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    Leon's Zaku was floating in space, lacking its arms. "Well... I guess I've been... Disarmed." He waited, idle, for a few seconds, before facepalming. "That was terrible. I hope nobody heard that." He then tried to turn towards the Zeonic ship. "Repentance, this is Leon Malroz, of Zero Sky. We've got a pretty bad situation right now and you should tell your pilots to retreat before people start dying for no reason."
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    Grim sat in the Captain’s chair nervously. The cargo they had to transport to the Rose was seemingly too important to be transporting on a near piece of junk, but the AEUG had been dealt a severe blow from the battle at Gryps. So many leaders, so many resources plundered, “and for what?” Grim muttered to himself. Neo Zeon was setting up shop like the one year war hadn’t even happened and the Federation was still in its fitful slumber. It was up to him and the AEUG to stop this madness. “To avoid another Winter…” he mused as he stared thoughtfully out at the stars. He smirked as he recalled a long dormant memory before shaking the notion out of his head. The intercom buzzed and the comms officer got on the PA system. Grim eyed the back of the Alistar’s head as he gave a long winded introduction and even cringed as the man mentioned Grim’s status. As Alistar finished up he looked around seemingly pleased with himself and Grim chimed in almost bitterly, “thank you Alister, for the announcement.” Seemingly oblivious Alister flashed a toothy grin and responded, “Any time boss!” Grim did his best to stop himself from sighing out loud. He was used to the rigid discipline that the Federation demanded, not this loose consortium of soldiers working together. At times he was amazed that he was somehow in charge of it all now. Grim cleared his throat, “make all haste to La Vie En Rose!” He stood up and added, “I’ll be on our ‘so called hangar’… contact me at once if there is anything unusual.” He couldn’t explain why he felt the need to goto the mobile suits. Maybe it was because he was feeling uneasy about their deployment from Von Braun. As he entered the makeshift hangar he looked around at the suits and found the bleached hull of his GM, the paint seemingly worn off from extending use. As he hovered towards it he took note of the Nemo assigned to Ryder and could tell someone was inside it. Probably the sniper getting some training in, Grim mused. As a rule he didn’t exactly agree with the Titans, he didn’t disapprove of their original intentions either; ultimately they simply lost sight of their original purpose. Spies on the other hand unnerved him, even if they were friendly. This Ryder fellow seemed like a necessary evil however and what better way to keep an eye on him than right under Grim’s own nose. The pilot in Grim felt the urge to fly out in the trusty GM, inside the suit of armor he could fight giants, he could change the world. He loathed and craved the responsibility of being a leader, he needed to feel in control of his situation; and right now he simply didn’t. “Captain!” Grim furrowed his brow to glare up at the speakers near the ceiling, Alistar’s voice blared from the tiny speakers, “Captain if you can hear me? We got Zeeks coming from port side!” Cursing the Captain jumped into the cockpit of his mobile suit and keyed on the radio to the bridge, “get everyone in their battle stations now! I’ll head out in the GM!” Grim hastily began the process of getting his suit ready to launch while barking into the radio, “how many are you seeing Actual?” As Grim fought to get a space suit on he could hear Alistar say something about 4 contacts. He finally got his suit on and settled down in his seat, pulling the straps across his body, “repeat again, how many tangos?” There was a pause and Alistar’s voice came in clearly now, “4 I repeat 4 identical zeon units, Looks like Gaza-C class.” Grim’s blood turned cold at the revelation and he could feel the adrenaline of pre-battle begin to flow in his veins, he fought the excitement to remain in control. “Get our suits deployed.” He responded as calmly as he could muster. He worked the controls to poise the GM for the deployment, or rather, the dumping from the Firedfly that would get him into the fight. Let’s see how our boys do, he mused silently. (OOC: this was longer than I intended lol.)
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    So. It has come to this. Many of you asked that i make this thing, and just because it seems increasingly out of place to not have somewhere to classify all this artwork, i'm finally doing the thing. It's going to be tiring to upload these from my phone, but it'll happen, so don't worry if all you see at the beginning are the names of the things i've done. Eventually, pictures and descriptions will join them. I changed my mind about which Mobile Suits i post and which not. The new criteria will be known only to me. The initial post will be accompanied by the Zeta Destiny roster. Let's hope i don't have to make a second part of it. It would mean chaos. --- Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeta Destiny Anti Earth Union Group/Karaba Ships & Mobile Suits Cargo Ship (Vagabond) An old and rusty freighter that secretly served as the AEUG's placeholder flagship at the beginning of the First Neo Zeon War, to suffice for the lack of available Argama-class and Irish-class spaceships at the time, holding a team of five mobile suits on its very cramped cargo bay. Its origins are unknown, and its brethren all have no designation or model number, but they were most likely manufactured by shipyards on the Moon or space colonies for use in space, lacking many features considered essential for atmospheric escape and re-entry. RMS-099 Rick Dias (Libot Team Custom) A Rick Dias used by the AEUG's Libot Team, seemingly lacking any upgrades from the base model. Initially painted in the later red standard colors, it would later get yellow accents on the sides and head. Three units existed in this configuration, all three used during the First Neo Zeon War by veteran pilot Ada Weiss and her two wingmen, Dapper and Hans. RMS-179D GM II Cold Climate Type A GM II improved upon by the Earth Federation's engineers to better adapt to harsh arctic climates, with a small increase in performance due to upgrades on the materials used to avoid icing and minor software updates on rollout compared to the base GM II, making its systems less prone to crash after heavy damage to the circuits. Created during the Gryps Conflict and considered outdated by the start of the First Neo Zeon War, one such unit that had been captured by the AEUG during the previous war, long after the Federation's discontinuement of this Mobile Suit, would nonetheless become Benjamin Alan Grimsdottir's personal unit after his swift rise through the AEUG's chain of command, due to the ensuing resource shortage. MSA-003T Trainer Nemo A Nemo fitted by Anaheim Electronics for training purposes, with various safety locks to allow the Suit to be remotely disabled by a supervisor if trainees fail to comply with orders during training exercises. It can also be switched to the default operating mode of normal Nemos, which proved useful when the AEUG was in dire need of spare Mobile Suits at the start of the First Neo Zeon War, having their mechanics switch these units to default operation and using them like regular Mobile Suits. It was most famously piloted during said war by ex-Titans commander and ace pilot Ryder Sarka, armed with a beam sniper rifle, with his wingman Nicholas Lavie piloting another unit that would instead use the standard beam rifle. RMS-179 GM II (AEUG) A regular GM II in service with the AEUG, it has very likely been stolen during the Gryps Conflict from Earth Federation Space Force facilities, before being painted on a white/green livery to tell it apart from its Federation-serving brethren. As of the First Neo Zeon War, it had become obsolete because of the presence of much more advanced Mobile Suits in the battlefield, but resource shortages managed to force a few of these back into service, both in the AEUG and the Federation, sometimes being assigned to mercenaries that could temporarily fill the void left in the Mobile Suit pilot rosters by the Gryps Conflict's massive death toll, with more advanced grunt suits being reserved to the use of actual members of the standing force. Axis Zeon Mobile Suits RMS-119 EWAC Zack (Axis Zeon) An EWAC Zack in service with the forces of Axis Zeon, it has been ''requisitioned'' from the Earth Federation in a similar manner to the GM IIs in service with the AEUG. While boasting no further upgrades from the base EWAC Zack, it has been painted by Axis Zeon's mechanics in a green hue, in an attempt to return the Federation-manufactured Mobile Suit to its roots with a respectful homage to the Principality of Zeon's iconic MS-06 Zaku II. AMX-003 Gaza-C (Artemis MacGriever Custom) A Gaza-C painted in a jet-black with lime green color scheme by its pilot, complete with matching optics, it would be the first Mobile Suit of Axis Zeon pilot Artemis MacGriever during the First Neo Zeon War. While the black paint is certainly stealthier than that of regular Gaza-Cs and their hot pink bodywork, the green accents and cables still turn a lot of heads when it is actually spotted. Earth Federation Forces Mobile Suits RMS-119 EWAC Zack (Earth Federation) An EWAC Zack in service with the Earth Federation Forces and the Earth Federation Space Force, painted by default on a white and black color scheme reminiscent of old Airborn WArning & Control System airplanes used prior to the invention of Mobile Suits, which can still be found at air and space museums. This default paintwork was introduced by the Federation shortly after the Titans disobeyed the Federation's orders to disband, to differentiate the EFF's EWAC Zacks from Titans-operated units. This policy would later be applied to lots of Mobile Suits that were commonly associated with the Titans but were not to be scrapped, in an attempt to rebuild the general public's trust in the Federation. Titans Remnants Mobile Suits RMS-108 Marasai (Titans Remnants) A Marasai operated by organized remnants of the once all-mighty Titans. It has been painted in the colors of its new faction, which frequently use it to revolt against the Earth Federation for its ''betrayal'' of them, among other nefarious means, such as hijacking unsuspecting space freighters for their supplies. Other Mobile Suits Pending Rejects Currently none!
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    The slight G-force pushing Hiro into his seat was strangely settling as the Firefly lifted off from the port. It was good to leave Von Braun behind. He had a nagging feeling that something would happen the longer they stayed in the lunar base. His crew had gone off to catch some rest in their bunkers. Hiro chose to remain behind to get to know the two AEUG pilots. Ryder and Nicky. They had introduced themselves and joined him for some drinks. It was good to know those who would be covering your back for you in the field. Hiro took a sip of his flat white and ran a finger down his scar out of habit. "The Draconis Fury has its reputation in the mercenary scene. We rivalled the Galleon Combine back in the days, but unfortunately, times have been hard with the wars taking so many good soldiers. While I won't call them our allies, the Combine had good relations with us. Old Galleon and the previous Fury leader go way back. Brother-in-arms before they started their mercenary businesses. Enough of us. Tell me more about yourselves."
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    “You must be Hiro.” Captain Benjamin Grimsdottir said after a brief introduction. The AEUG Captain was a tall and imposing figure. Draconis Fury stood up almost in unison and snapped sharply in salute. Certain mercenaries gave their profession a bad name with their lack of care for decorum and discipline. They often used their freelance status as an excuse to misbehave. The Galleon Combine thought otherwise. They were an armed force for hire, but they were still an armed force. Discipline was not just expected, but demanded of the Galleon mercenaries. That was one of the factors that convinced Hiro Kusanagi to submit the Fury to the Combine’s authority. “Captain Grimsdottir. Hiro Kusanagi reporting for duty. These are the finest of Draconis Fury. Kamea Thrace, MS pilot. Grace Valerii, mechanic. Ronald Boone, tactician and comms. I believe you know that already.” As standard protocol, the Combine provided detailed profiles of each mercenary for the employers. Each of his team member were as outstanding as the other in their own area of expertise. Hiro nodded in acknowledgement at the AEUG soldiers who fell in behind Grimsdottir. "Our packs and gear have all been loaded, so I guess we are pretty much settled. When will we depart?"
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    After the Gaza-C was flung into the star filled abyss of space Artemis accidentally dragged her hand over her controls, flicking off her communication channels. She cleared the cockpit screens of numbers, indicators and gauges and took in the carpet of twinkling lights with a deep pent up sigh that came from deep inside of her. Tears began to blur her vision as she drifts soundlessly through the void. For once her thoughts were her own. But her moment of silent reflection was never meant to last. A red flash brings the screen back to life as a circular target is drawn around a distant dot of moving light followed by a line of text branching off of the red circle; MS-06? Zaku II. The girl stared at it with a mixture of anger and resentment before bringing her screens back to life. The screens brought a surprise back with them, another target drawn over another rapidly moving dot. This one was only given a BOGIE label. "I thought the One Year War was over," Artemis croaked out, her voice cracking as she lifted her helmet to dry her eyes, "You interrupted me time. You're dead. Both of you." The girl smashed the communication button with her fist, opening up a channel with the Repentance. "CPO MacGriever outside the Repentance. Two unidentified mobile suits are approaching." The voice that came back to her questioned not about the mobile suits but about her voice, it sounded hollow and dry. She was then quickly told to wait and not to engage with the suits, "Sorry Repentance, couldn't catch that. Com's probably still fucked." Artemis switched the com back off with a heavy hand as she aimed her Knuckle Buster at the bogie. The pair of green lenses on her Gaza were both focused on the rapidly moving dot. At such an extreme range any shot from the Gaza would be a crapshoot and might as well be a warning shot, or at least was Artemis's justification to firing at the distant bogie.
