile suit was detecting a machine coming towards him and fast. 'Who the hell?' he thought to himself before finally recognizing the machine; he smirked at it and then turned his MS to face the red comet.. “Come on, Red Comet!" Carter yelled as he went in full throttle. He wanted to greet Char properly, he tightened the grip on his Knuckle Spikes and Shield, his plan was simple.. Rush towards him, get in low and get a strike right to the head unit of the Rick Dias, he smirked confidently.. and as soon as he was close enough he swung at the Red comet and.. Missed? "Where?-" He couldnt even finish his sentence as the Red comet popped up underneath him, kicking his Zaku in the cockpit and pushing him back quite a bit 'Tsk.. I knew he would do that'. The Blue lightning stared down his adversary.. The chest area of his MS was dented, though lucky for him the cockpit was relatively okay.. for now at least. He took in a deep breath, he could fight an NPD at the least, He made his MS Point directly at Char "Come on! Hit me with everyone you have!" He challenged as he dashed at his adversary, winding up for a strong punch with the spiked knuckle, only to feint and try to get behind him to smash the backpack in
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    The entire battlefield was littered with drastically different Gunpla and CPUs fighting all over the Trinames. Madness seemed to unfold around the Lockon fanatic, but his eyes were set on taking out the crazed enemy pilot’s mobile suit. Unfortunately, he wasn’t giving up on his crusade for victory. While his Beam Gun did manage to damage his shoulder, the enemy Gunpla kept going on, swinging directly at the Trinames’. Kyle pushes hard on the controls, turning left from the slash, but his barrel stuck out ahead of him. He grunted as the large GN Sword took a chunk out of the built-in rifle. “Shit!” He thought. "If I fire that now, my whole arm would be damaged!” There wasn’t much time to worry though, as the other machine was pulling back. “You don’t get to damage my creation and get away with it!” He yelled. Pulling out the other GN Pistol, he fired it point blank at the exposed shoulder. Haro had different plans after this, pulling back to get distance between the enemy after the pistol shot. The toy attempted to move the Trinames away from the close combat as Kyle confronted the robot “Damn it Haro! give me back the controls!” While he wanted to do something similar, the sudden fallback made his return fire with both blasters a little wonky. “Acknowledged!” It chirped as the damaged Trinames was returned to the diver.
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    She got lucky. That was all. What was next, Risu was not at all prepared for. She panicked, allowing her hands to leave the controls while the blue mobile suit approached with a vengeance, using its spiked shoulder pad as some kind of knuckle weapon. It’d find its mark, striking Higanbana square in its chest, jostling its pilot about and sending the machine careening towards the colony edge. Thankfully, a well-built gunpla translated into a sturdy machine in the game, and Risu would find that Higanbana suffered relatively little collateral damage as it fell into a suburb below, crushing several houses in its wake. Thoroughly shaken, she stared up at the action above, nearly powerless to change it. What was she even doing? What hope did she have of competing against people like this? A familiar, dreadful feeling begun to resurface, like water or blood beginning to fill her lungs. These were strangers, she reasoned. Complete strangers, but why did she feel like she’d disappointed them? In its current state, Higanbana was powerless to do anything, remaining still in the rubble. Its pilot was choking back tears that had no reason to be shed. Why? Why did she let herself think that she could do this?
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    Hikaru had been forced away from Emma and needed to avoid the pot shots, and on top of that the enemy team had intercepted Kamille first even with his observation and warnings from above the battlefield. Reacting to the Kamille issue had forced him to stop trying to draw Emma away from the fight as planned. Even the tertiary objective to the plan, to draw some enemies away from the main fight if Emma got backup, was only marginally successful at best. The Diver clenched his teeth a bit. Beta Team had seen through and torn apart his plans so fast that it was as if they were Newtypes. He supposed the old adage was true. 'No plan survives contact with the enemy'. Being surprised wouldn't help here though. He had to act. "A bit early to give such feedback on the beta, wouldn't you say? If you want to underestimate them though, be my guest." His shield still raised in a natural blocking position from his deception of Emma and the pot shots already fired by Aida, he covered his machine's left hip from enemy view. The hip-mounted beam gun shifted position briefly while he spoke, the boy feeling a need to use one of his trump cards early due to the situation. With the desperately-hoped-for attack on the nearby Galbaldy Beta by his teammate causing a loud crash though, one that hopefully surprised Aida, Hikaru changed tactics. Quickly strafing to his left, he took aim at the Shot Lancer arm of the enemy machine and fired with the condensed stream of beam particles. If Aida's instincts favored using his shield as he was positioned to do, could he withdraw the extended arm and weapon behind the protection of the shield in time? Or would he instead dodge and risk a less effective weapons lock? If he could remove the dual-purpose weapon or the arm holding it from play, that would likely give a blow to the machine's loadout. It was the best Hikaru could think to do at the moment, but he'd just have to manage.
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    While the others rushed into battle, Hikaru held back for a moment. Those who detected him might think he was securing the exit, but he took a little time to survey the battlefield and reflect. In the cutscene, Emma was in Gundam Unit 02 rather than Kacricon. Kacricon had instead used Unit 01 here. There was also mention of a Scarlet Team, but that was a team name from the Grey Phantom's MS team in War in the Pocket. Was the Grey Phantom and the NT-X nearby? Kamille wasn't even referenced at all in the cut scene. These were light breaks from the canon, but a key one stood out. Kacricon had told Jerid to get into a Hizack. There would thus be no presumption on Kacricon's part later that Jerid was piloting Unit 03 instead of Kamille if things continued on the 'canon' route. That would be a big problem. There was also the fact that Beta Team could be presumed to have the same knowledge of canon as Hikaru and Alpha Team did, and would have no cause to allow Kamille to get anywhere close to Gundam Unit 03 in the first place. The advantages of the canon that gave one team an apparent advantage over the other were wiped away by small tweaks to the narrative and mutual foreknowledge of what canon did survive unaltered. The GBN designers who wrote the scenario did very well to adjust balance without breaking immersion, even employing awareness of canon as a potential trap, but Hikaru had little time to contemplate praise. Beta Gundam's optics scanned the area below from on high, making an educated guess at the timing given the cutscene to narrow down his search window. Thankfully, well behind the empty jeep which was continuing on down the sky panel road after its occupant had dove clear, was a forested area in which a blue-haired boy was momentarily ignored. Kamille Bidan was still playing by the canon for now, but it would only get the NPD wiped out. To be effective, Alpha Team would have to take this narrative even further off the rails. He could only hope that Version 1.8's NPDs were adaptable enough to be guided in such a manner and thus assist. Making a decision and formulating two plans of action, he toggled his communications from Alpha Team's private channel to the shared Alpha and Scarlet Team channel. The Diver then parsed his words carefully. “...Alpha and Argama Teams, this is Hikaru with a SPOTREP. A civilian identified as the son of the Gundam Mk-II's head designer has escaped the Titans' base by charging a security checkpoint with a stolen vehicle in the confusion. He has since abandoned the vehicle. Possibility of defection high, possibility of supplemental intelligence to be obtained on Titans research is moderate. He's the blue-haired boy in the forest close to the combat zone at location 11.54 km longitudinal axis by 5.63 km circumferance axis, though he's mobile. Requesting designation as Secondary Objective so he can be picked up before he's recaptured or killed. I'm about to try and pull a trick out of the GM Camouf's old playbook up here to sow a little chaos and confusion. I can't go grab him myself right now, so I'd appreciate any takers.” It was important not only to convey to his teammates that Kamille could be killed by Beta Team before he even got to his canon role, but also parse it in a way that Char and the NPDs could accept as something actionable rather than confusing meta gibberish. As the Diver got Gundam Unit 02 in his sights, he reflected on his second plan of action and its inspiration. The GM Camouf was an interesting and little known Zeon machine from the later part of the One Year War. Built from various Zeon units and given thin armor, it had the profile and rough appearance of an RGM-79 and took advantage of the fact that Universal Century IFF technology compensated for Minovsky particle interference by making assumptions about what it was seeing and 'filling in the blanks' based on the profile of the machine it was trying to identify. The GM Camouf was meant for black flag operations and had failed because it was too good at its role – the GM Camoufs were shot down by their own assigned Musai after it had misidentified them as hostiles. When Hikaru took aim at Emma Sheen's Gundam Unit 02 with his Beam Rifle and fired from a distance above, he never really intended to hit. He intended to get her attention and to fill the area between them with Minovsky Particles to generate the conditions the GM Camouf was intended for. His own Mobile Suit, which had so much in common with Emma's in shape and appearance, might just achieve the same effect if GBN was faithful enough to the details. The shield he held to protect his machine's torso helped maintain the illusion. If this made him appear as a hostile RX-178 to Emma's sensors as he hoped it would, and the NPD was smart enough to respond appropriately to the shock of a Gundam Mk-II being fielded by her enemy, he might just pull her off the rails too...
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    Carter sighed deeply when he heard the GM's pilot bark out orders at them, he shook his head and then gripped onto the controls of his MS. The blue haired male decided to survey the battlefield from the safety of his cockpit.. he looked around and before he knew it, the GM, and Dynames had launched without him- He allowed this to happen, it gave him a better chance to see how the enemy would react "So we're in Zeta right now, huh?" he asked himself "This is in the earlier episodes.." He shut his eyes as he continued to speak to himself in his cockpit "We're against the AEUG.. so Kamille should be here soon, then our opponents would be.." He suddenly opened his eyes, if this were in the anime then there would be a newtpye flash.. "Quattro Bageena.." He said, smiling just a little bit. Carter took a deep breath, despite how cool he was acting he was very nervous.. He was a speedrunner, not a PVP player. He was used to running through countless NPD's alone, just random bots that had no personality in the way they fought- Aside from that, all of his strategies could be planned before entering the mission and getting into the fight. He looked down at the controls of his mobile suit and ran his hand over the joystick "Alright, let's get back to work!" He said to psych himself up. He leaned back and then started putting pedal to the metal, The Thrusters of the Zaku had a faint blue glow around them which only started to magnify the longer her stood in place, he finally opened communications up with his team and said his first few words to them "Blue Lightning, Taking off" he said in a calm voice as his Zaku suddenly burst out of the platform it was standing on, he circled the battefield at high speeds, leaving a blue trail in his wake as he started picking out his targets.. There were a few good choices, The enemy players would serve to be a good challenge, but they were comprised of Gundam type mobile suits. 'I can take them if push comes to shove..' he thought to himself 'but i'll play it safe, for now' he thought. His eyes locked onto the Red Rick Dias, he tightened his grip on the joysticks and then nodded, he knew exactly who he wanted to fight. He opened communications once more "You guys handle the others! Char is mine!" He declared before spinning briefly and then activating hi thrusters at full power, launching himself towards the Red MS while reaching around and grabbing his Zaku's heat sword. He zipped right past the Dynames and AGE that were dueling, finally getting his target in range for his sensors to lock on.. He readied himself and.. SLASHED!
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    “Looks like this campaign will be more interesting than I thought.” Zeta Gundam was one of Kyle’s favorite series, knowing it like the back of his hand. He’d played missions based around it, but this campaign seemed to have more polish to it, as if it was more realistic. The cutscene for one thing, was way more extravagant and like the show than any other one he’d seen. “Thank God for the beta invitation.” He said. “We might be the first people to try this out.” As his team moved out of the hangar, he heard the GM III pilot, Aida, speak through the comms. "Beta Team, this is One. We’ll use provisional numerical callsigns for this assignment, according to your number in the team roster..." The NPD on the team interrupted, saying "Four, order acknowledged." “Oh boy…” Kyle thought. “He's one of THOSE players.” Kyle ran into the super serious Divers on many occasions. Most would act that way wanting to pretend it wasn’t a game, which is something he didn’t much care for. “It’s just a game. We’ll just take out the other players and… Wait.” Kyle pulled up the table filled with the player’s name and Gunpla. “This is going to be tough.” Three Gundams and a Woundwart opposed them, while the lone Gundam pilot had a GM, a Zaku, and a CPU Galbaldy on his side. “I hope those kits pack a punch.” Even though Kyle was the only Diver with a Gundam on the team, they still had two MK II’s, each piloted by somewhat competent pilots, and a Hizack. They were firing up at the Rick Dias, but Kyle knew they weren’t in range for them. The Trinames, on the other hand… “This is two. Targeting enemy Rick Dias.” The Trinames’ visor lowered as Kyle aimed directly at the red Rick Dias. “Sorry Quattro. I gotta take you out now. You’re quite beneficial to the AEUG’s victory and I’d rather not lose.” He hoped that the MK II’s could take out Apolly and Roberto while the other Divers duked it out, but another thought popped into his head. “Where’s Kamille in all of this?” The timeline had obviously changed to benefit the Titans, but if Kamille showed up, not only would Alpha team have another fighter, but the campaign would be affected negatively for Beta Team. Kyle glanced around to see the other unmanned MK II. He couldn’t spend all of his time looking for when Kamille would jump into it, but luckily, he had a friend who could. “Haro! Take control while I fire incase someone tries to attack!” Kyle shouted to the little robot. “and keep an eye on the third MK II! Tell me if it moves.” The red Haro spun around. “Roger! Roger!” Kyle kept his eyes on the NPD’s, opting to fire at one of Quattro’s pals instead. “Easier target…” The Smart Beam Gun pointed directly at the Rick Dias’ to the right of the AEUG Lieutenant. “Time to engage. NERAI UTSU ZE!” A pink beam emerged from the built-in beam rifle as it sped towards the target.
