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    (OOC, Fa and Kamille are played by Roromi. We RPed this out together before posting it.) “There's a time and a place for duels, and team missions aren't it!” Hikaru exclaimed as the enemy GM III variant attempted to use its machine gun to keep the Beta Gundam at bay. The caliber increase of the weapon did make Hikaru play a bit defensively due to his lack of shield, but Gundarium Gamma armor was likely to have little issue with the rounds as long as they didn't hit something like an optic or vernier. No, what kept Hikaru at bay long enough for Aida to escape his sight were the explosions making nearby holes in the colony wall. This had the effect of causing his machine to be pulled away by the suction, at least until he employed his thrusters. “Seriously?” Hikaru groaned out as he fought to avoid being sucked out into space. Of course, there was something that gave him pause. Zooming in on something which caught his eye due to the contrasting yellow and red, he noted Fa Yuiry of all people. She'd briefly slid along the ground before being sucked up and drawn into the air toward the holes in the colony wall. Alarms triggering in Hikaru's mind as he failed briefly to distinguish between human and NPD, the pilot activated his thrusters and worked to try and guide the Beta Gundam to intercept her in time... At first, Fa slid along the ground but as the winds picked up so did her body. Fa twirled in the air like a ballerina, wind and debris whipping along her body. It was that sense of weightlessness that caused her to gasp awake suddenly. The girl shrieked out in terror as the colony ground shrunk away from her. Her world twirled in a blur as she helplessly flailed her arms and legs out to grasp at anything. Her surprise was complete when she felt her hands grasp onto the cold metallic hand of a mobile suit. This did little to halt her terror as she had no idea what kind of mech had saved her. Catching her in his machine's left hand in a move that invoked mental imagery from Gundam Unicorn's final OVA, he noted the terrified young woman's face. This was supposed to be a non-living entity? It was understandable horror on her face though. If Fa looked behind the Gundam, she'd clearly see the hole in the colony as well as open space and the stars beyond... Hikaru opened the cockpit of his machine, the Beta Gundam looking much like the famous Gundam from the One Year War, and drew the Mobile Suit's hand close to its torso. The boy reached out to Fa with his hand, to pull her into the cockpit. "Hurry! Get inside!" Fa looked around in terror, at first not comprehending what the strange pilot was telling her to do. “Kamille!” She shrieked out, “where’s Kamille?!” It took a moment as common sense soon caught up with her and she jumped into the cockpit finding it preferable than the unpredictability of a mobile suit hand. As she entered the cockpit she trembled with fear as she witness her world literally fall apart around her from the destruction. “Have you seen Kamille Bidan? He’s a boy... a teenager like me...” she began to form her request unsteadily. The fellow adolescent pulled her back firmly and closed the cockpit door behind her, flopping back into the linear seat with the girl on top of him rather than immediately answering. The reason for this became clear as they passed the colony wall with less than two seconds to spare. Fa saw open space all around her through the panoramic monitor, her mind likely believing that she had been that close to death if Hikaru had to guess. He had since forgotten about her artificial nature. Her voice choked back in throat as they entered into space reminding her once again of how fragile her home was. Tears welled in her eyes from the realization that her friend if not her family were dead or soon would be. Shock settled in for her as she trembled in rage and fear. “How... how could you do this?” Was all she could mutter under he breath. Her eyes still glued to the damage outside. Hikaru was quiet for a moment before responding. "I'm sorry...this wasn't what I expected either. This wasn't the plan." He had honest regret, the immersion immense and her grief convincing him. He pressed a sequence of buttons on a console, causing a a pair of jump seats to unfold to the rear and sides of his linear seat in response. "Have a seat and buckle up. Kamille Bidan was last seen fleeing Titans custody. I've already asked my allies to keep an eye open for him. Hopefully one of them can assist. I apologize in advance for re-entering