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    The frame of the Gelgoog juddered almost violently around him, the antique metal cocooning the machine’s retrofitted panoramic cockpit creaking and groaning under the stress of high-G maneuvers. Perhaps it was a poor decision, redesigning such an old machine up to the standards of contemporary mobile suit technology: in just eight short years, the fundamental nature of mobile suit warfare had changed, making large, heavy machines like this almost obsolete. Briefly, addled by the inertial stress of a rapid deceleration, followed by a rapid pivot, Teo Nygaard considered the viability of his father’s decision to build the Gelgoog Stutzer. On paper, it was perfect, matching the performance of many of its contemporaries, but in practice, Teo noted that without the agility afforded by a movable frame, the myriad thrusters on the Gelgoog Stutzer made it far more difficult to use. Teo grit his teeth as he repeated the maneuver, despite the loud beeping of a high-G warning on his monitor. The blood rushed to his head as he inverted the Gelgoog Stutzer in space before slowing the machine to a relative halt. He took several deep breaths, squeezing his fingers vise-tight against the twin control sticks on either side of his body to redistribute the blood back throughout his body. “Maneuvering tests complete…” he panted, speaking through a short-range comms channel. “I’m coming back to refuel.” Nearby, a civilian cargo craft was nestled between pieces of space debris. It bore the insignia of the Nygaard Concern, and presumably so did the heavily modified mobile suit it was observing. On the other side of the channel, Teo would hear a gruff, pompous voice. “No, Teo. We’ve received orders from the Neo Zeon military: you’re to rendezvous with one of their vessels nearby, the Repentance. We’ve sent you its coordinates, and a laser message ahead of you. They’ll know you’re coming. It’s time to shine.” Teo sucked out the last few sips of beverage base from the packet, nearly cringing at the overly tangy flavour. He’d been drifting through space for a bit more than half an hour, by now, and he was starting to get bored. The marker labeled ‘RENDEZVOUS’ ahead of him slowly ticked down: ninety kilometers, eighty-five, eighty, seventy-five. By now, he reasoned he was close enough to try and get long-range communications with the vessel “Repentance, this is Ensign Teo Nygaard, I’ve been told to rendezvous with you, coming in on vector 0-6-0. How copy?” Soon, however, he would watch as a second IFF marker emerged from inside of the Repentance, labeled 'GAZA-C'. "Oh, great..."
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    Grim half sprinted, half hopped towards the ship in the port. With the moon’s gravity it was hard to make haste on foot, yet the Captain almost make it seem easy. Ben did manage to steal a glance back at the two pilots he seemingly recruited on the way through the spaceport. “On the double Ryder! Lavie!” He hardly paused to acknowledge their responses, satisfied with them merely following along. All morning Grim dealt with the remaining leaders of the AEUG; to say that the other officers were feeling stressed would be an understatement. Grim knew that this was the time for action.There were reports of Zeon movement heading their way and the AEUG couldn’t afford to be caught on the moon like it was at the moment. As the trio boarded the ship Grim glanced back over his shoulder to make sure his two pilots were still with him. When they caught up to him he did pause to regard them both this time. “Listen I know you both have questions about why I recruited you two for this mission but I don’t have time to explain at the moment.” Grim’s gaze lingered on Nick, “What I do need from you guys is to at least act like competent pilots when we meet our contacts inside.” He glanced at Ryder. “It’s time to show the Zekes what we can do gentlemen. I’ll explain more after we leave port, just stick by my side in here.” Grim gave a stern nod to his two new subordinates and quickly led them on board. The Captain drifted his way through some of the corridors, seemingly much more at ease just being onboard the ship. He looked around to get his bearings and stopped again by a certain passage when he heard the commotion down the corridor. He went towards the discussion being held at a table, his face lit up at the revelation of who was sitting at the table. “Ah excuse me but you must be our hired security!” He offered a wry smile as he approached the four mercenaries. “Allow me to introduce myself! I’m Captain Benjamin Grimsdottir and these are my two pilots who will be accompanying us.” Grim waved a hand to refer to Ryder and Nick. His attention shifted to to the man wedged between two women and a wry smile crossed his face. “You just be Hiro?” He offered his hand to the mercenary. His stern expression showed that he wasn’t in the same jovial mood as the mercs were a few minutes ago.
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    Hiro Kusanagi sat in the lounge of the Firefly as he watched the AEUG personnel scurry about their work in preparation for their departure from the lunar city. His crew of four was squeezed into the booth seat meant for three as they had their lunch. The seat opposite them remained empty for the person they were expecting. His wingman Kamea Thrace snuggled to his left, her right elbow carelessly jabbing at his ribs as she worked her food with a metal spoon. He suspected she was prodding his side partly on purpose. Kamea had tucked her short blonde hair behind her ear to keep it out of her lunch, revealing a star-shaped ebony stud. Her dog tag hung over her cleavage that her black tank top struggled to hide beneath her black leather. Hiro still found her appearance more masculine than Grace Valerii, who sat on his right. Grace had more feminine curves and the larger buxom than her short-hair counterpart, but her jacket was zipped all the way up to her neck to keep herself fully covered. Her straight black hair fell beyond her shoulders. Grace made Hiro uncomfortable for some reasons, especially when they were alone. Perhaps it was her open admiration for her superior, who happened to be a famed pilot in the Galleon Combine. Hiro Kusanagi was a renown mercenary in the Combine. Grace was the newest member in his team. Although she had been a part of the Draconis Fury for over a year, Hiro was still unable to be as comfortable as he was with Kamea. The latter was his wingman, so that explained for their familiarity. Grace was a backup pilot and still had a way to go before she was able to step up as a full-fledged pilot for the team. Her body was pressed against his as they sat awkwardly in the booth seat of the cargo ship. Hiro could feel the stiffness in Grace’s body despite her best efforts to appear comfortable with the physical contact. It was not as if he could help it. He was stuck. Hiro turned to look at Ronald Boone. The mechanic took the outermost seat and was the only one among them who could escape the scrum if he wanted to. Ronald, however, was engrossed with the food in his metal food tray. Kamea slammed her spoon down in frustration, “Knock my elbow one more time and I’ll shove this spoon up where the sun don’t shine, Augur!” “Hey, blame the small table! You’re knocking half of each spoonful I scrape before I can shove it into my mouth, not that this poor excuse for food is in any way appetising.” Ronald shot back. Kamea shook her head. “You can tuck your elbows in instead of airing your armpits, lad. We can do without the stench.” “Wha—“ Before he could even protest, Grace chimed in, “Starbuck is right. Why don’t you stand up to give us more space. Be a man, Augur.” “Just ‘cos Spike isn’t around, now I’m the whipping boy,” Ronald said. Kamea laughed. “Keep on dreaming, lad. Nobody’s gonna whip that ass.” “Shut up and enjoy cozying up with Apollo, girl.” Ronald teased as he suddenly leaned to his right to shove Kamea against Hiro. She leaned on Hiro’s shoulder with feigned affection while Grace flushed red as Hiro was pushed against her. Kamea giggled. “He better be enjoying this more than we are.” “C’mon now, we’re gonna look so professional like this when Captain Grimsdottir shows up.” Hiro said as he gave up trying to convince himself he was hungry. Ronald moved to the empty seat. “I’ll warm the seat for the captain before he arrives.” “I hope you’ve got a hot bum cos you gotta give up your seat and it better be well warmed up.” Grace said and gestured at the door of the lounge.
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    The black screen blinked to life and begun an insistent beep. Alyssa Arano looked up from the book she had buried her head in for the past few hours. She left orders not to be disturbed. Reading to orchestral music provided a brief respite that the piercing ringtone shattered. Alyssa briefly contemplated if she should allow the incoming call to interrupt her rest. Recent events were exhausting. The loss of her leader and childhood companion affected not just her work but also shook her personally. The Zeon leadership was quick to shove her into the vacuum created by the death of Haman Karn. Alyssa had been groomed for this all her life, yet she never felt ready, not even now. Yet she had to be strong for Neo Zeon to succeed in reclaiming their birthright. They prepared for this for years. The hardships suffered by her people would soon be over once they moved back to Side 3. The incessant beep broke through her thoughts. Alyssa sighed and closed the book in front of her. She brushed her hair out of her face and checked her appearance vaguely through the reflection of the console screen. Satisfied, she pressed the answer button. The face of her assistant appeared on the screen. He did not appear pleased to be tasked with relaying the message to her, she knew at first glance. Alyssa knew Lieutenant Alexander Mori well enough to sense his discomfort even through the screen. She wondered what bothered him so much, he usually kept a better composure. Alex saluted at the sight of the Zeon Regent. “M’Lady, we have reports that a salvage team scoured the wreckage zone before our recovery team arrived. I’m ashamed—“ “It happens.” Alex did not have to mention Haman’s name. He understood her pain, and she thanked him silently for that. “I trust you’ve dispatched a team to track down the salvagers.” “Yes, M’Lady. Reports indicate that they are heading for the Moon.” Alyssa expected no less from her assistant. “I will look into this myself, Alex.” “But, M’Lady—“ Alyssa cut off his protest with a raised hand. He knew she would take over the search personally. That explained his reluctance to make the call. It meant he understood her reasons too, as much as he disliked it. “You know I have to do this, Alex. The fleet will continue on course as planned. The delegation must reach Side 3. Patch the Vice Admiral through.” “Yes, M’Lady.” There was a brief pause before Vice Admiral Darius Solomon appeared on the screen in a second video link beside Alexander. The Lieutenant saluted his superior while the Vice Admiral saluted the Regent. “Good evening, Lady Alyssa.” “Vice Admiral,” Alyssa nodded in acknowledgement. “Alex, please.” Her assistant proceeded to fill Solomon in on the intelligence report. The middle-aged veteran listened quietly. When Alexander finished, Solomon finally spoke, “Do you wish to take matters into your own hands, Lady Alyssa?” “I leave the Doyenne in your command, Darius. I will leave at once on the Repentance. If all goes well, we will rendezvous with the fleet at Side 3.” “I’m against this, Alyssa. I should have been firm with Lady Haman and stopped her from going out into combat against enemy ace pilots. With all due respect, it’s too soon to let the new Regent to be off chasing after a rabbit trail.” Solomon was a father-like figure for both Haman and Alyssa. He was a close and old friend of Maharaja Karn, Haman’s father and Alyssa’s guardian. Alyssa pursed her lip in annoyance. She expected resistance and understood their reasons, but she was going regardless of their opinions and feelings. They stopped her from joining the recovery team and the search parties after the battle. There was no stopping her this time. “The Repentance can handle whatever surprises we encounter. I’ll also be bringing the Black Tri Stars along as escorts. Don’t worry, Darius. You can help me by bringing the delegates to Side 3 and protect Princess Mineva.” Solomon sighed and said, “You and Haman are too alike. There is not stopping you once your mind is made up. There’s so much of Maharaja in the two of you. I promised him I would take care of you both. I have failed him once and I don’t want to fail him again.” “I’m not going up against enemy ace pilots in a battle. We are intercepting a group of civilian salvagers. We will outgun them.” Alyssa noticed Solomon’s expression softening slightly. She recognised that look since young when he finally gave in to their pestering him for candy. “Besides, Haman would have done the same for me if our roles were reversed.”
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    It was December 8th, 0083. After the events of the Delaz Conflict, an elite force was created by the Earth Federation just a few days prior. They were called the Titans, a unit specifically meant for hunting down any Zeon Remnants on or around the planet. Many members of the Federation joined, including a mobile suit pilot named Ryder Sarka. He had joined the year prior, starting out in a standard GM. Over time, other teammates noticed his skills as a sniper, so he was assigned to use a GM Sniper II. When the Titans were announced, Ryder didn’t hesitate to join. He hated the Zeon with a passion, and this was a way for him to finally get revenge… The black-haired Ensign walked through the corridors of Jaburo with many other new recruits, noticing many of their transport ships launching from its large runway. Members of the Titans were beginning to be sent out on missions, with most of them going up to space. His assignment was different though. The new Titan didn’t know much, only that the team he’d be a part of would be going to South Africa. Ryder had mostly stayed in South America over the past year, so it was a nice change of pace for the Ensign. “Where the heck is the Stark?” He thought to himself as he glanced at many of the Medea transports. Eventually, he saw the big black letters spelling it out on the side of a ship and walked toward the opening in the rear. He noticed that not many were joining him. “Maybe a special assignment?” He thought. Two women were inside the large aircraft with a cart of new black clothes. “Name please?” One of the ladies asked. “Ryder Sarka.” Her eyes widened. “Oh! You’re one of the pilots! Take this and go join the others, once you’ve changed in the barracks.” She handed him a uniform wrapped in plastic. The inside of the ship was smaller then he’d thought. Ryder felt cramped as he walked up the stairs to his room. There was a single bunk bed in the room, meaning he would have to share with someone else. Placing his jacket and other items on the bottom bed, he quickly changed into the new uniform. The design looked sleek, but he wished he could wear his brother’s old jacket instead. The door creaked open. A younger man with short brown hair walked inside. “My roommate.” Ryder held out his hand to the fellow Titan. “Hi. I’m Ryder Sarka.”