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    Despite the somewhat lackluster attendance on the server there was a surprisingly quick turn around of divers joining this particular mission. Marco rubbed his beard as he studied the names and units respectively. All of the kits were quite impressive, each for varying reasons. There was a lot of awkward greetings exchanged and Marco hardly cared as he ran through the systems of the zero yet again. He studied the weapons and loadouts of the other units respectively, silently guessing what each was capable of. It seemed almost suddenly when the mission began. The Zeta flavored cutscene played out and soon he was staring at hangar doors opening in front of him from a rusty freighter. He glanced at the units around him: the AGE, Beta, and TR-6. “So this is the dream team…” he mused to himself before turning on his comms. “How do we want to do this Alpha team? I’m assuming the NPD’s will act out nearly like the show did….” Marco rubbed his beard as he talked contemplating the best course, curious how his teammates would scheme as well. With the added units and their respective abilities he wasn’t sure that the outcome would be guaranteed the same. Suddenly an idea cropped into Marco’s head and he pulled the controls to transform into mobile armor mode, jetting forward. “I’m scouting ahead! Let’s keep Quattro and the AEUG members safe!” Marco knew in the back of his head that it was unlikely a newly formed team could agree on a single plan quickly. The best he could hope for would be everyone not getting in each other’s way.
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    Suddenly, one by one, complete strangers, piloting customized machines of a very good quality, started to drop around him and made their entrance before joining the wait list, like some sort of early Christmas miracle. First was a Saviour from SEED, mixed with some elements from Epyon. Then, a custom Dynames, with what appeared to be some parts from Sazabi. Aida needed not even look at the rest of it to know the pilot had to specialize in long-range attacks. It was followed by a very angry-looking AGE-2, which triggered the countdown clock that would send the four of them to the campaign as soon as 120 seconds passed without any new machines joining. But, surprise, surprise: three more challengers stepped up to the game: a custom Zaku II that still shined despite the simplicity of its build, a very well built Refined Barzam which had been mixed with a Gundam MkII and used the bright colors of Zeta Gundam, and finally, the surprise of the year: a very pretty red Woundwort to defy any and all of his prejudices towards Advance of Zeta units. Even he, the first one in every crowd to bash modern mechanical design, had to admit that it was one hell of a good Mobile Suit, and he expected it to be piloted by an equally skilled operator. Then there was him, with his humble Airbatel, holding a Shot Lancer and panning its main camera, while dishing out greetings to the other Mobile Suits as they landed. "What an unfortunate day to put the Defenser and the beam rifle in the bench..." Nothing more could be said before the alarm rang calmly. Sadly, no eight machine had joined them, so now, every single machine was transported to a black space for the start of the campaign. He was not disappointed, that nearly full house was much more than he was expecting to find that night, and the NPD that would fill the empty spot could make for a good test of might for the allied AI, if it ended up in his team. "Speaking of which", Aida wondered out loud, and looked at his right. There was an eight machine, a green Galbaldy Beta. The NPD? He checked with a table that had now appeared in the black space among the eight of them, and saw that the teams had been already decided. - - - Provisional Force Alpha Gundam Zero Saviour - Creed Astral AGE Gundam - Shin Beta Gundam - Hikaru TR-6 Higanbana - Risu Provisional Force Beta GM Airbatel - Aida Gundam Trinames - Kyle Zaku Forerunner - Carter Galbaldy Beta (Titans) - ReC-NPD - - - "Rec what?" Whatever it stood for, the NPD filling in was rather unusual. Most NPDs on this beta had flashy machines, famous for winning Gunpla Building contests in Perisia, and relatively normal names, like Re-1 and Mall Ninja. All of this, along with the upgrades to the AI, gradually active depending on the skill of both teams, were enough to fool some and think they were actual Divers. Mall Ninja even had a fan club due to his humorous quips and his neat red Susanowo. And even though the Galbaldy looked like GBWC material, with the amount of detail it had been given, the lore-appropriate decals and the weathering, he couldn't stop thinking something was off. But that wasn't the time for wonders. One by one, the rival machines disappeared from his view, and once even the NPD was gone, his view detached itself from the Airbatel's cockpit. Everyone was probably seeing the same. This was the beginning of a cutscene. Music started to play, and a banner announced their arrival to the stage of one of the most influential wars ever seen by the Universal Century... - - - << Cutscene Start >> Outer space. The position of the Sun offered an unparalleled view of a group of colonies, stationed at one of many Lagrangian points. One in particular was seeing movement: two black Mobile Suits jittered around one of the service back entrances, nervously if a sentiment could be assigned to their way of moving. Surely enough, it appeared something inside had just kicked the hornet's nest, as a red Mobile Suit automatically came out of the service entrance and retreated at full speed, with its black analogues following its lead closely, while two GM IIs and a Hi-Zack operated by the Titans came out of the other side of the colony. "Target acquisition in seven. It will be violent, men. Prep yourselves for contact", said the voice of the Hi-Zack to its subordinates, as they blasted full speed ahead to the other side of the colony. However, as they got closer they noticed a signal of some kind among the stars. "A flare… did the bastard call reinforcements? UAAG-" Nothing more would be heard of the three pilots, as a potent beam was cast upon them and the surface of the military-owned colony, destroying their machines and piercing the wall alike. "Apolly! Roberto! To me! We're going to capture the Gundam Mark II!" Soon after the explosion, while emergency sirens started blaring inside the colony and the smog clogging the artificial atmosphere escaped through the hole, three Rick Dias came out of hiding behind an asteroid, and accelerated into the colony, using the opening to begin their assault on the Green Noa base. Immediately after entering, they were greeted by a squadron of GM IIs, with their short beam rifles at the ready. "Eeeeh… But we haven't found out the whereabouts of the Gundam yet!" So, the red Rick Dias grabbed a hold of its beam pistol, and Quattro Bajeena’s squad of One Year War veterans faced a squadron with double the numbers, but half the skill, which had problems hitting the new models. "You think you’re so much better, don’t you?!", yelled one of the pilots in frustration, firing at Quattro’s machine. However, his fixation on it allowed one of his wingmen to get a crystal clear shot of the attacking GM with their clay bazooka. An explosion followed, and the remains of the leader’s GM descended upon some of the factories that had been making the materials to build the secret mobile suits and their equipment. Meanwhile, two black Gundams helped put a third in a mobile platform, meant to take it to its hangar. While the Mobile Suit was in what appeared to be perfect condition, the building it had landed on was not. Effectively, just like the third Gundam, people were being taken out of the building in stretchers, with a pair being on a far worse state than others, heading for a body bag rather than an ambulance. The pilot, a blond man who was about to board the wheeled platform, was approached by a very well known figure of the One Year War, accordingly dressed in his khaki Federation uniform. "What are you doing here?! Can't you hear the sirens?", yelled Bright Noa over the sound of the aforementioned alarms. Jerid Messa replied unenthusiastically to his concerns. "Tsk, i bet it was just a meteorite hit which opened up that hole." But Captain Bright wasn't amused, and fed back accordingly. "What would somebody like you know?! You've only just arrived from Earth!" This prompted an uncomfortable silence period between the two of them, while chaos continued to reign in the background. This lasted until Emma Sheen's Unit 02 suddenly twisted its head to look in the direction of the hole in the wall, turning on its loudspeakers to keep Jerid and Bright in the loop. "Scarlet Team down! Tower seven reporting three AEUG mobile suits!". Jerid couldn't help but stare in amazement at the idea that Bright's implications were right. Meanwhile, Kacricon Kacooler's Unit 01 rapidly turned on its thrusters and leaped towards its hangar to grab a hold of its arsenal: a cartridge-fed beam rifle, an E-Pac in the receiver and two more stored in the back, along with a modern shield. The pilot was enthusiastic, to say the least. "Scarlet Team is… they must be the new units spotted at the Moon! Hehehe, you don't know how badly I've wanted this showdown to take place… Emma, your weapons! Jerid, a Hi-Zack! Now!" Both shouted affirmatively and ran to their combat posts, as a GM II fell from the artificial skies of the colony, over the house of a poor civilian. << Cutscene End >> - - - <<< Commence Mission >>> "Ok, three, two, one, let’s jam..." Aida's custom mission beginning audioclip played. The match was on. With no further explanation or instructions, not that any were necessary, Aida found himself back on the cockpit of the Airbatel. His machine was in a very wide hangar with open doors, with space for the GM plus three other machines, which he could see by merely looking left: the customized Dynames, the blue Zaku, then the NPD’s Galbaldy. All four of them lied over their own mobile platforms, which started moving forwards automatically after the match started to take them out of the hangar. Patient, Aida waited for the platform to drive him out of the hangar, not wanting to fly through its roof, a popular practice that looked awesome, but was sometimes met with broken optics and antennae. Instead, he addressed his team. To lead them would surely be a ride, but being assigned as the squad leader was hardly the most infrequent thing to happen to him. "Beta Team, this is One. We’ll use provisional numerical callsigns for this assignment, according to your number in the team roster..." he started, but a voice interrupted him almost immediately. "Four, order acknowledged." Aida was a little put off by this, but an intelligence powered by computing power would predictably process things faster than a human. However, this one seemed to lack most of the common sense shown by the NPDs he had fought with and against in solo missions, as evidenced by it not waiting for Aida to finish talking, nor the other two pilots to respond. It also came off as not just serious, but simply devoid of personality or feelings, like a blank slate. Not letting that put him to a halt, he ordered his GM to get up from its stretcher, which had exited the facility, and grab the Shot Lancer that was laying on the floor outside. "Uhhh… Beta Team, ready primary weapons." he continued, slowly panning the camera to find two black Gundams carefully aiming their beam rifles, and a Hi-Zack carelessly shooting at the sky with its machine gun. His IFF showed them as green contacts, which meant they were friendly. "No immediate visual with Alpha, so this is a team battle… We’re up against those four, plus Quattro's boys. You better not let your guard down, Beta!" Surely enough, outside the green colony’s walls, a rusty freighter opened its cargo bays in front of the rather improvised entrance port made by the AEUG, revealing the four machines of Alpha Team inside, ready to deploy and infiltrate the colony...