combat after this..." Fa reluctantly sat down and looked around in a panic at the screen. She glared at the pilot and his rather cold responses. Then the weight of his words hit her. Go back into combat? Kamille was fleeing? She wanted to yell at the pilot right there and then but the thought of finding Kamille made her bit her lip. “If it means finding Kamille safely.... well ... please help me find him... I beg you.” Hearing the plea, he nodded lightly. Hikaru ignited the thrusters, pushing the Beta Gundam back into the colony. He knew his words sounded lame. How does someone justify causing such suffering just to play a game? He couldn't. Could he even keep playing if things were this real? "This machine is geared for general combat and capture rather than the sheer damage of whatever did this...hold the phone." Hikaru's screen zoomed in on the red Woundwart...it still hadn't moved? Moreover, a familiar young man was visible on the screen. As Kamille raised his fist up for another swing at the pompous jerk Jerid a loud explosion caused both of them to pause and regard the noise. Kamille’s eyes grew wide as the air around them picked up into a violent steady gust leading towards a hole in the colony. Kamille clenched his teeth to regard Jerid again, not eager to let up the fight just yet. “This is Hikaru to Risu! Please snap out of it! Hurry up and save Kamille! He's the guy with blue hair fighting the enemy in the black pilot suit! He's right there with your machine! Please get him in your cockpit and get back into action! Tell him that Miss Yuiry is worried about him if you have to, just get him inside!” Hikaru looked around him, taking in the battlefield as he spoke. He noted the movement of the blue Zaku toward the Rick Dias/Gundam Mk-II stalemate, and his eyes narrowed. “Not on my watch!” Hikaru extended the Beta Gundam's damaged shield as far as he could, and then used his Beam Rifle's jitte to slash the bottom off of it off. The remains of the bottom and its sliding armature were ejected, leaving the intact top of the shield with its vulcans and ammo storage racks in place on his arm's hardpoint. His machine moving in a hurry, it passed a wrecked GM II and picked up its intact shield in the Gundam's hand, re-entering the battle. Claiming a shield from a fallen enemy wasn't something early versions of the game allowed, but it seemed likely to work given how the game seemed to treat debris... “I'll have to try and trust my ally with your friend for the moment, Miss Yuiry. Keep watching that window and let me know right away if I have to withdraw to grab him.” With these words, he fired his beam rifle at the Zaku Forerunner, leading the shot to try and strike the machine as it rushed to intercept...
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    "Tsk!" Carter clicked his tongue, even after getting the drop on him- The red comet was able to get a shot at the Blue Lightning. "You'll have to do better than that though!" he said, re-orienting himself to face his rival once more, he checked his mobile suit and saw the damage, the beams that the Rick Dias fired found purchase around the legs of the Zaku, though.. his mobility wont hurt much at least. He activated his thrusters, preparing to launch at the Lieutenant at fast speeds, he still had one weapon up his sleeve.. Literally, he aimed his arm forward, and the triple barreled vulcan guns he had installed came to the surface. He started firing at the tumbling Rick Dias while boosting hard towards him, he was preparing to do a quick barrel roll to avoid a head on collision, and.. "Beta Two! Beta Three! I want you to disengage that maniac and the Red Comet! We are ganging up on the black Rick Diases! Hurry! We haven't much time..." "What?!-" Carter asked, suddenly veering off course and facing down the Red Comet.. He sighed deeply and shook his head, opening up Communications with him "Next time" He said to him before turning and then going at top speed.. He was searching for the marked enemies.
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    Infinitely cool. The airbrushing is flawless on that Mobility Shroud, especially for the silver Shroud part and the actual torso. And a blade in an arm is always a plus in my book, not to mention two of them for symmetry. The stock MkII will be beautiful in their own right, especially with a glossy finish to go with Zeta's aesthetics, but don't forget kitbashes! Gunpla is Freedom! Side note: did you take inspiration from the All Nippon Airlines RX-78-2? It has a fairly similar color scheme to that Duel.