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    One Week Later "From the hands of the 101th Mobile Suit Team of the Zeon Earth Assault Force's South African branch: Take as much time as you want, but don't let it be because of us. The ten of us have signed this piece of paper as our will to sacrifice ourselves, with the intention to buy this convoy a strong head start. Make use of it and let them reach Axis. Give them their home, and they'll give the Feds their war." The entirety of Port Elizabeth in South Africa stared at the abyss of a clear night sky. An airfield in the outskirts of the city had opened the doors to the biggest hangar, one that was surprisingly big enough for a Gaw attack carrier. While this happened, sentries watched out for anything that looked even remotely like the glow of a GM's composite visor. The silhouette of a man leaned against a railing at the top of the abandoned control tower, glancing briefly at the hangar where the engineers quietly tried to get the main engine to work again (after a failed launch days prior), then lifting his gaze at the skyline of the thriving metropolis. His hands grasped the handle of a nearby ice container to open the door, taking out a beer can to quench the thirst and placate the heat. Condensation formed in the outer walls of the tin cylinder upon contact with the air. A nearby lamp post ocassionally flickered on and washed him in a warm, faint light, only to abandon him a few moments later. It had been a long day, and it would be a long night. Time seemed to be endless after the Axis officer read that letter he had handed him out loud. Erin had told him that it was a secret meant for the officer, that he or anybody else were never to even glance at it. Now, he knew why. He wouldn’t have left if she were ever to tell him. The woman behind him, of whose presence he was unaware, had been through a lot more. After the battle that ended with the lives of all but two of her team members a week ago, their struggle to live another day was all but lost. However, it didn’t turn into much of a disruption for her plans. Leading the Titans away, they would be sure to be too focused in her team for any kind of attempt at investigating the ruins and finding out about the convoy that was en route to Port Elizabeth. After all, ten pilots weren't much when compared to the whole group of Mobile Suit mechanics, workers and soldiers that would reach Axis. They weren't expecting a battle that early, hoping to gain a head start and lead them further, but the two Zeonics and the Zimmad that had come out of that mess were still enough to keep pushing. Enough to keep moving forward. Enough to eat a few more rounds. And so the three carried on, to what they thought would be their bitter end. Not everything had been lost, however. Two days of constant watch later, Lady Luck smiled upon their perseverance one more time, and had them find a remote village where scarce remnants of the ZEAF had gone into hiding after their base was retaken by the Federation. Scared and tired, the vast majority decided to forgive but not forget, carrying on with a calm rural life and a low profile. Five of them did not forgive either, though, secretly mantaining their Mobile Suits, their uniforms and small arms as best as they could, all of it for the day when the Principality would come back for them. Taking some rest at the local inn, she told them about the convoy that was making its way to Port Elizabeth, and so they agreed to repair her Mobile Suits and join her, with the condition that she tried to take them there. The Gouf Custom and Dom Tropen got up better next morning, while the Zaku’s legs were deemed a lost cause after they never turned on again, and replaced with a Magella Attack’s tracks to be given as a Zaku Tank to the greenest of the bunch. They started marching towards Elizabeth, the three of them plus a blue Zogok and a captured GM that had been painted in green camouflage. Yuri kept travelling by her side, but Lyle decided to stay in the village and help them heal their sick, being as their medic had been lost months ago in an unfortunate, violent robbery, and few of them actually risked a walk into the city. In exchange, the Tropen would be given to the leader of the local squad for him to pilot. Erin knew Lyle’s decision wasn’t all about helping the villagers, but also a result of his doubts after Raphael’s death. She would miss him, but she let him stay, as it would be for the best. No point trying to force somebody to fight when motivated pilots were available, and while his skills as a medic weren’t stellar, they were better than nothing at all. Now, Erin was back. The last week had been nothing if not terrifying. Every corner, every bush, every moving object could be a potential sign of a terrible death to come. Every step was a miracle. But that would be no more. She was safe and sound, and ready to go back to her life of eternal grudges and jingoism. Go ahead. You can say it now, you magnificent bastard. Happy to be there again, she let out a smirk and grabbed a beer can too, leaning against the railing, then looking into his astonished eyes. "I'm home..."
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    For a split second, Teo could feel something in his gut. Something screamed at him, pulled him to turn around. Out of the very corner of his peripheral vision, he saw a dark, squared figure. “A Quel?!” Almost immediately after, far quicker than he was usually capable of, Teo fired the Gelgoog Stutzer’s boosters at full power. A warning blared on his main screen, then several. He was pulling higher than maximum lateral Gs, and he could feel it. For the short few moments he’d catapulted out of the way of the Quel’s beam rifle, Teo felt his arms and legs grow ten times heavier as he was forced downward into his seat, and just as suddenly, he’d fire the Gelgoog’s many maneuvering verniers, quickly changing the direction of the G forces. He was about to puke, black out even, but something inside of him, whatever it was, gnawed at his mind, implanting the need to survive. Come on. Come on. COME ON! It cried, a plea to Teo to fight. What for, he hadn't the slightest clue. It was a feeling at the very back of his mind, a near subconscious drive. His visor would crack, and then shatter, and pieces of it would bury themselves in his cheek. Teo didn't notice. He grit his teeth as the G forces quickly diminished while his movement was arrested by the verniers, and surely enough, Teo brought the Gelgoog’s Beam Machine Gun to bear. His vision, blurred by the rush of blood coming away from his head, slowly recovered as the Quel was brought into his crosshairs. The machine around him creaked and juddered as it recovered from the immense pull of inertia, and soon the distinct burp of rapid beam fire, muffled by the vacuum of space, filled his ears. A volley of mega-particle bolts would rain down on the Quel like a hail of deadly comets, each of the dozens of shots threatening to pose serious damage. The beeping grew louder, more frequent as Teo pushed the limits of the Gelgoog Jager. He could hear the aging generator behind him start to whine with the sounds of overwork and low fuel, but he had to push on. A small utility arm extended from the machine’s front skirt armor, taking the Beam Machine Gun away while he reached for the Gelgoog’s other weapon: its Beam Naginata Splitter. It ignited, sputtering as the machine’s power reserves ran dangerously low, and for an instant the blade of golden energy looked less like a blade and more like a flame. Then, the two halves of the weapon split apart in both of the Gelgoog’s hands, and the blades shrunk, turning white as the energy was compacted into a far denser package. It surged forward, using the last of its reserves in an attempt to dispatch of the GM. Teo had screamed himself hoarse.
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    Grim glared at both men evenly. He could see the gears grinding in Nicky’s head. Ryder cautiously remained quite and Grim did have to pause and wonder if there was hope for them both yet? “Sir. This will not happen again. I'll make sure of it as soon as i cross that door.''  This was the second time Nicky made that promise but Grim could tell it was more heartfelt. The Captain merely nodded and responded softly, “see that you do. Both of you.” He gave both men another quick glance to study their obedient demeanors. He supposed time would tell if these two could help pull off this mission or doom them all. “Dismissed.” With that he moved to return behind his desk and calmly began sitting back down. He paid neither of them little attention as he went back to looking at the papers on his desk. (lackluster but I can’t think of anything else to grill them on :p)
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    Ryder's emotions became very mixed after getting slapped by his superior. Part of him wanted to fight back, but that'd be a one-way ticket to a Titan POW camp. Another part of him respected the Captain for what he did. It showed Ryder that the AEUG had a competent leader who wouldn't put up with people's bullshit. The former Titan didn't agree with the silver-haired man, but he was starting to warm up to the AEUG's leader. Right then, Ryder knew he had to change his act in order to succeed. He had one goal in mind, which was to rise up in the AEUG's ranks. Pissing of their leader wasn't going to help with that. "Like it or not, I gotta play by his rules." Ryder thought to himself. "This is my chance to shine. I can't screw this up." The Lieutenant was going to respond, but the captain was currently chewing out Nicky on the account of Ed Shiro, the GM pilot who perished in battle. He noticed the Captain really seemed to care about the deceased, going as far as to say he was twice the pilot Ryder was. "If he really was that, he wouldn't be dead." His sloppiness didn't get the pilot killed though. It was a mixture of Nicky's incompetence and the man's own skills, so Ryder felt little sympathy. However, it made Ryder realize every life mattered to the Captain. "If I want to get on his good side, I'll have to protect every pilot, no matter how inept they are." Grim stared back at the two, seemingly waiting for a response. Ryder had nothing else to say, but he wasn't sure about Nicky. How would he feel being partially responsible for a teammates death? After all, Ryder had been in the same spot before...
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    “There's no excuse. This incident is completely on my shoulders. It will not happen again." Grim squared away at Nicky as the ensign gave the pitiful but expected response. The Captain had been around awhile and could see hate behind the ensign’s eyes. Hatred at what, was hard to tell, Ben would have preferred the ensign be focused on the enemy but suspected it was aimed more at Grim himself. Still the Captain gave a hard stare at the boy before Ryder chimed in. As Ryder rambled on, a small but distinct curl formed on the edge of Grim’s lips. While a part of him could agree with the Titan’s assessment of the situation this wasn’t the forum to address the issues. Grim was beyond stressed and this cocky little bastard was pushing his buttons. Before anyone could understand what had happened Grim’s backhand firmly connected with Ryder’s cheek. The hand flew across and stood hanging in the air, the slap of flesh silencing the room. “Ed Shiro was twice the pilot you will ever be Lieutenant.” Grim’s cold stare could freeze a beam saber, and he glared hard at the sniper. He fought the urge to slap the Titan again, but he knew he needed to get through the pilots ego one way or another. “I need soldiers not divas…” he added as he slowly dropped his hand. “You keep up that attitude Lieutenant and you won’t amount to anything under my command! do I make myself clear?” His eyes shifted dangerously back to Nicky, “and do you understand that Ed Shiro died trying to protect you and the Nemo?” He reached behind him to the desk and hoisted up a folder nearly tossing it at the ensign. Inside the folder was the radio log from the battle and highlighted were Ed’s lines stating how he was trying to protect the ailing Nemo. The comms during the battle were probably flooded with activity and no one but the Firefly seemed to catch his transmissions. Ed was in fact in the GM that Grim had seen getting destroyed by one of the Gaza’s. Grim stared at both men waiting to see if they had any other intelligent remarks to make. ((OOC: redd Shirto seemed too obvious))
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    Ryder looked puzzled. "Headhunter?" He thought. "Has he ever worked with a sniper?" While Ryder was confused, he did understand why Grim would be enraged. As much as he wouldn't like to admit it, his first sortie as an AEUG pilot was somewhat sloppy, but the way things were run in the AEUG was sloppy. As a Titan, things were planned out and it was clear what jobs people had on the battlefield. Ryder was told that he was the squadron leader, but one of the mercs would give him orders. Nicky's actions were self-explanatory, and the other pilots were far from skilled. "Four Gaza-C's shouldn't have been an issue, but it wasn't all my fault." "Sir, my job as a long-range mobile suit pilot is to take out as many enemies as possible before they get in range. A headhunter is what I'm supposed to be." Ryder responded. "And I'd love to be a leader, but when the team doesn't know how to even adequately pilot our mobile suits, like our sitting duck over here, it makes it very challenging." Ryder felt himself get angrier. "Am I even the squadron leader, because one of your mercs was giving me orders. Why is nothing in the AEUG ran efficiently? None of us even know our mission, we were just thrown onto this dumpy ship!" Ryder thought again about the battle. Some blame could be put on him. He needed to be a better teammate, no matter how reckless the AEUG did things. He looked away. "But you are right in expecting better. I expected better from myself too..."