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    Hikaru was ready. His schoolwork was done, his Gunpla was prepared and armed, he'd just finished re-watching ZZ Gundam, and and the update to 1.8 Beta was complete. It was quiet in the house hidden in the woods as he pulled on one of his wheelchair's trays. A keyboard, trackball, assorted interface and SD Card ports, and a Gunpla scanner were mounted on it, while the one on the opposing arm was more multi-purpose for eating and Gunpla building. Plugging a networking cable from his chair into the router for an optimal online connection rather than relying on the wireless, he had a choice to make. He had finished the Flying Armor and the Beta Gundam, though he was still not 100% happy with one of the joints on the G-Defenser. Knowing that there was infinite fuel in free-roaming, he elected to simply forgo those flight add-ons and went for the RX-179 Beta Gundam and its various armaments plus the Point Defense Hip Modules, the Saber Claw Module, and the CIWS Shield. Idly noting the different and more fluid version of the 'Please scan your Gunpla' that rang out when compared to version 1.79, he placed the Gunpla on the scanner and the two rings did their work. As the optics of the Gunpla lit up in response, he was already placing the visor down over his head from behind his wheelchair's headrest. The GBN Online Interface built into the boy's wheelchair got to work. When he closed his eyes he was in his room, but when he opened them again after holding them closed for over one second, he had skipped the dive animation and was in the GBN Lobby. That was a little trick he'd read about on the forums, and it was interesting to note that it still worked. The Lobby felt like a ghost town with a few NPDs being the only humanoid beings around. There were also a few mouse-like Elemechu skittering about the lobby, hunting for viruses to attack and bugs to report. Though he knew the receptionist was an NPD, he still gave the character a wave of greeting and received a like reply in kind before heading off to the hangar. Walking on solely digital legs, the boy looked up at the RX-179 Beta Gundam in pleasure that it had translated well. He knew it wasn't the most powerful machine out there, but it would likely have a potential answer to most of what he might encounter. After a quick check of the status console in front of his machine, he climbed into his cockpit and- *SQUEAAAK* The boy stood up fast from the linear seat and looked down, noting the green rodent-like entity which had been searching his machine. Apparently they were a bit overzealous in searching for things like Break Decals these days. Giving a sigh, he gently moved the Elemechu and seated himself. After this matter was resolved, Hikaru wordlessly launched. There was no need to speak where there was no one to hear him, after all. He chose to deploy into an area where players were detected, specifically Side 6' Labot Colony, in hopes of finding his sisters. It was soon after launching that his console brought up an unrelated prompt, though. - << Gundam Generation >> A randomized, dynamic and innovative campaign which reimagines events of every timeline and mixes them up with each other for a one-of-a-kind experience! Strike foes down on every known battlefield, oppose NPDs or ally with them, and gain exclusive rewards for passing the unmarked side assignments! Warning: Beta Campaign. Stability and playability errors might arise at random. Report any problems with this campaign to the nearest administrator. - Blinking, the teenager then noticed the flare from the direction of Alfred Izuhara's school. Pondering for a moment, and deciding that exploring the new mode sounded like a lot of fun, he elected to add his name to the growing list. << Gundam Generation >> Looking for Divers… (Maximum 8 players) 1. [8TMS Lt.] Aida 2. [ZAPP Agent] Creed 3. [Comet Meister] Kyle 4. [Raging Beast] Shin Hakuren 5. [Blue Lightning] Carter Lee 6. [Adopted Puru] Hikaru 7. NPD 8. NPD
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    The room was dark, all the lights were off. In the darkness you could see a little bit of movement before the light of a computer slightly illuminated the room and a voice rang out from the speakers “Wake up! Wake up!” The sound was that of a Haro the body moved in the darkness a bit more before the constant calling of the Haro made him get up. Wrapping himself in the blanket he looked on the computer's screen to see that GBN was fully updated and ready for the beta. He looked over to his right to see a gunpla covered in a cloth the light barely catching it. He let out a sigh to show his frustration and started up GBN 1.8. He placed his visor on as the system booted up, and carefully took the cloth off the half finished Gunpla. He looked at it through the visor inspecting it. He was frustrated, this gunpla at half finished wasn't so bad. It was missing a lot of its armament but otherwise it would do just what he wanted. The system finished it boot up and made a simple demand of him. ‘’Please, Scan you Gunpla” He placed his gunpla on the sensor and allowed the rings to scan his machine. The eyes ignited and with that its name appeared on screen. The young man in the chair finished his lock in prep and signed in “ Shin Hakuren “ as he was transported to the world the taste of it left a sour note in his mouth. When he opened his eyes he was once again in GBN’s lobby. It was 1000 times better in his opinion. Less people meant less to worry about. However… He knew some of the other beta testers must be on and that meant he could let loose in that gunpla. Using the commands he teleported himself to the hanger to look up at the machine he had built. He had heard it over and over, people talking about the love to see it like this but to Shin… all it did was make him violently angry. His eyes darted to the left and he opened the command to move him to the cockpit and with that Shin headed to the launch bay. Even though he hated it he had to do it every time, his launch phrase “ Shin Hakuren, Astral AGE Gundam, Eradicating Targets….” with that the machine launched into the air. For Shin this was the first test of this machine. Many of the parts he used made it a little heavier but the thrusters seemed to keep him stable and allow for decent maneuverability. It was then that Shin saw a flare in the sky, he flew around the area as he read the mission details “A randomized, dynamic and innovative campaign which reimagines events of every timeline and mixes them up with each other for a one-of-a-kind experience! Strike foes down on every known battlefield, oppose NPDs or ally with them, and gain exclusive rewards for passing the unmarked side assignments!” He liked the sound of taking on some of the best pilots even if they where NPD’s but from what he was told they were supposed to be much better now so maybe they could pose an actual challenge. He also saw the names on the list and seeing one name that he actually sort of recognized, Creed. If he was the same one he was thinking of maybe the beta test did have just what he was looking for, with that he hit the join button. Landing his custom gunpla a decent distance from the others and as he exited he didn't say a word << Gundam Generation >> Looking for Divers… (Maximum 8 players) 1. [8TMS Lt.] Aida 2. [ZAPP Agent] Creed 3. [Comet Meister] Kyle 4. [Raging Beast] Shin Hakuren 5. NPD 6. NPD 7. NPD 8. NPD
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    “What?! You don’t want to try it out?” Kyle was sitting near his desktop computer, complete with a home console to access the latest update to GBN. He was hoping his wife could join him, but she had other plans. “Sorry.” She said. “I’m really busy with another project.” She turned to walk out the door of their gaming room which was filled with Gundam memorabilla. “I’ll play it another time.” Kyle wasn’t surprised. She wasn’t as big of a fan of Gundam as him and hadn’t even created a custom Gunpla yet. Nevertheless, Kyle picked up his work in progress. It was a red and gold Dynames with a few different pieces. He looked to his right, noticing the plethora of Gunpla parts laying next to paint. “I know I should wait until you’re done, but I have to play now!” He thought to himself. Kyle put the Gunpla over the scanner in the middle of the home console, grasping the joysticks while wearing the visor connected to the machine. The dive into the world felt different to Kyle. “Maybe I’m just nervous about the Trinames’ performance.” He thought. As he arrived in the lobby, only one administrator was there, seemingly working with new test NPD’s. Kyle didn’t pay much attention to him though. All he wanted to do was fly around with his new Gunpla. As soon as he was how to teleport to one of the Mobile Suit hangars, he noticed an advertisement for McDaniel. Romario Monini smiled as he held up a cheeseburger, with red and yellow flowing behind him. Kyle smirked at the ad. “Looks even better in the game…” The Trinames was rather shiny inside the game, especially the gold covering the shield. As Kyle got inside the cockpit, he was greeted by his old friend. It was a red Haro, wearing its own Char Aznable mask. “Kyle! Kyle!” The Diver smiled. “it’s great to see you, Haro! You ready for some fun!” Haro jumped with glee into its slot. “Fun! Fun!” Kyle headed toward the catapult as he finally got to call out his new machine. “Trinames! Kyle O’Connor! Launching!” The sniping mobile suit catapulted away, flying around the game’s world. “This feels great!” He yelled as he moved his right arm around, practicing aiming with the connected Smart Beam Gun. He gently landed on one of the nearby buildings as he opened up his menu. “What mission do I go with?” He thought. At first, he was going to pick one of the tutorial battles, but he knew how easy those were for him. Plus, he’d already completed them multiple times, ruining the surprise. “Maybe I can get another person to practice with me. Wait!” He exclaimed “I’m sure there’s a campaign that’ll test my sniping abilities.” He scrolled down, passing various campaigns for long ranged Gunpla, but one regular campaign caught his attention. “Gundam Generation?” - << Gundam Generation >> A randomized, dynamic and innovative campaign which reimagines events of every timeline and mixes them up with each other for a one-of-a-kind experience! Strike foes down on every known battlefield, oppose NPDs or ally with them, and gain exclusive rewards for passing the unmarked side assignments! Warning: Beta Campaign. Stability and playability errors might arise at random. Report any problems with this campaign to the nearest administrator. - Looking for Divers… (Maximum 8 players) 1. [8TMS Lt.] Aida 2. NPD - “Sounds like a tribute to the G Generation games.” He said. “Maybe this could work, but would the Trinames…” At that moment, a golden V appeared in the sky by the War in the Pocket area. “I’m assuming that’s the two players. Haro! Take me to that location.” The robot chirped “Roger!” Haro flew towards them as Kyle got a closer look. One appeared to be a modified GM III while the other was a kitbashed Saviour Gundam. “Interesting…” Kyle locked his name onto the roster, having Haro land next to them. “Hello there!” said Kyle. << Gundam Generation >> Looking for Divers… (Maximum 8 players) 1. [8TMS Lt.] Aida 2. [ZAPP Agent] Creed 3. [Comet Meister] Kyle 4. NPD 5. NPD 6. NPD 7. NPD 8. NPD
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    It was all just a glorified test. For once Marco didn’t fully understand all the cloak and dagger nonsense his sponsors had been going on about. Marco didn’t care that much about whatever motives they had so long as they kept him well funded. Marco’s biggest concern over the beta was being challenged. NPDs had a history of being pushovers in his opinion and this latest update promised the world in terms or AI difficulty. That’s all that Marco cared about, otherwise he wouldn’t have been so open to being drafted for this gig. The computer repeated its request for perhaps the upteenth time and Marco hardly noticed as he slid his fingers over the delicate details of his Gunpla. By reputation he wasn’t exactly known for making extravagant out of the box models but he was renowned for his attention to detail and for the slight modifications he managed to cram into his Gunpla. "Please, scan your Gunpla" Again the man hardly hurried his comply but did so this time around. “Show them what you’ve got…” he murmured as Marco logged in to follow his model turn machine. He soon found himself standing at the foot of his creation, nearly inverting the previous perspective he had just a moment earlier. He looked around at the world and noted the slack population on the server and again questioned Zapp’s intentions of sending him into this beta, he knew it wouldn’t be for the last time either. As he approached his machine he marveled at the perspective again and whistled to himself. “Boy you sure do dress up nice on this server… Zero…” By association he had to give his machine the somewhat dorky designation of ZAPP-013. Which he didn’t mind all that much, to him his Gunpla was simply known as the Zero Saviour. A highly modified version of the Saviour Gundam he was eager to test out its abilities at last. He climbed into his machine and launched out into the open world. He put the machine through its paces using the free energy to test out the transformation between mobile suit and mobile armor. He pulled a couple of hard turns and other maneuvers before feeling satisfied with what he had so far. The zero ran fairly light, he had contemplated adding a nuclear reactor or some other power supply but enjoyed the challenge the battery life often offered him, the trade off of less weight seemed to feel rewarding at the moment. As he climbed up to a higher altitude in the open world he noticed a flicker arcing up towards the clouds. A flare? Marco pondered, his question being answered by the “V” appearing in the sky and pointing down to a GM of sorts on the ground. “Hmm why not…” he mused as he pulled the Zero into a bank towards the invitation. As he approached he looked up the details of the mission. He didn’t particularly care, one challenge was as good as the next. He looked at the roster and studied the single name, it wasn’t anyone he recognized. He locked his name onto the roster then brought Zero in for a low flyby of the unit. He pitched back around before transforming and finally perching besides the GM. He opened an audio channel “greetings.” << Gundam Generation >> Looking for Divers… (Maximum 8 players) 1. [8TMS Lt.] Aida 2. [ZAPP Agent] Creed 3. NPD 4. NPD 5. NPD 6. NPD 7. NPD 8. NPD
