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  2. The room was dark the lights flipped on as the black haired man entered the room and placed his bag down. He took a seat at his desk where a new gunpla was being built. Work had called him in right before the last mission. The beta was important to him but so was work. However after he heard about what happen The Man spent every hour of his free time working on completing a new model for him to use. All he had to do now was place the finishing touches. One more hour passed it was only moments before the next mission one he wouldn't miss. As he finished the gunpla he gave a sigh. He hadnt
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  4. With Aker finishing his own target, the three were transported away from their completed mission back to the oil rig. Or were they? Once Wade's feet were planted on cold, slightly damp metal, only Icarus was near him. "Strange." He thought, glancing up to the Local Type, now under repair. "I wonder where he ended up." His teammate wondered the same thing. Wade turned to Icarus with a perplexed look. "No, I'm not sure." He responded to his teammate, pulling up his menu to contact him. Seeing the new print unlock enticed the Fleurs leader. A weapon like that would definitely give him an adv
  5. Icarus almost cried out loud when he saw Wade make his move, incapacitating the Wing Zero without killing the pilot within. That was something that Icarus needed to improve on. It was so easy for him to think of this as a game and take the lethal option, but now that he knew that people like Aker existed… The smile faded from his face as he turned his attention towards the battle between his comrade and the Altron, just in time to see the Jager slice the Gundam to pieces but abstain from a killing blow. And as the shuttle beyond them disappeared in the atmosphere, the words “Mission Accom
  6. The warm winds of Mogadishu gently tousled Apollo’s hair, his crimson scarf flapping gallantly in the breeze. There was a scent on the air, that day, a scent that Apollo knew well. The unmistakeable smell of victory. It goes hand-in-hand with the electricity in the air. The masked diver looked out over the city from the roof of a building, one foot resting on the raised ledge of the building, one hand poised confidently on his hip. His binoculars were pressed up against the eyes of his golden mask as he surveyed the skies, looking for any sign of them. Sure enough, the planes appear
  7. I thought I’d take a different approach with my RG Red Frame kit and try to document it more fully here. This was a wonderful birthday present from my wife! Here’s a picture of my set up and tools. To recap some of what I’ve done already I’ve complete the lower half of the unit so far. The great thing with these RG kits are the inner frame. At first glance I assumed more of the frame would be exposed on this particular unit, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of armor on the limbs. Still while I don’t enjoy exposing the frame I like to at least prep the
  8. “You gave up your honor when you struck down Lunamaria…” Hunter’s voice was solemn if not eerily calm. Trieze’s panic at the vanishing Astray was short lived as the suit flickered back into sight, practically in the same location. That sense of panic, fear, emotion; was everything that Hunter was hoping for. As Altron rushed for him, Hunter quickly moved in reaction. With the Alaya-Vijana he was able to duck in and dive under the attack easily. As he ducked in, he brought forth his metal saber from his right hip and drove it into the joint wielding the trident. “Now you know!” Hunter shri
  9. It seems that an extreme amount of luck had fallen on the Fleurs member's laps. The Wing Zero, now blinded by Icarus' knife, had no chance of surviving Wade's next attack even though it had just taken out its last attackers mobile suit. Thankfully, the Leo hadn't exploded, Wade watching his teammate float away from the two. With no GAME OVER for Icarus, the Fleurs leader had to finish this once and for all. "Time to slice and dice!" Wade yelled, quickly pulling the machine towards him. The Diver knew he had to be careful. The enemy may be blind, but it could still attempt to resist. Huggi