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    Ryder Sarka stood against one of the walls near the sleeping pods, arms crossed. As he reminisced about the recent battle, the former Titan wished he could've gotten more practice in the simulation. It had been months since he'd even been inside a mobile suit, since he was too busy being tortured by the Titans. Luckily, he realized how much the Nemo controlled like the GM Sniper II, one of his older machines he'd piloted before. "Reloading..." He thought to himself. "I got to get faster at that!" Ryder walked to his sleeping pod. "That rifle could take out nearly anything in one hit, why can't it hold more than one shot?!" A red button illuminated near his pod. When he pressed it, the square door hinged up, allowing him inside. It was cramped, but it was supposed to be. After all, the pods weren't meant for comfort. A couple of pictures were taped to the top of his bed. Two were of the squadrons he'd served in with the Titans, the Pursuers and the 41st Strike Team. He looked closer at the Pursuers, noticing his former Commander. "Poor bastard." The other two were taken back when he was in high school, one of him and his friend Maria, and another with his newly enlisted brother, Len, as he grinned in his new uniform. "That was the day he gave me his jacket." Ryder grabbed that jacket, putting it back on as he closed the door. After many years, the jacket had become somewhat torn and ratty. Ryder attempted to fix it many times, but he dreaded the day it would just tear in half from any sort of movement. There wasn't much time for him to think about the past though. Dashwood's voice spoke through the intercom, requesting him and the Ensign, Nick Lavie, to go to Grim's office. "Expected that..." He thought. A debriefing was needed after what they went through. Ryder made his way to the quaint office, seeing his teammate saluting the captain. Ryder followed suit, awaiting a response from the Captain.
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    Grim sat in his chair of his quarters looking over the hastily gathered damage report. Overall the damage had been superficial, a busted window on the bridge scared the hell out of those on duty but the emergency shutter did its job closing quickly. More importantly this was going to have a bad impact for morale. Of course it wouldn’t matter that they had defeated a technological superior force, all the incident seemed to prove was that Zeon was on to them. It would only be a matter of time until another strike force moved in to engage them all. Grim sighed out loud, “I doubt we’re going to catch a break anytime soon…” He rubbed his temples as he glared down at the two personnel files on his desk, “of all the pilots… where’s kamille when you need him?” He bit his lip as he made the comment thinking back to reports he read about the ace, while the kid had been good his attitude left much to be desired. “Who names a boy that… poor kid must have been angsty because of that…” he shook the thought from his head returning to the present. He was going to have a good debriefing with his two “star” pilots. Grim pulled on a phone and held it to his head, “get me Sarka and Lavie! Thank you.” He hung up and got up to pour himself a cup of Tea. A minute later he heard the ship’s PA ask for his two pilots to report to him. He sat back down in his chair sipping at the mug, inhaling the steam. A knocking on his door broke his concentration. Although he was expecting the two pilots, this was perhaps too soon to be the duo. The Captain shrugged and called out, “enter!”
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    The Nemo rattled as it was thrown from its laying position. The mobile suit floated as Ryder grabbed on to the controls, positioning it to see the damage caused. Smoke blared from the outside of the bridge. "Not good..." Ryder thought to himself. If they couldn't get the ship to move, they'd all be sitting ducks. The only choice for the Lieutenant was to fly back into the hangar and hope things would be ok. The hangar door opened as Ryder flew back, connecting his rifle back to the wall. There were minor scrapes and paint chipping on his mobile suit, but it was otherwise still very functional. The mobile suit powered down as Ryder floated out of the cockpit. "Hey!" He yelled out to the mechanic. "What's the damage look like?" Ronald turned his head to the pilot. "I'm not sure yet. A lot of crew members are surveying the damage right now!" Ryder pushed off the cockpit door to the neck of the ship. He had no idea how far they were from their destination, so it was unknown how long it'd take for someone to come to their aid. Smoke was all around him when he made it to the neck of the ship. He assumed the bridge crew was wearing normal suits, so unless they took a direct hit inside the bridge, they'd hopefully be fine. "We've had some bad luck..."
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    Ryder ran to help out his fellow Ensign, but he was too late. The only machine left was a mangled GM Quel, with no Gouf custom in sight. "DAMMIT!" He yelled out. He knew that their leader would join up with the other two functional suits. It was unlikely that they'd find them now. Ryder turned off his beam saber and put it up in its slot, noticing movement at the bottom right side of his screen. It was Dustin, bleeding out on his own pilot seat... "Uh... Commander? We're gonna need a medic." A few hours later, Ryder sat in the hangar bay, looking at the mess of mobile suits inside. Two other pilots sat by him, saying nothing to each other. Albert, who had a bandage on his nose, looked at the other one. It was the surviving GM Kai pilot, who's headless mobile suit had fallen off a ridge, missing the battle. His poor skills as a pilot ended up saving his life. As for Dustin, he was being treated in the Medea's medbay. Last time Ryder saw him, the injured Lieutenant Junior Grade was mumbling something about Gabriel to the Commander. Speaking of, Ryder hadn't seen Gabe since they all got on the ship. He thought that maybe the other Ensign wasn't taking his loss very well. However, the silence had gone on for too long and Ryder tried to lighten things. "You know, seven out of ten isn't that bad." He joked. Albert glared directly at him. "Ten out of ten is what we strive for. The Titans are only satisfied if every Zeon is dead." The Commander stood up. "Through you just reminded me of our little friend in the cell. Come with me." Ryder and the other soldier. "Not you." exclaimed Albert. "This is Titan business." The two walked to the brig. "What about Gabe?" Ryder asked. The older Titan frowned. "Gabe... did something on the battlefield. I'm gonna have a talk with him later." They opened the cell door to find a Zeon Remnant Soldier cuffed to a chair, bleeding. It was one of the Zaku pilots, who Ryder had incapacitated once trees had fallen on his mobile suit. "Watch and learn." said Albert as the walked toward their prisoner. "This is how the Titans conduct business." Albert tried to make eye contact with the soldier but to no avail. "Tell me where your friends are headed." The soldier looked up at him, spitting blood in the Commander's face. "The other ones tried. You're getting nothing out of me." He uttered. Albert responded by pulling out his pistol, smacking the Zeon prisoner in his face. "TELL ME!" He yelled as blood dripped down his enemy's face. Ryder was shocked. Albert was harsh, but he didn't expect him to torture the prisoner. He thought that maybe something happened on the battlefield. The soldier grinned, looking back up at Albert. "Sieg... Zeon..." Albert scowled, turning away. "We're done here." He said to Ryder. Just as he walked to the door, he turned around, putting a 9mm sized hole in the Zeon soldiers head.
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    Gabriel’s breathing picked up as he focused on the locked blades in front of him. Reality seemed to cast a shade over him as his arms shook in rage. Then she spoke, the damn space monster had a voice. “You must think you're an oh-so-righteous knight, right? Come from the heavens to rain down his wrath upon evil... Pathetic… you're but a mere toy soldier!” Something about her tone, her voice; no, monsters deserved to have a voice. The damn zeeks spoke the only words he’d listen to when they dropped the colony on his home. “Shut up. Shut up! Shut up!” He practically screamed. The Quel dropped the dead shield handle and he held the beam saber with both hands, managing to push the Gouf away with the focused strength. “You know nothing!” His voice was shrill. The break caused his blade to swing out wide to his left and he flared his thrusters to dive at the reeling Gouf. With the saber in both hands he flew forward, ready to swipe back again towards his right. Just as he cocked the blade back he jerked his controls to suddenly jab his foot in the ground and push his Quel at a slightly off angle towards his right so he wouldn’t head straight into the enemy. His arms swung the saber after his movements, slashing horizontally. He was hoping to avoid the Gouf’s defense all together and get a slash against the cockpit ending the fight quickly.
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    "Welp, guess this is where I'll die." The two speedy Doms chased after the Ensign's suit with their heat sabers ready to slice. Ryder was astounded at the speed of the Zeon creations as they hovered through the air without a care for the objects below them. He attempted to aim, hoping that at least a couple of his shots would meet their machines. BANG! The first shot slid between the two, completely missing both of the targets. BANG! This one was closer to the Dom on the left side but also missed its mark. They weren't stopping, but Ryder wasn't either. Way three shots left, the Titan fired twice at the Dom to the right. BANG! BANG! The first bullet hit it's right "bicep", causing the machine's arm to fly back, permanently damaging its other arm. The fourth shot also missed, ending up inside a nearby tree trunk. "There's no way I can accurately hit that cockpit. Unless..." With his final shot in the clip, Ryder lowered the weapon down to the leg of the mobile suit. "Oh God, please hit." The Ensign thought as he aimed for his red target. BANG! The final round dug deep into the leg's jet engine as it burst, blowing off part of its ankle. The suit was sent down to the ground, violently smashing itself as it slammed into more trees. Ryder sighed in relief as it lay face down, out of the battle. "That was WAAAY too clo-" BEEP BEEP BEEP! The GM sniper's warning let Ryder know of the other Dom as it sliced directly at him. He threw his rifle to the side, just barely having enough time to pull out his own beam saber. The two swords connected, but there was only so much time until Ryder's suit would give out. In terms of raw power, the Dom Tropen had him beat. As the sabers stayed locked, the Dom took its left fist and slammed it straight into Ryder's cockpit. The pilot flew out of his seat, hitting the right screen with his shoulder. With no control of this machine, The Sniper II fell right on its back, dropping its only weapon at the time. Ryder looked back up to see the enemy turning its heat saber, ready to jam itself directly into him. "All I wanted to do was get revenge for you, Len, and this is how I die? I some forest with random remnants?" Ryder accepted his fate, but someone else had other ideas. The Dom stopped, turning to look behind him, but it was too late. Thirty bullets sent itself straight into the torso of the Zeon mobile suit. Ryder jumped back into his seat and pulled back on the controls, hoping to dodge the explosion. It worked as the machine blew to bits, sending chunks of metal everywhere. "Thank God those GM Quels are fast, I thought... Wait." As he put his mobile suit back on its feet, he noticed a tan mobile suit reloading its machine gun by putting the weapon on the ground, using its feet to keep it steady. (Its left arm was completely gone.) "BRAVO TEAM?!" He yelled out. The GM Kai picked up his sniper rifle, handing it back to its owner. "There's two bogeys coming for me. I'll try to hold them off while you join up with the others." said the GM pilot. Ryder obliged, flying back to where his old shield was. It was laying against a large tree with a large gash in the middle from the heat hawk. He connected it back into its slot on the left forearm. It was looser than he liked, but it would be giving him some protection. Ryder put the final clip inside the rifle as the ran to join up with Alpha Team.
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    After the ravine collapsed, the entire platoon ran, setting course for the woods, where they wouldn't be as easily spotted, and where they could have an advantage if so was the case. But destiny had other plans for them. Only minutes after the explosion, black aircraft appeared high on the sky, which Erin recognized on the screen as larger versions of Federation supply craft, equipped with extra engines to bear with the added weight. They were too high for any of their guns to reach them with their bullets, and there was a chance that they hadn't actually seen them, so she ordered the platoon to hold their fire and keep moving, knowing that even if they had spotted them, the forest would nonetheless allow for an ambush. Yet her worst fear was realized soon after, when four GM-type Mobile Suits fell from the sky, and cleverly landed on a ridge to block them from entering cover, all the while miraculously dodging their bullets. Their response time had been suspiciously high, as if they knew beforehand where to go, and their black bodywork betrayed their true nature as the alleged heralds of their death: the dreaded Titans, addressed by Jamitov's speeches as Earth's finest, were finally here, bullpup machine guns in hand, now pointed at them. “Raphael! Lyle! Get their backs!” And so the Tropens sped to get their way around them, avoiding 90mm bullets like they all were of a far higher lethality. “Cosette! Yuri! Flank the ridge!” The JC-Type Zakus obeyed, and ran to position themselves. “The rest! Suppresive fire until we get there! We’ll leap right in front of their faces and sandwich them!” Not one to lose her cool despite the dire circumstances, Erin quickly directed everyone as well as she could, even though she hadn’t battled in months. The results showed up quickly: the GM Kais of the ridge were grazed by their fire, and one round even found its way into one of their cockpits, probably a result of Yuri Voychek’s marksmanship. Trying to jump off the ridge, they were surprised when Zakus flew right in front of them and began shooting at point blank range, destroying a second Kai. They would then try to fold back, only to find Raphael and Lyle, who took on the two remaining units. Raphael relieved the first of its left arm, slashing the joint with his beam saber, before it flew away and entered the forest, as Lyle rid the other one of its head by blowing it up, before pushing it from the ridge. However, soon arrived their reinforcements. An F2 would go up in flames, then at the next moment, as Erin landed on top of the ridge, she was getting a transmission from Cosette’s JC, which had lost its machine gun and gained lots of scrapes after enemy fire ignited its magazine. “Commander, watch your back! Commander!” And so, the Zaku leaped high into the air, before being blown up to smithereens by a beam. Cosette! Such output… a god damned sniper! “Doms! Forget those GMs! Tally a sniper on the loose, vector 360! Close the distance and get rid of him! Levchenko! Yuri! Get the fleeing Jim! We're all going to move in that direction, there's more of them.” Erin gave out new orders, and while the remaining JC Zaku ran into the woods with one of the F2-Types, the Tropens flew at top speed from the ridge, before another black GM, looking way more advanced than the Kais that had just been defeated, stood on the way of Lyle and Raphael, firing its machine gun at them. Both protected their main cameras with their arms, knowing that the thick plating would do. Raphael sped right through, but before the Quel could turn around to fire at his back, Lyle arrived, and flying at approximately two hundred kilometers per hour, he took aim at the head with his fist. The new GM attempted to evade by throwing its back on the floor, but the Tropen arrived in the middle of the maneuver and still managed to land a clean uppercut, severely damaging the head and destroying its joints, detaching it from the frame, yet leaving the lead cables intact, the head dangling from the Mobile Suit once it violently made contact with the floor. That said and done, Lyle quickly regained its lost speed. Two Dom Tropens now sped quickly at a black sniper-type Mobile Suit, while the other two new models quickly had to aim their weapons again at their friends. Staring at the sights of their machine guns, three Zeeks. A Gouf Custom and two F2 Zakus. Weapons drawn. And the most murderous of intents.