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    Carter's Gunpla Collection #1 - MS-06S Zaku "Forerunner" Base Unit: Zaku 2 High Mobility type, Gouf Custom Operator (Diver Name): Carter Lee Structural Defense: Conventional material - Low armour for great Mobility. Special System: N/A Melee Weapons: Heat saber - A sword which superheats itself in order to increase its already good cutting ability. Spiked Shoulder - Shoulder armour which can detach and be used as a spiked knuckle guard. Projectile Weapons: Mobile Machine Pistol - An SMG type weapon used in order to be able to deal physical damage during movement, High rate of fire, Mid range damage, Low ammo capacity per magazine. Zaku 2 Bazooka - can deal high damage at the expense of very limited ammo. Gouf Custom Triple barreled Vulcan - A triple barreled machine gun that is attached to one of the forearms of the mobile suit, damage is low but it has extremely high rate of fire and ammo count Shield: Zaku 2 Shoulder shield - A medium decent enough shield attached to the shoulder, only used when needed. Power System: Minovsky Particle Generator - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. Special Abilities/Features: Saturn Engine - A mobile suit engine specifically tuned for speed running, gives the mobile suit extremely high mobility and speed at the expense of overworking the engine to extreme levels. #2 - Comet Dagger "Blue Barrage" Base Unit: GAT/A-01E2 Buster Dagger, Astray Red Frame, Astray Blue Frame Operator (Diver Name): Carter Lee Structural Defense: Conventional material - Medium Armour, decent defense and mobility Special System: Laminated Armor - Provides defense against mobile suit scale beam weapons, no effect on physical damage Melee Weapons: ES01 Beam Saber - Beam sabers mounted on the fore arms of the unit Projectile Weapons: 350mm Gun Launcher - A weapon similar to a railgun, or linear gun cannon, it uses electro-magnetic forces to fire a solid shell or specialized munitions, can be combined with 94mm High-energy Rifle 94mm High-energy Rifle - A large rifle that fires high powered beam energy, mainly ineffective against beam coatings, can be combined with 350mm Gun Launcher Anti-Armor Shotgun and Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle - when the two main weapons are combined, they form a joint weapon with two different uses; The Anti-Armor Shotgun is the Gun Launcher portion of the weapon, it fires a powerful shell to deal damage over a wide area. The Hyper Impulse Long-Range Sniper Rifle is the High-Energy Rifle portion, a high power beam cannon type weapon has a higher energy output, firing a larger beam that is capable of penetrating several targets, including battleships. Shield: Anti Beam Shield - A medium shield treated with anti beam coating Power System: Minovsky Particle Generator - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. Special Abilities/Features: Saturn Engine - A mobile suit engine retuned for use with the mobile suits new weaponry, allowing them to fire at much more powerful levels
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    #1 – RX-124 Gundam TR6 Higanbana Base Unit: RX-124 Gundam TR6 Woundwort Operator (Diver Name): Risu Structural Defense: Anti-Beam Coating - exceptional resistance to beam weaponry at the cost of being frail to physical damage. Special System: Tracer-R System: - Allows the pilot to monitor and track up to 500 targets at once, but while this system is active, the mobile suit must remain stationary with its weapons powered down. Melee Weapons: Composite Shield Booster: Long Beam Claw/Heat Blades - a cumbersome and slow weapon with exceptional cutting power. Projectile Weapons: i.e. Composite Shield Booster: Long Beam Rifle - high energy weapon with high power draw and limited shots; can deal massive damage. Vulcan Guns ­­– low damage weapon with high rate-of-fire, primarily for lightly armored targets. Shield: Composite Shield Booster – multipurpose shield, improves mobility with thruster suite and acts as a primary weapon. Power System: i.e. Nuclear Plant - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. Special Abilities/Features: Transformable – Gundam TR-6 Higanbana is capable of transforming into a nimble MA. [SECRET]
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    Marco’s Gunpla Collection Name of the unit: Gundam Bael Base original design: Gundam Bael Name of the operator: Marco Creed This is just a high detailed version of the Gundam Bael. Occasionally Marco likes to make a simple vanilla version of a mech he enjoys. Defensive systems: Nano Filament - offers exceptional resistance to beam weaponry at the cost of being frail to physical damage. Weapon system: N/A Melee weapons: Bael sword x 2; Sword Mace x 1 (Barbatos) Projectile weapons: electromagnetic cannon x 2 (close range, mounted on top of thruster wings) Shield: N/A Power system: Ahab reactor x 2 (offers no bonuses) Any other special abilities/features: High performance thrusters - offers additional speed and maneuverability at the cost of additional armaments. ***** Name of the unit: Zero Savior Gundam Base original design: ZGMF-X23S Saviour Gundam Name of the operator: Marco Creed The Zero Savior is Marco’s mash up of the Saviour Gundam with aspects of the Gundam Epyon. While the chassis is largely unchanged from the original Saviour it does have a noticeable difference in the beam rifle being replaced by Epyon’s beam sword. Two of the “super fortis” canons were removed in order to conserve power for the beam sword, as well as reduce weight. The two shoulder mounted beam sabers have been swapped out for additional thrusters instead. The “soul” as Marco puts it, is heavily influenced by Epyon with the addition of the Zero System. The Zero Saviour was intended to be used as high speed attack unit with high output, but risky drawbacks from high power consumption. Defensive systems: Variable Phase Shift Armor - offers exceptional resistance to physical damage at the cost of power consumption. Weapon system: Zero system - offers exceptional target acquisition at the cost of zoning out the rest of the battlefield. Melee weapons: Beam sword - offers exceptionally high cutting power at the cost of energy consumption, beam can be lengthened dramatically, directly powered via cable, hand-carried in use. Projectile weapons: 2 x MMI-GAU25A 20mm CIWS, mounted in head; 2 x M106 "Amfortas" plasma beam cannon, mounted on backpack, can be fired in mobile suit and mobile armor mode; 2 x MMI-GAU2 "Picus" 76mm machine gun (Mobile armor only); Shield: MMI-RD11 aerodynamic shield, mounted on left arm- anti beam coated, reliable and heavy. Power system: Battery pack - offers a light weight power solution for greater mobility but limited supply. Any other special abilities/features: transformable
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    Kyle's Gunpla Collection #1 GNS-300RE Trinames Repair Base Unit: GN-002 Gundam Dynames Operator: Kyle O'Connor Defensive Systems: Conventional Materials - Lightweight armor, good mobility. Anti-Beam Coating - exceptional resistance to beam weaponry at the cost of being frail to physical damage. (Shield Only) Special Systems: Trans-Am - offers exceptional mobility at the cost of high power consumption. Currently unstable due to the unit being incomplete. Melee Weapons: Beam Tomahawk - A weapon able to cleave into most units, but is slower than most other weapons. It's kept in the shield and rarely used. Projectile Weapons: Beam Smart Gun - A weapon that fires at mid-range to long-range enemies. Can deal high damage at the cost of power consumption and rate of fire. It's equipped to the right arm. GN Beam Pistols - Two pistols that have a high rate of fire, but low damage. Shield: Physical Shield - Heavy Sazabi shield painted with Anti-Beam Coating. Power system: Solar Furnace - offers exceptional energy and propulsion (including Trans-Am) at the cost of being proprietary (limits backpack options) and expensive. Special Abilities/Features: Sniper Mode - Like the Dynames, it allows the pilot to focus on sniping enemy units. The Haro connected to the machine can take control of it, as if it's a NPD unit. #2 MSN-02 Zeong Base Unit: MSN-02 Zeong Operator: Kyle O'Connor Defensive Systems: Conventional Materials - Lightweight armor, good mobility. Special Systems: Psycommu System - An interface that uses thoughtwaves and translates them into computer commands. Projectile Weapons: Wired 5-barrel Mega Particle Gun - Detachable forearms that use the Psycommu system to move around. Each finger has its own particle gun. Waist Mega Particle Gun - Two particle guns that fire out directly. Head Mega Particle Gun - When detached, it can fire only one shot. Power system: Battery Pack - offers a light weight power solution for greater mobility but limited supply. Special Abilities/Features: Detachable head - Can be used as an escape pod, but can only be used for ten minutes.
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    Aida's Gunpla Collection #1 - RGM-86J Airbatel GM / RGM-86J+FXA-05J Super Airbatel GM Base Unit: RGM-86 GM III / FXA-05D G-Defenser Operator: Aida A Gunpla made as a joint effort between the hobby shop's builder and painter, it stands as a testament of their combined craftsmanship for users of GBN to behold, while customers get to gawk at a sister unit that has had its internals removed for public display. Based in the GM III, it is geared towards performance in medium to close range combat, making use of its Shot Lancer for high-speed impalement or physical damage at a high rate of fire. It also features a pair of elven-looking antennae that augment the operating perimeter of the radio transmitter and receiver. However, its stellar function is the ability to dock with a back support craft known as the GM-Defenser, featuring twin beam cannons and a simple atmospherical flight transformation, along with increased mobility in MS mode. After a decent, but unsatisfactory performance on the first mission of the campaign, Aida and the shop’s builder begin an upgrade plan for it to catch up to the enemy machines and challenges of every mission, aptly named the Airbatel Development Plan. Defensive Systems: Conventional Materials - Lightweight armor, good mobility. Special System: EXAM System - Increases speed, thruster output and decreases reaction times by disabling every safety limiter in the unit. However, this causes the systems to overheat, eventually exploding if EXAM isn't safely disabled. Safe deactivation reboots every system in the MS and leaves it immobile. Melee Weapons: Shot Lancer - A weapon able to pierce heavy armor when colliding at high speeds, it saves up space and effective carrying weight by being both a melee and a ranged weapon. It was taken from a 1/100 Den’An’Zon, and modified to be used by the 1/144 Hyaku Shiki arms. It also has the capacity of being carried by the GM-Defenser to allow Airbatel to use a 90mm bullpup machine gun when not in Super Airbatel form. Beam Saber - Standard Mobile Suit weapon, offers exceptional cutting power at the cost of power consumption. Two units are housed in the back skirt piece as a backup melee system. Projectile Weapons: Shot Lancer - A weapon able to fire shells automatically for dealing physical damage with a high rate of fire, but limited ammunition. It saves up space and effective carrying weight by being both a melee and a ranged weapon. It was taken from a 1/100 Den’An’Zon, and modified to be used by the 1/144 Hyaku Shiki arms. It is usually stowed away on the GM-Defenser when said support craft is not in use, to be used as a horn the craft can ram into Mobile Suits with, but it can be taken away and used while apart from the craft too. 90mm Bullpup Machine Gun - A bullpup machine gun originally used by the first GMs, it was added by the Airbatel Development Plan. Airbatel sorties with it when not using the GM-Defenser and its enlarged Shot Lancer. Compact but effective, it deals physical damage and can provide cover fire. While useful at covering for the Shot Lancer when the Defenser is using it to impale enemies, it can also be switched and carried away by the support craft if the Airbatel needs the Lancer more. 60mm Vulcan Gun (x2) - Part of the Airbatel Development Plan, they’re operative only since Airbatel’s second sortie. A standard armament of mobile suits that belong to or descend from the Earth Federation Forces's RX series, this pair of head-mounted shell firing weapons have a high-rate of fire, but little power and are generally ineffective against mobile suits. However, they can damage lightly armored areas such as the sensors, and are ideal for shooting down small, lightly armored targets such as missiles, personnel or small vehicles. Shield: Physical Shield (GM Command) - Reliable shield found on and taken from a 0083 GM Command, it has been given anti-beam coating as per standard procedure to allow Airbatel to resist a measure of beam damage with it. Power system: Battery Pack - A lightweight power solution for greater mobility but limited supply, it was taken from an unidentified SEED unit's Mission Pack. Special Abilities/Features: FXA-05J GM-Defenser - A support craft that is able to dock with the Airbatel, granting it extra propulsion in MS mode and the name of Super Airbatel, along with a very simplistic MA mode for cruising at high speeds and evading enemy fire. It includes powerful twin beam cannons, along with its own battery pack, taken from a SEED unit's Mission Pack. This allows the craft to fire its cannons a finite amount of times before having to put strain on the Airbatel's battery. A feature added by the Airbatel Development Plan is an alternate operative mode. When separate from Airbatel, it can act as a scout unit, controlled by Aida to survey distant areas, or use the Shot Lancer mounted on its front to ram and impale enemy Mobile Suits or aircraft, along with the usual dual beam cannons.
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    The light and smoke from the rifle’s explosion almost blinded Kyle as the Astral began to counterattack. “Damnit!” He yelled out. “You distracted me, Haro!” The red sphere jumped up, bonking him on his helmet. “Charo! Charo!” The toy exclaimed. The diver looked perplexed. “Charo?” He questioned as the droid bounced up and down. “New name! New name!” It responded. “New name?” He thought. “I never gave you a name, although I should’ve called you that from the start… Oh God! He’s becoming more sentient! These new NPD’s must be rubbing off on him.” Suddenly, shots began to fly toward the legless machine. “Dodge! Dodge!” “I KNOW!” One of the pot shots slid across the right shoulder’s armor, disintegrating part of it. “Oh man! I gotta get out of this area!” Kyle pulled up on the controls, igniting all of his thrusters, but not before another shot pierced the skirt of the unit. “Damage! Damage!” The diver started to get quite annoyed, kicking the series mascot away from him. “Could you please be usefu-“ The sphere ricocheted off the side of the cockpit, smacking him in the head once again. Kyle sighed. “I can’t catch a break. Oh no no no!” An Armor Schneider was heading straight toward him, when suddenly the Titans GP03 appeared, blocking the attack from hitting Kyle. “Beta Four!” He said. “Thanks.” The NPD was already heading to the enemy, firing at and taunting the crazed pilot. “Alright then.” Kyle exclaimed. “It’s time for a beatdown!” The diver launched forward to the others, hoping to also take the Astral Age out. He let the beam hands loose once again, aiming at the sides of the machine. He assumed that his attacks would be a longshot, but felt that the GP03 could distract his opponent.