  10. Apollo's Mobile Suit Collection #1 – MBF91V Gundam Oriole ((Thanks again to Frosty for the images)) Base Unit: Victory 2 Gundam/ Gundam F91 Operator (Diver Name): Apollo Structural Defense: Multiple Construction Armor - multifunctional structural material in which the functions of electronic equipment, such as circulatory and cooling systems, are inc orporated into the MS’ armor layers, making more efficient use of the highly compact MS’ limited internal space. Lighter armour that offers enhanced manoeuvrability and enables the use of the Metal Peel Off Ef
  11. “Will do, boss,” Icarus said as he stared across at the face of the Wing Zero. “And Wade—don’t lose heart. You’re doing just fine. Just remain focused and we can still win this thing.” “Enough of the quaint words of encouragement,” Zechs said, pressing harder on his saber. “You can’t win this fight,” The Wing Zero’s Vulcans whirred to life, a steam of bullets colliding with the Leo’s armor. Inside the cockpit of the custom grunt, began to blare once more. “Don’t count us out just yet,” Icarus gritted his teeth. Then, something deep within his suit shifted and the Leo seemed to sigh w
  12. Slowly, Risu's eyes opened, staring up at the ceiling. The room she was in was dark, windowless save for a single small viewport at eye-level on a door to her left, which let through a stream of pale blue-white fluorescent light. She could see smooth plaster walls, though the lower half of them were covered in the same plush padding the floor was covered in. Where was she, again? The last hour and a half had been a blur, a flood of situations she didn't have the context to. There was a war? And a soldier had taken her away in a shuttle? Slowly, she sat up from her spot on the floor, letti
  13. Carter did his usual ritual of preparing for a fight, taking a deep breath and checking on his pet elemechu that was next to him, he chuckled a little.. it was probably pretty weird for others to see, but for him it helped calm the nerves- Though a lot of times, he was just too excited to stay calm in moments like this. The Blue Haired Diver went up ahead of his team, before coming to a stop to survey the battlefield- He figured it wouldn't be a smart move for him to immediately detach from his team. He got out of high speed assault mode, the dish like backpack came off of his head and then we
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  15. Trieze’s trident dug into the Astray’s right shoulder. Armor exploded from the impact and electricity fizzled around the joint. The strike pushed back his already poised arm further making the Katana angle behind Aker more than intended. Perhaps it was Trieze’s cry of caution or maybe it was the Alaya-Vijana, Aker couldn’t be certain; but he did sense Lady Une approach him from behind, and he braced. Hunter couldn’t restrain his own yell of surprise as the Scythe swiped for his head, the weapon would have cleanly swiped his head had it not been for his beam saber still mounted on his back
  16. The missile pod jettisoned, slowly floating away from the Local Type's backpack as Wade watched in awe. "He didn't even flinch! What am I supposed to do now?" The battle had turned into close combat with Icarus and Zechs locking sabers, and the Diver wasn't even sure how Aker's fight was going. Wade sighed, deciding to head towards the Wing Zero. The Fleurs leader wasn't doing a good job working with his teammates. Their NPD was gone and the enemy pilots just seemed... better. "Why did I have to mess up and start this team?" He faintly uttered, screeching to a halt in the depths of space.
  17. Icarus’s proximity alarms screamed at him as a yellow beam ripped through the space between them and the Wing Zero. “Move,” Icarus cried, wrenching the Leo’s controls in a mad effort to dodge the beam. The Trans Am had given him a slight edge that the MK II Local Type sadly lacked, but even still the Wing Zero’s buster shot tore through the Leo’s already damaged leg and peeled away a significant chunk of the armor on the mobile suit’s right side. “No time to slow down, Leo,” Icarus muttered to himself. He turned his attention back to his leader, who had unleashed his secret weapon. “
  18. Hikaru's machine launched as well, in its crude Mobile Armor form. Subtle improvements to the G-Defenser improved its flight characteristics compared to its battle with the Asshimar. Not only did the Flag's Linear Rifle allow its aerodynamic properties to change due to electromagnetism, but Beam Sabers on the leading edges of the wings permitted him to play with the air's density on the control surfaces by heating it. Tricks like that could squeeze out added performance that may prove critical later. Adding the Phonon Maser Cannon and a new melee arm module would hopefully help out, too.