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    “Crap it looks like Bravo’s made contact! Everyone advance! Let’s pincer them from our side!” Ryder was infuriated. He had hoped to get a couple of shots off without the enemy noticing, but Bravo Team had other plans. Keeping a distance between the three GM Quels, The Ensign made his mobile suit kneel while its head unit's goggles lowered. Lifting the sniper rifle up, Ryder noticed they were outnumbered. "One Gouf Custom, two Dom Tropens, five Zaku F2's, and..." He wasn't sure what exactly the other two were. They were Zaku's, but not ones he recognized. In fact, one of them managed to take out a GM Kai with its bazooka. "Well, you're done." He thought. BANG! One of the sniper bullets buried itself into the strange Zaku's right arm, blowing the bazooka out of it. Ryder reloaded the bolt action rifle quickly, sending another one straight into the waist of the machine. It toppled over, sending trees and other shrubbery on top of the outdated mobile suit. He noticed his fellow Ensign taking out a Zaku F2, and Dustin beginning a battle with one of the Dom Tropens. "Eat lead, you Zeon bastards!" Dustin yelled out as he fired upon the large mobile suit. Ryder aimed again, toward the Gouf Custom this time. He assumed it was the leader, hoping that destroying it would cause the others to shatter. Aiming for the cockpit, Ryder was about to fire when a Zaku F2 launched toward him. It must've lost its machine gun, since it only held a heathawk in its right hand, sending it into Ryder's shield. The connector snapped on its left arm, causing the shield to be stuck on the ax as Ryder flew backward. Pointing at the machine, Ryder fired the rest of the ammo deep into the Zaku's cockpit, causing it to erupt, destroying the top of the mobile suit completely above the waist. "That was way too close." Ryder said, preparing to join back into the main battle. He hoped the others were fine...
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    Gabriel’s face melted into a scowl as the commander barged into the cramp hangar and announced that they were dropping. He gawked at the man, it took a large portion of his will power not to question Albert. Instead he focused on the task at hand. He put on his space suit (which was supplied inside the Quel) with the ease of a veteran. Everything seemed to be moving too fast and the ensign fumbled around booting the operating system up as bay doors opened and radio chatter commenced. False information? Just what kind of a mission was this turning out to be? Gabriel growled out loud as he finished getting the space suit on, with mobile suit combat it never hurt to be prepared for anything. It seemed like he barely got ready in time as his Quel was tossed out of the transport. Strapped in he felt the familiar uneasiness of G-Force’s tugging on his body. Steely eyed, the ensign fired his thrusters to get a sense of the unit and its weight. As he glided through the air he slowly got more accustomed to the movements of the mobile suit, though he admitted it would still take some time getting used to. He was the last to hit the ground, given his testing of the thrusters. The whole mission was starting to leave a bitter taste in his mouth; immediate deployment, hasty arrangements, sloppy planning, poor intelligence. Gabriel sighed but kept his criticism to himself, he wasn’t about to let his sour attitude get himself killed. He loaded up the bullpup and shield and shuffled ahead to take point, something Albert didn’t seem to protest. They had been marching for a few minutes when flickers in the distance seemed to catch everyone’s attention, weapons fire. Albert’s voice chimed in, “Crap it looks like Bravo’s made contact! Everyone advance! Let’s pincer them from our side!” At a full sprint now, it didn’t take long to see the line of mobile suits, starting to entangle in the throes of battle. “Dammit! Why didn’t Bravo wait just a few more minutes?” Gabriel wondered to himself. As he got within weapons fire range he didn’t stop his charge. Several Zakus were engaged with the GM’s from Bravo and didn’t seem to notice his Quel rushing from the opposite side. With the vegetation and sloping of the region he didn’t have a clear picture of all the enemy units but he could see all of Bravo team as they held position on the ridge. Suddenly the upper portion of one of Bravo’s GMs burst into flames as enemy fire tore into the armor. “No!” Gabriel yelled as he skidded to a stop and opened fired at the farthest Zeek from his position. He was close enough to engage a couple of Zakus near the ridge but specifically chose one that was farther away, wanting to draw the enemy attention to himself. As his rifle boomed out rounds the Zaku went limp suddenly, telling Gabriel that a round found the enemy cockpit. He fought his urge to celebrate and kept his focus as he shifted his attention to the nearest Zaku which did notice his presence now. “C’mon you space monsters!” He yelled as he turned his shield and gun to face the next one.
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    Erin Rockwell Biography Full name: Ellen “Erin” Rockwell Faction: Zeon Remnants Rank: Acting Commander Age: 29 years old Sex: Female Weight: 61kg Height: 1,71m Eyes: Dark brown, no contacts Hair: Raven black, undyed Skin: Fair skin Handiness: Right-handed Personality A serious woman and a competent leader whenever the situation requires it, Erin Rockwell is, however, a very different person with those who have gained her trust, and her whole three years of hiding in a huge subterranean complex below the South African savannah with other Zeonic remnants have turned her into a close friend to each of her subordinates first, then their commanding officer, always caring for their general well-being and future. Unable to hide her humanity and her own problems from them as a side effect, many of her comrades help her out in tough times just like she uses to help them. As for new faces, she is more open towards accepting them into the group than the rest, even though she is cautious towards their possible intentions at first. Strengths and weaknesses While not an exceptionally strong Mobile Suit pilot, she can hold her own in battle, and has a clearly defined combat style, influenced by injuries sustained during the previous war which make her pulse highly unstable, her hands usually trembling when she's tense. This combined with her aggressivity in combat makes her unfit for conventional combat, though she can act as a sniper, if given adequate weaponry, by greatly reducing the controller sensitivity so the crosshairs will slowly move on a general direction. She has, however, embraced close-quarters combat as her way of facing the enemy, equipping her Gouf Custom with a Dom's heat saber and adding spread to its machine gun to increase the odds of it hitting something at close range, while needing to quickly close in on far-away enemies for an engagement to be possible. She is also charismatic and sociable, though it is through this that her fellow soldiers know she has been in trouble before because of alcohol, and even though she has been helped by the scarcity of such a commodity in the hideout, unwelcome memories always find their way into her, prompting her to find a retreat in the nearest bottle of booze whenever available. Appearance A mildly attractive woman that isn't without her faults, Erin is most easily described as an average-height, Caucasian woman with a fit build and long, messy black hair. Perharps the most remarkable thing about her appearance is her aversion to showing her hands and lower arms, usually sporting long gloves of varying designs, from bulky pairs not unlike those of the Red Comet himself to mere leather gloves. Aside from this, she usually only wears a white top with long sleeves, olive green cargo pants and brown work boots, only donning her Zeon regalia on important occasions, and when inside the subterranean complex, due to a risk of being found by the Titans if she's ever to wear such clothing outside. History On January the 7th of UC 0054, on one of the colonies of the Autonomous Republic of Munzo, Erin Rockwell was born in a middle-to-upper-class family that consisted of herself and her mother, who had widowed a month before in a freak accident. Years later, she would fall in love again with a customs official, before giving Erin a quiet little brother. However, unlike the three of them, who nonetheless tried their best to support her, Erin was a very active person, and liked to always keep on the move, with a highly athletic lifestyle. She had, however, a lack of a goal in life, and landed in the Munzo Defense Force's Academy upon graduating, being the best paying job for somebody of her physical prowess, who despite her inability to stay quiet wasn't exactly rebellious. Yet, the growing influence of the Zabi family's ideals would get to her, and slowly her class, her included, would begin to resent the Earth Federation, up to the point they participated in the MDF academy's attack on the Federation's Munzo branch, on retaliation for the incident involving a Salamis cruiser and an agricultural block in UC 0077, and so she fought against them, though she was clever enough to hide her involvement on the incident from the authorities, prompting Zabi supporters to see her in as good a light as any other attendees without having to worry about the Federation's inquiries. This proved to be a stepping stone for her rise through the early ranks of the Zeonic military. By the time the One Year War began, her connections to many high-ranking officers of the newly-formed Principality had paid off, as her newfound fascination for Mobile Suits meant she was put in the role of a test pilot for some early versions of the MS-06 Zaku, and participated in some of the earliest space skirmishes of the war, such as the skirmish at Loum. Eventually, she was considered experienced enough by the standards of her superiors (even if not an ace) to be sent as part of the invasion force on Earth. Landing in South Africa with her own grunt Zaku II, she would participate in many operations until the later days of the war, when one night the Federation's GMs surprised the base she was stationed in and successfully overwhelmed it with their numbers, killing many of the higher ranks and even her squadron leader, Dominic Tupol, who was on foot at the time. Losing no time, she would commandeer his Gouf Custom and give out orders to what was left of her squad, playing a key part on evacuating the survivors into an abandoned subterranean mining complex, which would be turned into their safe haven. Deciding to hide until Zeon regained its strength and invaded Earth again, all of them survived inside the complex. But the war ended, and nobody came to their aid, so they stayed there for years, while those who felt it was enough simply left for the nearest population centers and became mere civilians, year after year. In year 0083, word of the Delaz Fleet's misadventures on Earth and space would reach Blackwell Mine, and so Erin and her comrades would rise up in arms again, mounting an operation after their old base, occupied by the Federation since the war, sent most of its GMs into space to help the ailing Federation fleet, weakened by the losses at the Solomon naval review. The operation was successful, and the Remnants scored two Dom Tropens and various aggressor Zakus, painted in white, to replace their old units, which would be scrapped for spare parts. Despite this significant victory, conflict would yet again abandon them halfway through their efforts, and so they would have to return to a low profile, now better equipped but having to hide from a task force made exclusively for hunting them down - the Titans, and knowing that sooner or later, either they would be found and made to run away or they would give up on their mission and retire to a life of peaceful farming. But not all hope was lost for those who patiently awaited. Months later, a mysterious signal came from the South African shores: in need of experienced personnel for future conflicts, and targeting Africa’s large Remnant population, Axis agents had quietly reconditioned small shuttles on various inconspicuous locations around the continent, set to take off when full and rendezvous with space cruisers that would take their passengers to safety aboard Axis itself. This was a perfect opportunity for Erin and her restless companions, and so they made reservations for the closest shuttle - located on an abandoned spaceport on the shores of South Africa. Yet, the Titans were good at their job, and they were becoming increasingly suspicious of the mine, the Acting Commander of the underground base worried about the posibility that their next visit would be aboard Mobile Suits. Erin’s 101th Mobile Suit Platoon was starting to run out of time to join Axis for a second shot at the glory they were denied, and so preparations for one last sortie were made, the ones that wanted to resume their fight packing their stuff on their Doms and Zakus or all-terrain jeeps and the ones that wanted to stay giving them their goodbye… for next morning, the escape from Earth would be officially underway. Possessions Erin owns: Naban Type 62: A standard issue, completely ordinary Zeon sidearm, chambered on standard ammunition for the Zeon Earth Assault Force. Erin has kept this weapon ever since her graduation from the military academy and conscription into the Zeon 11th Mobile Suit Corps, then the ZEAF’s 99th Division. MS-07B-3 Gouf Custom: A Mobile Suit originally piloted by Erin's defunct squadron leader upon their arrival to Earth, it was originally an ordinary Gouf that was retrofitted with Type 3 equipment, brought from space on UC 0080. Erin chose it over the Dom Tropens her comrades got a hold of during the Delaz Fleet incident because of its operative similarity to her old MS-06JC Zaku II and its superior close-combat capabilities. Its former pilot has painted it in a green hue that is vaguely reminiscent of Zeon’s Gelgoogs, and it has been emblazoned with the number 13 since assembly. It is relatively well-mantained, having sustained only superficial damage during its various sorties, but its shield has lost the gatling gun component on battle and was reverted back to its original specifications. Kills None Roleplays - Mobile Suit Gundam: Memories of the Past [In Progress] Coliseum battles - None --- Comments This Sucks: And it is because of the hastiness i had to write it with. Expect updates and fixes as MotP advances.