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    Kyle wished he had the Trinames at the moment. He could easily take potshots when the enemy's got in range, but the Zeong wasn't built for that type of combat. "At least it has good maneuverability in space." He thought. "Flying around in this area will be a piece of-" Suddenly, alarms blared all around the mobile suit. A white Gunpla, the Bael, sped past him toward the Archangel. "Not much I can do against an IBO unit." The diver turned on his team comms, yelling out. "There's a Bael coming your way, guys!" Kyle grabbed the controls and pressed foward. "There's not much I can do in this spot, so I'm gonna go deeper into the debris field!" The gray mobile suit ignited it's thrusters, moving from metal slabs to asteroids as it's monoeye moved around in all directions, looking for a possible target. Placing itself near a large piece of a broken ship, he found the closest enemy he could attack, but it was not an ideal one in the slightest. "Oh no." He said. "Is that the psychopath's new machine?" Kyle zoomed in on the unit, which looked slightly different from the last battle. Kyle sighed. "I guess it's my job to fight anyone I see..." Kyle launched both of the 5 barrel particle guns, positioning them at their target. The two hands almost floated around in the zero gravity environment, aimed at the speeding machine. "Nerai utsu ze..." An uninterested Kyle uttered as he fired.
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    […] [crimson] says: u sure tho [crimson] says: cuz once u do this nuthins gonna be back to normal again [risuwu] says: yea [risuwu] says: ill do it -- The next phase of this storyline had come far quicker than Risu had anticipated. Unlike her compatriots, she had little thought of actually changing or upgrading her gunpla, reasoning that it was ‘good enough’. She was far too consumed with her chat conversation just minutes before to notice that things were starting; soon enough, she would find herself alone in the Argama’s launch bay. The rest of the team had long since departed the vessel towards the battlefield, leaving the inexperienced Diver to scramble, making her launch rather inelegant. “H-Higanbana, going out…” “So, you all got a plan, or what?” Risu would hear over the radio. It was that aggressive-looking guy, Shin. There was no doubt he’d be going off on his own again, she thought. This time, though, she’d listen. They were to remain at distance… or something. She thought it prudent to hide behind some of the debris in front of them and hopefully try and help her team from there. Risu knew she was no good in a fight, so the best she could do was try and provide cover from afar. The Higanbana’s Long Beam Rifle/Claw seemed to be effective at long range, judging from what her heads-up-display was telling her. If she stayed out of the way, it would be fine.
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    "Alright! Let's do this" Carter suddenly said to psych himself up, he turned and started walking to his mobile suit; it was brand new, no longer the Blue Zaku that he was so used to- He was in SEED, and he did as the Romans did "Let's see how you'll perform in the field" he said excitedly as he got into the cockpit of his new mobile suit, a combination of the Buster Dagger with parts from the Astray Red Frame and Blue Frame, in his custom Black, Blue, and Silver paint scheme.. The Comet Dagger! It would be his muse for this mission, he booted it up and checked his weapons.. all systems green, saturn engine at the ready for a burst of energy.. He smiled "Heh, still got that new Gunpla smell" He said jokingly to himself as he placed his hands on the controls "Time to get serious.." He said, shutting his eyes and then readying the launch He opened his eyes and smirked "Carter Lee, Comet Dagger, breaking through the battlefield!" he then launched at full speed, feeling the full agility of his mobile suit as he looked around for a place to position himself, the Zeong had hidden behind the debris, which he would love to do if it werent for his bold paint scheme.. he decided to.. take an unconventional tactic. He decided to stand on the back of the archangel, combining his weapons into one so he could use the scope to look out further "In position for shelling!"
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    A few lights clicked on in the normally dark room. A thin young man with shaggy brown hair and glasses slowly walked through the room. Slowly he moved a sheet from over a table to reveal a freshly finished gunpla. The man took a deep breath and grabbed it and walked over to the GBN set up. He started the system up and put the VR headset on. The system spoke more like the old style of voice. -please set your Gunpla- With that the man placed the gunpla and logged in. As his character scanned into the lobby he looked totally different, bright red hair and a very fit body. A sharp smiled flashed across his face "Let's get this started!" He headed over to the mission select and chose the mission his team had mostly already started. As Shin loaded in he was near the completed Gunpla he had just finished. He was hopeful this was one of his best creations and it was very well made at least in his eyes. He teleported into the cockpit, he fingered the controls and prepped every console he would need as he readied himself and the mobile suit. Finally as everything was ready he set up the launch sequence. "Shin Hakuren, Astral Age Arise…. Launching" with that his newly upgraded Arise launched with great speed and force. As he flew around and zipped around for a bit he then fell into formation with the others and opened his coms "So, you all got a plan or what?" He spoke with the same aggravated tone he always spoke in but this also seemed a little less hostile then normal but that could everyone's imagination.
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    While opening up the hatch to the Zeong, Kyle also decided to change into his normal suit. The red and gold Celestial Being suited Diver hopped into the cockpit, although he wasn't exactly sure how he'd be able to launch with the machine. The pink monoeye flashed on, looking in all different directions as a test. "This is going to be pretty interesting. As he turned on the rockets thrusters, several mechanics and other crew members were pushed aside from the force of the gunpla. "Sorry!" He yelled out. "Wait. They're not actual people. This game is way too realistic..." Kyle flew to the catapult, waiting for the hatch to open. "Kyle, Zeong! Launch- well, actually I'm just gonna float out." The Archangel's hatch rose, allowing the Diver to put all power into his own thrusters. As he flew into the depths of space, the Zeon machine was pulled above the Archangel by Kyle, then maneuvered to the back of the ship. "Wow." He exclaimed. "There is a ton of debris out here." Not only could the Zeong blend in with the gray pieces leftover from other battles, but his wired guns allowed him to attack from more place than one. The Diver noticed some debris big enough for him to use cover for, deciding to fly toward it. "This spot will be perfect! I won't even need some NPD to cover me." The confident pilot couldn't do much else but wait for the others. "This is Kyle. I'm in position." He said over the radio. "You're up next, Carter!"
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    "FINALLY!" Kyle looked at the finished poster, marveling at the detail of it. "They'll be so proud." He thought to himself. Something that wasn't finished though was his gunpla. He glanced at the Trinames' parts, with some still needing paint and other upgrades. "That one's taking a lot longer than I thought." He'd used custom mobile suits before, but nothing as intricate as the Trinames. Kyle grabbed the gray backup gunpla from his shelf, ignoring his previous kitbashes. "It'll be fun to try something a little different from the norm." Setting the machine down on his scanner, The diver made sure his visor would fit comfortably as he looked at the screen. MSN-02 Zeong. While the mobile suit technically couldn't be used outside of space without modifications during missions, settings could be messed with to allow movement during Free-Roam. After those were changed, Kyle flew into the skies, testing out many of the Zeong's armaments. He realized that would be the best thing to do right now because of how different the machine was from anything else that he used. The wired forearm guns for example, were nice training tools if he ever decided to use funnels in the future. "This is pretty cool, isn't it Har-" He looked to his right, expecting Haro to be there. "That's right." He said. "I didn't make this machine with Haro in mind." He COULD bring the little droid out of his inventory, but decided not to. He'd most likely annoy Kyle more than help during the next mission. Suddenly, a portal opened up, taking him out of this world and right into the hangar of the Archangel. It wasn't a comfortable move, as the machine came to a complete stop, startling the diver. "Geez. They could've given me a chance to react to the move..." Even with no legs, his machine was still around the same height as his team member's GM. "Looks like he upgraded. Wish mine was done too." He also noticed his other teammate's Zaku, which looked as if it wasn't even there. "The update sure is strange..." Seeing Aida in the hangar, Kyle floated to the GM's owner. "Yo!" The Comet Meister exclaimed.
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    When Carter left the room, he stretched out and sighed.. "I guess it makes sense he would call it a GINN, but jeez.." He scratched the back of his head and then went to log out, when he did he saw his mission rewards and smiled a little. Carter Available at Avatar Shop: These Glasses Are A CHAR! Badge: Outdated But Skilled (+30% Credits) Stage Completed: 13000 Credits "Guess that's something to write home about" He said, before standing up and stretching "Sheesh.. that was intense" He looked around his room and then focused on his Zaku, he smiled at it and then picked it up "We'll be better next time, I promise" he said, he went straight to his desk and got to work on tuning his machine.. a little after that, he turned to his shelf and saw another model standing tall. "Well.. I guess it wouldn't hurt" He said, he changed the model kit he was working on and continued late into the night.. with a big smile on his face
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    "Glad that's over." Kyle thought as he walked out of the debriefing room. "That could've ruined the whole campaign experience for me." However, this did teach the Diver something. Not only would decisions like that impact this world, but the shooting of the MKII didn't even matter. "Alpha Team still got away with Kamille and a MKII." As he reached the hangar of the Archangel, Kyle saw his robot companion annoying one of the engineers. "Hey Haro!" He yelled out. "Stop messing with him." The spherical droid floated back to his owner. "Sorry! Sorry!" It chirped. "I cant believe I just told a computer program to stop messing with another program..." He knew it was time to log off, so he pulled up his wrist hologram. As he made the world around him disappear, his mission rewards appeared. Kyle Badge: Hijack This! (+10000cr) Stage Completed: 10000 Credits Kyle had been hoarding credits for no real reason. After leaving his former team, nothing really enticed him to buy just for himself. "I'll use them eventually..." The Diver was brought back to the real world, staring down at his Gunpla. After he pulled off his visor, Kyle picked up the red machine. "We're gonna need to do some fine tuning." He said as the Gunpla was put next to his array of tools and unfinished model kits. "No way it'll be ready for the next mission though. I-" Suddenly, a voice made him jolt out of his seat. "Have you been playing this whole time?!" Kyle who had fallen on his back, looked up to see his angry wife by the door. "I thought you would've stopped to work on another project by now." The Comet Meister looked at the time. It was early in the morning. "Oh crap! Did I play all night?!" He exclaimed. "You sure did." His wife responded. "Can you please check the time every once in a while in the game? Work needs to be done, you know?" Kyle got up off the ground, putting his chair back in place. "I know, Amy. I'm sorry." Kyle said. "This new campaign was just super engaging though. It was like an SD G Gen game! One of the handheld ones though. It had Zeta and Seed mixed together with these realistic NPD's. Who knows what'll be next?" Amy sighed. "You can tell me all about it AFTER you get some rest." She exclaimed as she walked out of the room. By the way. The poster design for you-know-what is due this week." Kyle looked shocked. "Man... I thought it was due next week!" As he walked toward the bedroom, his eye caught a certain gray mobile suit on his shelf. "The Trinames may not be done, but that doesn't mean I can't use other mobile suits. This next mission will be in space, after all..."
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    Risu took a brief pause as she was pulled out of the dark cockpit space of her gunpla and deposited into what appeared to be a large atrium, though the way that various other gunpla were placed in rows against the walls seemed to suggest that this was a hangar, not unlike one for aircraft. She was perhaps too engaged with getting her bearings that she’d effectively tuned out the rather terse conversation happening between the other members of her team, though the way she appeared to actively avoid them would no doubt inform the other divers about what kind of person the little squirrel was, though as soon as her name was called, she’d turn towards the one who’d addressed her. Hikaru, she recalled, though the fact that his name showed up just above his head helped quite a lot. Now that they weren’t engaged in distracting combat, she could dedicate her attention to what he was saying. Unlike previously, he was showing concern. Whether or not he was mad at her, she couldn’t tell, but regardless, Risu felt like she ought to apologize. With a small pout, a white speech bubble appeared overhead, filled with a single word. [sorry :c] [i’ll try harder next time] It’s just a game, Risu thought to herself. There’s no reason you should be getting down like this! Even though she knew better, something nagged at her, or rather had been nagging at her for quite some time. Right now, though, it didn’t matter. She’d try to keep her word as best she could. She wanted to do good, if not for them, for herself, and then maybe Choco as well, whenever she decided to show up.
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    For a while, Risu’s hand hovered over the button labeled ‘quit’, staring at the glowing blue shape and the almost alien English text written across it. As far as she knew, she’d already failed. There was no point continuing like this. They were going to lose, and it was all her fault. However, as her hand lowered towards the button to press it, she would look up. The face of a young man met hers but only briefly. His eyes betrayed his stoic face, belonging more to a boy who was time and time again scorned by others, forced to carry the weight of expectation: a burden he simply could not bear. How could a game portray such emotion? She knew those eyes well, and even just that fleeting moment of contact between them, however wordless, was enough. She stirred in her seat upturned, moving her hand away from the button as it disappeared and instead grabbing the pair of control sticks at either side. Finally, Higanbana would move, sitting up slowly as steam billowed from the vents on its narrow chest doubtlessly attracting the attention of anyone who was watching. Its pilot stared at the scene unfolding before her, as the two men traded blows. It was the boy again, with those pain-filled eyes. Risu may not have known who he was, or even what was happening, but something inside whispered to her: help him. The crimson machine lurched forward, reaching out towards the pair as they fought, holding its hand out flat in an effort to separate them like a wall. She had to help him, and she didn't know why. Risu was shaking the entire time, overcome with a feeling of relief that she had not felt in a long time.
