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    grabby hands at it
  2. Artemis MacGriever
    After the Gaza-C was flung into the star filled abyss of space Artemis accidentally dragged her hand over her controls, flicking off her communication channels. She cleared the cockpit screens of numbers, indicators and gauges and took in the carpet of twinkling lights with a deep pent up sigh that came from deep inside of her. Tears began to blur her vision as she drifts soundlessly through the void. For once her thoughts were her own. But her moment of silent reflection was never meant to last. 
    A red flash brings the screen back to life as a circular target is drawn around a distant dot of moving light followed by a line of text branching off of the red circle; MS-06? Zaku II. The girl stared at it with a mixture of anger and resentment before bringing her screens back to life. The screens brought a surprise back with them, another target drawn over another rapidly moving dot. This one was only given a BOGIE label.
    "I thought the One Year War was over," Artemis croaked out, her voice cracking as she lifted her helmet to dry her eyes, "You interrupted me time. You're dead. Both of you."
    The girl smashed the communication button with her fist, opening up a channel with the Repentance.
    "CPO MacGriever outside the Repentance. Two unidentified mobile suits are approaching."  The voice that came back to her questioned not about the mobile suits but about her voice, it sounded hollow and dry. She was then quickly told to wait and not to engage with the suits, "Sorry Repentance, couldn't catch that. Com's probably still fucked."
    Artemis switched the com back off with a heavy hand as she aimed her Knuckle Buster at the bogie. The pair of green lenses on her Gaza were both focused on the rapidly moving dot. At such an extreme range any shot from the Gaza would be a crapshoot and might as well be a warning shot, or at least was Artemis's justification to firing at the distant bogie. 
  3. Artemis MacGriever
    Artemis watched the arm reach back to grab the other beam saber. The math was easy, staying put equals death. The girl yanks on the controls and the Gaza's thrusters roar to life, pushing her away from the Nemo, assisted by a double barrel kick from the Gaza, pushing off the Nemo. But the Nemo's blades do find something to cut through, both of them. The Gaza's legs were severed just below the knee.
    "Do you fucking know how long this will take to fix!" She whined as she smashed the transformation toggle rapidly. The mobile suit folded over on itself, sparks flying out from the stubs where the legs used to be. Both of the cannons swung down to aim at the Nemo, "Please just die already!"
    Two red circles blinked around the Nemo as the girl pulled on the triggers. Firing the cannons as her mobile suit protested with an array of alarms and flashing lights. Losing the Knuckle Buster, a hand and the good parts of her Gaza's legs took a toll on the mobile suit and Artemis couldn't transform back if she wanted to. After six shots in total fired from her cannons, the Gaza finally gave up. The cannons refused to fire as the intense battle finally claimed it. Its passenger however was not dead, merely annoyed that she couldn't get the mobile suit to move.
  4. Artemis MacGriever
    There wasn't any time to avoid this rocket, Artemis could tell by the oh fuck alarm going off in her ear. Her Gaza held the Knuckle Buster out in front of itself before the rocket hit. The Gaza was left without a hand from the explosion and then some. But despite this her momentum flung Artemis to complete her swing, her yellow beam saber clashing with the Nemo's pink one. Artemis glared at her console and the warnings popping up on it. 
    "Shut the ever loving shit up!" Artemis screams, not at her foe but at her own mobile suit. She slams her control stick forward, sending the damaged arm punching at the Nemo's chest, "Just stop already!"
  5. Artemis MacGriever
    "Two, three and four!" Yelped out Artemis as she smashed her controls to the left again, making her Gaza strafe left through the air, missing the three missiles fired from the flailing Nemo, "I hope you only have one more!"
    The Gaza spins through the turbulent skies, losing altitude as the atmosphere began to drag her down. Artemis began to bob her head side to side as she bit her lip. Her eyes scanning over her controls and console. She punches the shut off for the thrusters before making her Gaza pull out a beam saber with its free hand, igniting the pink blade in the same motion. The mobile suit fell towards the gaping hole.
    "You emptied the colony for me! Let me give you a tip!" Artemis yelled out as she hit her thrusters, sending her Gaza diving through the hole, charging at the flailing Nemo, beam saber swinging downwards at the other mobile suit.
  6. Artemis MacGriever
    Artemis glares at the red light on her controls that flashes each time she tries to engage her transformation to mobile armor mode, only to be denied. She checks her radar before noticing her newfound foe descending, firing at the ground. The Gaza began to lock onto the mobile suit again, letting out a beep as the initial lock was acquired.