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    "Sure, why not?" Ryder said to the other Ensign. While his mobile suit wasn't actually new, he was interested in seeing the Titan's first unit, the GM Quel. From what Ryder had read, it seemed to definitely be an elite unit, with its specs being exceptionally high for a mass production type. They were lucky to even have some in their squad. Ryder knew that most would be used for space operations. He followed the Ensign to the hangar and saw that his GM Sniper looked to be strapped to the top of the container holding the four mobile suits. Laying down was three of the new mobile suit. "I've read up a lot on the GM Quel." explained the new Titan. "It's a cutting edge GM. Much better than the GM Kai." Ryder began to notice the new GM rifles they would be using. Instead of the clip going on top, the bullpup rifle had it on the bottom. Four shields and a Franz sniper rifle also were strapped in near the machines. He thought that the armaments would be in other Medea's heading toward the Federation's base. "Looks like we might not have some time off from battle..."
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    "Yeah, I'm pretty decent too." Ryder responded. Yeah my mate thought he was hot stuff too, Gabriel silently shot back. Two men came into the already cramped room causing Gabriel to stiffened up and jumped down to snap into attention. He quickly realized that they were both superiors. As the two introduced themselves Gabriel already decided that he didn’t like Dustin. Loud mouthed and likely insecure, the type didn’t sit well with the ensign. Albert at least seemed more level headed, though his familiarity with Dustin was off putting. They all got a long way to go to measure up to my old unit, Gabriel thought. He followed everyone to the briefing room and patiently listened to the mission details. Albert began pointing at the screen dominating the room and Gabriel found a place against the opposite wall to lean against.He silently wondered how reliable this intelligence was and didn’t like the vague details of “5-10 mobile suits” lurking around. As Dustin spoke Gabriel did his best not to roll his eyes, even the man’s voice was growing to be irritating. “Any questions?” The plan seemed simple enough and he wasn’t one to get paid to over think any problems. Still he cleared his throat, “permission to check out my mobile suit sir?” Albert quickly nodded his head, “granted, anything else?” Gabriel’s disinterested look answered for himself as he shook his head slowly. He was already kicking himself off his perch on the wall and moving to stand at attention to be dismissed. Like all missions he didn’t care, Gabriel didn’t care if Char Aznable himself was sitting in the desert waiting for them, the only thing that mattered was getting the chance to take down some zeeks. His expression grew bitter as he contemplated, and he silently wondered if this new team would perform as well as he hoped. When everyone got dismissed he turned to the sniper standing next to him, “you wanna check out the new units Ryder?” His tone was as close to cheery as he got.
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    "Yeah, I'm pretty decent too." Ryder responded. His skills as a sniper were revealed a few months prior when he managed to hit a Zaku II way out of range with a standard beam rifle. At first, Ryder thought it was a fluke, but he later realized how much of a crack shot he was. However, he hadn't seen much combat, so his skill in battle would have to be proven on this mission. Ensign Sarka wondered what part Gabriel would play in their squad. "So Gabriel, what d-" At that moment, two other members of the Titans walked inside. "There they are!" One of the members stated. The tall blonde haired man with a goatee sneered at the two ensigns. "Fresh meat for the Zeeks! Huh, Commander?" The man to the left of him sighed. He definitely looked like a One Year War veteran to Ryder. A large scar ran diagonally across his forehead and the specks of gray in his hair showed the Ensign that he was probably in his early forties. "They were assigned to this team for a reason, Dustin. I'm sure they'll do fine in battle." The commander held out his hand to Ryder and Gabriel, who had jumped down from his bunk. "I'm your new boss, Albert McConnell. The numbskull to my right is LTJG Dustin Jefferson." Declared their new commander. Ryder gripped his hand firmly and shook. "Welcome to the team." Albert pushed open the door again. "Follow us. We'll have to go over our mission now since we'll be launching immediately after we land." The four Titans navigated through the hallways to find a room with a large screen on the wall. With the flick of a switch, the screen turned on, showing a bird's eye view of what looked to be a Savannah in South Africa. "We recently learned about a Zeon Remnant base near this location." Albert pointed to the top left of the screen. "We believe it contains varmint that needs to be exterminated. Probably somewhere between five or ten mobile suits." Ryder snickered. "Typical Zeon scum. Hiding away like the rats they are." He thought. "If things go to plan, it'll be pitch black." Explained the commander. "That way, we can strike without them even seeing our new mobile suits." Ryder had read up on this new suit, the GM Quel. Originally, Ryder was assigned one, but the Ensign declined, saying he would be at his best if he used his GM Sniper II. Apparently, one painted in the new dark blue and black Titan colors was in the Medea's hangar, but he didn't have a chance to look at it. The commander pointed to the letters A and B as they appeared on the screen. "Alpha team will be dropped here, while Bravo team gets dropped here. Alphas in charge of going in first, while Bravos backup." Dustin smiled. "We're Alpha, in case you haven't noticed. Bravo team will be made up of four GM Kai's, so we'll have to act quick. Wouldn't want those outdated hunks of junk taking our kills." Ryder felt somewhat offended by this statement, because of his mobile suit. The commander cleared his throat. "Any question?"
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    Jaburo certainly didn’t disappoint, though Gabriel hadn’t been there before, he certainly was astonished by the complex. The ensign navigated the bustling hangar and subsequent complex, from his transport that he had caught from North America. He carried his Ruck over one shoulder and a folder with his assignment papers in his free hand. The entire place seemed alive with the salt and pepper of Titans and Federation officials. The last few weeks had been a blur of activity since news of the fleet’s destruction by Zeon forces. One thing was certain, the Federation wasn’t taking the hit lying down. Gabriel eventually found the oversized plane that would take him and his new squad to South Africa for deployment. The prospect of taking the fight to the Zeeks made the ensign grin. The grin seemed infectious as he found two women standing next to a cart inside the Medea transport. “Name please?” Gabriel tucked the folder under the other arm and snapped a salute, “Ensign Gabriel Winter, reportin for duty ma’am!” The woman offered a warm smile at the gesture and held out a new uniform. “Here you go ensign! Please change inside and join everyone else. We’ll leave once the whole team assembles.” “Thank you ma’am!” Gabriel took the uniform solemnly and proceeded to find the area to change. As he changed out of the drab tan of the Federation uniform to the Titan black equivalent he admired himself in the new outfit. Clean crisp lines, black with gold trim and Red accents, Gabriel found the style to be an upgrade. He secured a locker to hide his rucksack into and took out the binder with his mission details before going to find his bunk. As he navigated the cramped hallways he found the room he had been assigned. As he opened the door another man was already inside. Gabriel couldn’t help his nature as he eyed the other man suspiciously. “Hi. I’m Ryder Sarka.” Gabriel eyed the outstretched hand as he silently studied the fellow ensign, sizing up his peer. This Ryder fellow had a few inches on him in height and maybe a couple more years but seemed unremarkable otherwise. Gabriel knew first hand that appearances could be deceiving though, he offered out his hand. “Ensign Gabriel Winter…” he shook Ryder’s hand tightly, “pleasure to meet you mate.” He released the grip and nodded his head to the beds. “Looks like top bunk is mine?” The question was more of a statement as he moved past the fellow ensign to jump into the bed agilely. His feet dangling down as he opened his binder to look at some papers. After a moment he jabbed a finger at the papers in the binder, “ah so you’re the sniper?” He glanced down past his binder to Ryder accusingly. “I’ve heard of some sweetas’ pilots in those units, knew a bloke back in my old unit who was decent at it himself.” Gabriel wasn’t one for talking usually but he wanted to know what kind of pilot would be shooting over his head in the field.
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    Grim watched in amazement as Nicky performed a bash against the Gaza. The Captain didn’t know whether to be amused or angered at the persistence of the ensign. Nicky made his retreat, and Grim snapped out of his gawking, moving in to slash at the Gaza. His pink blade sailed harmlessly past the enemy suit however. “What the-“ Grim shifted the grip on the saber to slash sideways but was surprised again when the Zeek simply dodged by flaring their thrusters to levitate over the strike. Growling, Grim swept the blade back in a diagonal slash upwards, again missing the newer suit. The bright flash of thrusters alarmed Grim at first, then he noticed the enemy shifted into a mobile armor and speeding away in retreat. Grim knew that his GM couldn’t chase the Zeon suit and he simply disengaged the beam saber as the Zeek bolted away. Dazed by the escape of the Zeek, Grim barely noticed the movement near the nose of the Firefly. It was the first Gaza that Ryder had hit, apparently crippled. It drifted at an awkward angle still in its mobile armor configuration, bleeding out white fire retardant. The vision seemed surreal, unnatural, like the Gaza had been frozen in time. Grim shifted the GM to look at the Zeon unit, and his eyes narrowed as he stared at the crippled unit. It was amusing how the Gaza slowly, yet definitely, sailed towards the bridge of the Firefly. Almost as if the Zeek intended to land on the ship. To Grim life wasn’t filled with coincidences, “shoot the Gaza! Shoot it!” He yelled frantically as he fired his thrusters to dive for the deceitful Gaza. Everyone had been so engrossed with the battle that the crippled Gaza didn’t seem important. “Firefly di-!” Grims voice was washed over with the shrill voice of a stranger over the radio, “Sieg Zeon!” An explosion followed as the Gaza self destructed, mere meters from the Bridge of the Firefly. Grim was barely halfway across the “neck” of the ship. The explosion wasn’t particularly violent at that distance but it was bright. He winced instinctively and halted his charge. As the explosion cleared he frantically got on his comm, “Firefly status?!” (OOC: figured we could make that damage as superficial or as extreme as we’d like. Thoughts?)
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    His team was already in the bunker when he got there. The red normal suits trimmed with black were easy to spot among the white and orange suits of the AEUG. Grace Valerii and Ronald Boone were assisting the AEUG mechanics with the mobile suits in the cargo bay. The AEUG had retrofitted the cargo bay to serve as a hangar bay but it was far from being a one suitable for handling battle situations. How did the Zeons find us so fast? Kamea Thrace was at the airlock. "Just in time, boss. I was about to head out without you." The Galleon Combine mobile suits had the honour of being stowed away in containers attached to the hull of the Firefly. The transport ship could only carry four mobile suits and the AEUG had filled that up. This was a simple compromise when it was made, but a daunting one now that they had to waddle out into space and clamber to get into their mobile suits. Hiro wondered if whoever made the agreement had experienced going into combat in this manner. "Let's get going, Starbuck," Hiro said as he put his helmet on. Kamea did likewise and initiated the depressurisation. The hatched opened and the air escaped almost instantly. Their magnetic boots held them to the deck. Kamea headed out without hesitation, and Hiro followed after her. They disengaged their boots and drifted to their respective containers. Hiro disliked leaving his fate to a single cable attached to the hull but it was a lot quicker than plodding step by step along the hull. He punched in his access code and gained entry to the container. The GM-II laid flat on its back. They had prepared the equipment beforehand in anticipation of a possible sortie. Hiro hopped into the cockpit and powered up the suit. The top of the container opened and he pushed the suit into space. Hiro waited for the suit to drift a distance away from the hull before igniting the thrusters to push him into the emptiness. It felt good to be back in space. "Apollo, check your six," Kamea's voice came over the comms. Hiro glanced at the screen and saw her IFF indicator falling in on his wing. "Good hunting, Starbuck." Ronald Boone had been relaying updates on the battlefield to them while they prepped. The AEUG CIC officer was doing her job well but Hiro preferred to get the reports from his own man. Ron knew both pilots so well that he could anticipate what they would do and analyse what they could do, so his updates often gave them an edge during combat. The AEUG sniper took out an enemy Gaza while the Zeons downed a GM unit. Even with the young boy Nicky withdrawing from battle, they outnumbered their enemies four to two. The chatter on the AEUG channel reminded Hiro of this early days as a mercenary. No wonder the AEUG had to hire us. The war has really taken a toll on their ranks. Either that or they chose to hand Grimsdottir with an inexperienced team. "Sorry we're late to the party. It was a little inconvenient getting to our suits." Hiro spoke to the AEUG channel as he sped up to chase the remaining enemies. The two Gaza units kept formation as they turned back to make another pass at the AEUG forces. He frowned at a sudden thought that occurred to him. If the Zeons knew what we were transporting they would have attempted to take out our mobile suits instead of attacking the ship directly. Perhaps the Zeons did not know about this mission after all. Then as if reading his thoughts, one of the Gaza units veered off formation while its counterpart continued its charge. "Ryder! Get that Gaza before it escapes! Starbuck, deal with this fella." Leaving Kamea to deal with the attacking mobile suit, Hiro gave chase. However, the Gaza was the faster mobile suit. It would be hard pressed to even keep pace in his GM-II. He hoped Ryder could take out the Gaza before it went out of range. They could not afford for word of the Firefly to get back to the Zeons.