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    "Tsk!" Carter clicked his tongue, even after getting the drop on him- The red comet was able to get a shot at the Blue Lightning. "You'll have to do better than that though!" he said, re-orienting himself to face his rival once more, he checked his mobile suit and saw the damage, the beams that the Rick Dias fired found purchase around the legs of the Zaku, though.. his mobility wont hurt much at least. He activated his thrusters, preparing to launch at the Lieutenant at fast speeds, he still had one weapon up his sleeve.. Literally, he aimed his arm forward, and the triple barreled vulcan guns he had installed came to the surface. He started firing at the tumbling Rick Dias while boosting hard towards him, he was preparing to do a quick barrel roll to avoid a head on collision, and.. "Beta Two! Beta Three! I want you to disengage that maniac and the Red Comet! We are ganging up on the black Rick Diases! Hurry! We haven't much time..." "What?!-" Carter asked, suddenly veering off course and facing down the Red Comet.. He sighed deeply and shook his head, opening up Communications with him "Next time" He said to him before turning and then going at top speed.. He was searching for the marked enemies.
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    Shin laughed as the combatant struggled the shots flying off in other directions and even the fact that he tired to fire one back at him. It didn't matter this Meister was about to be taken out. Shin payed little attention to his thursters warning indicators, this was the moment he had been waiting for his chance to eradicate this Gundam from the field. His machine began to close the gap, his GN Rifle returning to blade form. He arm of his gundam extending into the air to pull off a powerful slash. A large explosion, and then Warnings the pilot couldn't Ignore. "What did you do! KNOCKOFF!" With that he tried to stay with the Dynames but his thruster blew out as he tried to keep himself from being sucked out into space. As him and the Dynames got separated and his machine flew closer and closer to new hole in the colony. Shin had to figure out a way not to get blown into space. If he had been sucked out into space it would take him far to long to get back into action. With a little quick thinking he adjusted his remaining thrusters for a quick burst. His gave him just enough thrust to break free and crash land somewhere on the colony floor. As the dust cleared Shin looked around his systems to see what was affected by the crash. Minimal damage to the outer shell and mostly everything seemed fine. His thrusters where almost completely shot and on further examination his left arm was going to have limited mobility. Looking around the area is was vastly different then where he had been with the pull and burst of his thrusters he didn't really care where he landed just that it wasn't space. He was agitated that, the coward had used his shots to make a way for him to escape. He should have just let his gunpla lose... but no he had to leave a bad taste in Shins mouth and run away. He was no Knockoff, just a coward. As Shin sat in his cockpit coming up with some sort of plan. He could see something in the distance a Gunpla just laying on the ground. It was that TR-6 Woundwort, It had that quiet pilot. With that Shin turned his coms back on. He didnt want to admit it but if he wanted to win they would have to work together especially now that the Astral AGE was maybe at 73% functionality. He would have to rely on them coming together as a "Team" god that word made his skin crawl a bit. "Listen up! The enemy team blew a hole in the colony so be careful. I'm sure it will have all sorts of effects on the terrain for a while.... and I wasnt able to take out the coward in the Dynames." As he finished talking he got a few notifications from the chat from Risu and saw that most all of his team was in combat. With that he raised his gunpla and slowly started moving toward his downed Ally Gunpla. As he started to get closer he saw the wreckage of some other gunpla. He chose to play it safe and used his scope to check out the scene.
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    Kamille blinked back tears as debris stung his eyes from the exploding MK II cockpit. He couldn’t comprehend what happened but all he knew was it made him angrier. All that he wanted to do was take the fight to the Titans and now it seemed that he couldn’t. As if to answer his prayers a peculiar looking mobile suit fell out of the sky and into some nearby homes. The glance the teen managed to steal told him that the machine looked in decent shape, maybe the pilot had been killed? The angsty teen took to the streets to find the crashed weapon. Just as he thought he was getting close he spotted a familiar jerk he had dealt with earlier. The blonde hair Titans fellow who had compared him to a girl of all things. As the teen rounded the debris he noticed a girl slumped up and laying very still; it was Fa. Of all the things he’d seen today this was the last thing Kamille expected to see. He didn’t have the heart to check if she was alive or dead for fear of the latter. At that moment Kamille decided it was time to take action into his hands with out without a mobile suit. Gnashing his teeth he growled as he began to run faster toward the direction of the pompous pilot. As Jerid approached the mobile suit armed and anxious to commandeer the vehicle, Kamille tried his best to sneak up behind the pilot. With any luck he hoped to jump the Titans pilot and get the gun out of the Jerk’s hand. —— “I’ll get you next time Char!” Quattro winced at the mention of his identity but had little time to contemplate its meaning as his savior from earlier went plummeting down to the buildings below endangering beloved spacenoids in the process. The NPD instinctively got on the comm to hail the odd AEUG asset, “Spider Lily are you ok?” If the Higanbana was taken out of commission on his account that was going to be even more blood stained on the Lieutenant’s hands. “Risu respond!” Still the red comet didn’t have time to mourn, he had to act. If there was one thing Char Aznable was good at it, it was revenge. The Rick Dias flared its engines to charge the Blue Zaku “I don’t have time for cheap imposters!” Quattro yelled out as he moved in for his iconic meteor kick. —— As the Galbaldy swung its beam saber at Creed, the two mobile suits clashed their blades against the other’s. Marco grimaced as the parry flickered particularly bright. The Saviour swung a leg out wide knocking the Galbaldy back once more and Marco glared out to see what caused the flash. The mark two spewed out black smoke and Marco winced, “dang it! That changes things.” He half wondered if it was the Zero System Playing tricks on him again. His contemplation didn’t last long as the Galbaldy crashed back into his shield. Persistent bugger! Marco thought as he worked his controls to try and ward off the NPD once more. The imagery of the Galbaldy swiping off the Saviour’s head made the experienced diver catch his breath before he realized it was another zero system trick and that his blade indeed caught that devastating strike. It was amazing that the nexus could simulate the effects of the notorious system so well. Marco didn’t like being tied up by a mere NPD; blow for blow the damn Galbaldy was keeping pace with him. With the unoccupied MKII being compromised his options for winning were slipping away. “You’re nobody!” He snarled out loud as he moved to bash his beam sword against the pathetic looking beam saber. Marco was surprised when his attack swished into nothing and the Galbaldy ducked from his attack to retaliate with an unchallenged thrust at his sword arm. The hungry blade bit into his suit’s right arm and an explosion of metal confirmed his fears as his weapon arm flew out lamely, free of its attachments. Scenes from Gundam Seed Destiny flashed in his mind and he feared an eminent demise like Athrun. He instinctively flared his thrusters to back away from the committed Galabaldy. A cold and detached voice beckoned to him then, her voice somehow melodious despite the chaos. “How can nobody cause you such strife?” The Galbaldy’s pilot was talking to him. No, an NPD was taunting him. Marco grimaced at the words and pulled out his dual cannons. With little ceremony he aimed at the close ranged enemy and announced, “how’s this for strife?” Damage or no damage to the colony he no longer cared.
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    "What?!-" Carter went as a beam disabled his go to melee weapon, he clicked his tongue and glanced over to the side so that he could see the mobile suit that fired at him, his eyes locked onto the Red Woundwort but he wouldn't have enough time to sit and stare.. since Quattro started firing at him "Damn!" he said as he started to kick things into high gear, he he maxed out his thruster output and narrowly dodged the shots fired from the clay bazooka. "I'll get you next time.. Char" He said over open comms, he flipped backwards and activated his thrusters to make some distance between him and his attackers "Damn, that red one must be a pro or something.." He concluded "They got my sword in the middle of a slash, and at full speed too" he continued to say as he circled around the area that he was in at top speed; he was still being fired at and.. that was very inconvenient for him "Think.. Think.." He closed his eyes and sped up a bit to make himself harder to hit "This is Zeta, and if we're on titans side then Kamille is important.. gotta make sure he's out of the fight but-" He dodged some stray fire coming from the other fights "That red one is after me". He stabilized his mobile suit and stood in front of the red woundwort "Alright.." he said "Here goes nothing" The spiked shoulder of his Zaku quickly popped off along with the Shoulder shield, which he held onto with his hands after tossing the sword aside "I'll show you why they call me Blue Lightning". With that, the blue afterglow of his thrusters appeared once more, leaning forward and blasting off towards the Red Gundam Type, he held the shield up to protect himself as he flew towards them in a spiral motion- then suddenly zig zagging and as soon as he got close he cocked his Zaku's arm back and Threw a punch at full speed!
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    Things picked up quickly as Creed flew ahead. Of course the Red Comet seemed to have a big target on his head. Perfect, Marco thought, let them fight over bragging rights. As he completed his wide arc of the initial battle he spotted what he was intent on. A mobile suit straying away from the skirmish to pursue - nothing? Marco shook his head at the thought as he acquired the Galbaldy. No this special NPD was after a bigger prize, he soon realized. As the Galbaldy froze to point it’s cannon at the ground at someone, Marco pushed the throttle of his Saviour, redlining the machine. Marco’s eyes went wide as the Galbaldy shot at the person who had to be Kamille. He didn’t even have a chance to save the poor kid. It was too fast, how was the NPD that fast? As the distance between his Gundam and the NPD boiled down to double digits, Marco jerked his controls to transform the Saviour back into its mobile suit form. The Saviour’s leg led a kick to the Galbaldy’s torso from the side. The impact shook his mobile suit violently and Creed had to fight with the controls to regain his bearings quickly. The kick worked in slamming the Galbaldy into a sideways fling. As the Saviour jumped off from the enemy Marco pulled the suit’s feet underneath him to perch where the Galbaldy had been standing. It was at that moment that Marco realized that Kamille was quite safe, if not shaken up from the two goliaths colliding in front of him. But how? Marco was certain that the Galbaldy had fired on the defector, was he seeing things? Just then a cold chill ran down Marco’s spine and a nervous grin grew on his face. It was the Zero System, it just had to be! Marco had dabbled with it in the previous build but apparently the developers were taking things to the next level. He shook his head and brought out his Beam Sword, igniting the weapon and pointing the tip at Galbaldy. “Kamille Bidan! Hurry up and get to the MKII!” Marco barked over his suit’s PA. Even as he spoke the Galbaldy uneasily stood up and turned to regard Creed. Marco brought his beam sword up in a guard and contemplated a charge. The Galbaldy decided for him, charging at him in an attack. Marco retaliated, desperate to keep any enemies away from Kamille. If Kamille could just get in the MKII! ____ “Apolly! Roberto! Spread out!” Quattro yelled over the comms for the AEUG. His warning was heeded just as a beam from a strange Gundam shot up at Roberto’s machine. “It appears that the Titans are testing out more than just the black Gundams!” The lieutenant warned gravely. His attention was cut short by the charge of a blue Zaku of all things. The red comet flared his thrusters to dodge the slice, just as a shot from a strange friendly unit raced towards his attacker. Quattro didn’t skip a beat aiming his clay bazooka at the Zaku and sending a volley rather blindly at the Zaku to drive the attacker back. It wasn’t the ideal weapon for a lethal attack with its adhesive rounds loaded but it was better than nothing.