    "Did he get some of the gas in his suit...?" The girl mumbles to herself as she gently thumbs the trigger to her Knuckle Buster, watching the red circle flash as the lock is confirmed, "Or trying to escape. I can't let him do that."
    Her Gaza steadied the Knuckle Buster with both hands as the girl let out a held breath. Artemis pressed the trigger at the same time. The beam fired out at the Nemo, partially cutting through the expanding cloud of gas as it flew in the Nemo's direction. 
  7. Artemis MacGriever
    "Reloading already huh?" Artemis mumbled out as the red circle danced around the rapidly encroaching enemy mobile suit, blinking as the lock beeped, "Catch!" 
    The first of the adhesive rounds had just been fired as the G-3 canister tumbled out of the Gaza's hands towards the Nemo. Her Gaza beeps at her, confirming the lock.
    "Later!" She yips as she yanks on the trigger, firing her Knuckle Buster. Rather than hitting or even missing the Nemo, it strikes the thrown G-3 canister. An explosion unexpectedly blossomed between the two mobile suits as the gas rapidly fills the air between them, obscuring the space between them, "I mean left!"
    The girl throws herself to the left, sending her mobile suit into a corkscrew to the left. A thud makes her jolt. One of the rounds hit her Knuckle buster, binding her arm to the massive weapon so she couldn't drop it now even if she wanted to. Or transform into mobile armor mode to use her canons on her back.
    "Gross gross gross!" She screams as she looks at her Knuckle Buster before she becomes obscured by the gas. 
  8. Artemis MacGriever
    "I'm not a know it all! I just treat it like my baby!" Huffed out Artemis as she pulled her head out of one of her Gaza-C's verniers, "You'd be protective too if you had to fly around in this scrap heap."
    The hanger of the Repentance was filled with mobile suits, with most of them belonging to the Gaza family line. Artemis's was one of the few not painted a drab olive green. Plates of armor hung off of the machine as the green haired girl and her mechanic, a short redhead named Ginger. They were both smeared with grease and grime alike.
    "How do you bang this thing up so bad in the first place if you treat it like your baby?" Ginger snapped back as she elbowed a plate of armor down into place.
    "Everyone else is a better shot than I expect..." Artemis mumbled the words under her breath as she dragged a rag around the rim of the vernier, "I'm here ain't I?"
    "Oh yea. And this is what? The seventh leg we've replaced on your Gaza?" Ginger could't help smirk as she finished putting the armor back onto the mobile suit's leg.
    Rather than respond, Artemis peeled her grease stained tank top off and flung it at Ginger's face, blinding her. As the girl managed to get the garment off she was blinded again by Artemis's pants. Tangled up in the clothes Ginger drifted for a few moments before finally getting free and seeing that Artemis had changed into her flight uniform, helmet and all. 
    "How do you keep doing that? Does everyone else just see you naked all the time?" Ginger didn't sound cross but was instead smiling ear to ear as she kicked back over to the black Gaza-C, helping Artemis open up the cockpit and slide in, "Remember just bring it back in after you're done testing it. We don't wanna get in trouble for just launching the thing out..."
    Artemis gave Ginger a squeeze before vanishing into the Gaza's interior. She nestled herself into the cockpit before the screens around her blinked to life. As the machine finishes starting up she grabs onto the controls and walks the mobile suit onto the catapult.
    "Artemis MacGriever, Gaza. Launching!" 
  9. Artemis MacGriever
  10. Artemis MacGriever
    "Go to the Colony, Artemis. Gas the Colony, Artemis..." the words were mumbled under her breath as she lazily scanned her instruments, "Drop the Colony, Artemis... Never give me a back rub, Artemis or make some scones, Artemis."
    A red dot shows up on her radar right in front of her Gaza-C. A dark spot in the simulated sky, her mobile suit was carrying only its Knuckle Buster, externally at least. The other arm was occupied with a large canister labeled G-3. The sensor on the Gaza zooms in on what the radar had picked up, the shape of another mobile suit far off in the distance.
    "Oh no! Its-" she reads some notes she wrote on her forearm, "A simulation? I'm a simulation!? Well I guess that makes sense."
    The Gaza gives a long beep as a red circle encloses the far off enemy mobile suit. It blinks a few times and starts to shrink but Artemis doesn't wait for it to finish and fires a shot that goes above her intended target's head. The girl's loud cursing is drowned out by the sound of her Knuckle Buster whining, charging up for another shot. 
    "Finger slipped!" She calls out over the radio.  

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