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    Four Gaza-C's jetted toward them, firing at the hull of the ship. "Shit!" Ryder yelled out as a beam slid across the Firefly. He had positioned his Nemo on top of the hull, laying the AEUG suit down. "Captain!" He said through the comms. "I've got four Gaza-C's in their mobile armor mode!" Ryder had never fought one of the Neo Zeon suits outside of simulations, especially not their transformed mode. He grunted as he positioned the rifle at the one on the right side of the group. "Once I hit one of them, they'll all scatter. You'll have to be quick to fire back at them!" Ryder looked through the scope of the rifle, attempting to aim the reticle right down the middle of the enemy machine's eye. Luckily, this could completely destroy the suit, since its cockpit was positioned behind it. Numbers flashed all across his screen. Distance, movement, and speed were all big parts of a sniper, but Ryder's trained years for this. The pilot aimed, exhaled, and fired. The large beam sped toward one of the Gaza-C's, missing the eye, but hitting its beam gun almost directly. The Mobile Suit ignited, going out in a blaze of fire. "Damn, that was a little too far up. I can do better." He thought. As expected, the other three scattered, making it much harder for him to hit another. The magazine fell out, with Ryder trying to reload as fast as possible. "It'll take a while for me to reload!" He yelled. "You need to..." Suddenly, the three Zeeks began firing all at once as they flew closer to the vessel! "Dammit! Ensign! Hiro! Where are you?!"
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    "Damn, this kid's got guts." He thought as he finished his drink. Ryder expected a little less from the Ensign, but what he got was perfect. Nick had the guts, but would he have them in a real battle? He turned his head toward Nick "Hmph. You know something, Ensign?" Ryder asked. "No Zeek has or ever will even get close to me, so I guess I don't really have a need for you, do I?" Ryder got out of his seat. "I do wish I knew what you're like in battle. The only thing it seems you're good at is being a smart mouth toward your superior. I hope your trash talk is as good as your piloting skills, Lavie." Ryder floated to the door. "I'll be taking my leave now, Hiro. I'd like to see our mobile suits." Ryder felt weightless as he headed toward the large hangar, noticing the Trainer Nemo's and the GM II's, one of which was almost completely white. "That's gotta be Grim's or Hiro's." He thought. Thankfully, in the corner of his eye, he saw his sniper-type beam rifle being held to the ground with straps, along with some other basic beam rifles. "Good." Ryder used his legs to push himself toward one of the Nemo's. The mechanic of the ship was working on another mobile suit as they saw Ryder opening the cockpit. "Hey! I'm working on these right now." They yelled out. Ryder thought they would be in their bunk by now. Ryder briefly glanced at them. "Don't care." He floated inside the cockpit. It was an upgrade to his old GM Sniper II, but not by much. It had various training logos and instructions around the controls. "Baby's first mobile suit..." He thought. Ryder pushed one of the red buttons to his right, closing the cockpit. He watched as the entire cockpit's screen turned on. He loved the vision he had in the suit. "Alright. Time for simulation one of many..." Ryder proceeded to use the AEUG's simulation program for what seemed like hours on end for him, fighting many GM Cannon II's, other Trainer Nemo's and Gaza-C's in the process. Each time, he seemed to get a little better, but it was physically starting to take a toll on him. His hands started to bleed after becoming raw from holding the joysticks. His last challenge was defeating a Gaza-C holding G-3 gas with only a clay bazooka, barely succeeding. By the end of it, Ryder shut down the suit. He was tired but felt like it was good practice.
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    After being dismissed by his new superior, Nicky would find his way into a small cafeteria at the middle section of the Firefly, attended by a pair of cooks that looked like they had just gotten a rest. Only a few of the tables were occupied, as the crew that came with the ship had taken their breakfast earlier, and so Nick got the luxury of choosing a cushioned seat at a corner table, always having been drawn to push his back against walls, always reliable guardians for one's back. The wall paper was coming off in some places, but the ambiance given by the titillating, calid lighting tubes was nice overall, so he decided to have his breakfast there, setting a metallic food tray down upon the table, and securing it with a pair of small hooks that were built at various points into the table, knowing that it would fly away with the contents otherwise upon escaping the moon's weak gravity field. Halfway through the sandwich, the mercenary addressed by Grim as Hiro would come to greet him, while he had his mouth full. But before he could say anything, an unwanted presence invited itself onto the table too. Ryder Sarka. Trying to ignore the unsettling guest at his right, Nick listened at Hiro's introduction of his group. Apparently, they had a high reputation amongst other mercenaries (whatever the hell that was supposed to mean to him). He was relieved to hear him speak in a gentle manner despite his tough aspect, acting not at all like he thought a sell-sword would be, an impression matched very closely nonetheless by his squadron leader, who replied with a long volley of what he assumed would be just bullshit about his time with the #1 pedestrian beating institution of all times. Guess first impressions aren't always right... Finishing his sandwich, Nick would poke a hole in the straw of his orange juice tube, but before he could take it into his mouth, a hand fell heavily over his right shoulder, clutching it in a very uncomfortable, maybe even painful manner. But Nick knew what the results of facing somebody his size would be, and his fists opened before they even had a chance to fully close. ''If i wanted to make sure somebody would put his mind and heart into covering my back, i would know better than to threaten them. Good thing you're an ace, right, Commander? If you're what you say you are, then you'll have no need for me next time a Zeek gets to see you from behind, anyways.'' - Nick replied, talking by the first time in person to his first object of loathing since his introduction to the Anti Earth Union Group, always looking forward while trying to appear calm, before taking a sip from the juice tube and shifting his hazel eyes to Hiro, talking to him with a slight smile on his face, trying to make a better first impression than his superior, but inadvertently giving the latter a brief, last throw. - ''It's nice to meet you, Hiro. I feel relieved now that i know that the squadron is to contain actual professionals...''
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    Ryder Sarka glanced at the scarred individual. "The only thing you need to know about me..." He exclaimed. "is that I won't miss." He looked to the right, toward the hangar. "I was told that I'd be using a Training Nemo." Ryder smirked. He thought the AEUG would've had a better suit for the ace sniper. "I hope the sniper beam rifle I requested is with it." He said to the mercenary. "It's the same type I used as a Titan." The former Titan sipped more of the orange drink he had. "Speaking of, back when I was with the Titans, I knew people who skirmished with your little mercenary groups. To be honest, I've heard good things. You guys sound like... competent pilots." Ryder remarked. "However, I'll be the judge of that." Ryder looked to the other AEUG pilot next to him. "Enough about me. I'd like you to meet our other teammate, Nick." He said somewhat sarcastically. Ryder put his hand on the other pilot's shoulder and gripped it, perhaps a little too tightly... OOC: I love the Nemo. Ryder's just an asshole lol. Ryder will also obviously miss shots. He's a great sniper, but he's just a little too confident.
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    Grim maintained a friendly demeanor despite himself feeling rushed. As Hiro asked about departing the Captain did smirk as he stood at ease, “funny you should ask, we should be launching any -“ as if on cue the Firefly suddenly lurched and the engines could be heard humming through the rusty ship. Grim held his hand open and motion around them all, “well there you go.” He did glance around to study the mercenary crew his eyes taking a precious moment to study each one. The Draconis Fury did have a good reputation which was a large reason why Grim decided to hire them. “Ladies and gentlemen thank you for departing with us. The AEUG will not forget the services which you will be rendering. Now if you will excuse us we have a ship to see to.” Grim offered a stiff salute before turning on his heel. He gave a brief nod to Ryder and Nicky before gliding past them both. As the Captain made his way to the bridge he studied the ship along the way. The freighter seemed barely space worthy much less worthy of being a mobile suit carrier. There was going to be minimal crew for their escape and Grim would be sure to visit with them all when he had the chance; now wasn’t the time though. As he entered the bridge he took in a deep breath before looking around at the viewports and the crew manning the controls. He gave a brief nod of acknowledgement towards the helmsman and then nodded forward. “Get is out of here.” Grim ordered. By his command the ship rose up escaping from the moon. As they rose he could feel the gravity lessen and soon he was holding onto a panel to keep himself from floating away. Tense minutes passed and Grim found himself reluctantly relaxing.
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    hi! i'm rabbidy. i'm pretty keen on gundam so i'm super eager to get things rolling with you guys. i've been a forum roleplayer since 2009, so i hope my skills are up to snuff!
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    Leon's Zero Sky Zaku was flying in space in search of the Repentance, while muttering to himself. "I swear, they better pay well or the old man is gonna hear about it... Wait, is that..." He saw and then approached the huge, red ship slowly, and witnessed a Gaza launching out. "Guess that's how they greet allies..."
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    As Grim began talking with their newly hired security, Ryder glanced at the other pilot to the right of Grim, Nicky Lavie. The two had talked with each other the night before, and it wasn't pleasant. Nicky seemed to think this new war was a joke, something Ryder wasn't a big fan of. "I can't believe that I'm stuck with this fool." Ryder thought as he looked around the interior of the Firefly. It was smaller and a little dirtier than what he was used to, but he understood things wouldn't be like his career as a Titan. The AEUG ran things much differently than his former faction, which he appreciated. Ryder looked towards the AEUG's leader and his new captain, Benjamin Alan Grimsdottir. He knew almost nothing about the man, other than that he was a Federation soldier assigned to the AEUG. He wished that his superior would've told him the plan and why he was recruited for this mission, but he didn't think too much about it. After all, being apart of this team (and the AEUG in general) kept him out of a Titan POW camp. Ryder hoped that the white-haired leader had what it took to command the AEUG. Ryder was at least familiar with one thing, which was the Galleon Combine. While he had never fought the mercenary group personally, he knew of their existence and what they did for the AEUG. Ryder wondered if he could trust the mercenaries, or if they would even trust him because of his past. He understood that it didn't matter much though. The four soldiers we're going to be his new teammates, after all. He then watched as Grim held out his hand to one of the mercenaries, a man with a large scar running down his cheek, and asked if he was someone named Hiro. Ryder looked at the Galleon Combine member, awaiting his response.