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    #1 – RX-179 Beta Gundam Base Unit: RX-179 Beta Gundam Operator (Diver Name): Hikaru Hiyashi The Beta Gundam, in lore, is an upgraded and improved Refined Barzam built by the Federation after the fall of the Titans as a weapons testbed as well as a possible option for using hardware that was otherwise stigmatized by its association with the Titans. This was a similar concept to how some normal Barzams became the MSA-008 Bar-GM. It was called Beta Gundam because it was considered the realization of the Gundam Mk-II's potential, whose start preceded the Gamma Gundam (Rick Dias) and similarly named projects at the time. Employing the Gundarum Gamma alloy that seemed to be ubiquitous in high-end products of the era, the machine boasts high durability as well as enhanced thrusters and verniers to improve its agility and speed. It boasts reverse compatibility with the Gundam Mk-II's and Refined Barzam's large array of equipment, with the addition of added hardpoints to become even more versatile. The rumor goes that this machine was also used to test new weapon ideas via its hardpoints rather than to make a dedicated machine for such purposes. In actuality, the Beta Gundam was built by Hikaru because he didn't know what to expect in GBN Online and wanted an adaptable machine he could tailor to his own needs and developing style. Structural Defense: Gundarium Gamma Alloy - well balanced endurance, at the cost of weighing down the unit. Special System: INCOM System – modified to allow for advanced fire control with compatible hardpoints, not yet able to execute all-range attacks. Somewhat burdensome, but less than funnels. FXA-05E G-Defenser – modified G-Defenser that can fly as a Mobile Armor while the Beta Gundam is docked and also operate via remote control, serving the same role as the Back Weapons System of the Re-GZ series. It can adopt the Beta Gundam's shield as a crude fuselage, and also has a Linear Rifle that doubles as an electromagnetic field emitter to alter the machine's aerodynamics to improve flight characteristics. It is also compatible with Gundam Mk-II, Refined Barzam, Nemo, and GM-III inspired systems, albeit password protected. Remotely controlling the machine while controlling the Gundam is difficult. It is possible to hand control of the G-Defenser over to another pilot and control it via a secondary cockpit in the G-Defenser or a jump seat in the Beta Gundam. FXA-00 Flying Armor – A re-entry capable flying armor based on the Zeta Gundam's waverider mode, this functions much like a Dodai or Base Jabber in allowing non-transformable Mobile Suits to fly. Unfortunately, this particular unit is unarmed. It is chiefly retained for the benefit of allies for them to use as needed. Melee Weapons:. 2 x A・E-Br・G-Sc-L Beam Saber - standard mobile suit weapon, offers exceptional cutting power at the cost of power consumption; small enough for multiple housings on the unit. Saber Claw (Arm Hardpoint) - Arm-mounted hardpoint with two Beam Sabers pointing forward over the back of the wrist, connected at the base. Used for slashing at foes as well as catching and parrying enemy blades. Has exceptional cutting power at the cost of power consumption. Heat Saber Type 2 (G-Defenser Armament/Handheld) - Taken from an MS-09B Dom, the Heat Saber is an effort to better resist Mobile Suits that have an anti-beam defense. It was chosen for its high length compared to its weight. It is typically stored on the pylon opposite and mirroring the Beam Smart Rifle. Projectile Weapons: 2 x VCU-505EX-V・B/Ver.012 Vulcan Gun (+ 4 in G-Defenser) - Head-mounted CIWS guns for shooting down missiles and unarmored targets. Not very effective against Mobile Suit armor. 700 rounds per gun. (BOWA) XBR-M87A2 Beam Rifle (Long Beam Saber) – A beam rifle with a Long Beam Saber mode which is normally found on the Zeta Gundam, intended to be a better match for the increased reactor output of the model. Can deal high energy damage at the cost of power consumption and rate of fire. Can mount on side skirt armor, backpack, or side of G-Defenser when not in use. Shield carries two spare energy packs. AE/ZIM.C-BAZ-531 Clay Bazooka – Can launch various types of ammunition including immobilizing adhesive shells or explosive shells at the expense of very limited ammo. 7+1 rounds, can be stored on rear skirt armor or on side of G-Defenser when not in use. Extra or different types of rounds can replace an E-Pac slot on the shield. 2 x Point Defense Beam Gun (Hip Hardpoints) - INCOM-controlled hip-mounted point defense turrets to improve the machine's ability to respond to threats at almost any angle. The INCOM system is used not for all-range deployment, but simply controlling the axes of movement by thought to trim response time. Comparable to a lower powered Beam Rifle, capable of destroying or damaging a Mobile Suit at the cost of power consumption. 2 x 4 tube Grenade Racks (Hip Hardpoints) – Each hip can hold a 4-tube grenade rack similar to those of the RGM-89 Jegan's three tube models. These can be used to attack enemy targets with explosive damage. They can be shot down, and it is also possible for them to damage the very machine that threw them if the pilot is careless. Long Smart Rifle (G-Defenser Armament/Handheld) - High energy weapon with high power draw and limited shots; can deal massive damage. Typically equipped when the G-Defenser is attached. Employs Beam Smart Gun functionality using Quasi-Psycommu System to support aiming and a barrel that uses an I-field to curve the shot up to 30 degrees off-axis for last-moment aim correction. Has a two-pronged fold-out shield with supplemental sensor elements to assist in aiming computation. 120mm Linear Rifle (G-Defenser Armament/Handheld) - Linear Rifle with one 120mm barrel based on that of the SVMS-01 Union Flag. This is stored on the G-Defenser's centerline under its mounted shield 'fuselage'. It is used not only as an alternative to beam weapons, but also to provide an electromagnetic field that is used to support aerodynamics to improve flight characteristics. It was chosen over more powerful options for its lower weight and mass while still assisting with the performance in flight mode. 2 x 14 tube Missile Pods (G-Defenser Armament) - Dual 14 tube missile pods are located in the G-Defenser's armament units, and can be used to attack enemy targets with explosive damage. They can be shot down, and it is also possible for them to damage the very machine that launched them if the pilot is careless. Shield: RX・M-Sh-VT/S-001 Shield (Arm Hardpoint) – Standard Gundam Mk-II shield with anti-beam coating and a viewport, carries two spare E-Pacs for Beam Rifle. CIWS Shield (Arm Hardpoint) – Shield with two E-pacs, anti-beam coating, and a viewport, with CIWS on either side of the viewport for simultaneous defense and light attack. Missile Shield (Arm Hardpoint) - Shield with anti-beam coating and a pair of missiles that launch out from underneath the shield. Less durable than normal shields. Composite Shield (Arm Hardpoint) - Shield with anti-beam coating on surface and a beam shield underneath its surface layer. Can toggle plasma on and off for contained I-field only or Beam, latter allows for a beam cutting edge and "Beam Lance" mode if desired. Has viewport with CIWS on either side and two E-Pacs on rear. Can attach to G-Defenser as well as either arm. Power System: Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. Fusion is not hindered by N Jammers like fission is. Special Abilities/Features: Can use hardpoints and existing Gundam Mk-II equipment for a vast array of configurations. #2 – MS-14JR Regelg R Base Unit: MS-14JR ReGelg R Operator (Diver Name): Hikaru Hiyashi, Nana Hiyashi/Puru Seven, Ellen Hiyashi/Puru Eleven, Puru Clones Built from a MS-14BR Gelgoog High Mobility R Type, the MS-14JR ReGelg R has more mobility and acceleration than the standard ReGelg. Its thrusters and other systems have been rebuilt to be more modern to help compensate for the added fuel that would otherwise be required by the machine. The lore is that its relatively low cost (being based on an existing unit), the skills its weapons help build, and its profile make it a good trainer for the Puru clones before they are assigned their Qubeley Mass Production Types. Its Wing Binders, thruster placement, and its propellant tanks all help give it a shape and flight characteristics similar to the Qubeley, even if inferior in several respects. Structural Defense: Titanium Alloy Composite - offers lighter armor weight for greater mobility, with no added benefit. Special System: Magnetic Coating - offers exceptional mobility at the cost of being harder to control. Forearm Modules - allows for the swapping of forearm armaments to improve versatility at the cost of increased weight. Arms are faster for melee if the modules are omitted or ejected. 2 x External Propellant Tank: The external propellant tanks used by the ReGelg as well as the Gelgoog Marine are also used by the ReGelg R. In addition to extending its operating time, they serve to make the ReGelg R's flight characteristics, shape, and profile a closer match to the Qubeley. As such, pilots practicing for the more powerful machine may retain the tanks even if they are unnecessary. The downside, however, is that a lucky shot can detonate the propellant tank if it isn't empty when struck. Melee Weapons: 2 x Beam Lancer - Much like a Beam Saber, it offers exceptional cutting power at the cost of power consumption. The ends can be merged together into a single double-ended blade, but this requires more skill to wield. Beam Naginata - a double-ended beam saber with two ends, much like the combined Beam Lancer but a solid piece. It can cut nicely, but also consumes power to do so. Structurally stronger than the Beam Lancer due to its construction at the cost of less versatility. Can sometimes be used as a momentary beam shield by being spun at high speed, though at the risk of failing or cutting one's self. 2 x Heat Anchor – Located on the knees, the Heat Anchor is a heated metal spike which can be used to ram into and gouge or impale an enemy with one's knee. It can also be launched on a rocket while mounted to a retractable cable. This rocket can be used to strike or ensnare an enemy at range. The use of this weapon is less precise than other melee armaments, and its rocket form's direction can only be controlled by a single small joystick per anchor near the pilot's thumb. As such, controlling the rocket's flight precisely is difficult. This weapon is as much for training a pilot's spatial awareness and skill in preparation for funnel control as it is for active combat. 2 x Hyper Beam Saber (Forearm Option) - a thick and long energy blade with exceptional cutting power, consumes a lot of energy. Projectile Weapons: Eight-tube Missile Pod – Launches up to eight infrared/laser guided-AMS-11S Small Missles from the backpack. These explosives can cause notable damage, but can be shot down or even damage their wielder if used recklessly. Custom 2.18 MW Beam Rifle - Can deal high energy damage at the cost of power consumption and rate of fire. Has an underslung single-use grenade launcher which can cause explosive damage...even to the unit wielding it if too close. E-Pac fed, E-Pacs can be stored behind the Zulu Shield. Variable Output Beam Cannon- Can modulate its discharge between Beam Rifle strength and a stronger Beam Cannon at the cost of high power draw and limited shots; can deal massive damage 2 x 4-tube Forearm Missile Launcher (Forearm Option) - Based on the original forearm of the Gelgoog, albeit with more smaller missiles, each Forearm Module fires up to four AMS-11 missiles. The explosives can cause notable tamage, perhaps even to an unwieldy user. Once used, the launcher becomes dead weight and can then be detached to speed up the arms for melee combat. 2 x 110mm Machine Cannon (Forearm Option) – An option from the Gelgoog Marine, these machine guns can deal physical damage with limited ammo capacity but high rate of fire. 360mm Bulpup Rocket Cannon - can deal high damage at the expense of very limited ammo. Magazine fed, magazines can be stored behind the Zulu Shield. 12 x Space Mine/Grenade – The Space Mine is an explosive which can either be deployed as a proximity-based mine or thrown like a discuss as a grenade. It is possible for a pilot to damage themselves if it detonates in too close a proximity or is shot before it can be thrown, however. Up to six can be stored in each Wing Binder. 2 x Chain Mine Pack - The pack of Chain Mines used by the MS-18 Kampfer or AMX-101E Schuzrum-Galluss can also be stored and employed by the ReGelg in place of the Space Mines. These explosive mines are connected by flexible cable and have magnetic claws on the underside to grab onto objects. The user can select exactly how many mines they wish to employ, be it one at a time or to throw a line of up to seven mines at the enemy. They can also be used to set traps on floors or in buildings, and the flexible line can even be used to send an optional detination signal rather than being solely proximity-based. It is a high versatility weapon for a pilot with sufficient understanding of their battlefield and planning capability. A pilot who is careless or unlucky, however, may simply blow themselves up. A single pack of Chain Mines can be stored in each Wing Binder. Shield: Zulu Shield – Large and heavy shield which is standard for the Gelgoog series of Mobile Suits. This version has a viewport, anti-beam coating, and can store two E-Pacs or Magazines. Knuckle Shield – Smaller shield based on a Zaku II's shoulder shield. Has spikes derived from a Zaku's shoulder for a punching surface over the Mobile Suit's fist. Anti-beam coated. Heat Knuckle Shield – Smaller shield based on a Zaku II's shoulder shield. Has spikes derived from a Zaku's shoulder for a punching surface over the Mobile Suit's fist, but with the added benefit of being a functional heat-type weapon. Anti-beam coated on the shield surface, but not on the heated surface. Power System: Minovsky Ultracompact Fusion Reactor - offers unparalleled power at the cost of expense and environmental danger if damaged. Immune to N Jammer interference. Special Abilities/Features: N/A #3 – ZAKU Warrior Light Armor Base Unit: ZGMF-1002 ZAKU Warrior Light Armor (often uses Slash WIZARD) Operator (Diver Name): Hikaru Hiyashi A merging of the ZAKU Warrior and the GOUF Ignited built from wrecked Gunpla found discarded at a Gunpla Duel station, the ZAKU Warrior Light Armor is a merging of the two which has notable potential for melee combat and a decent capacity for mid-range beam fire. Its ability to attack from behind its shield with beam fire or heat spike ramming is one of its more notable aspects, and it is balanced for high mobility with its trimmed down armor and added verniers. It typically uses the Slash WIZARD, which both enhances it in its given role and is the lightest of the WIZARD Packs. The in-universe backstory for the machine is that it is a melee-based variant of the ZAKU Warrior built initially to help train pilots for the upcoming GOUF Ignited, but eventually became a favorite for certain piloting styles as well as an effective way of employing some of the GOUF's unusual armaments into a more standard and cost-effective machine. Structural Defense: Conventional Materials - Offers lighter armor weight for greater mobility, with no added benefit. Special System: WIZARD Pack Compatibility - Modular backpack system for the addition of weapons. Commonly employs the Slash Wizard. Melee Weapons: 4x - 8x Hand Grenade - The hips of the ZAKU Warrior Light Armor can store one E-Pac each or two Hand Grenades each. The Assault Shield can hold two more E-Pacs or four more Hand Grenades. It is common to employ a total of two spare E-Pacs and four Hand Grenades on the machine at any given time. Types of grenades include Fragmentation, High-Explosive, Thermite Incendiary, Flash, and Smoke. 2 x Heat Spike - Superheated metal spikes on the face of the Assault Shield, used for ramming attacks. MMI-558 “Tempest” Composite Beam Sword - A physical blade from the GOUF Ignited which has beam emitters on both sides. Stored in the Assault Shield when not in use, it can be handheld or extend from the bottom of the shield like a lance for added reach. MA-MR Falx G7 Beam Axe (Slash Wizard Only) - A pole-arm version of the beam tomahawk with more reach than most beam sabers. The beam axe has two beam blades at the top and a metal scythe attached to the bottom. When not in use, the beam axe will retract and is stored on the back waist armor. Projectile Weapons: MMI-M633 Beam Assault Rifle - Has a high rate of fire but replies on external drum-shaped E-Pacs with limited shots. Somewhat mitigated by optional added E-Pacs on the hips or rear of shield. M181SL “Draupnir” Two-barrel Beam Gun - One of the GOUF Ignited's forearm Beam Guns has been installed in the face of the Assault Shield. While having only two barrels rather than the standard four-barrel version, the firing rate and cooling system have been improved in an attempt to somewhat compensate. This is still a fairly destructive option, but notably a short range weapon. M68 "Cattus" 500mm Recoilless Rifle - Initially used by the ZGMF-1017 GINN, it is similar in design to a bazooka and can fire various types of rounds depending to the magazine used. It is used when heavier firepower is required or when an enemy employs anti-beam technologies. MMI-M826 "Hydra" Gatling Beam Cannon (Slash Wizard Only) - Mounted on the Slash Wizard are two gatling beam cannons with a very high rate of fire in exchange for weaker beams. These are mainly used for suppressive fire and for intercepting attacks, and are directly powered by the suit's battery. Shield: Assault Shield - Physical shield that can be handheld, arm-mounted or shoulder-mounted. Contains two Heat Spikes for ramming and a “Draupnir” two-barrel Beam Gun. Also stores a “Tempest” Composite Beam Sword inside and up to two E-Pacs or four Hand Grenades on the rear. Power System: Battery Pack - offers a light weight power solution for greater mobility but limited supply. Special Abilities/Features: N/A
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    Leon's Zaku was floating in space, lacking its arms. "Well... I guess I've been... Disarmed." He waited, idle, for a few seconds, before facepalming. "That was terrible. I hope nobody heard that." He then tried to turn towards the Zeonic ship. "Repentance, this is Leon Malroz, of Zero Sky. We've got a pretty bad situation right now and you should tell your pilots to retreat before people start dying for no reason."
