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  1. Kieran was still in that haze, even with the G-Weapon going down, he turned and then watched the enemy forces start to retreat, he gave chase! using all of his thrusters but.. he ran out of fuel, it ended with him falling onto the ground below.. he was fine, the buildings around him?.. not so much, the green frame lurched back to his teammates, and he sat back in the cockpit.. as soon as it opened though, he quickly unbuckled his seatbelts and then proceeded to stumble over to the side and began puking up his guts.. all of those maneuvers had caught up to him.. alongside the whole situation, he was.. not in the best mindset. He had to be taken out to be examined almost right away, he wasn't hurt on the outside.. but his inside now had to be checked out it was.. well, bad though he would recover eventually, it was still.. difficult. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked down, gripping his knees as his head hung low, he bit his tongue to refuse himself from shedding tears "That was no where near enough to avenge Geneva..." he said lowly.
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