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    Nicky Lavie Biography Full name: Nicholas Stanley Lavie Faction: Anti Earth Union Group Rank: Ensign Age: 25 years old Sex: Male Weight: 61kg Height: 1,65m Eyes: Amber Hair: Honey brown, undyed Skin: Fair skin Handiness: Left-handed Personality Unlike what his delicate appearance would suggest, Nick Lavie's daily behavior is that of a waiter that has been taking orders in a packed restaurant for all of his life: he usually wakes up in the verge of hurling a wave of insults at thin air, ready for somebody to come in with his orders for the day (admittedly somewhat outrageous at times) to violently punch the cafeteria table, to the point only newcomers to the ship jump whenever this happens during breakfast and the commanding officer giving him the orders just ignores it. Stubborn and somewhat arrogant, he usually has trouble with colleagues of his that insist on using non-metric units at work, having grown up in a colony that chose the metric system, which can sometimes lead to mishaps on Suits he has worked or performed repairs on, with him usually blaming the “Fahrenturd Gang” instead, never the guiltier. But despite his pessimistic and snarky behavior, he seems to be accustomed to this way of life, and treats every friendly or new face with kindness, seeing them as his comrades on a long, pleasant journey to his own cold and empty corner of stellar hell. Strengths and weaknesses Nicky usually excels at working with mechanical objects, having dabbled in repairs and tinkering since he was a young kid, and working with small parts has also made him into a highly perceptive individual. However, while he isn't afraid of getting his hands dirty, which he does, his physical weakness makes him tend to simply hurt himself when trying to use his relatively small strength, in example to operate wrenches on adjusted cogs, or to lift heavy objects, which usually ends up with his left foot being slammed from above (it already being a running gag with the MS bay crew). He is also sensitive, both emotionally and physically, which means that while he has a better time perceiving the emotions of those around him and reacts far more dramatically to compliments, he's also the first one to crack while working under pressure, and he would certainly not be somebody the ship wants falling into hands capable of physically torturing him for information, even though he knows nothing valuable to begin with. Appearance As the crew’s bare eyes can tell, Nick is a somewhat short, lightly built boy with honey brown hair, somewhat collected from the way up but messily ending in a pair of upward-pointing fangs, probably a result of excessively wearing helmets that don't cover the lower part of his hair while not in a normal suit, which is necessary to avoid a possible death by hazard in his workplace. As others would put it, he also looks somewhat feminine, which combined with his nickname can lead new arrivals to think they're talking to a girl named Nicky. This allegedly does not sit well with him, with existing reports of occurrences in which he yells “It’s Nicholas, and Nicholas is a man's name!” and hurls wrenches at the offender in response. Despite all this fuzz, however, he has no intention of letting go of his prized hair, having brought himself to love it. He usually wears a jade-colored zipper jacket, a pair of gray work trousers, black gloves and white rubber boots, all of them seemingly “appropiated” off a Federation worker's closet then stripped of EFSF badging, along with a purely cosmetic pair of transparent, round glasses with a silver frame. When around hazards, he dons a white, mildly chipped hard hat, and protective goggles. He also has claimed property over an orange and white pilot suit from the spacesuit cache, and he wears it when performing repairs on the outside of the ship or during battles. History Born on May the 13th of UC 0063, to a small and resource-strapped family that consisted of himself and his parents, living in one of the space colonies of Side 2, also known as Hatte, and working in a scrapyard, Nick always was curious, having a knack for disassembling things to examine their inner workings, which his peers compared to their Anatomy teacher's habit of vivisecting small animals. Still, they enjoyed his presence and had no trouble interacting with him, which meant he formed an average group of two frequent, best friends. He usually helped out his dad, who salvaged things from the scrap to sell them at the Tinsel Market, until the age of sixteen, when his mother started taking him on her salvage trips to the outside of the space colony, to teach him the art of piloting the family's yellow mobile pod to fish out the remains of ships or outdated satellites. Once he had the hang of it, he would be left in charge of the task by his mother, who wanted to help in the scrapyard for a relaxing change. However, in the same year, UC 0079, war broke out between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon, and Nick would be witness to the ruthlessness of the Principality when he saw Zeon Zaku IIs take one of the neighbouring colonies away for unknown purposes, leaving one cousin of his, who was visiting, effectively homeless. Both would later find out about the consequences of the failed Operation British, and would grow to despise Zeon for leveling Australia and gassing relatives and friends to death. While many in the colony, including his best friends, attempted to join the Earth Federation, seeking refuge from Zeon or revenge for the absent Colony, Nick was wary of the instability of the region, and restrained himself from joining until it was obvious Zeon would lose and had no way of firing back at him. Then, in UC 0081, with the One Year War over, he left his underage cousin in charge of piloting the mobile pod for his parents to join the Federation's maintenance corps, mostly for a salary that would serve his family better and as a non-combatant, because even though he was no pacifist, he wanted to preserve himself alive. This job, ironically, would take him to Earth, where his life would be threatened during his first tour of duty in UC 0083, as Zeon remnants stormed Torrington Base in Australia by night, where he had been stationed as one of the new technicians for only three weeks, fixing up the aggressor units of the experimental team that tested new equipment. While he saved himself from being crushed by his own barracks and lived to help at Torrington after the attack, the events that transpired in space involving Torrington pilots and a Remnants ace would come back to haunt him when the EFF tried to cover up the existence of Anaheim Electronics’ Gundam Development Project. Having definitely caught a glimpse of the now nonexistant GP units the afternoon they arrived and during the attack, the EFF would place him on their watch list after ordering him never to speak of the incident. Said events would also light up a mild dislike for Zeon due to their actions, even though he secretly did agree with their initial ideology of procuring independence from the Earth Federation. In UC 0087, after spending years working for the Federation on Earth to help his family become middle class, having taken basic MS piloting lessons and with the Gryps Conflict rolling, Nick would be transferred to outer space again, intended to arrive to Gryps 2 to work for the Titans, and the Salamis Kai he travelled in would take him back to Hatte, where the ship would be undergoing repairs after being damaged during ascent by a malfunctioning booster. Seeing a chance to see friends and family again, Nick took some leave and departed for his home colony to visit friends, unaware of the presence of an AEUG cell that tried to infiltrate the cruiser with unidentified inside help, intent on stealing the cruiser’s Mobile Suits. As the GM hijacking was stopped and the responsible men were apprehended or shot, one of Nick’s best friends was discovered to be one of the dead assailants, and Nick was subsequently suspected of being their inside man. With more than half their men dead and needing all the help they could get on their escape from, the AEUG cell successfully recruited him into their ranks by warning him of the impending arrival of a Federation party that wanted to arrest him and offering him and his family refuge from them. On the run and with no other choice to protect his loved ones from the wrath of the Titans, Nick effectively joined the Anti Earth Union Group. His break would come on the days preceding Operation Maelstrom. With the Titans struggling to keep the Colony Laser from falling into the AEUG’s hands and asteroid Axis from accelerating towards the Gate of Zedan, the small AEUG cell would find themselves free to make their move after months of hiding, boarding a small space launch that would take them to an allied ship, the Salamis Kai-class Fandance, commanded by Captain Norman Jones and home to a three-member Rick Dias squadron, Team Libot, named after the Side 6 colony they all hailed from, led by One Year War veteran Ada Weiss. As the Gryps Conflict was approaching a close, the ship would travel towards the battlefield where the AEUG clashed with the Titans and Axis Zeon. However, the Fandance proved not speedy enough to arrive on time and provide support, and it would arrive to an empty battlefield, full of floating debris, destroyed ships and Mobile Suits of all kinds, as junk collectors feasted on the leftovers of the skirmish, ready to flood the markets with loads of fresh debris, inadvertently lowering the price of all junk. After circling around the Colony Laser’s remains, dodging broken energy pillars, the Fandance would follow orders to retreat to the AEUG's headquarters in Von Braun after a disastrous survivor search-and-recovery mission, its departure adorned by a massive choir of automated distress signals that didn't link to living people anymore. The ship would then be marked for scrapping on arrival, being as the AEUG lacked the resources and crew to resupply and man it, and that what little crew, parts and supplies the ship had were better used somewhere else. Therefore, all hands would be reassigned to other posts, most of them being moved to the defense of the base and local industry, to help the AEUG recover from a war so it could immediately walk into another for the sake of Earth. However, Nick would be the exception. Due to a lack of MS pilots not assigned to guarding Von Braun, Nick would be summoned two nights after arrival to an apartment block for the details of a new, mysterious assignment, while only being warned to train beforehand by using MS simulators. While he knows that his new assignment will probably involve piloting Mobile Suits in battle and will therefore be dangerous, Nick has no way of denying his services, being indebted to the AEUG after they protected him and his family from the Titans during the Gryps Conflict, which means that he'll have to carry out his orders however served… to his death if necessary. Possessions Amongst various trinkets of varying importance, Nick owns: Zapptronics E-Journal: A small blue e-diary that can record audio files and save, then sort out text logs by date. Second-Hand Handgun: A hand-me-down projectile sidearm with an unusually polished slide (Nick's doing while hiding from the Titans) and a taped-together grip. MSA-003T Trainer Nemo: An activation key for a Nemo, unit number #445, taken out of Von Braun's Mobile Suit surplus and currently stationed in a rusty ship Nick hasn't yet visited. Originally intended as a training unit, this Nemo can nonetheless perform exactly like its normal counterpart with no difference other than the yellow accents painted on the suit's limbs and head. Kills None Roleplays - Mobile Suit Gundam: Zeta Destiny [In Progress] Coliseum battles - Finding Nemos [Versus Roromi, lost] --- Comments Character picture: I was originally going to use Michel Ninorich from The 08th MS Team as his appearance, but i was afraid that using UC characters wasn't allowed, so I looked for a similar character instead, and I found this guy from a web series called Voltron. I simply couldn't bring myself to not use him after I had seen those beautiful pointy things at the sides of his hair. To Imperial System Users: Don't ever get mad at me for whatever this guy says. He's just a character that doesn't represent my political views, just like the Neo Zeon players probably don't endorse genocidal, fascist military dictatorships in real life. Probably... Newfound Experience: I gave him at least a bit of basic MS experience in Earth. Because, let's face it. A Mobile Pod probably behaves nothing like military Mobile Suits, like the Nemo or the GM. Plus, his previous training would have made it all the much easier for you to kill him. You know who you are.
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    So, you're the AEUG's new leader? I hope you got what it takes to lead us. I'm Ryder, by the way. I used to be a Titans commander, but they didn't like me leaking out their secrets, so now I'm with you guys. I'd say you're lucky to have an ace sniper on your team. I'm pretty damn good at it, and I won't let the AEUG down.
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    My display photo is my personal crest, to compensate for the fact that I've never been able to do signatures. It's called Der Gorizont, and it symbolizes the sun that is about to emerge from the horizon, as to remind me that no matter how many times the sun sets, it will always rise again. Just kidding! I drew it and it looked cool, so I made it my emblem. It doesn't have a meaning that I know of...
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    Zoids are/were a guilty pleasure of mine
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    I always wondered, that makes senses now Valiant! I’m going through an avatar crisis. Mine used to be kid knives from Trigun, since he was the basis for my old character Locke. Right now it’s just a picture of yours truly, sporting my titanfall pilot helmet. One of these days I’d love to make/have a helmet from a Gubdam Series. In any case we’ll see how long this picture lasts.
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    Grim’s eyes widen in horror at the sight of the beam weapon shooting his way. He instinctively brought the shield up to absorb the shot. As the beam hit, his cockpit shook violently, Grim gritted his teeth praying for it to end. Just as quickly as the shot landed he soon realized that he was still alive. Grim pulled out the targeting module and angrily aimed the shoulder cannon sending a return volley back, perhaps aiming too high. Growling he pushed the controls further, “c’mon! Get me closer!” He had closed about half the distance since he started firing at the enemy. The GM drifted with each twist of the controls and the Federation pilot knew he needed to get some hits in soon. While most of his shots so far were half measured, his true goal was the make the sniper panic.
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    Ryder tried to evade as bullets flew toward him. A couple managed hit parts of the mobile suit, denting the armor. "Damn!" he thought. It wasn't much damage, but too much of that would lead to his death. He looked in the general direction of the firing, only seeing more scrap metal. Suddenly, he saw the GM charging toward him. "There he is!" Ryder yelled. He pressed two buttons, causing his sniping goggles to flip back up. "That's better." He thought. He pulled back on the controls, attempting to gain more distance, and began to aim. Let's end this." He said. Ryder began firing his beam rifle toward the enemy mobile suit.
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    "Damn it!" Ryder yelled as the shot hit the enemy's left shoulder cannon. Knowing that his cartridges only held one shot, he reloaded the rifle with a spare and prepared to aim again. As he looked down the sight again, he only saw mangled metal. Suddenly, a large pink beam shot right through the side of the bridge, singeing his shield. Half of the bridge was demolished, completely melted by the beam cannon's shot. "He's better than I thought." He whispered, "I can't stay here for long." Ryder focused, looking for a clear shot at the enemy as it moved sporadically. "Come on!" He thought "Give me a clear shot!" The GM Cannon wasn't giving him what he wanted. As the enemy got closer, he had no choice. "Screw it. Now!" Ryder said as he pulled the trigger once again. Realizing that would give away his position, he moved his mobile suit out of the bridge, having no time to pick up the sniper rifle. The A.E.U.G. pilot pulled his standard beam rifle from the Nemo's waist and flew back into the hangar of the Alexandria-class ship.
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    In the middle of the debris, a single MS-003 Nemo began to move toward the hull of an old Titan battleship. Ryder had been monitoring the area for hours. "About time someone showed up." He thought. He made his mobile suit float into the ship's old mobile suit hangar and found the Nemo's sniper-type beam rifle and three cartridges. "Good thing he didn't find it." Ryder thought. He proceeded to move one of his joysticks and push a blinking button to the right of him, connecting the Nemo's standard beam rifle to the back of its waist. As he picked up the sniper rifle, he loaded it, putting the remaining two cartridges on each side of its waist. The Nemo floated out of the hangar. Ryder looked around to find a good sniping spot, noticing the bridge of the ship. "Perfect." He said as he moved toward it. Perching inside of the bridge, bodies of dead Titans soldiers began to float around the green behemoth. This would have him feel uneasy ten years ago, but all the bloodshed he's seen has made him desensitized to it. He lied the mobile suit down in a prone position as the bipod on the rifle flipped out. The goggles on its head slid down to cover the visor, adding new sensors to the camera system. "Alright, let's see what we're up against." He thought. Looking around the maze of broken metal, his mobile suit beeped at him. He zoomed in to see a brown and gray Federation mobile suit moving a sheet of metal. "GM Cannon II." He murmured. "Those cannons would blow me apart. Too bad it won't be able to use them." Positioning the rifle at just the right angle, he pulled the trigger.
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