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    So. It has come to this. Many of you asked that i make this thing, and just because it seems increasingly out of place to not have somewhere to classify all this artwork, i'm finally doing the thing. It's going to be tiring to upload these from my phone, but it'll happen, so don't worry if all you see at the beginning are the names of the things i've done. Eventually, pictures and descriptions will join them. I changed my mind about which Mobile Suits i post and which not. The new criteria will be known only to me. The initial post will be accompanied by the Zeta Destiny roster. Let's hope i don't have to make a second part of it. It would mean chaos. --- Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeta Destiny Anti Earth Union Group/Karaba Ships & Mobile Suits Cargo Ship (Vagabond) An old and rusty freighter that secretly served as the AEUG's placeholder flagship at the beginning of the First Neo Zeon War, to suffice for the lack of available Argama-class and Irish-class spaceships at the time, holding a team of five mobile suits on its very cramped cargo bay. Its origins are unknown, and its brethren all have no designation or model number, but they were most likely manufactured by shipyards on the Moon or space colonies for use in space, lacking many features considered essential for atmospheric escape and re-entry. RMS-099 Rick Dias (Libot Team Custom) A Rick Dias used by the AEUG's Libot Team, seemingly lacking any upgrades from the base model. Initially painted in the later red standard colors, it would later get yellow accents on the sides and head. Three units existed in this configuration, all three used during the First Neo Zeon War by veteran pilot Ada Weiss and her two wingmen, Dapper and Hans. RMS-179D GM II Cold Climate Type A GM II improved upon by the Earth Federation's engineers to better adapt to harsh arctic climates, with a small increase in performance due to upgrades on the materials used to avoid icing and minor software updates on rollout compared to the base GM II, making its systems less prone to crash after heavy damage to the circuits. Created during the Gryps Conflict and considered outdated by the start of the First Neo Zeon War, one such unit that had been captured by the AEUG during the previous war, long after the Federation's discontinuement of this Mobile Suit, would nonetheless become Benjamin Alan Grimsdottir's personal unit after his swift rise through the AEUG's chain of command, due to the ensuing resource shortage. MSA-003T Trainer Nemo A Nemo fitted by Anaheim Electronics for training purposes, with various safety locks to allow the Suit to be remotely disabled by a supervisor if trainees fail to comply with orders during training exercises. It can also be switched to the default operating mode of normal Nemos, which proved useful when the AEUG was in dire need of spare Mobile Suits at the start of the First Neo Zeon War, having their mechanics switch these units to default operation and using them like regular Mobile Suits. It was most famously piloted during said war by ex-Titans commander and ace pilot Ryder Sarka, armed with a beam sniper rifle, with his wingman Nicholas Lavie piloting another unit that would instead use the standard beam rifle. RMS-179 GM II (AEUG) A regular GM II in service with the AEUG, it has very likely been stolen during the Gryps Conflict from Earth Federation Space Force facilities, before being painted on a white/green livery to tell it apart from its Federation-serving brethren. As of the First Neo Zeon War, it had become obsolete because of the presence of much more advanced Mobile Suits in the battlefield, but resource shortages managed to force a few of these back into service, both in the AEUG and the Federation, sometimes being assigned to mercenaries that could temporarily fill the void left in the Mobile Suit pilot rosters by the Gryps Conflict's massive death toll, with more advanced grunt suits being reserved to the use of actual members of the standing force. Axis Zeon Mobile Suits RMS-119 EWAC Zack (Axis Zeon) An EWAC Zack in service with the forces of Axis Zeon, it has been ''requisitioned'' from the Earth Federation in a similar manner to the GM IIs in service with the AEUG. While boasting no further upgrades from the base EWAC Zack, it has been painted by Axis Zeon's mechanics in a green hue, in an attempt to return the Federation-manufactured Mobile Suit to its roots with a respectful homage to the Principality of Zeon's iconic MS-06 Zaku II. AMX-003 Gaza-C (Artemis MacGriever Custom) A Gaza-C painted in a jet-black with lime green color scheme by its pilot, complete with matching optics, it would be the first Mobile Suit of Axis Zeon pilot Artemis MacGriever during the First Neo Zeon War. While the black paint is certainly stealthier than that of regular Gaza-Cs and their hot pink bodywork, the green accents and cables still turn a lot of heads when it is actually spotted. Earth Federation Forces Mobile Suits RMS-119 EWAC Zack (Earth Federation) An EWAC Zack in service with the Earth Federation Forces and the Earth Federation Space Force, painted by default on a white and black color scheme reminiscent of old Airborn WArning & Control System airplanes used prior to the invention of Mobile Suits, which can still be found at air and space museums. This default paintwork was introduced by the Federation shortly after the Titans disobeyed the Federation's orders to disband, to differentiate the EFF's EWAC Zacks from Titans-operated units. This policy would later be applied to lots of Mobile Suits that were commonly associated with the Titans but were not to be scrapped, in an attempt to rebuild the general public's trust in the Federation. Titans Remnants Mobile Suits RMS-108 Marasai (Titans Remnants) A Marasai operated by organized remnants of the once all-mighty Titans. It has been painted in the colors of its new faction, which frequently use it to revolt against the Earth Federation for its ''betrayal'' of them, among other nefarious means, such as hijacking unsuspecting space freighters for their supplies. Other Mobile Suits Pending Rejects Currently none!
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    The slight G-force pushing Hiro into his seat was strangely settling as the Firefly lifted off from the port. It was good to leave Von Braun behind. He had a nagging feeling that something would happen the longer they stayed in the lunar base. His crew had gone off to catch some rest in their bunkers. Hiro chose to remain behind to get to know the two AEUG pilots. Ryder and Nicky. They had introduced themselves and joined him for some drinks. It was good to know those who would be covering your back for you in the field. Hiro took a sip of his flat white and ran a finger down his scar out of habit. "The Draconis Fury has its reputation in the mercenary scene. We rivalled the Galleon Combine back in the days, but unfortunately, times have been hard with the wars taking so many good soldiers. While I won't call them our allies, the Combine had good relations with us. Old Galleon and the previous Fury leader go way back. Brother-in-arms before they started their mercenary businesses. Enough of us. Tell me more about yourselves."
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    “You must be Hiro.” Captain Benjamin Grimsdottir said after a brief introduction. The AEUG Captain was a tall and imposing figure. Draconis Fury stood up almost in unison and snapped sharply in salute. Certain mercenaries gave their profession a bad name with their lack of care for decorum and discipline. They often used their freelance status as an excuse to misbehave. The Galleon Combine thought otherwise. They were an armed force for hire, but they were still an armed force. Discipline was not just expected, but demanded of the Galleon mercenaries. That was one of the factors that convinced Hiro Kusanagi to submit the Fury to the Combine’s authority. “Captain Grimsdottir. Hiro Kusanagi reporting for duty. These are the finest of Draconis Fury. Kamea Thrace, MS pilot. Grace Valerii, mechanic. Ronald Boone, tactician and comms. I believe you know that already.” As standard protocol, the Combine provided detailed profiles of each mercenary for the employers. Each of his team member were as outstanding as the other in their own area of expertise. Hiro nodded in acknowledgement at the AEUG soldiers who fell in behind Grimsdottir. "Our packs and gear have all been loaded, so I guess we are pretty much settled. When will we depart?"
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    Grim half sprinted, half hopped towards the ship in the port. With the moon’s gravity it was hard to make haste on foot, yet the Captain almost make it seem easy. Ben did manage to steal a glance back at the two pilots he seemingly recruited on the way through the spaceport. “On the double Ryder! Lavie!” He hardly paused to acknowledge their responses, satisfied with them merely following along. All morning Grim dealt with the remaining leaders of the AEUG; to say that the other officers were feeling stressed would be an understatement. Grim knew that this was the time for action.There were reports of Zeon movement heading their way and the AEUG couldn’t afford to be caught on the moon like it was at the moment. As the trio boarded the ship Grim glanced back over his shoulder to make sure his two pilots were still with him. When they caught up to him he did pause to regard them both this time. “Listen I know you both have questions about why I recruited you two for this mission but I don’t have time to explain at the moment.” Grim’s gaze lingered on Nick, “What I do need from you guys is to at least act like competent pilots when we meet our contacts inside.” He glanced at Ryder. “It’s time to show the Zekes what we can do gentlemen. I’ll explain more after we leave port, just stick by my side in here.” Grim gave a stern nod to his two new subordinates and quickly led them on board. The Captain drifted his way through some of the corridors, seemingly much more at ease just being onboard the ship. He looked around to get his bearings and stopped again by a certain passage when he heard the commotion down the corridor. He went towards the discussion being held at a table, his face lit up at the revelation of who was sitting at the table. “Ah excuse me but you must be our hired security!” He offered a wry smile as he approached the four mercenaries. “Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Captain Benjamin Grimsdottir and these are my two pilots who will be accompanying us.” Grim waved a hand to refer to Ryder and Nick. His attention shifted to to the man wedged between two women and a wry smile crossed his face. “You just be Hiro?” He offered his hand to the mercenary. His stern expression showed that he wasn’t in the same jovial mood as the mercs were a few minutes ago.
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    Aye, I'm Acidic. My friends know me as 'that weird girl who has a gundam in her purse' cause I always carry around a Burning Gundam MG with me. I got into Gundam and mecha in general with G-Fighter, it had been my favorite series until IBO came out. I've only built a small amount of gunpla (Three HGs; Char's MS-06S Zaku II, RX-78-2 Gundam, a Guard Frame and my Burning Gundam. And a Haro). I'm primarily a writer, words are my strong point and I'm in school specifically to hone that skill. My vocabulary is my strongest trait, I've been told, and when engrossed in my work I craft such beautiful sorrows. Also I'm that kind of trash to put a selfie in an intro thread.
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