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    Shin laughed as the combatant struggled the shots flying off in other directions and even the fact that he tired to fire one back at him. It didn't matter this Meister was about to be taken out. Shin payed little attention to his thursters warning indicators, this was the moment he had been waiting for his chance to eradicate this Gundam from the field. His machine began to close the gap, his GN Rifle returning to blade form. He arm of his gundam extending into the air to pull off a powerful slash. A large explosion, and then Warnings the pilot couldn't Ignore. "What did you do! KNOCKOFF!" With that he tried to stay with the Dynames but his thruster blew out as he tried to keep himself from being sucked out into space. As him and the Dynames got separated and his machine flew closer and closer to new hole in the colony. Shin had to figure out a way not to get blown into space. If he had been sucked out into space it would take him far to long to get back into action. With a little quick thinking he adjusted his remaining thrusters for a quick burst. His gave him just enough thrust to break free and crash land somewhere on the colony floor. As the dust cleared Shin looked around his systems to see what was affected by the crash. Minimal damage to the outer shell and mostly everything seemed fine. His thrusters where almost completely shot and on further examination his left arm was going to have limited mobility. Looking around the area is was vastly different then where he had been with the pull and burst of his thrusters he didn't really care where he landed just that it wasn't space. He was agitated that, the coward had used his shots to make a way for him to escape. He should have just let his gunpla lose... but no he had to leave a bad taste in Shins mouth and run away. He was no Knockoff, just a coward. As Shin sat in his cockpit coming up with some sort of plan. He could see something in the distance a Gunpla just laying on the ground. It was that TR-6 Woundwort, It had that quiet pilot. With that Shin turned his coms back on. He didnt want to admit it but if he wanted to win they would have to work together especially now that the Astral AGE was maybe at 73% functionality. He would have to rely on them coming together as a "Team" god that word made his skin crawl a bit. "Listen up! The enemy team blew a hole in the colony so be careful. I'm sure it will have all sorts of effects on the terrain for a while.... and I wasnt able to take out the coward in the Dynames." As he finished talking he got a few notifications from the chat from Risu and saw that most all of his team was in combat. With that he raised his gunpla and slowly started moving toward his downed Ally Gunpla. As he started to get closer he saw the wreckage of some other gunpla. He chose to play it safe and used his scope to check out the scene.
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    "Beta Two! Beta Three! I want you to disengage that maniac and the Red Comet! We are ganging up on the black Rick Diases! Hurry! We haven't much time..." “I’m a little busy right now…” Thought Kyle as the maniac proceeded to mock him. “Knockoff?! I’m even better than Lockon!” He brought up his own shield in an attempt to deflect the blasts back at the Astray. After all, the Sazabi’s shield was covered in Beam-Resistant coating. “Not this time, budd-“ The first shot scraped across his left arm as it went under the shield, causing some exterior damage. “Damage! Damage!” Haro yelled out! Kyle rolled his eyes, wondering how useful the robot could really be in battle. “Yes I know!” Thankfully, he managed to deflect the next blast back to his enemy, but the same couldn’t be said for the third. Not only did the final blast cause some harm to the shield, knocking Kyle back, but it deflected towards colony’s ground. “Uh oh…” An explosion erupted near the base as a massive hole opened inside, sucking everything it could into the depths of space. Kyle pulled back on the thrusters away from it as many vehicles and people were sucked out of the colony. “DAMMIT!” He said as the controls got tighter. The gaping hole was finally out of range as the Trinames slammed into some nearby trees. He instinctively held his head, even though no physical damage could be done to the diver. Turning on the main camera again, he couldn’t see his opponent anywhere in range. “Hopefully it got sucked out.” Suddenly, the spherical toy bounced up. “Kyle! Kyle!” Haro chirped. “Apolly, Roberto!” Kyle glanced up to see the Rick Dias’ in combat. “I don’t know why they’re so important, but fighting them will be a nice change of pace.” Kyle opened the comm line. “This is Beta Two. Engaging the enemy!” He yelled out as he blasted upward towards them.