  19. The bullets from Altron trailed towards Hunter’s vision and he raised his arms up along with the body of the Astray to try deflecting the bullets from his main cameras. The bullets ate into his meager armor, pain freckled his body from the abuse but he hardly cared. He brought his blade down at the extended arm, hoping to sever the limb at the elbow. As he completed his motion, Hunter pivoted the blade to move in proper sequence and went for a horizontal slash, his angle was low and the blade went for the thighs of the enemy. Hunter wasn’t focused so much on if his blade connected or not; as m
  20. Continuing his advance, Wade's colleague caught up with the Local Type. He was correct that the Gunpla had taken damage, giving the two remaining enemies an easier time against them. "Yeah, thrusters and a couple other things are messed up, but I took out the Heavyarms." Noticing the heat shotel, Wade assumed Icarus had done the same with his own opponent. "We better take out that Wing Zero. It's a real nasty one." Wade responded as he changed the ammo on his beam rifle. "Plus, that fight with the Altron is Aker's and only Aker's." He worried about the rage his friend was producing. Aker was c
  21. Treize smirked as his newly arrived opponent roared his name and threatened to kill him, his eyes flashing with the joy of battle as he leaned into his controls. “Your machine is different. I can your conviction flowing through it. It won’t be enough though. I can see every move you make in intense detail. I know your every weakness,” Treize danced the machine out of the way of the beams and batted the beam rifle aside with an extended arm. The enemy pilot’s movements were precise and deliberate and he moved with a fluid elegance that the OZ leader had to commend. It reminded him of the ZERO s
  22. Gone, she was just gone. One moment she was thanking him then the next she was gone. Aker sucked in his breath from the destruction, his breathing came in ragged draws. Altron looked at him, its’ face silently asking for some sort of approval for the action. Trieze may have said something to Aker but he didn’t register what it was. He couldn’t blink, he couldn’t turn away from the murder. “Lunaaaaa!” He wailed out loud, pain etching his voice with the cry. He quickly turned his outrage into anger and clenched his teeth tightly. He sucked in some air and then went limp. Closing his eyes he coul
  23. Knowing about possible bonuses, Wade aimed the knife to the side of the cockpit, trying not to make the same mistake as last mission. Surprisingly, the Heavyarms didn't retaliate as the Diver pried the two doors open. The "plastic" hinges snapped, revealing the female pilot inside. With a little tap on the back side of the machine, Wade knocked Noin forward out of her seat. "Better make sure you can't get back in!" Wade stated while pulling off two yellow grenades from the Gunpla's chest. He shoved both inside the enemy cockpit, kicking it away from the two. In a fiery blaze, the Heavyarms was
  24. “So it’s a knife fight you want, huh?” the grimace that had graced Noin’s face as she took the brunt of the MK II’s fire turned into a smirk as the machine drew near. Without her shield, she had been forced to take the Local Type’s counterattack head-on, the gatling guns and LMG leaving significant wear and tear in the struggling Gundanium alloy. Noin knew that the Heavyarms was not designed for melee combat, but that didn’t mean it didn’t have options. By bringing his machine in close, all the enemy pilot had done was make the playing field equal. With the enemy closing in, Noin fired th
  25. White GN Particles emitted from the Trinames as Kyle watched the defenses arrive. "Oh man, looks like we're gonna be here for a while, huh Charo?" The Diver looked at the little droid, noticing that it had been quiet since the mission began. It spun away from Kyle, ignoring him completely. "That's... odd." Something was definitely off about his companion, but that wasn't the only thing strange going on. Quatre's message needed to be addressed with the team. The Diver knew that this was a game first and getting this data could lead to major changes (for the better or worse) in the future,
  26. Fa squirmed uncomfortably in the seat of her new mobile suit. “New” was a relative term, but it was certainly new to her. A web of sparks occasionally danced out he hull of the Asshimar and she tried once more to hail the enemy base. “Mogedishu base this is Blue Sky 10, I’ve sustained heavy damage and I’m looking for a safe place to land.” Despite herself, her voice trembled, it was one thing to have a plan, it was something else to act it out. Her mind went back to the Archangel and her exchange with Kamille at the foot of this particular Asshimar. “You be careful out there Fa… I … I un
  27. Isla's Gunpla Collection #1 - LMV-04(E/F) Variable (EWAC/Flight) Gundam Base Unit: LM312V06 Victory Gundam Hexa Operator: Isla Defensive Systems: Variable Phase Shift - With exceptional resistance to physical damage at the cost of power consumption per hit, VPS is an improved version of Phase Shift Armor that runs at lower power levels until the need for better protection arises and can switch properties to better suit the situation, making it the most energy-efficient and versatile variant of the PS system. Special System: None Melee Weapons: Beam
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