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    As the blast erupted from the dual Amfortas beam cannons, Creed grimaced. He studied the effect of his attack. Time seemed to slow down as the reddish blue beam arced out to touch his foe. The Galbaldy foolishly tried to block the attack and Creed had to wonder if the NPD just went daft. The beam was merciless in its course and any damage to the Galbaldy was overshadowed by the arc slamming into the ground of the colony opposite of where they were on the far side. Black smoke retreated from the impact just before being sucked back in by the small hole etched into the colony, leading into space. Satisfied at causing a big enough distraction with the colony damage, Creed transformed his damaged mobile suit into a mobile armor to jet away. Between the growing winds of the colony hole and the damaged arm, the Zero Savior began to drag sluggishly to the right. With his main weapon out of commission and the recharge time between his cannons slow, Creed was relegated to a supporting role; still he looked for the objectives. The black banner of smoke spilling from the inoperable MKII caught his attention first. Really it was just the cockpit that had been destroyed the rest of the mobile suit was still there. Grim furrowed his brow and veered his craft to the abandoned black Gundam. He transformed back into a mobile suit and began to lamely pick up the damaged suit with his good arm. While he had no idea if securing the damaged unit would count towards victory, he was willing to give it a try. If nothing else maybe he could make the enemies panic in assumptions. The only downside to his plan was how vulnerable he would be performing the task. —— Quattro gritted his teeth as the Rick Dias landed home on the blue Zaku. The momentum of the kick transferred over knocking the blue suit away and giving the lieutenant a moment to swing his bazooka back around. As he did so the blue Zaku charged forward to swing a punch at him of all things. Just then a familiar sensation tingled in Quattro’s senses and he instinctively pivoted the cannons on his back to shoot blindly behind himself. He rarely used the weapons and the jolt to his cockpit startled him, in fact the recoil was much too great. The cannons fired successfully but an impact to his back sent the Rick Dias tumbling forward. “Argh! He must have feinted and got me!” Quattro yelled out as he fought the controls. He had little time to orient himself much less properly assess the damage to his machine, but he did quickly realized the back cannons were damaged. “Looks like I have to give this guy some credit!” The lieutenant grimaced. He switched his comm again, “Higanbana please respond if you’re able to assist!”
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    "Uaaaaahhh!" Right in the middle of the spin meant to give his shield some impulse, his rival had simply shot Airbatel in the back with its beam rifle, without a care in the world. "It was in reference to the shield throw decapitation, you thick-headed buzzkill!" While the wing binders had taken a very bad hit, Aida was still able to complete his move, throwing the shield then firing the Shot Lancer at his enemy for a direct hit at… his shield, which had taken the worst of it. And while the Gundam was pretty much in one piece, Airbatel in turn no longer had a chance in the world to compete. The propellant in the wing binders had ignited, destroying the backpack and damaging the unit. His shield was gone, and so was his spike. "This is very bad… I'm grounded." All he had remaining were two beam sabers and his dual machine gun. "I’m relatively powerless… or am I?" Aida wondered, his finger menacingly hovering over the button that activated Airbatel's special functionality: EXAM System. But it was meaningless. His GM had entered the scuffle in an incomplete state, and this was meant to happen. "We were having ourselves a nice little duel, until you decided to show your most treacherous aspect... Beta One, falling back!" As the blue GM retreated on foot, hoping that the machine gun’s fire would be enough to keep the pursuing Gundam at bay, the green Galbaldy kept itself occupied with the Savior. The NPD was as skilled as its opponent this time, but the level of proficiency of the AI was always set before the battle by calculating the odds of each team winning, to give them both an equal chance. Could the Game System have predicted the downfall of Aida? Could the Game System have seen him as the weak link of his force? "Concluding that the defunction of Kamille Bidan will be critical to achieving our goal… Beta Four hereby commences sentencing of target." said the Galbaldy's pilot upon seeing the Zero Savior pull out its beam cannons to point them at her machine, and prepared to block, knowing the Galbaldy would survive a pair of shots. But her shield was oddly angled. Only the NPD could have known the face of the shield was pointed towards the suburbs… More specifically, at the torso of Higanbana, which lied still on its position, for a curious Jerid to climb on top and try to find the switch that opened the hatch. "Damn it, is the hatch even here or in the head? More importantly, what's with this designation… RX-124? Was this Mobile Suit made by our guys? Why does the AEUG have this…?" While Jerid kept looking, a figure climbed on top of Higanbana's torso with a vengeful stance, clad on a recognisable blue and yellow sweater, and holding a metal rod. Right on time, Jerid saw the reflection of his assailant in the shiny metal, and tried to turn around. Instead, he was hit by the rod in the nose, rather than the back of the head. This pissed him off considerably, and he stood up, nose bleeding, to face the angry teenager. "You tried to hit me in the back! Face me like a real man… YOU SISSY!" Jerid and Kamille promptly trading blows right on top of the red Gundam, while the NPD followed their movements by subtly adjusting her shield. Aida was amazed by her grade of control over the Galbaldy Beta. "She can control the machine like it's her own body… But it's not like those expensive Mobile Trace Systems on the market… she still moves like a machine, even though she wouldn't really have a problem imitating us." Another line of thought popped up in Aida's head as he tried to hide behind a radio tower, the only structure tall and wide enough for the task. "The goal of Alpha Team is very obvious… And she spoke of our goal, meaning we have one too… but it's still nowhere to be seen. I don't see it in the HUD, at least. Can she see it? What could it be?" His thoughts were interrupted by a pair of suicidal Titans, speeding past him at full speed on an electric military jeep, headed towards a pair of returning Rick Diases, which had made a trip to the space freighter Alpha Team had deployed from to acquire ammunition for their Clay Bazookas. The Titan in the passenger seat pulled out a portable Surface To Surface missile launcher after getting close enough to Apolly's unit, and yelled out before firing: "SPACENOIDS GET OUT!" An idea crossed Aida's mind, as the Rick Dias dodged the missile meant for one of its waist joints and leaned forwards to destroy the jeep with its Vulcan Phalanx. "Could that be it…? Nothing to lose for trying..." stated the team leader, and grabbed a hold of the mic on the right side of his head to speak on the team line, hopeful things could still be turned around. "Beta Two! Beta Three! I want you to disengage that maniac and the Red Comet! We are ganging up on the black Rick Diases! Hurry! We haven't much time..." Airbatel came out from behind the radio tower, and started running towards Roberto and Apolly, taking aim and firing single shots with its machine gun. His ammo count was in the single digits, and his thrusters were gone. He had to be really careful if he wished to get into melee range to try a saber attack on them, and he didn't really know whether Beta Gundam had given up on them just yet. But it could be their only chance...
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    Carter had watched the red Gundam fall down into the colony, he let out a breath and shut his eyes "Damn.. I got lucky" He said to himself, though he had no time to relax- His mobile suit was detecting a machine coming towards him and fast. 'Who the hell?' he thought to himself before finally recognizing the machine; he smirked at it and then turned his MS to face the red comet.. “Come on, Red Comet!" Carter yelled as he went in full throttle. He wanted to greet Char properly, he tightened the grip on his Knuckle Spikes and Shield, his plan was simple.. Rush towards him, get in low and get a strike right to the head unit of the Rick Dias, he smirked confidently.. and as soon as he was close enough he swung at the Red comet and.. Missed? "Where?-" He couldnt even finish his sentence as the Red comet popped up underneath him, kicking his Zaku in the cockpit and pushing him back quite a bit 'Tsk.. I knew he would do that'. The Blue lightning stared down his adversary.. The chest area of his MS was dented, though lucky for him the cockpit was relatively okay.. for now at least. He took in a deep breath, he could fight an NPD at the least, He made his MS Point directly at Char "Come on! Hit me with everyone you have!" He challenged as he dashed at his adversary, winding up for a strong punch with the spiked knuckle, only to feint and try to get behind him to smash the backpack in
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